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Topic #2217412
memyselfandi - Lots of quiet tension at the chess board and then randomly Kaysar asks Janie how many times she has done cocaine? 0 Replies #2217412 3:00AM 18/08/2005
Janie looks at him and says none. Then she says "UNLIKE SOME HOUSEGUESTS" making fun of Beau. Kaysar laughs.

Kaysar says something like "You hear that boys, book him." K says they can get the narc squad ready.

Then they laugh about why someone would go on a national television show and admit they were recreational drug users.
Janelle says well we are dealing with Beau and Ivette here.

They keep playing chess.

Kaysar says "You just saved your ass."
Janie says WHy?
He doesn't answer.

More laughing and flirting and I hate yous, you sunuvvabitches at the chessboard.
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Topic #2217444
drummer_inblack - Kaysar: "Your horses (knights) piss me off." Janelle: "But they love you." NT 0 Replies #2217444 3:08AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217454
memyselfandi - Janie and Kaysar playing footsie for a minute and... 0 Replies #2217454 3:11AM 18/08/2005
Janelle says she needs her Xanax. Kaysar says that's not true. She says she wants her Xanax. And Kaysar laughs and says, ok that's true.

Janelle is asking if he thinks Michael will pick her up at the show. Kaysar says maybe if he's evicted maybe Michael will pick HIM up.

"if he's smart at that time, he'll come down."


Kaysar now doing hilarious thing of what someone would say in a mock live chat that Janelle would have if she was evicted and they had one. Someone asks Janelle about her haircare products. Then Kaysar speaks in a fake low voice as if he was a guy saying I heard that you only date guys who make a $250,000 gross income and would you go out...

Janelle: Who told you that?!!!

They're laughing. Kaysar answers the question in a fake Janie voice about how that's not true and she already found some one so no thank you.

Kaysar keeps chanting "What should I do now? What should I do now?" ... unclear whether it's game or what.

He says "I want you to..." and doesn't finish. "You're so annoying."

Most tense silence ever. Kaysar keeps saying "You're so annoying." as she is beating him at chess.

"I have no move."
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Topic #2217549
Zazny - K: You have issues, man. You have is...sues! (giggle fits on the hammock) 2 Replies #2217549 3:40AM 18/08/2005
Jan says she asked a b/f for liposuction and he got her a gym pass

J: What an *****
K sarcastic: Yeah, what an *****. Trying to get you to be natural

K: Howie says the same things over and over. He said the same thing 100 times today!

They are giggling crazy about this

J: 'Any one of you could be here! Let's go get em!' I felt like saying I don't feel like getting *****.

J: We're all depressed and he's coming to get us 'Hey guys, we have a competition tomorrow.'
K: He just wanted to wake us up so we wouldn't be up til 5 am tomorrow. What time did we go to sleep? Like 7?
J: 7 and we got up at 10. Did we take a nap too?
K: We took 2 naps today
They are really having a giggle fit
J: We are losers!
K: We get up and go back to sleep
J: Our lives are meaningless
K: What have we been reduced to? We're pathetic. You get to around 5 and feel gross 'Yeah I should work out' but go back to sleep. And then we eat again.

K laughs
K: I saw you eat so much today
J: ***** off
K: You're always eating ice cream
J: Grilled cheese and tomato soup, ice cream, 4 english muffins, 12 pieces of crackle candy
K: You had so many crackle! Wow! Oh my God!
J: And I had 2 hot dogs

My feeds chopped up, but I think K was ragging on her for burning them and she has no hot dog left because she gets rid of the bad part

K: You put hotdogs in the microwave on high for 5 minutes! I'm surprised it didn't catch on fire!
J: I cut off the burnt part
K: It looked like a meat toothpick!
J: It was shriviled!
K: Did you really put it in for five minutes? You're quite the catch, Janey.
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ShelBel - She asked the BF for liposuction not botox. NT #2217563 3:44AM 18/08/2005
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Zazny - Thanks I'll fix...was working backwards NT #2217565 3:45AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217577
memyselfandi - Kay says she's in check and she keeps playfully saying I've never been in check (LONG 0 Replies #2217577 3:54AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar says yes you are. Janie's saying but I'm not in check. They're playing footsie again. They give up on chess.

Janie asks him if he wants to be in the hammock. Kaysar says OK. He threatens to push her in the pool though. Janelle says NO! Kaysar laughs.

They're just laying their swinging in the hammock, flirting, talking. Janie keeps screaming for her Xanax. Kaysar is telling BB to give it to her. Janie is putting the microphone up to her lips and asking for it. But they're laughing about it like it could be code for something.

Random chitchat. He looks at her and says "You have pink lips."

She says "That's weird. You have long eyelashes"

Then janelle goes into story about Maggie accusing her of having her lips done. She hasn't. She said Michael told them "I can vouge for that. I've kissed her."

They go back to talking about Kaysar's eyelashes.

