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Topic #2077284
gokaysar - ooooooooooooooooooo she's picking his body again NT 0 Replies #2077284 6:44PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077298
CappyH8ter - Maggie: So Jan, James, and Sarah still get the GR? Howie: Let's talk about it NT 0 Replies #2077298 6:45PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077311
CappyH8ter - Maggie: (to Howie) So did you beat Rachel? (Howie says he beat her) NT 0 Replies #2077311 6:46PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077312
Nantucket - Janelle is glad Michael stayed in sequestor. She thought BB should bring him back because of how unfairly he left. They hope things are being edited 0 Replies #2077312 6:46PM 04/08/2005
right and not skewed towards Crappy.
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Topic #2077333
Nantucket - Sarah & Janelle are now discussing their tapes before entering the BB house. NT 0 Replies #2077333 6:47PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077350
CappyH8ter - Howie says he went to hug Cappy by the door, but he didn't hug him back NT 1 Replies #2077350 6:47PM 04/08/2005
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CappyH8ter - When Cappy was evicted from the house NT #2077391 6:49PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077370
CappyH8ter - Ivette said he felt betrayed...Maggie tells Howie that Howie didn't hug her just now when he won HOH NT 0 Replies #2077370 6:48PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077412
Nantucket - James & April making dinner in the kitchen along with Rachel. NT 0 Replies #2077412 6:49PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077486
CappyH8ter - Maggie tells Howie to feel free to ask her for her input on who to put up... 0 Replies #2077486 6:53PM 04/08/2005
Howie states he will be asking for everyone's opinion. Maggie is taken aback by this and asks if he's going to ask for everyone's opinion. He says he's willing to listen.
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Topic #2077503
Nantucket - Janelle, Sarah, James, April and Beau discussing how they though someone would come back. NT 0 Replies #2077503 6:54PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077508
CappyH8ter - Maggie tells Ivette that she doesn't think she's a target. Maggie thinks she's more of a target NT 0 Replies #2077508 6:54PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077527
Nantucket - Jennifer is in the kitchen as well. Very quiet. Sarah seems to be in a VERY happy mood tonight. NT 0 Replies #2077527 6:55PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077534
CappyH8ter - Ivette passes by Sarah on the way to the kitchen and tells her she had to take out James in HOH comp. NT 0 Replies #2077534 6:55PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077577
amIsane - Mag, Beau, Jenn(picking on How ear) and Iv in room with Howie..... long!! 0 Replies #2077577 6:57PM 04/08/2005
They ask How why did he take Beau out on his correct answer. Howie says he (beau) would have taken me out. Mag asks Beau if he would have taken Howie out. Beau "NO!!" (ed. uh huh. right Beau) They are being so nice and friendly with Howie. Chatting about past seasons competitions and this HOH comp.

(p.s.Jenn has been all over Howie. literally this entire time)

They start on crappy and Howie says Crappy would not hug him bye when he left etc.
Mag reply "Well you did not hug me when you won HOH, maybe I should take offense to that"
How"When? I hugged you when you won HOH"
Ivette "Maybe he did not realize, I don't think it was like intentional"(talking of crappy)
Mag "No, When you won it, you did not hug me. should I like take offense...like"
How "Oh, well I had like 5 people surrounding me at one time, I don't even know like"
(they were talking over each other)

a coupke minutes later

Mag "If you like, need some advice on who to put up"
How "Oh, I will be talking to everyone"
(maggie suprise look)
Mag "Really? Will you like call everyone up?"
How "Yea, I am going to talk to everyone"
Mag "Because you did not talk to me when I was"
How "Yes I did, you called me up and we talked strategy"
Mag "Well you came up to talk about boobies"
all leave room except Ivette and magg. Something said couldn't hear and magg says to Ivette
"Just don't say anything, I am at more risk than you are. Just stay quiet(couldnt hear the rest)
They go to the kitchen with the rest of HG's to eat.
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Topic #2077581
Nantucket - Everyone is in the kitchen making dinner. Lots of cross talk about random things. NT 0 Replies #2077581 6:57PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077634
Nantucket - They are discussing if Howie could take Michael in a fight over Janelle. Howie thinks he has the force with him. Howie said if 0 Replies #2077634 7:01PM 04/08/2005
Mike comes back he'll have to prep for foosball and if Kay comes back he'll have to wash Kay's shirt.
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Topic #2077656
Nantucket - Howie & James point out that "Cappy" said he didn't want to have to come back. NT 0 Replies #2077656 7:02PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077782
Nantucket - LOL Sarah just told Howie that her and James would sleep with him. James says ""no we won't, no we won't, I'm not dealing with your 0 Replies #2077782 7:08PM 04/08/2005
farts and boners.
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Topic #2077852
Nantucket - Lots of eating and small talk going on. James & Sarah talking about dreams. NT 0 Replies #2077852 7:12PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2077997
Nantucket - April is laughing saying she had told Kaysar for him & Michael to pick her up next week when she was evicted 0 Replies #2077997 7:18PM 04/08/2005
with some cigarettes, a beer, and some hip hop music playing in the car. LOL Janelle said she was expecting them both to be their if she was evicted.
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Topic #2078072
Nantucket - Ivette thought Michael was rich and Janelle corrects her and says Michael wasn't. NT 0 Replies #2078072 7:20PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2078087
jmmram - Sarah and James feeding fish...James calls the fish that can't find the food a dumb*ss. NT 0 Replies #2078087 7:21PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2078139
Nantucket - Janelle is talking about her rich friend Kenny who almost came on BB with her. She said she loves him, he always flys her first class. Ivette 0 Replies #2078139 7:23PM 04/08/2005
tells Janelle she reminds her of her friend who acts like a princess. Janelle is laughing, as she is doing the dishes.
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Topic #2078218
Nantucket - Janelle is teasing Howie telling him she'll give him her period panties when she gets evicted. NT 0 Replies #2078218 7:27PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2078247
Nantucket - Janelle and Ivette are being nice to one another. Doing the dishes together. Talking a lot. Janelle tells her they'll do them together tomorrow night 0 Replies #2078247 7:28PM 04/08/2005
as well.
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