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Topic #2225075
Caribou - Last few minutes while board was down - Ape and Jen private convo 2 Replies #2225075 7:13PM 18/08/2005
Jen claims she threw the HOH key instead of handing it to Janelle because she was afraid Janelle was going to attack her. Jen says she's never like that normally but she feared for her safety.

Jen telling April the bible tells not to lie and that's the best way to act but if you have to then you have to but it's not good to do that.

April told Jen she's been very angry with her for 2 days. Jen says she knows. Ivette asks if they're having private convo. April says yes but I love you. Ivette walked away. April says she didn't like that Jen didn't take up for her with Howie. Jen says she would but there was nothing she could do. Jen claims she's not like that, the person to not talk to others just because a friend is mad at them. April says that's not what she means. They somehow make up despite Jen never admitting she did anything wrong.

April saying if she won BB6 she would give some of the million to Jen somehow and she knows that Jen would do the same. Jen says nothing to this.

Jen doesn't believe that Maggie really loves their group as she claims because she clearly wants to stay. Jen suggested that the person who brought in a friend should be kept in the game but Maggie didn't respond to that. Jen is suspicious about that and thinks Maggie would want Jen out to save herself.

Ivette was crying on her cot while James comforted her. It seemed to be about Ivette still upset about Eric not coming back. James telling her she has to let that go.

Maggie walked through the LR where Janelle, Howie and RAchel were sitting. Maggie said congratulations to Janelle. Janelle thanked her.

Maggie, Jen, April, Beau playing cards on a cot now. Ripping on BB for giving Janelle HOH even though she clearly didn't win it. Maggie says that she likes to compete but she's not a sore loser. Maggie thinks this experience has helped her to learn to lose with grace. April starts to rant about the other team and Maggie says "some of us still need to learn that lesson". April replies "i'm not a f'n sore loser..."

Jen earlier said a few times that if only bad people stay in this game why is she nominated? She clearly is a good person then. Jen dancing fast since live show ended to redeem herself for her lies, her backdooring Kaysar, her general character. Jen claims BB can say whatever they want to justify giving HOH to Janelle but SHE (Jen) knows the truth, and that BB will keep doing things like this.

April wants to go home one minute, then stay and win the million the next.
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bama_chevygal - Jenn told April that she threw the key on the ground because Janelle got in her face and said #2225227 7:30PM 18/08/2005
"Give me the f'n key b**ch" Thats why she threw the key on the ground. Said Janelle looked like she was going to attack her but she doesnt think she really would.
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CalicoSkiesNC - Jen actually said "I was afraid for my safety, so I threw the key" NT #2225440 7:50PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225261
memyselfandi - Jen and Ivette talking strategy. 0 Replies #2225261 7:34PM 18/08/2005
Ivette is saying they fractured us, not completely somewhat.

Both Ivette and Jen are saying they already won, they're in sequester. They figured it out. Jen is saying she got to everything she could in this game. And she brings up the numbers thing that they're the jury that decides it.

Ivette is saying that other side is thinking with their @sses and how Kaysar being lost flustered them and now it will again. Both of them are discussing strategy actually intelligently. Jen correctly surmises that other side thinks Maggie is the head of the friendship group.

Jen says the only thing she wants is to know is the day she's leaving that she's leaving.

They're saying who they'll pick for power of veto. Jenny is picking April. Maggie is going to have Ivette.

I feel like I'm selfish for saying it, but I really would do the same thing because I am the one who brought April here she should give me the money at the end.

Ivette thinks she's already screwed things up that she won't win in the end. She would pick for James to get the money.

Ivette is complimenting Jennifer on her strategy with Kaysar. Jenny says she'd never do it differently. She is telling Ivette everything Julie asked her about and seems to be asking for reassurance that what she said and thinks is OK. Ivette is giving it to her.
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Topic #2225265
he244 - James is scheming with Janelle already !!! the HOH room 0 Replies #2225265 7:34PM 18/08/2005
isn't even warm yet. I hate that guy!!!
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Topic #2225273
Mrguytvblog - james talking with janelle. turning sides again. saying... 1 Replies #2225273 7:35PM 18/08/2005
jennifer that she's worthless and so is her partner. that maggie is this and that.


