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Topic #2071809
valentine - Janelle is Back from the WC 0 Replies #2071809 4:30AM 04/08/2005
Kaysar sat slumped in a DR chair while she was gone, thumping on something.

They are both standing in front of the picture wall, looking at everyone.

Janelle: Oooo. He bugs me. (Eric??)

They say one of the pictures is ugly. Janelle points to Michael and says "isn't he cute?"

Kaysar: He's a good looking guy.

Kaysar compliments Janelle's picture. She doesn't like her hair in that picture, but she thanks him.
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Topic #2071816
valentine - Kaysar: I Feel That From the First Time I Met You, 0 Replies #2071816 4:35AM 04/08/2005
you have changed so much. You're like a different person. You were such a bitch. I don't know what made you open up to me.......

They are standing facing each other now, both with their arms folded in front of their chests. And they are still low-talking.

They make fun of Beau with all of his name dropping. ("Oooo look there's Vin Deisel!")

Janelle is talking about one of the women. She says she looks better with make-up and that she suspects she had her lips done. She thinks her top lip looks too stiff and doesn't move. (It's either Jenn or Rachel.)

Kaysar: Ashlea just needs to grow up. Janelle--she's so into herself.

Janelle: Whatt???

Kaysar: I'm just kidding.

Kaysar says that Eric shaves his head because he has bald patches. Janelle is surprised at that.

Kaysar said that one of the guys has already made plans to come and visit him. Janelle is surprised and says she used to like him. (either Beau or James)

Kaysar: I can't take too much of Ashlea in one sitting.

Janelle laughs and says she is funny.
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Topic #2071827
valentine - Kaysar: In the Beginning, Michael Did Really Well 1 Replies #2071827 4:40AM 04/08/2005
He was rolling around on the floor and laughing with her. (Janelle points to Jenn's picture.) He spoke italian to Rachel and she just ate it up. I don't know what happened......

Now they play-argue about how many days some thing or another happened in the house.

Ed Note: These two just need to have a big Hollywood kiss and get it out of their systems.

They aren't saying anything about how tired they are, or how tired they may be tomorrow. (Kaysar should tell her to get some sleep so she can win tomorrow.)

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valentine - Oh. They Have a Big Hug #2071831 4:43AM 04/08/2005
and Kaysar keeps his arms wrapped around her shoulders. She is turned to the side and he is staring at the side of her face.

Finally, she breaks it up: Stop looking at me like that!!

Kaysar says she is quirky and she doesn't like this. She said that something is adorable, though.

Kaysar: You know,quirky as in fun loving.

Janelle: Ok. So I used to be a geek, and now you've called me out. Thanks.

Janelle says they will be the best looking couple on the block. In BB history, as Howie would say.
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Topic #2071848
valentine - They Decide to Go To Bed 0 Replies #2071848 4:50AM 04/08/2005
but Janelle wants some water first. Her back hurts, and Kaysar offers twice to give her a massage, but she declines.

Kaysar: Oh, but you let Howie give you a massage and sit on your back and touch your butt!

She laughs. This is the latest she has ever stayed up in the BB house. They put their arms around each other as they walked to the Bedrooms. They got an electric shock.

Janelle: Look, we have chemistry!!

