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Topic #1972970
Mikkie - Small talk of when the fish are to be fed. 8 and 10 Eric says. Rachel get up 0 Replies #1972970 7:51AM 23/07/2005
from the counter, piddles at the sink doing dishes.

Eric walks to the fridge putting water bottle in there. (The fridge is nearly empty) He gets more ice in his glass, while Rachel continues doing dishes and wipes down the counter.

Rachel heads to the Bathroom to put in her contacts. Eruc is piddling in the kitchen still.

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Topic #1972983
joannie - Eric sits alone at the blue island. NT 0 Replies #1972983 7:53AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972997
joannie - Rachel is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. NT 0 Replies #1972997 7:56AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1972999
Mikkie - Eric alone at the kitchen counter, sipping coffee / water. 2 feeds on him 2 on sleeping HGs. 0 Replies #1972999 7:56AM 23/07/2005
They zoom in on Eric, then past him to the HG pix wall. back and forth.
Then close up of Eric. He looks troubled. Cam does a shot of Eric and Maggies pix, then returns to him. Pix wall to Eric.. (cameraman must be bored)

Eric is chewing the inside of his mouth. (THats usually a sign of deep thinking)

They show Rachel brushing her teeth.

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Topic #1973014
Mikkie - Cam now swings to Eric then side to side.. left and right of Eric. LOL. Away and then close up as he continues 0 Replies #1973014 8:01AM 23/07/2005
to chew his mouth. then again to the pix board, of him and Maggie.

[me thinks camera man reading our posts]

Eric burps ~ then takes another sip of coffee
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Topic #1973018
bruhe - eric sighs intermittantly as the camera plays with his memory wall pic focusing in on it and then back to eric with a look 0 Replies #1973018 8:02AM 23/07/2005
of consternation on his face as he seems to be clearly going over his situation in his mind. He appears restless and from his body language he resembles a person who realizes the inevitable.
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Topic #1973021
joannie - F1 is close-up of Black Knight. NT 0 Replies #1973021 8:03AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973029
valentine - Non-Master Eric Just Treated Us 1 Replies #1973029 8:07AM 23/07/2005
to a very long and loud burp. It truly was disgusting. He was sitting at the kitchen counter, often with his shiny head in his hands.

Rachel walks on the treadmill. Eric now walks around the house holding his tennis shoes.

I guess he's going to work out, too.
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valentine - Yes, He Climbed on the Elliptical Trainer #1973043 8:09AM 23/07/2005
but he's not using the handle bars.

No conversation between them as they both work up a sweat.

Awesome camera guys give us a shot of the Big Chess Piece under the stairs.

Ed Note: I'm not a chess player, but does the Knight move three steps forward and one to the side? Or is that the Rook? And what exactly is a "Rook"?
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Topic #1973032
Mikkie - Rachel has gone to the tread mill, while Eric has gone to the bedroom 0 Replies #1973032 8:07AM 23/07/2005
to get his shoes. He's now joined Rachel to begin his workout routine.

No discussion between them. Eric is putting on his sneakers.
No stirring of the other HGs.. they are sound asleep.

Eric has begun his workout. [working out frustrations and contemplating the hours ahead of them??]
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Topic #1973042
Shereebie - F1/2: Rach/Eric working out. F3/4: HGs sleeping. NT 0 Replies #1973042 8:09AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973050
valentine - Rachel Just Used Sign Language 0 Replies #1973050 8:11AM 23/07/2005
on the treadmill. But I don't think it was directed at Eric, who is in the gym with her.

I saw an "L"--maybe for love? She may have been signing to someone at home who may be watching.
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Topic #1973053
Shereebie - F1/2: Rachel and Eric work out - not talking at all. Eric looks focused. 0 Replies #1973053 8:12AM 23/07/2005
Everyone else still asleep.

Ed.: At least there's movement - unusual for 8 AM in the BB house.
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Topic #1973071
Shereebie - F1: Eric working out. F2: Rachel in kitchen. F3/4: HGs sleeping. NT 0 Replies #1973071 8:17AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973075
Shereebie - F2: James is up, putting on microphone, walking through house. NT 0 Replies #1973075 8:18AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973076
Mikkie - Rachel has completed her tread mill, asks Eric 0 Replies #1973076 8:19AM 23/07/2005
if he is going ot use it, he says no thank you.
SHe grabs the spray bottle and towel and wipes it down, after turning it off.

Eric is stil working out, she leave him there. Goes to the bathroom to do a quick check of her hair etc, then to the SR

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Topic #1973078
Mikkie - James is up and went directly to the WC NT 1 Replies #1973078 8:19AM 23/07/2005
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Mikkie - Exiting the WC.. returns tot he GR and back under the covers to sleep NT #1973092 8:22AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973107
Shereebie - F1: Eric working out. F2: Rach tends to fish. F3/4: Sleeping HGs. NT 0 Replies #1973107 8:24AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973117
Mikkie - Rachel out of the SR, gets the step stool preparing to feed the fish. She paces 0 Replies #1973117 8:26AM 23/07/2005
in front of the tank shaking up the brine packet(?) then dumps it in. We are shown the fish going into a feeding frenzy.

Rachel stands back to watch them. (They are the livest I've seen them thus far)

Eric continues to work out (his frustrations)

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Topic #1973167
JustMeAgain - F1: Rach in shower, F2: Eric working out, F3 & F4: HG's sleeping NT 0 Replies #1973167 8:37AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973171
valentine - Sarah is Up 0 Replies #1973171 8:38AM 23/07/2005
and looked aimlessly around the storage room for something. She left empty-handed.
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Topic #1973224
Shereebie - F1: Eric on machine. F2: Rach plucks brows in bathroom. F3/4: HGs sleeping...some stirring here and there. NT 0 Replies #1973224 8:49AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973245
Shereebie - F1: Following Rach...now Eric in kitchen making shake, also on F2. 0 Replies #1973245 8:56AM 23/07/2005
F3: Sarah is back up, walking through house.

F3 now goes to sleeping HGs, also on F4.

F1/2: Eric, Rachel, and Sarah.
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Topic #1973258
Shereebie - We hear the sound of a spoon being stirred in a coffee mug... 0 Replies #1973258 9:00AM 23/07/2005
F1: Eric drinking his shake. A big yawn from Sarah.

S: I'll go tell em, 'It's 9:00! Wake up, bitches!!'
S yawns again.

Sound of hair dryer in bathroom - Rach.

E: I guess I just gotta give James his space. I can tell he's pissed at me. It's okay, I understand.
S: Why?
E: Because I can't compete for 'em. And I understand where he's coming from. I got the feeling he's pissed at me, but I gotta give him his space.
S makes small noises, sighs.

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Topic #1973266
madmax131 - Eric to Sarah: "I know James is pissed at me because I can't compete in the veto. I just have to give him his space" NT 0 Replies #1973266 9:01AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973267
Shereebie - Eric says, another interesting day in the BB house. Sarah: Mmmmm... (moaning a lot) 0 Replies #1973267 9:02AM 23/07/2005
E: That is for sure.

Sarah's making this moaning noises and not responding.
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