"you're HOH and you can do what you want but i'm voting maggie out!"

oh wait, he's trying to get janelle to vote out maggie. still playing both sides. he should really do what rachels wants. he votes out jennifer and they agree to vote out maggie next week. but we all know how long term deals happen in the house.
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Suzan - Janelle is giving James her best dumb blonde performance. He thinks she believes his please to evict Maggie, she tosses her head #2225312 7:39PM 18/08/2005
to the side quesitoning his comments, "really, you really think Maggie is smarter?", Asking him questions to get him to give up more information on his strategy. It worked.
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Topic #2225308
bonoisgod - AS Jsn leveas the Gr James whispers in to mic "please call me into DR." NT 0 Replies #2225308 7:38PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225314
fnfish - James and Janelle talking in GR 0 Replies #2225314 7:39PM 18/08/2005
Janelle is asking james his opinion on who to get out, James says Maggie is the bigger threat because she is much smarter. Janelle questions this, probing don't you think Jen is smart look what she did, James emphatically denies that Jennifer has any brains (I think I agree with him!)
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Topic #2225332
memyselfandi - James is telling Janelle in gold room to target Maggie 0 Replies #2225332 7:40PM 18/08/2005
He keeps telling her things that Maggie holds them together, she's their leader, she's smartest. James is saying you can break them in two that way. Janelle is rocking her Whatever t-shirt and eating something.

But then in between telling her what she should do, he keeps saying, but you're HOH. You do what you think is best. I'm just telling you I'll vote out Maggie.

Janelle is listening, asking questions, said something about backdooring April, I think to pit April and Jenny against each other. She comments on how he is being nice to her.

James tells Janelle he's going to sleep, she leaves, then you hear him speak into his microphone as he says "Call me to the diary room." And the feed switches.
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Topic #2225348
fnfish - HGs all in Kitchen preparing dinner. 0 Replies #2225348 7:41PM 18/08/2005
And james got his request answered to get called to the DR!
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Topic #2225372
Mel - 5 mins after asking to be sent to the DR, James is called to the DR. LOL. NT 0 Replies #2225372 7:43PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225482
Caribou - Jan, Rach, Howie in GR alone, eating dessert. Jan not buying James advice and they agree 0 Replies #2225482 7:55PM 18/08/2005
Jan wants to be personally responsible for getting Jennifer out of the house. James advised Jan to get Maggie out. Jan told Rach, Howie about this. Jan says don't tell James we're gunning for Jennifer. Rach and Howie agree. But if James asks, they'll say they want Maggie out just to placate him. They agree not to tell James anything about what they're really doing.

Howie and Rachel think Janelle's noms were perfect. Kaysar had recommended nominating Ivette and someone else but that would have meant James would have played for veto for sure and Maggie still would have gone up. If they lead James to believe they're gunning for Maggie, even if he plays for veto, he won't use it to save Maggie.
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Topic #2225507
amIsane - Jan/How?rach in GR laughing at the nerds 1 Replies #2225507 7:58PM 18/08/2005
They are laughing at what Ap said to Howie(abt. welfare) and also cracking up about Jenn throwing the key.(LOL)
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bama_chevygal - Janelle said she told Jennifer "Give me the f'n key you f'n b*tch" So Jennifer #2225545 8:02PM 18/08/2005
snatched the key off her neck and threw if far away.
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Topic #2225565
Caribou - Janelle says if they get Jennifer out that's all Janelle wants. Then Janelle is happy to go home. She doesn't care about winning BB. 1 Replies #2225565 8:04PM 18/08/2005
Janelle talks about Cowboy betraying his own sister in season 5, evicting her over Diane. Janelle says she could never do that to a family member. Janelle really liked nakomis and thinks she got a bum deal. Janelle impressed that Nakomis still voted for Cowboy despite what he did to her.

Janelle wants out after this so she can listen to music, dance around in her high heels, looking beautiful and having fun.
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bama_chevygal - Janelle wants Jennifer and Maggie out, then she will be happy to leave the next week. NT #2225587 8:06PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225569
karly - Finally...I agree with Janelle 0 Replies #2225569 8:04PM 18/08/2005
Janelle: Nakomis should've won last year. Even her brother turned on her.
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Topic #2225590
Caribou - GR group talking about how James still trying to play both sides and they're not letting him in on their info or plans 0 Replies #2225590 8:06PM 18/08/2005
Janelle wants to really win POV.
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Topic #2225661
he244 - lo, Rachel talking to herself...God let me win hoh tomorrow we need it NT 0 Replies #2225661 8:13PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225751
SassyPrncess - April, in front of Howie: The great this is WE have the votes to determine who gets the $500K. NT 0 Replies #2225751 8:20PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225823
EvilTwin - Jen(or Maggie, not sure)says "They're not thinking strategically. Strategically they should put up James." 1 Replies #2225823 8:25PM 18/08/2005
(ed: NOW James should be put up?!)
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glitter - It was April telling B NT #2225855 8:27PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225836
Jillio71 - Jen: "I don't know why Janelle has this loyalty to Kaysar, he is not her partner" 0 Replies #2225836 8:25PM 18/08/2005
(paraphrased) he probably won't even talk to her outside of this house.

