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Topic #1955370
Sunflake - Back from FISH HG's in the backyard, just idle chit chat about laundry. NT 0 Replies #1955370 12:12PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955388
joannie - Must be an outdoor lockdown because someone just said, "I want to go inside..." NT 0 Replies #1955388 12:14PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955393
Sunflake - All HGs are outside on lockdown. Trying to stay in the shade. Now talking about lunch and food. NT 1 Replies #1955393 12:14PM 21/07/2005
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Sunflake - Michael and Janelle are by themselves by the washer/dryer. All other HGs around table. NT #1955417 12:18PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955418
joannie - Janelle is leaning against the dryer, smoking. Mike paces in front of her. 0 Replies #1955418 12:18PM 21/07/2005
All the other HG are gathered in the shade around the table, complaining about how hot it is.
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Topic #1955439
Sunflake - Lockdown is over. HGs are very relieved to get back inside to the A/C. NT 0 Replies #1955439 12:22PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955445
Sunflake - Mad rush of HGs to kitchen for food, Janelle flat ironing her hair on F3 & F4. NT 0 Replies #1955445 12:23PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955487
Sunflake - Really ho-hum day on the feeds, just the usual HG stuff, it's lunchtime: 0 Replies #1955487 12:31PM 21/07/2005
Howie and Ivette get food from the storeroom.
Janelle still flat-ironing her hair on F3 & F4.
Most other HGs in the kitchen and at the table eating.

Pretty quiet while they eat and just talk about food. Howie is worried about eating hot dogs that may give him gastro-intestinal problems, says last time he ate them, he crapped his pants. (LOL, he did!)

April asks about the pics on the camera. Eric says they turned out great.
Microwave and eating noises.

Janelle still flat-ironing her hair on F3 & F4.

Michael sits at the table to eat his lunch.

FISH and then FURN (LR furniture on F1)


FURN on F1 and F2 has has FURN too, (the table) but Beau, Howie and Michael are sitting at it eating lunch.

F3 & F4 - you guessed it - Janelle still doing her hair.

Really nothing going on today at all.

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Topic #1955548
Anonymous - lunch, and looking around the house 0 Replies #1955548 12:44PM 21/07/2005
iv cooking something out of a skillet. beau eating potato chips and someting in a hotdog bun, bottle of water. beau has black izod (alligator) long sleeve knit shirt on. can see the fish behind him, very active fish. his mike pack is on the table. beau seems very very bored.

maggie, sarah, jen, iv are at the counter eating and chatting. kayser at table eating. mike at table eating. rachel at table chatting with the girls.

janelle walks in. what color is your dress janelle? black. youre gonna wear a dress tonite? well take a look and see how it looks.

janelle putting cream cheese on triscuits. they ae drinking a bright green drink... too bright to be green tea but doesnt look like gatorade either.

cam flips to bedroom with jen and april talking. cannot hear because mike is in the kitchen with iv washing dishes. someones clothes are laid out on the bed...black pants and green/white halter top with wrap belt.

april and jen walk back to kitchen. janelle stillin there with them.

april and sarah have gone to table upstairs. they are looking at the house, and saying things out loud...three chairs, this is the skyline. the number code was 534. i saw michael come to the gym and said im not even worried and just laughed. i hope kayser is not on their side. [hard to hear because i have the kitchen miked also]. kayser contradicts. she doesnt do sh*t around this house. im sure itll be me and jenny because he specifically said well just see what happens around the house next week. sarah rubbing ends of her hair on her mouth and looking down into the kitchen.

talking about the stools, 2 reds 2 oranges. count the chairs. how may keys are on the wall. that would be 11. they are looking at the downstairs from the upstairs. what time was it we walked in the house. i dont know. that might be a tiebreaker or something, they have to do a number for a tiebreaker. carpet, black, red, green. two green saltshaker, thats a salt and pepper shaker, green.

by ferretkiss

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Topic #1955552
tsmilo - April and Sarah stratagizing in the loft. NT 0 Replies #1955552 12:45PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955554
kevinf42 - Sarah and April sitting at the chess table upstairs memorizing objects in the house for possibly that kind of HOH tonight. NT 0 Replies #1955554 12:45PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955555
Sunflake - April and Sarah go up to the chess table and talk about how many of each thing are in the house. 0 Replies #1955555 12:45PM 21/07/2005
April hopes Kaysar isn't on their side.
She hopes because Janelle doesn't clean she won't know a lot about the house.
April brings up Michael's comment to her last night again.
Sarah is quiet.
They're both looking around the house from the "loft".
Sarah mentions stools and April talks about counting chairs and how many keys are in the wall - 11, how many burners - 4. What time was the microwave set? Neither remembers.
April - They have to do a number for a tie breaker.
They talk about the color of the carpet, two green salt and pepper shakers, April doesn't remember them.
They're not even pretending to play chess, Sarah is resting on the railing.

