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Topic #2079082
amIsane - Jam tells Jan(in GR) that they need to put Ap up w/Mag because she does not have Cigs. and she would go nuts!! (ed. LOL) NT 0 Replies #2079082 8:16PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079249
amIsane - Jenn and Iv in bathroom 0 Replies #2079249 8:27PM 04/08/2005
Jenn says they(crappies) know that How will put 2 strongest players in their group up.
Jenn is pissy and whining. She says she and Mag were holding hands when only Apr. was left and when Rach got the ?? right they let hands go, because they knew they were doomed.

They start on Jan, Jenn says that the reason she does not like Jan is because Mike hated Jenn and Ap and Mike started talking sh!t to Jan about her and so she(jenn) started talking sh!t about Jan.
Jenn "Do you see like Rach and Dar kiss her(Jan)@ss"
Iv "Oh, I know"
Jenn "The funny thing, Jan would not have anything to do with them outside this house. (laughs) But I don't blame her because I wouldn't give them the time of day outside this house"
Iv "(laughs) Yea I know"
Jenn "Jan, she like has a weave and then denys it"
Iv "Yea, it does not matter that you have a weave, just admit it, she has implants, so does Ap, there isn't anything wrong with that, I have friends with them"
....feeds switched
and back
Iv " He told her to pick off all of the weak players"
feeds switched....
and back
Jenn "April ios just gulible.. it's a Texas thing(giggle)"
Ive "What?"
Jenn "It's a Texas thing" laugh*
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Topic #2079294
amIsane - Ivette and Jenn in Rainbow rm now. Beau in bed has a headache. They ask if he took advil NT 0 Replies #2079294 8:31PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079320
amIsane - Iv now in a bed, Jenn getting her socks shoes on. Mag, Jam, Ap and other in LR from what I can see NT 0 Replies #2079320 8:32PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079350
hoarsewhisperer - April and Janelle: April thinks either Mike or Eric will return. NT 0 Replies #2079350 8:34PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079360
mikesgirl - April and Janie in GR , April saying that James said things about their groups to them in the HOH last week. NT 0 Replies #2079360 8:35PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079364
hoarsewhisperer - Howies NEW HOH room! They're entering now. Screaming! NT 0 Replies #2079364 8:36PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079371
mikesgirl - Everyone is in Howies new HOH room. NT 0 Replies #2079371 8:36PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079392
amIsane - Apr and Jan in GR 1 Replies #2079392 8:38PM 04/08/2005
(When I come in)
A " He is like I am safe this week(jam). That pisses me off.That mutherf@cker. He like backstabs How or tries and now he is like I am safe this week. I hate that mutherf@cker"
Jan laughs
A"Whoever comes back this week will be the first to go."
Jan "You think? Why?"
A " Because they were sitting somewhere, relaxing 2 or 3 weeks"
missed some. Howie gets his HOH room.
Screaming excitement!!

Rach screaming laughing at a picture.
Someone "Is it real??"
How" Icy hot, BB you are awesome. Miracle foot repair"
Alot of screaming, laughing excitement.
They are looking at 2 pict. I have not seen them.
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citanul - April also mentioned that James was the person Eric wanted out the most. #2079435 8:41PM 04/08/2005
And Janelle said, "You know, if Eric comes back, then there are only three of us to target, that's the thing." (Implying that they are safer with James and Sarah in their numbers)

April: You have to understand that James and Sarah were backstabbing and turning on every single one from your group.