(ed. note - wrong!!)
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Topic #2225848
Nikki254 - Jen now saying that she regrets her decision to get kaysar out 0 Replies #2225848 8:26PM 18/08/2005
She is saying that either way she would be on the block (if she had gotten rid of kaysar or james) but if she put up James the past week would have been a lot better.

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Topic #2225850
Caribou - Much like on the live show, Jennifer is trying to deflect blame to her group 0 Replies #2225850 8:26PM 18/08/2005
Earlier, Jennifer said to Maggie (while she was cooking) that Janelle's nominations prove what Jennifer and April told her about that group's plans. Jennifer keeps saying she would still be nom'd, because that was the plan all along. As if it had nothing to do with her gameplay or betrayals.

Now Jennifer claims, to April, that what she did last week was not strategic and "we" should have put James up and avoided all that stress all week. Jennifer regrets nominating Kaysar but says she "only thought of this now".
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Topic #2225866
MonsterDubs - Maggie- "This is our last meal together." 0 Replies #2225866 8:27PM 18/08/2005
The S-3 say they thing Maggie told her team to evict her. Jennifer and April regretting their decision stating that either way they'd be on the block but at least they would have had a better week.
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Topic #2225878
MonsterDubs - Janelle- "who wants to see my HOH Room" 5 Replies #2225878 8:29PM 18/08/2005
Only James, Howie, and Rachael go...
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Jillio71 - As J/H/R walked through kitchen Janelle aked: "anyone else want to see it"? Noone moved. NT #2225914 8:31PM 18/08/2005
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Jillio71 - James asked if anyone wants to see it. Jenn says, "Are you kidding"? James walk up the stairs alone. NT #2225922 8:32PM 18/08/2005
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Jillio71 - Maggie says, "It is poor sportsmanship regardless - to not invite them to see something" (Janelle's HOH Room) - more... #2226004 8:41PM 18/08/2005
Beau says - She asked us to come when she first got out (of the DR). Maggie spraying down the kitchen counters says, "No". Beau says, "Yes she did I heard her and we all stayed silent" (Ed. note: thank you Beau for paying attention). Now Maggie saying Janelle said, "Hey you two (Howie and Rachel who were waiting on the couches in the LR) who wants to see my HOH room. Beau says, "NO, she said, "Hey who wants to see my HOH room"? "James would you like to come"?

Beau: Obviously WE are going to stay quiet.

Jen: James probably thinks we are being immature but why would I want to see someone's HOH room that just called me a f'n bitch twice??

Jenn is comparing going to see Janie's HOH room to walking up to someone that you know is abotu to punch you in the face.

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abbybb - Jennifer said.."Why would I go there when I know they're gonna punch me in the face later.. #2225943 8:35PM 18/08/2005
(ed. note: I guess getting them to come to your room last week, pretending to play nice and then backstabbing them later is much more honorable...)

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Sunflake - The above statement was made metaphorically, not literally. She was making an analogy. NT #2225975 8:38PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225911
hoarsewhisperer - Janelle in the HOH room finally. 1 Replies #2225911 8:31PM 18/08/2005
Howie, James, Rachel are the only ones in there. Her mom sent her some "beauty" stuff. Howie chanting, Janie! Janie! Jedi Janie! Didn't catch all the snack things, but James and Janie were munching down.
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Caribou - Janie got her red dress, lots of food, a music CD (no idea what artist), pics of pets NT #2225992 8:40PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225935
Diana - Jennifer is questioning the friendship's decision.. 0 Replies #2225935 8:34PM 18/08/2005
to put Kaysar out instead of James. Saying last week didn't need to be like that.

Maggie said it's too late to questions it..who knows if it would have been different.

Busto says that it didn't need to be like this for her and Jen.

(ed. I think Jen is starting to wish she'd stayed under the radar)
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Topic #2225970
memyselfandi - Maggie wants to stay, win POV, and she's trying to talk to Ivette about it NT 0 Replies #2225970 8:38PM 18/08/2005
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