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Topic #1962344
RN007 - April is in the Diary Room because her heart rate is too high... 0 Replies #1962344 11:46PM 21/07/2005
Cappy telling Kaysar that April had palpitations and he and Maggie tried to bring it down but now she is with a medic in the DR
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Topic #1962347
IHateApril - Beau on Maggie: She's the aardvark of information... 0 Replies #1962347 11:46PM 21/07/2005
She listens to everyone and sucks up information.

Interesting conversation, so far that I've seen, Beau is the only one not trying to BS Kaysar into this ridiculous put up Janelle plan. He talked about Janelle some, but was very honest in assessing other players too, such as James and Maggie.

Did the group not clue him in on how to talk to Kaysar?
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Topic #1962354
Zazny - Eric and Maggie say from experience April may have to leave to spend night in hospital NT 0 Replies #1962354 11:47PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1962429
erniebert - Everyone is in the br talking about April 0 Replies #1962429 11:53PM 21/07/2005
They agree that K should go ahead and move the rest of his stuff into the hoh room. Howie helps him
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Topic #1962431
RN007 - Cappy and Kaysar talking about April... 0 Replies #1962431 11:53PM 21/07/2005
Cappy: Do you think she's (April) lost weight since we've been here?
Kaysar: How long has she been gone for.
C: She's been in there a good 20 to 25 minutes.
K: I actually came down cause I knew Howie was waiting on me.
C: You don't have to think about the game now, there's time.
K: No, No, especially not now, not after this.
C: Go do your prayers, I'll keep you updated.
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