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Topic #2071183
KooKooForKaysar - S6 (minus rachel) in BY: 0 Replies #2071183 12:03AM 04/08/2005
James (concerning HOH): "Kaysar we're gonna do it for you tomorrow"

Kaysar: "Do it for us"


Janie: "We're now the Soverign 5"

Sarah: "No, we'll be Soverign 6 forever. No matter what"

James: "Did they (the DR) ever ask you ahout that? What it meant?"

Sarah: "No, they never asked me. I don't think we made a big enough deal about it"

Kaysar: "I think if we won again this week, we would have..."

James: "Yeah, if we lasted more than a week (laughs). If it were more than 3 days..."

Kaysar (laughs): "Yeah, if it were more than 3 days they would have asked about it....f**k it. it's on the website (Jokers??)"

Howie: "that was the quickest band break-up in history"

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Topic #2071272
Caribou - Janie and Howie repeatedly sing the muncher song and it helpfully compels James and Sarah to leave and go to bed. NT 0 Replies #2071272 12:24AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071274
Caribou - Howie's asthma quite bad. One of the meds he takes is Singulair, he tells Kaysar. He has to take it regularly to breathe. NT 0 Replies #2071274 12:25AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071282
Caribou - Everyone in bed (except maybe Janie). Kaysar and Howie alone in BY. They agree James and Sarah are after Maggie first NT 0 Replies #2071282 12:27AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071309
Caribou - Kaysar and Howie talking about BB - never used to be sequester 1 Replies #2071309 12:36AM 04/08/2005
Kaysar hopes they bring him back. Howie thinks there's a shot at that because Kaysar shook the house up in week 2.

Howie wants to go to bed so he can focus for HOH comp tomorrow. Says he's no good without proper sleep, unlike Janie.

Kaysar tired of James and Sarah - they're getting on his nerves. Howie thinks it's funny that James still plays the "Maggie is a cop" thing, working them hard, so James thinks. Howie thinks Sarah is horrible because she gives him these looks like she knows he's onto her/them.

Janelle was out there with Kay and Howie but we got fish and when it came back, she was gone. She's mentioned several times tonight that she's upset she wasn't called to DR today to tape goodbye to Kaysar. Maybe she's in DR now or else she went to bed.

Howie says now he likes James as a person but ticked that he f'd up their game, wonders if Sarah was his main motivation for that or what. Both think James has no shot of winning BB due to how he's playing the game.
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Anonymous - Janie went to shower and wash her hair. NT #2071323 12:40AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071336
Caribou - Howie has new idea about James' game 1 Replies #2071336 12:43AM 04/08/2005
Howie thinks James does NOT want HOH tomorrow, he's just playing them. Because if James gets HOH this week, then next week he can't compete and he'll be gone. Maybe James is onto them a bit and he's just pretending he wants HOH tomorrow.

Kaysar doesnt' think so. Kaysar say no matter who gets it tomorrow, James is gone (unless James or Sarah wins HOH). And if James does get it, then Maggie is gone, which is great.

Kaysar wants to go home. He and Howie planning to try out for other reality shows after this. Kaysar not into Survivor but Howie seems maybe into it. Howie says he can eat bugs, just not clams. He can eat raw fish etc. just not clams. Howie would even eat beetles he says.
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CougarSpy - Howie to Kaysar, “We thought Cappy was a dirty player. James makes him look like a saint.” NT #2071348 12:46AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071351
Caribou - Kaysar - after getting Maggie out, go for Ivette and Jenny. Howie asking Kaysar about what to do when he's gone, order of noms etc. NT 0 Replies #2071351 12:46AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071367
Caribou - Janie rejoins them outside. She's dressed and fresh from shower 0 Replies #2071367 12:49AM 04/08/2005
Oh Janie!
Oh Howie!

Janelle says she's been out of cigarettes since Mike left. Says she never really smoked but April has a problem. Janelle ok being without smokes. They agree April is a chain smoker, not a social smoker like Janelle.
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Topic #2071386
Caribou - Janelle asks Kaysar, after their convo with james tonight, what does he think. Howie tells her his theories 0 Replies #2071386 12:52AM 04/08/2005
Kaysar says James keep pushing for us to get it because he thinks he'll be safe. They tell janelle that James probably wants Sarah to get HOH but not him this week. James wants someone else to do his dirty work.

