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Topic #1973298
joannie - Gross! Eric begging Rachel to pop the zit on his back! 0 Replies #1973298 9:07AM 23/07/2005
R: "No! I'm not picking on it!"

E, whining: "Just make the stuff come out!"

[ed. note: how disgusting!]
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Topic #1973305
joannie - E is in the shower. NT 0 Replies #1973305 9:08AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973306
valentine - GROSS!!! 0 Replies #1973306 9:08AM 23/07/2005
Rachel just applied something to Eric's Back-ne with a cotton ball.

Eric, wincing: Damn, Girl.

And he is wearing his black Man-ties.

The Camera Dudes are kind enough to give us a close-up of the big zit on his back.
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Topic #1973321
Shereebie - F1/2: Eric/Maggie whispering in bathroom. F3/4: Rachel and Sarah talking at fish tank. NT 0 Replies #1973321 9:12AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973332
joannie - Jenn comes into the bathroom, breaking up the whisperfest. 0 Replies #1973332 9:15AM 23/07/2005
Mags jumps into the WC.
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Topic #1973356
Shereebie - Fish on all feeds. NT 0 Replies #1973356 9:19AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973375
joannie - Almost everyone is up. Sarah freaking out about all the ants in the kitchen. 0 Replies #1973375 9:23AM 23/07/2005
Maggie sits at the blue island looking like death warmed over.
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Topic #1973377
valentine - Sarah: Can We Have One More Song That's Not Britney? NT 0 Replies #1973377 9:24AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973383
joannie - Kaysar in the HOH room looking at spy cam. NT 0 Replies #1973383 9:25AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973384
Mltv - Kaysar up and watching the feeds in the HOH just like us. NT 0 Replies #1973384 9:26AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973386
valentine - Sarah is Freaking Out About the Ant Infestation 0 Replies #1973386 9:26AM 23/07/2005
Sarah: They're all over the refrigerator. I'm not even kidding.

She thinks they're in the sugar. They are.

Meanwhile James munches his PBJ in the corner of the kitchen. Maggie and Jenn look on silently.

They all are getting ready for the competition.
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Topic #1973391
joannie - Jenn, moaning: "Does anybody want to change ovaries with me?" NT 0 Replies #1973391 9:26AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973392
SassyPrncess - Kaysar up in HoH, using spycam to watch kitchen activity NT 0 Replies #1973392 9:26AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973399
valentine - Kaysar Admires Himself 0 Replies #1973399 9:27AM 23/07/2005
in his HOH bathroom mirror. Now he returns to the comfy chairs to watch the feeds. Specifically, the dining room table. His feet are up on the ottoman and he looks cool as a cucumber.

We hear Rachel saying "I loooove that song by Kid Rock!"
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Topic #1973410
joannie - F1 shows Howie still in bed. NT 0 Replies #1973410 9:29AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973412
SassyPrncess - James to Howie (whispering) Something about "that would expose her" NT 0 Replies #1973412 9:29AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973423
valentine - Howie is Still in Bed 0 Replies #1973423 9:31AM 23/07/2005
and James comes in and they whisper for a moment in the dark. Howie isn't mic'ed up yet, so all I heard clearly was James saying "OK. Rachel."

And he left the room.

I think Rachel is making toast on the stove. She is using olive oil as the browning fat. Maggie takes her piece and drizzles honey on it and spoons cinnamon sugar on it.

April sits patiently waiting for hers. Beau wants white bread for his toast.
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Topic #1973434
SassyPrncess - James to Jani: Rachel should volunteer to compete with Maggie 0 Replies #1973434 9:34AM 23/07/2005
"That way their done" (Does slicing motion across neck)
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Topic #1973435
valentine - Beau Enjoys His Toast. 0 Replies #1973435 9:34AM 23/07/2005
Beau: Wow! Yummy! Thank You!

Rachel: You're welcome.

Kaysar is still staring at the screen, but he's standing up munching something from his basket. He has not shaved in a couple of days. There are white starfish on the walls of the HOH bathroom.

Meanwhile Rachel tells everyone that the ants are Carpenter Ants and they came from the backyard.
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Topic #1973441
SassyPrncess - James to H/Jani: They're all trying to be my friend. They're so worried I am going to get this veto. NT 0 Replies #1973441 9:35AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973446
valentine - Janelle and James Whisper in the Gold Room 0 Replies #1973446 9:36AM 23/07/2005
about who should compete. Janelle is wearing her fluffy robe.

Kaysar is standing very close to the HOH screen with his arms crossed. He stares at the dining room/kitchen view.

Janelle thinks "they" will know what is going on once they pick veto partners. James isn't worried about that.

Howie starts flirting with Janelle. Janelle slept poorly on her cot.
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Topic #1973461
SassyPrncess - James to H/Jani: I tried to talk Maggie into choosing Rachel. NT 0 Replies #1973461 9:40AM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1973467
valentine - Kaysar Crawls Back Under the Covers 0 Replies #1973467 9:40AM 23/07/2005
and straps on his headphones. Time for some Guns and Roses.

Janelle: Do you think Michael misses me?

Howie tells her he is thinking of her 24/7. He is still not mic'ed, but he is making Janelle laugh and she tells him to shut up. Probably something nasty.

Eric is talking to Jenn at the DR table: A woman really shouldn't be below 14% body fat.

Jenn: I won't have that problem.

Eric, about the comp: It won't be chess, that's for sure. It's going to be an even playing field.
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Topic #1973482
valentine - Now Eric is Kind Enough To Explain 1 Replies #1973482 9:43AM 23/07/2005
to Jenn how the female body works, and how menstruation occurs.

She listens calmly.

Now he discusses the Rhythm Method. Now Ivette chimes in about how you can get pregnant during your period. Eric goes into yet more detail about how it is possible--he is sure of this.

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valentine - Now He Talks About What Speed Sperm Is Going #1973498 9:45AM 23/07/2005
when it is ejaculated.

James: I can't believe we're having this conversation.

Eric describes what he and his wife were told about how to have a boy.
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Topic #1973495
joannie - Eric is so smart! To Rachel: "So a stallion is a female?" lol NT 0 Replies #1973495 9:44AM 23/07/2005
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