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Topic #2080930
Caribou - Ivette tells them she always keeps her word. Howie tells her that her dream was awesome. Ivette is freaked about that dream. 0 Replies #2080930 10:37PM 04/08/2005
Ivette says she has to go to sleep she has to go to sleep! (to get more info I guess)

Ivette now says James played badly and he deserves this.

Ivette swore she would and has owned up to anything she says in the game. Tells Janelle now that she thought Janelle would sell out anyone but now she knows different.
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Topic #2080954
Caribou - Ivette says they dont' understand how stressed she is about this. She knows James has to go because if he doesn't she'll lose 4 friends she made AND 0 Replies #2080954 10:38PM 04/08/2005
James is now giving her the evil eye.
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Topic #2080969
Disneyisme - Ivette is now kissing Janelle's a** telling her "at first I thought you would sell out anybody 0 Replies #2080969 10:39PM 04/08/2005
because of the information that James was giving you, doyouknowwhatimsaying? But now...." Janelle just nods her head and mildy says "yea".
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Topic #2081034
Disneyisme - Beau says that James was back stabbing Eric and Ivette both. Ivette says "he was talking so much 0 Replies #2081034 10:45PM 04/08/2005
crap about me, it made my stomache turn. Even before he was nominated..before the whole Kaysar thing...but whatever!" Howie says to Ivette "didn't James want to back door me last week?" Ivette says no "he wanted to put you right up there with Rachel."

Howie says "what about after the veto, did he want me up then?" Ivette says "no....well I don't want to speak for Maggie, but what I heard in the room was that he wanted Kay and Jan, then if someone got off it should be Rachel or you."
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Topic #2081061
Caribou - James and Sarah and Rachel now in HOH. Howie tells them Ivette and beau said J/S have been gunning for H/R since week 1. Howie said he knows 0 Replies #2081061 10:47PM 04/08/2005
because James told him that. He already knew. Janelle comes out of bathroom amazed at how clean it is - must be maid service.

Sarah wants the frappucino. Howie says fine he doesn't like it.

Now Howie and Janelle and Rachel acting like all is fine with James and Sarah. James trying to deny that and the others are acting like they believe him.
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Topic #2081067
Disneyisme - James is in HOH now, Howie is filling James in, Sarah entered now too. 0 Replies #2081067 10:48PM 04/08/2005
Howie says that "Beau said 'they are on our side, you know that Howie? They are fighting with us'." Howie tells James that Beau said 'he (James) has been gunning for you since week one'.

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Topic #2081112
Caribou - James points out that if that was true and not a lie, that during HOH comp Sarah would have used her chances to get them out in the comp. Rachel 0 Replies #2081112 10:52PM 04/08/2005
telling James to not talk about it, let that go, take a deep breath, the other side knows they are screwed.

Rachel says Maggie asked to come up and talk with Howie.

Rachel very concerned about Eric coming back. Can't risk it she says and Howie agrees. Rachel says this changes everything and we have to put Maggie up.

James - we made Eric this demon that he wasn't. he was only strong when i was backing him up. me and kaysar beat him in all comps. he was good manipulating people and causing us to think he was great. but in reality, he was nothing, he did nothing, he motivated - fine. His team with Maggie on it is nothing. Bring Eric back and I'll send him home next f'n week.

Rachel - Kaysar or Mike comes back it's all good. We can't backdoor Maggie. If she does get off though, Ivette's gotta go.

james - ivette and eric are like that because eric would be lik ethis with anyone that follows him. ivette is not the threat that jenny is.

Rachel - no we cannot have ivette and eric in this house together

Howie and James say Jenny is smartest player on their team. Maggie is best physically.

James gunning for Jennifer but to keep Ivette. But he says any loyalty to Ivette as a friend is gone for him.

Rachel says she likes Ivette, this isn't personal
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Topic #2081120
Caribou - Sarah disagrees with James. Sarah thinks Ivette is a threat with Eric in house. NT 0 Replies #2081120 10:52PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081124
Disneyisme - Rachel agrees that they can't back door because of the possibility of the veto not happening, so Rachel says 0 Replies #2081124 10:53PM 04/08/2005
"but, we do have to consider that there will be a veto and she gets herself off (Maggie) and if that happens then I say Ivette's got to go. If Cappy comes back, he and Ivette are like 'that' (crossing fingers)."
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Topic #2081139
Disneyisme - James says he would love to have Ivette gone, he has no loyalty towards her, but 0 Replies #2081139 10:54PM 04/08/2005
he says that Jen is a bigger threat. Sarah thinks if Ivette stays she will be Eric's little follower and do whatever he wants.
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Topic #2081152
Zazny - R: The prospect of Eric coming back is my biggest concern right now 0 Replies #2081152 10:55PM 04/08/2005
She tells this to Jan, Sarah, Howie,

Howie has floated the lie that Beau/Ivette said that Sarah/James are playing on their side. They have actually said Sarah/James are playing both sides. When James asks Janelle, while Howie was in the WC "did you ask them why if I was on their side, did they get me out first," Jan can only say "I didn't hear that."

