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Topic #2081338
Caribou - FISH on F1/F2. Howie/Mag on F3/F4. Fish bubbles sound interfering with Howie/Mag convo NT 0 Replies #2081338 11:14PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081350
Disneyisme - Maggie tells Howie that Eric wears his feelings out in the open, that he was playing the game 0 Replies #2081350 11:16PM 04/08/2005
on a personal level only and so was Maggie. She said she didn't know about Eric not saying good bye to Howie, it all makes sense now. She told Howie "he did that because he thought you were on James side and James really stabbed Eric in the back."
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Topic #2081391
Disneyisme - Howie tells Maggie that Kaysar was mad at himself that he kept James alive because 0 Replies #2081391 11:20PM 04/08/2005
Kay trusted James but "Rachel didn't..." Maggie says "Oh, she didn't trust him? Why didn't he believe her?" Howie skipped a beat, "I'm sorry? Oh by the time Kay found out it was too late."
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Topic #2081401
Caribou - Feeds briefly showed Rachel in hottub with James and Janelle's voice in background. They are stringing James along in his beliefs. NT 0 Replies #2081401 11:21PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081408
Caribou - Howie has told Maggie several times that Kaysar already had knowledge of James before anyone from her side told him. About James backstabbing etc. NT 0 Replies #2081408 11:21PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081473
Caribou - Maggie seems to keep trying to bring this convo with Howie around to "personal" basis - likes and dislikes of people. Howie keeps trying to get it 0 Replies #2081473 11:30PM 04/08/2005
back onto logical, strategic thinking.

Maggie asked if he wants to stop talking. Howie says no it doesn't matter. If he asks why you were up here for 4 hours i'll just say you were interrogating me.

Maggie then asks if Sarah is really like this, backstabbing people. Howie says he sees good in her but she's with him and he looks at who people run with. If Sarah's with James then she's maybe ok with that sort of gameplay.
Maggie portraying anguished faces to Howie as if she's so disappointed that people are like this.
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Topic #2081512
strad - james, sarah, janelle and april in ht 0 Replies #2081512 11:34PM 04/08/2005
james is nervous and agitated keeps going to fish
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Topic #2081534
Caribou - Maggie - you (howie) have 8 remaining HGs who want them gone. Sarah only one who likes him. 0 Replies #2081534 11:36PM 04/08/2005
HOwie agrees.

Now Maggie asking if that was the plan for her and Eric. Maggie has done a lot of history review in this convo - trying to get info on how things happened or what was said.

Howie says he got caught up in the James thing like everyone else did. Howie says he was in the final four plan proposed by Eric. When James turned Howie got caught up in that. Howie really selling that James was the one who got Eric out - his idea, he pushed it on Kaysar.

Maggie - so Kaysar believed James?
Howie - half and half. he'd been talkign with james and i didn't know that. so james had been workign on him. why not go after you two because you two were strong players.

Maggie - yea but you're the one who took me out on the chessboard
Howie - the plan was bring james back ...because we wanted to save james
Maggie - but if you wanted him gone why didn't you go after him?
Howie - no no we wanted him gone originally but then he convinced us of the lies about Eric
Maggie - he had the ability to convince 5 strong players?
Howie explaining that until you talk to people yourself you don't know.

Howie and Maggie agree janelle is very smart, her appearance throws people off.
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Topic #2081547
strad - james being sarcastic with sarah 0 Replies #2081547 11:37PM 04/08/2005
sarah snapping back at james
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Topic #2081551
Caribou - Maggie - I can't hide my emotions. If I don't like you, i'm very clear about it. It's bad for game play I know but I can't do it. 0 Replies #2081551 11:37PM 04/08/2005
She's talkign about hating James and being hard to hide that.
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Topic #2081563
Caribou - Maggie ticked that Sarah called her out in the kitchen about her dolphin training fish knowledge. Howie not saying much to this. He's blowing off most 0 Replies #2081563 11:39PM 04/08/2005
of these personal themed questions.
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Topic #2081569
Caribou - Howie says either Kaysar or Mike is coming back. Maggie says either way, they have to go out right away. Howie agrees. NT 0 Replies #2081569 11:40PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081580
Caribou - Maggie gives her word on behalf of Eric (in case he comes back) that they will keep with the plan to focus first on getting out James and Sarah NT 0 Replies #2081580 11:41PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081601
Caribou - Maggie - all our talk about playing with morals and integrity, that was all about James not about any of you guys. NT 0 Replies #2081601 11:43PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081620
Caribou - Howie gives Maggie his word that James/Sarah going up, except he has to talk to Rachel, but if it changes he'll let her know first he says. Maggie 0 Replies #2081620 11:44PM 04/08/2005
gives her word too that whole house will come together to get those two out.

Howie says because she gave her word last week to not have howie/rachel keys in box he's being true to his word.