they tell Janie that nothing James says holds any value.
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Topic #2071449
Caribou - Janelle did NOT like Diane from BB5 at all. Janie watched the whole season in the hotel. She didn't like that Diane left a rude and mean goodbye 0 Replies #2071449 1:14AM 04/08/2005
message to Holly. She liked Jase, Scott and Nikomus too but hated Drew. Says Cowboy was dumb as hell, sure he's really nice but had to be the dumbest guy ever on BB. He was Drew's sidekick, he never won anything or did anything. Moron.
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Topic #2071496
Caribou - Janelle is drying her hair. Howie in kitchen getting a snack. James/Sarah in bed chatting NT 0 Replies #2071496 1:32AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071541
Caribou - Kaysar in the shower, Howie shaving at sink, Janelle on a chair sprucing up her pedicure from last night 0 Replies #2071541 1:52AM 04/08/2005
Howie showing her toiletries which Mike left for him. Howie says Mike also left underwear and a bathing suit for Howie. Janelle took the underwear she says so she can wear them. Howie laughs at this.
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Topic #2071580
drummer_inblack - Janelle's in the LR reading the bible (On F1 & F2); HOH group sleeping (F3 & F4) NT 0 Replies #2071580 2:05AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071632
Anonymous - Howie & Kaysar are in the bathroom washing up (F1); Janelle's still reading the bible in LR (F2); James & Sarah on F3; Rachel on F4 (i think) NT 0 Replies #2071632 2:41AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071656
Chunga - Howie gone to bed in GR. Jan reading bible in LR. Kaysar reading Quran in LR. NT 0 Replies #2071656 3:04AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071759
thatgirI - K to Jan: I think when u get out of here, U R going to hate me.. Jan: Why? K: I think I am too hard on you sometimes NT 0 Replies #2071759 4:06AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071760
Anonymous - Janelle talking about her nails 0 Replies #2071760 4:06AM 04/08/2005
She said she hasn't had nails in five years, she has had fake ones.

Kaysar is sitting beside her on couch, looks at her hands, says they are nice.

Talking about drinking, Kaysar asks her how she can regulate her drinking if its part of her work. She says she trys to regulate her drinking, not drink too much.

Kaysar asks if she thinks he is too hard on her (about drinking and stuff I think) and Janelle says no.
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Topic #2071774
thatgirI - K: how long have u been high maintanence for? Jan: Since I was 14 or 15 0 Replies #2071774 4:10AM 04/08/2005
Jan: My sister is high maintanence and she's 10... She has a cell phone.
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Topic #2071778
knifey_spooney - Kaysar and Janelle talking about Howie 0 Replies #2071778 4:12AM 04/08/2005
Kaysar says all he cares about is boobies

Janelle says no, he cares about himself.

They laugh about him, saying that he will even pretend that he's gay.. they giggle about Howie some more.

(This is all very good natured)
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Topic #2071781
thatgirI - Chat with Jan and K in kitchen.. it's 4:13 bb time 0 Replies #2071781 4:13AM 04/08/2005
K: You can see yourself hanging around Howie
K: You and Howie hanging around Ocean Avenue, or whatever it's called
Jan: Ocean Drive
K: Gosh, the guy is such a mess (prior K said Howie even pretends he's gay)
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Topic #2071786
valentine - Sarah-James Tidbits From Last Night 0 Replies #2071786 4:15AM 04/08/2005
(I didn't see this posted, and just remembered it, so here goes:)

Sarah and James were sitting on the round lounge chaise outside, talking to Howie and Rachel, who were sitting on the ground looking up at them like acolytes.

Sarah had taken the weekend off right before James went into sequestration--she knew it would be their last time together for a long time. I think she may have gone to California to spend time with him.

At some point, BB told James that his partner (Brendan???) had dropped out of the show. James didn't know anything about it. Sarah ended up getting the offer from BB and accepted it.

She had very little time to get ready for the show. She had to pack up her pets and ship them to her family in Chicago. She had to organize and take care of all of her bills for the next few months. They had to find someone to take care of James' bills also. They chose a female friend that is going to mail all their payments for the next few months.

Sarah didn't have time to shop, or to get a pedicure before she came in the house. She said it was the most stressful time ever. James agrees with her and stressed that it was crazy.

James had dinner and drinks on Thursday night with the team that used to work for him. (I think they just knew he quit--not that he was going on BB.)

James and Sarah had made plans to go out with friends to Cowboy on Friday night, but that is when she found out that she was going on the show and things got really crazy. So they didn't see anybody--they just worked like crazy to get ready and left.

Sarah said that Sunday was "a filming day", so she really only had Friday night and Saturday to get everything done.

Ivette went to the mall the night before--she had a lot of shopping to do.