R: The prospect of Eric coming back is my biggest concern right now. That changes every thing
J: Eric was only strong with me backing him up. In the veto comp set up for him, he had the slowest time. He was a manipulator and made us think he was great. In reality, he was nothing. He motivated. His team is nothing. Bring Eric back and I'll send him home the next week.
R: If Michael comes back, it's all good. If Kaysar comes back, it's all good.
J: If Kaysar comes back, America hates them more than we do!
R: We can't backdoor because we might not be able to get veto. If Maggie saves herself, I say Ivette has to go
J: Ivette is not the threat that Jenny is.
R: It doesn't matter. No, we cannot have Eric and Ivette together in this house.
J: Any loyalty I have to Ivette as a friend is gone
R: It's not about like/dislike, it's about playing a game to win.
J: I think Jenny
S (sarah's mic is quite): I think Jenny is a bigger threat. If Ivette is here, he has a false sense of security.
R: If Jenny goes home, and Eric comes back, and he has Ivette oh God
S: Jenny besides Maggie is their strongest player

James laughs at the idea of April on the block with no cigarettes
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Topic #2081173
Caribou - Rachel adamant on taking Maggie out. James telling them if Eric comes back, they stand united against him. No leaving the room when he's there etc. 0 Replies #2081173 10:57PM 04/08/2005
James says this is their house. If Eric returns, don't allow him to rule people. Stand up to him.
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Topic #2081199
Zazny - James: If Eric comes back, we have to be united 0 Replies #2081199 11:01PM 04/08/2005
Jam: Jan was saying when he came in a room, we'd leave. Whether he was trying to intimidate us, we cannot do this. This is our house.

S lists her order (if the BB Gods are with her, she says): Maggie, Jennifer, Beau, April, Ivette

Jam: I think April should be on the block every week
H: Because the BB Gods have someone coming in, there's going to be trickery going on.
R: One thing to remember: there's more things coming, so we have got to stick together.
Jam: It is scary when you hear other people say things about your team members, but we have to stick together.
H: I was coming to hug you guys when I won HOH, and then Jen and Ivette. I got nailed by every one of them.

Beau has taken James's bed in the main bedroom. James wants to move in to one of the dressers in Gold Room.

Maggie comes.
Jan: Come in
Jam: It's Howie's room, he can say come in.

Room clears

Jan: Kaysar's hair (on mem wall) is still green!
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Topic #2081211
Caribou - Howie talks about why he didn't hug Maggie after he won HOH 0 Replies #2081211 11:02PM 04/08/2005
Howie tells S6 he was trying to get to them to hug them, but Maggie's group kept getting him. He couldn't get to them. So he walked away. It wasn't anything against Maggie but he was trying to get to his own people to hug them.
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Topic #2081218
Disneyisme - Maggie knocked on the HOH door and Janelle and Sarah both said "Come In..." James says "it's Howie's 0 Replies #2081218 11:02PM 04/08/2005
room he can tell them to come in..." Howie opens the door and Maggie says can I come in for 30 seconds? Seriously 30 seconds, you guys can wait in the hallway."
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Topic #2081221
Caribou - Howie and Maggie in HOH bathroom for private convo. Maggie wants to know if she's safe. 0 Replies #2081221 11:03PM 04/08/2005
Howie telling her James doesn't want to backdoor Maggie anymore. James trusts them more.