Then they heard Howie and left to see HOH.
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Topic #2079402
Nextgen - Howie got Trix cereal, black speedos LOL NT 0 Replies #2079402 8:38PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079456
hoarsewhisperer - New underwear *l* for Howie! Pictures *can't be sure of who yet* 2 Replies #2079456 8:43PM 04/08/2005
A picture of his sister sounds like. Everyone is hyper and excited for Howie. James smiling but looks uncomfortable with arms crossed. I spy a box of Trix. A new Bandana, red, white and blue. Chunky chocolate chips....a picture of his mother ....Howie has put the bandana on his head....... it's a fun time for everyone.
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hoarsewhisperer - Sarah says Howie looks just like his Mom NT #2079472 8:44PM 04/08/2005
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hoarsewhisperer - Howie thanks BB! it's chaos in there, settling down a little now NT #2079528 8:48PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079512
amIsane - Howies loot 2 Replies #2079512 8:48PM 04/08/2005
Fruit loops
Cherry Coke
Icy Hot
Foot repair
2 or 3 pict.s
1 pict looks like How, maybe his sister and mom(both attractive ladies)
How got an Amer flag bandana
Ap in background "It will be either Eric or Michael"
Magg listening to How music, How told everyone take what food he wants, he doesnt need to eat all of it.
They got him a black speedo!! LOL
How says BB is making his dreams come true. ie. Black speedo, he won HOH

How "First of all, I want to say congrats to me"
He got Pepp. farms Choc chunk cookies
Trail Mix
All HG's are hanging in HOH chatting about his pictures etc. and snacking on his loot.
Someone says Howie looks like his mom. He says the pict was taken about 5 yrs ago. When they mention how good he looks and in shape(ed. He does look good in the pict) he teases it was just taken before BB at the airport. (LOL)
Ap and Jan back to GR
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drummer_inblack - It was Trix, not Froot Loops NT #2079584 8:52PM 04/08/2005
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amIsane - You are right. I had froot loops on the brain. LOL NT #2079609 8:54PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079589
citanul - April: Did Kaysar talk to Howie at all? 0 Replies #2079589 8:53PM 04/08/2005
Janelle: You have to keep it cool, that's the thing.

April: He's such an *****. Did you see what he said up there? Did Kaysar say for you guys to put him up?
Jan: Not him and Sarah, not us. It's too dangerous for us, we have to backdoor him.
April: I f-ing hate him. You can't worry about next week.

Missed a bit.

April: He (James) is the one to switch from side to side. Did he tell you he was going to put me up?
J: No.
A: He wants Maggie out.
J: He's mad that she eliminated him.
A: You're not lying to me are you?
J: Oh, no.
A: Because I am done with that son of a bitch. I am done.


A: James came up there, and he was begging for his life. And I was sitting there at the table tonight, and I told Howie that he's going to see some interesting things. Sarah is his messenger, she was coming up and telling us to put up Howie and Rachel. Howie is going to be strategic though.

I missed the last minute. Anyone catch what Janelle said regarding evicting James this week?
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Topic #2079598
amIsane - Ap and Jan in GR again 0 Replies #2079598 8:54PM 04/08/2005
As soon as they come in
Ap "I wanted to say something to him. He is such a son of a b!tch Janelle"
Jan "Shhhh.(closes the door)"
Ap' " Don't worry about next week, because that SOB will be jumping back and forth"
Ap"You can't really think of next week, because say Er comes back. He will be all over getting Jam out"
Jan whispering too low to hear.
Jan "We have to keep it cool, or things will get crazy around here"
Ap "Ya'll arent lying to me are you?"
Jan "No"
Ap "James was begging for his life. I said How you will see some interesting things going on"
Ap telling Jan about Sarah going to HOH begging them to put up Howie.

Ap is campaigning hard to convince Jan to get rid of Jam. They are going outside as to not be caught in GR alone together, to draw atten. to them.
They both want cigs.
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Topic #2079624
ferretkiss - apr and jan in GR - missed some 0 Replies #2079624 8:55PM 04/08/2005
apr: who did kay say to put up, him and her (Jam and Sar)
jan: no not for us, too dangerous, back door.
apr: oh my god i want to kill that son of a bitc*.

apr: lets say if eric came back and james won hoh, eric would want to kill him.
jan: right now we have to make him think we are on his side.
apr: is he syaing to put me up
jan: no
apr: he wants maggie up im sure
jan: yeah

jan: we have to keep it cool or things will get really bad aorund here
apr: yall arent lying to me are you
jan: no
apr: im done.