Ed Note: Cowboy is a HUGE country and western bar in the outskirts of Atlanta. I went there one time with a group to ride the bull, and it is surreal. It's a whole different world. I can't imagine Sarah and James in that environment, but it might be fun to line dance with a big group.
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Topic #2071803
knifey_spooney - Janelle and Kaysar convo about Howie, travelling 0 Replies #2071803 4:24AM 04/08/2005
They laugh about where Howie is from, Janelle says that the average age there is like 56. They giggle.

Kaysar asked Howie if his boobie talk was a ploy to get more camera time. He says Howie told him no, he toned it down for Big Brother. They both find this hilarious. Kaysar said Howie goes to bars with the guys and is way worse, Howie wants to take Kaysar to a bar so they can cover the "full spectrum" of chicks.

Janie and Kaysar talk about the differences of Miami and LA.

They notice its 4:15am and talk about going to bed. They discuss how Big Brother was mad this morning and told them to get up in a mean voice. Kaysar asks Janie if she heard the "devil music" they played this morning to get them up. Janelle didn't hear it Kaysar says it was death metal or something and they laugh. Janelle had a hard time getting up.

Janelle asks Kaysar what music he likes, apart from Guns n Roses of course. Kaysar likes the Killers, she has not heard of them, Kay says she would like it. Janelle likes house, trance etc. Kaysar likes Buddah Bar, Janelle says she has Buddah Bar 1 & 2. She likes the actual Buddah Bar in Paris.

They talk about where they have traveled. Janelle says she wants to go to Montreal (?) for a week or so. (I think thats what she said) Janie is going to Mexico with her family in OCtober. Kaysar wants to see the ruins in Greece... Janie wants to check out the islands and the beaches there. Kaysar wants to see what makes the land (Greece) special.. (I'm pretty sure they are talking about Greece) Janie loves Greek food. She really wants to go to Japan, back to Thailand. Kaysar says there are no beachs in Japan, what would she do? She says touristy stuff, you know, looking around.

They talk about a place where monkeys run around. Janie went to a place that is called Monkey Island in Thailand. She says she went snorkling there, its a big rock with lots of monkeys, no people live there. She says you can feed them apples but can't pet them, they will bite you.

Janie wants to go to Tahiti. She says she guesses she shouldn't go back to places she has already been, but she knows they are fun. She hsan't been to Spain that much, and she wants to go to Russia and Jerusalem. She has been to Russia like 3 times and has lived in some other city (she was an exchange student there)
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Topic #2071804
thatgirI - Jan telling K that she was a foreign exchange student in Russia for a semester. NT 0 Replies #2071804 4:24AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2071806
valentine - Janelle and Kaysar Stand in the Kitchen 0 Replies #2071806 4:26AM 04/08/2005
and talk very softly. They are leaning against the counter, and both have their arms crossed over their chests.

Kaysar mentions a song by The Killers (Mr Brightside?) and Janelle thinks she may have heard of it.

They talk about where they want to travel. Janelle is going on a trip with her family to Mexico sometime soon.

She wants to go to Japan, and to Greece. She tells Kaysar she likes to walk around and shop when she goes on vacation.

Kaysar is telling her about a foreign place where monkeys roam around. Janelle has heard of Monkey Island. Kaysar says "that's the place".

They are low talking, like they would speak when strategizing.

Janelle wants to go to Tahiti first.

Janelle: I haven't really, like, been to Spain a lot.

Kaysar: I'd like to go to Spain.

Janelle went to Moscow three times and lived in Russia. She went to school for a semester there and would like to go back. Kaysar didn't know this.

Janelle likes tropical places, like the south of France.

Kaysar: After you win the money, we'll talk.

Janelle: Whats like, the number one place you want to go?

Kaysar: It changes every day. I think Spain, though.

Janelle: Me too. I'd like to go to Spain. But not Ibiza, though.

Kaysar: No,not Ibiza.

Janelle says it is too crazy and there are too many parties and kids.

Kaysar: I thought that's what you wanted.

Janelle: I did. Did, though.

Kaysar mentions the Wild On Ibiza show with Brook Burke.

Kaysar: Brook Burk--beautiful.

Janelle: I met her once.

Janelle leaves to go to the WC. She's been drinking a lot of orange juice.
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Topic #2071808
ccquilter - Kaysar and Janelle Travel Talk 0 Replies #2071808 4:27AM 04/08/2005
Janelle has travelled a lot

She was an exchange student in high school - one half year in Russia - went to Moscow 3 or 4 times
She likes everywhere like the south of France
She asks K the #1 place he'd like to go to - he says Spain - Madrid
He waffles a bit and says Spain
They decide that makes sense - but not Ibeza (sp?)

J says something like travelling is better than plastic surgery.

They had talked about a lot of other places prior to this as well
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