They hug in the dark outside of the hidden gold room door and she wishes him luck and goes inside. Kaysar gets into his bed in the barracks and laughs quietly to himself a few times.
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Topic #2072158
kotex - HG's still sleeping NT 0 Replies #2072158 6:54AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072344
pooh5983 - Still Sleeping all HG's NT 0 Replies #2072344 7:50AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072427
Nantucket - Rachel is up. NT 0 Replies #2072427 8:10AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072484
Nantucket - Rachel is in the bathroom doing her morning routine. She's talking to herself quite a bit. Talking about the bathroom being disgusting. She seems to 0 Replies #2072484 8:20AM 04/08/2005
have woken up in a bad mood. She just called the house a pigsty. Everyone else still sleeping.
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Topic #2072516
Nantucket - Rachel is now working out on the treadmill. Still talking to herself off and on. NT 0 Replies #2072516 8:24AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072594
Nantucket - Rachel is now laying by the gumball machine doing crunches. NT 0 Replies #2072594 8:43AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072619
Nantucket - Rachel has been walking into various rooms bitching to herself about various things. Such as the kitchen being 0 Replies #2072619 8:50AM 04/08/2005
disgusting and lots of random other things. (my opinion is she is PMSing)
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Topic #2072630
Vartanlvr - Rachel in seriously fowl mood.....talking to herself and cursing 0 Replies #2072630 8:55AM 04/08/2005
She went to storage room to get stuff to feed fish. She was looking at something in the freezer and say what the hell is this...

She went back to the kitchen ...the apparently forgot something in storage room and says out loud ***** Mother F-er Son of Bitch..

Now she is bitching that someone shoved all this F-ing food down the drain.Saying sure just shove all the f-ing food down the drain let someone else clean it up.

Wow she is in rare form today. Everyone better stay away from her today!
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Topic #2072662
Nantucket - Huge mess in the sink that the camera was zooming in on. Rachel is now eating her breakfast very loudly. Lots of smacking. NT 0 Replies #2072662 9:03AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072709
Nantucket - Rachel is sitting at the kitchen table deep in thought. She is still talking to herself very quietly, but seems a little better. NT 0 Replies #2072709 9:14AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072711
Nantucket - Spoke too soon. She is up again and cleaning up the kitchen. Saying things about the kitchen being gross. NT 0 Replies #2072711 9:15AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072740
Nantucket - Rachel has been busy washing a sink full of dishes, kindly left unwashed by other houseguests. NT 0 Replies #2072740 9:23AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072760
Nantucket - She has also been emptying all the garbages left full by the pigs she lives with. NT 0 Replies #2072760 9:27AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072797
ccquilter - Rachael scrubbing something saying "I think if we ever do this again. . . 0 Replies #2072797 9:35AM 04/08/2005
we need to put it on foil."

(Ed note: Had to listen to it about a dozen times to get that last bit)
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Topic #2072800
Nantucket - Rachel is still doing lots of cleaning and putting things away. Meanwhile the others still sleep. NT 0 Replies #2072800 9:35AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072839
mommamia - Fish. Probably wake up call. NT 0 Replies #2072839 9:47AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2072841
CougarSpy - Rachel is looking and cleaning things out of fridge. “Disgusting! Who leaves a half eaten pickle wrapped in a napkin for two weeks? Gross. 0 Replies #2072841 9:47AM 04/08/2005

Come on BB wake these people up. Rachel is leaning on Island and said something about playing some strange music. Then she mumbled, “It might put me in a better mood.”

We get FISH.
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Topic #2072842
ccquilter - Rachael asked BB to wake them up 0 Replies #2072842 9:47AM 04/08/2005
Asked for specific music - didn't catch - she said she thought it would put her in a better mood.

A few minutes later we have fish
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Topic #2072844
Panda4 - Rachel has paused at the counter w/stools elbows on the counter, she 0 Replies #2072844 9:48AM 04/08/2005
appears to be in deep thought about something. She is now quiet as the camera zooms in on her.
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Topic #2072848
Panda4 - FISH on all 4 feeds, (possible wake up call /song). NT 1 Replies #2072848 9:48AM 04/08/2005
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mommamia - Rachel goes to HOH and tells them she was asked to wake them. (not sure if this is true) #2072865 9:51AM 04/08/2005
As soon as she leaves, Iv bitches and asks if she woke up Jan and Howie.
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Topic #2072859
Panda4 - Rachel goes to HoH door to wake up everyone. Sounds like no audio so they asked Rachel to wake up all. NT 0 Replies #2072859 9:51AM 04/08/2005
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