apr: i told kayser that james came up there, he was begging for his life. i was like howie you are going to see some interesting things going on. last week when maggie was hoh i saw some interesting things.
(tells jan that james was saying "howie and rachel" even before noms. getting really mean and animated telling jan about james.)

apr: if im going to be one of the pawns i just want to know.
james has been one of the hardest ones to get out. he is going to be floating. he is kising rachels a** right now.
jan: lets go outside right now.
apr: i want cigarettes
jan: i do too.
they leave GR

jan: are we locked out still
apr: yes, dammit. it cant take that long to take that stuff down.
oh good they heard us (Suppose they can get outside now. yes. we get fish)

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Topic #2079627
nojobny - The BY opened up and Apr & Jan went outside. As the were going through 0 Replies #2079627 8:56PM 04/08/2005
the sliding door you hear Jan say "what the hell is that?" then Fish.
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Topic #2079641
hoarsewhisperer - Ivette: Have you noticed? Who ever becomes HOH puts out chapstick,,, and says kiss our ass. NT 0 Replies #2079641 8:57PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079647
nojobny - BB has let them outside but apparently there is some pre-staging stuff for the 0 Replies #2079647 8:58PM 04/08/2005
food comp outside

Ivet: We can't use the pool
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Topic #2079726
amIsane - How, Rach, Sar and Jam in HOH 0 Replies #2079726 9:04PM 04/08/2005
Jam says at dinner Ap says to him "If Er comes back he will come after your @ss"
How says that he should get rid of Ap so they dont have to listen to her.
Jam reinterates a few times they need to get Mag out. Rach says definately because what if Er comes back. She would be horrified
Jam wants Magg and April up. Because without cigs. April would go nuts!! LOL

Jenn has come up 2 times interupting(hmmm...) to bring stuff into HOH
How each time "Oh Jenny, I love your panties" etc. She leaves the second time and howie says "Bitch" (lol)
Jam says that they were talking of him and now they want to be his friend.
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Topic #2079774
jmmram - Howie and James talking about how Ivette shouldn't have been allowed to answer her HOH comp question and then we get FISH NT 0 Replies #2079774 9:09PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2079776
amIsane - HOH w/ Jam, How, Rach and Sar 0 Replies #2079776 9:09PM 04/08/2005
Jam wants to work out and doesnt understand why they want to discuss it more right now
Rach "Well, I want to back door her"
They say she is strongest player, what if she wins veto.
Jam says she is after him
Jam is mad that Ivette took him out before Janelle. Howie says he doesnt get Ivette at all.
They say that Ivette would not have gotten her quest. right, but that Julie Chen kept talking(finished the quest after Iv buzzed in)
Jan is called to DR
We get FISH
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Topic #2079845
Disneyisme - In HOH, James begs Howie to "please please pull my key first." 0 Replies #2079845 9:15PM 04/08/2005
Howie says "yea, that's fine." He says he wants to put up Mag and April.
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Topic #2079851
Chrisha - James just asked Howie to let James key be the first one out 0 Replies #2079851 9:16PM 04/08/2005
of the nomiation wheel. Howie vaguely said yeah and James asked again, Please! Let me have the 1st key!
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Topic #2079866
Chrisha - Howie, Rachel & James are really talking crap about April. 0 Replies #2079866 9:17PM 04/08/2005
(don't blame em) Howie finds April very annoying and unstrategic.
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Topic #2079904
Disneyisme - James says "that's what annoys me about this season, there have never been 0 Replies #2079904 9:21PM 04/08/2005
so many a** kissers" (this after Beau came in and gave something to Howie and left.) Howie says "some of the biggest I've ever seen." James says "Jen scores." Howie says doesn't think so, just because Jenn helped bring my bags up. He says April on the other hand....
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