Other HGs can be heard chatting downstairs.

April - hey is cappy down there
Someone - he's in the shower.
April - we're not gonna try to get in, he didn't answer his doorbell, (which she proceeds to ring again.)
They go downstairs and continue naming colors and counting things.
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Topic #1955583
kevinf42 - April, Jenn, and Ivette in bathroom say that tonights HOH is titled "about the house" NT 0 Replies #1955583 12:51PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955740
joannie - April, Jenn, and Maggie are sitting around the table 0 Replies #1955740 1:21PM 21/07/2005
April speaking in hushed tones. April thinks 'they' are going to do something on the live show.
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Topic #1955758
joannie - April is taking a shower. Mags is at the mirror tweezing eyebrows and squeezing zits. NT 0 Replies #1955758 1:27PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1955763
GreenEyes - April talking to Maggie and Jennifer 0 Replies #1955763 1:28PM 21/07/2005
About how Mike came up to her and told her the only person you should trust and is honest in this house is Kaysar.

April then says that we know that's a "bunch of croc cuz of what Kaysar did to Cappy" (i'm assuming reffering to kaysar going to mike to tell him to stop touching the girls so much, and then mike confronting eric, and that in turn loses Eric's trust in Kaysar)

April then goes on to say that I have nothing against Kaysar cuz he hasn't done anything directly to me.
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Topic #1955768
joannie - Howie is walking through the house 0 Replies #1955768 1:30PM 21/07/2005
for exercise. Most of the other HG are lying on beds in the big bedroom, just chit chatting, for the most part.

Howie, marching: "Don't freak! Don't sweat! This game ain't over yet!"
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Topic #1955827
joannie - Eric tells about the nastiest emergency call he's ever been on 0 Replies #1955827 1:48PM 21/07/2005
There was a tent city near the station, and they got a call that one of the men had an infection. Eric: "The guy had a hole in the side of his head. And it when from here to here all the way back here. And you could see tissue in the hole, and there were maggots in his head!"
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Topic #1955846
joannie - Howie jumps on Sarah's bed, breaking it. 0 Replies #1955846 1:52PM 21/07/2005
Sarah has the mattress pulled up, and is trying to fix the wooden planks underneath.

Howie: "I'm sorry. Are you mad at me? I love you."
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Topic #1955871
joannie - Howie stops in the GR to give Janelle advice 0 Replies #1955871 1:58PM 21/07/2005
Howie, whispering: "We have to take out the powerful people."

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Topic #1955983
GreenEyes - nothing game related going on. Girls are getting ready for live show in WC. Howie in kitchen talking about concord jets... NT 0 Replies #1955983 2:22PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1956025
Caribou - F1/F2: Kay and James playing Chess. Kay telling James that April and Jenn are a pair 0 Replies #1956025 2:36PM 21/07/2005
James said he just figured that out today.
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Topic #1956030
Caribou - James and Kay calling down to Janelle - holy crap! you look phenomenal NT 0 Replies #1956030 2:37PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1956043
Caribou - James told Kaysar that Howie and Rachel are a pair, & that Kay has to get HOH NT 0 Replies #1956043 2:39PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1956056
Caribou - James and Kaysar (more convo bits) 0 Replies #1956056 2:43PM 21/07/2005
Kaysar told James something (too quiet to hear) and in response, James said yes, he has realized he has to stop talking so much and sit back and listen to what's being said instead of offering opinions etc. Kaysar tells him not to get caught up in stuff, it's messing with his head. James agreed.

Kaysar - I have no friends in here
James - no one does

They're kidding with each other during the chess game too. Nice to see them getting along.

James teaching Kaysar a chess move .. something called ponce (sp??)
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Topic #1956067
CruiseCritic - The Feeds 0 Replies #1956067 2:46PM 21/07/2005
F1 and F2 Kaysar and James playing chess.
F3 and F4 Kitchen with Jennifer, Ivette and Eric
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