Talk ends, Maggie leaves.
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Topic #2081633
Caribou - Howie Jedi stands alone in HOH staring at spyscreen and drinking cold drink. He's watching hallway outside his room. NT 0 Replies #2081633 11:45PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081646
Caribou - Janelle and Rachel in HOH. Howie tells Rachel he swore to put James/Sarah up. Rachel - really? Howie - what? that not what you want? 0 Replies #2081646 11:46PM 04/08/2005
Janelle sighs and grabs her face (lol)

NOw they talk about Rachel's plan vs. Howie's plan. Rachel wants to hear what he talked to Maggie about.
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Topic #2081658
Zazny - R: We *CANNOT* put James up NT 0 Replies #2081658 11:47PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081714
Caribou - Howie shares Maggie swore to carry out the plan. Rachel surprised she agreed to this. Now Rachel says she hates that... if James goes, and Eric comes 0 Replies #2081714 11:51PM 04/08/2005
back, their own numbers are down. Leaves them with only 3 people and having to get rid of 6 others. They don't know if Eric coming back but still.

Rachel says only way to get James out is to backdoor him.
Rachel - i'm sorry, people make deals and break deals. i'm sorry but she knew we would have to break that deal. we'll be as bad as james but they hate james more. i told janelle about that because she's gonna go off and i wanted her to know.

Howie - what is our choice here?

Rachel and janelle tell Howie no way, get Maggie up. HOwie - oh *****
Rachel - i made the deal with her, you didn't. i made that deal
Howie - god dammit. oh *****

Rachel - if we can backdoor him fine, if not maggie's got to go. at the same time if we do that sarah is against us.

janelle - i dont' think that we have to do the dirty work to get rid of james

Janelle and Rachel worreid about eric coming back.

Howie - mofo man..not when i already committed to something and we gotta change it. *****. i wish you had stayed here to talk with me to her
Rachel - what to tell her in the face i'm sorry we don't have a deal
Howie - i shook her hand
Rachel - you did? well

Janelle - call her back up here

Rachel - we knew, we talked about it. you shouldn't have agreed to anything. but that's ok that's alright. James will be suspicious if we don't put her up. he'll run right back to the other side.
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Topic #2081733
Caribou - Howie - can I kill myself? RAchel - no. you made her feel safe but.... 0 Replies #2081733 11:52PM 04/08/2005
Janelle - its too dangerous to get rid of him and have eric come back
Howie - no they swore to finish the mess
Janelle reasoning it out for Howie. Sarah's gonna hate us. We can't get rid of James.

Janelle - we have to pretend we dont' believe anything they said
Howie - i become public enemy number 1 if i don't do what i promised her whole team
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Topic #2081747
Caribou - Howie - this f'n ***** f'd the whole game up for us. he could have stayed f'n loyal last week. he f'd it up. piece of *****. NT 0 Replies #2081747 11:54PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081779
Caribou - Howie and Rachel can't agree. 0 Replies #2081779 11:57PM 04/08/2005
Howie mad they weren't in HOH with him for all the convos. Howie upset that he gave maggie his word and shook on it and now Rachel telling him not to do that.

Janelle - it changes everything if Eric comes back.
Rachel - i have a gut feeling he's not, it's mike
Janelle - me too
Rachel - i know he's trying to sell us out. i know it
Howie - if he wins HOH he puts us up next week.
Rachel - she knows that. she knows we're walking ourselves into a giant hornet's nest
Howie - i did tell her that if it changes i'd tell her
Rachel - bring her back up.

But they'll all sleep on it before saying anything to Maggie.
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Topic #2081785
Zazny - Howie and the handshake 0 Replies #2081785 11:58PM 04/08/2005
Howie, Rachel, J is for Janelle in HOH

H: I've already committed to something and we have to change it. I wish you were here for that
R: What to tell her to her face sorry we don't have a deal?
H: I shook her hand. She shook my hand.
R: We're in a real bad spot. We shouldn't have done that. We knew. But that's alright. If James vetos himself, he runs right back to the other side. And if Cappy comes back, they'll work together. Done. We cannot risk it. If Michael or Kaysar comes back, we're set.
Jan: If Eric comes back they'll come right after us. It's too risky with him coming back
R: Sarah will go right back to them. She'd hate us.
J: We just pretend we don't believe anything they said
H: I'll become public enemy no 1
R: Not necessarily
H: He ***** it up for us. We could've had six people. He could've stayed loyal. He ***** it up! Piece of *****! ***** *****!
R (laughing): Put Maggie and James up
R: You have to bring Maggie back and say we can't do it.

H: He has been promising every week to get rid of us.
J: [Things change because Eric might be coming back.]
R: I have a gut feeling that he's not, but we can't go on it.
H: If they win HOH, he's right back with them. Or if wins,
R: We have to backdoor him.
H: I did tell Maggie that if it changes I will tell her
R: So tell her. Nah, do it tomorrow, let her sleep on it
H: I have to sleep on it anyway

H: When they're gone, James/Sarah, they'll come after us one at a time.
R: Of course they would

Jen comes to give Jan a laundry report
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Topic #2081807
Caribou - Howie - Maggie said Janelle did a great thing this week, making friends with everyone 0 Replies #2081807 11:59PM 04/08/2005
Rachel and Janelle say ***** to this and they f'n hate janelle.

Jennifer arrives to tell janelle about her laundry. Janelle thanks her and jennifer leaves.

They all feel a bit better that Howie said to Maggie he had to talk to Janelle and Rachel.

Rachel - Ivette always wants to go up as a pawn.
Janelle points out threat of Eric if he returns. Rachel backs her up.
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