Maggie says James is bragging downstairs, walking around saying "i've got another week" Howie surprised at this.
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Topic #2081225
Disneyisme - Howie locked the HOH door, then they went into the HOH bathroom, shut the door, 0 Replies #2081225 11:03PM 04/08/2005
Maggie turned on the water and let it run so they could talk. BB said "turn the water off guys."
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Topic #2081249
Disneyisme - Maggie tells Howie that James is bragging downstairs "I get another week!" 0 Replies #2081249 11:06PM 04/08/2005
Maggie says she knows he wants to back door her. Howie tells her that James doesn't want to do that anymore. Howie says that James trusts them more that Maggie and friends. Howie refers to 'her people' Maggie says "my 'people'?" Howie: "well..." Maggie says "okay, my team. But the team thing needs to go away."
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Topic #2081252
Caribou - Maggie says Rachel walking around with James. Howie says she has to, we can't tip him off. 0 Replies #2081252 11:06PM 04/08/2005
Howie tells Maggie what just went down with everyone briefly. Howie says he's putting up both James and Sarah. Worried about no veto this week with someone coming back in - Maggie agrees.
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Topic #2081261
Caribou - Maggie - why are we in 2 separate groups if we both want the same thing? Howie says because of James running back and forth. NT 0 Replies #2081261 11:07PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081265
Caribou - Earlier Maggie told Howie she feels reallllly bad for Kaysar and him leaving. James was to be the one to go NT 0 Replies #2081265 11:07PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2081277
Disneyisme - Maggie says "why does James find me as such a threat? Why doesn't he see Rachel as a threat?" 0 Replies #2081277 11:08PM 04/08/2005
Howie says that James is the most devious player in BB history. Maggie wants to know "why are we in 2 separate groups if we both want the same thing?" Howie says "James keeps it that way by playing both sides."
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Topic #2081292
Zazny - Maggie holds her meeting with Howie in bathroom 0 Replies #2081292 11:10PM 04/08/2005
She turns the water on in the sink to cover the noise.

M: Where you talking
H: About what
M: About me
H: You have been talking to your friends?
M: I can't trust anybody in this game. I don't have any partner. He wants to backdoor me?
H: Hypothetically, [he's over that]. he's knows the veto may not be possible, so he's not stupid
M: He's bragging downstairs, saying 'I've got another week'

Howie tells her if you put James up is a problem because he always wins golden veto. And backdoor would be a problem because there may be no veto with someone coming back.

He says James threw up the idea of Maggie and whoever. Howie says he's talked to Beau/Ivette, April/Jen, and that one of them [James/Sarah] is gone and that next week, whoever wins finishes the job.

M: Rachel's walking around like she and James are best friends!
H: We have to [make it look like that]

M brings up that it's weird that R took out A instead of S in the HOH competition.

M: Why am I threat?
H: You're good in this game because you're smart, you're competitive
M: Why does he think I'm the biggest threat. I'd think Rachel is a bigger threat.
H: He's trying to come right after me, and now he's my best friend
M: Why are we in two separate groups? If we have the same goal
H: Because of him
M: He doesn't know
H: He thinks me and Rachel are his strongest allies

Maggie says that James would have been "gone without a doubt" if he didn't win veto.

H: He wants to get all the men out of the house .
M: He can
H: He thinks he can take over.
M: If we don't work together, he's gonna win.
H: As long as I have the whole house's support, and something goes wrong. As good as he is, he cannot fight the whole house. He can't
M: It's weird having someone hate you this bad, I don't have this in my life
H: I don't think he truly does hate you. It's strategic.

M [about Rachel]: We talked a lot in week 1, but since then he hasn't said a word to me.
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Topic #2081306
Disneyisme - Howie says to Maggie "James thinks that me, Janie and Rachel are his strongest allies, in the game and I want 0 Replies #2081306 11:11PM 04/08/2005
him to keep thinking that way." Maggie says "people have told you what he's been saying right?" Howie says "I heard you the other day around the pool, I know what you were talking about when you told me somebody wanted to back door me, but you wouldn't tell me who."
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Topic #2081323
Caribou - Rachel and Janelle in GR 1 Replies #2081323 11:13PM 04/08/2005
Rachel told Janelle she needs her in on this. Says Maggie is nervous and she knows she's in trouble.

Convo ends. Sounded like these two agree they have to get Maggie out. Put her up over James/Sarah this week. Especially with Eric maybe coming back next week.

Rachel feels bad that they're breaking a deal but says they should have known they would or might. RAchel says she feels bad, she should have thought further ahead so they wouldnt' be in this position.

Janelle and Rach agree to not say anything to Beau, Ivette, April or Jen on this.
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Caribou - Rachel is telling Janelle that her and Howie made a deal with Maggie to keep her safe. Rachel is saying that they know that they have to break the #2081368 11:17PM 04/08/2005
deal to get Maggie out this week.

(ED.NOTE. thanks to James00 & garthhudson in discussion for this)
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