Janelle confesses she wants liposuction. Kaysar says you don't need it. Janie asked her last boyfriend for lipo and he gave her a gym pass "@sshole"

Kaysar making fun of her for this.

K: Sometimes I want to strangle you. You have issues man.

J: No I don't.

Kaysar and Janelle talking about how Howie says same thing a hundred times a day. Neither of them were in the mood for his cheerfulness today.

Lots more giggling about their pathetic BB lives where they stay up all night eating and hanging out and then sleep all day.

Janelle is listing all the things she's eaten today. Lots of ice cream. Grilled cheese. Tomato soup. Two hot dogs. (there's more that I haven't listed) Kaysar is coughing he is laughing so hard.

Kaysar is teasing her about her disability in the kitchen because she burnt the hot dogs and they started smoking.
J: I'm domestically challenged.

K: "Oh you're quite the catch Janie."

Apparently Janelle eats out every day or someone takes her out. The only food she eats at her house is Raisin Bran.

But she insists to Kaysar that she can cook, but she doesn't like to cook for just one person. But Kaysar points out she never cooked for her boyfriend. But Janelle cooked for her ex-boyfriend of five years, once.

They slipped off hammock so had to get up.

Kaysar is asking about Janelle's past long-distance relationship with some guy in New York that didn't work out because of the long-distance thing. K asking a lot of questions about why you would do that.

Janelle is saying that Kaysar is insinuating she shouldn't even attempt the relationship with Michael. She says he's being too insensitive lately.

Then he breaks weirdness with "Stop being jealous of my eyelashes"

It gets back to Michael though. And Kaysar is bringing up the budgeting of how Janelle would have to pay money to fly out to California and asking her what her hours are. Michael works during the week. Janelle works weekends and can't change her hours to not work weekends, because she needs the money then.

Kaysar says, "But I'm sure you'll work it out. He'll be waiting for you when you get out of here and you guys will make out for a couple hours and he'll look in your eyes... and he goes into the OHHHH Janie thing.

K: "Michael is a great guy and you know that obviously and true love always prevails."

Kaysar keeps asking Janelle stuff.
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Topic #2217582
memyselfandi - Now Janie and Kaysar riffing on Beau again 0 Replies #2217582 3:57AM 18/08/2005
They're talking about how the other castmates will have family greeting them when they leave the show, but Beau will have cops waiting for him to arrest him for being a cokewhore and male prostitute.

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Topic #2217590
Zazny - Trashing Beau exaggerating his life experiences 0 Replies #2217590 3:59AM 18/08/2005
K: [He makes stuff up] He's a boy scout, he models a bit, he's in a movie, he saved the world a couple of times...

K whistles "in the jungle, the mighty jungle" song and FISH
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Topic #2217605
memyselfandi - Janelle and Kaysar BOTH asking for Xanax now 0 Replies #2217605 4:03AM 18/08/2005
Janelle laughing that hanging out with Kaysar is making her crazy that's why she keeps asking for it.

Kaysar has been kind of needling her all day about little things like eating and Janelle is saying her clothes don't fit her right anymore.
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Topic #2217615
Zazny - K: It'd be sad to be evicted by America 0 Replies #2217615 4:06AM 18/08/2005
J: Who would they evict? James?
K: No
K: It's sad because millions of people picked up the phone and said 'get your ass out we don't want to see you anymore on the show.'

Kaysar estimates the time to be 3:24. It's 4:05.

J: It's freezing
K: My toes are numb
J: Let's go inside
K: There's nowhere left for us to go
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Topic #2217635
memyselfandi - Kaysar andJanelle sitting in bathroom chairs now talking about first week 0 Replies #2217635 4:16AM 18/08/2005
Janelle is asking Kaysar about the fight he had with Ivette the first week, whether he was stressed then.

Kaysar says he kind of was because he just didn't want to be the first one to go home. He was alone while everybody else was drinking and bonding then.
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Topic #2217641
memyselfandi - Janelle regrets not sitting on surf board longer in first HOH, wishes Sarah was there 0 Replies #2217641 4:20AM 18/08/2005
She wasn't thinking of Ashlea. She would have put up Jenny and Ivette had she got it.

Kaysar says that would have been awesome.

Janelle says she wishes Sarah was here. She was the only normal girl to talk to besides Rachel.

Kaysar says "That's true."
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Topic #2217642
memyselfandi - Kaysar: The rest of them make Ivette look normal. NT 0 Replies #2217642 4:20AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217653
John_DK_ - Lots and lots of trashing the "others" from Jan & Kay. NT 3 Replies #2217653 4:25AM 18/08/2005
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John_DK_ - After continues hate, they are silent... NT #2217683 4:34AM 18/08/2005
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tinytunes - Disagree with hate - J/K said the "others" were wack jobs, crazy, not normal - I never heard "hate" NT #2218454 7:36AM 18/08/2005
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Zazny - Right. They were observations #2219596 9:59AM 18/08/2005
They said Beau and Jen always scream and it's annoying.

They say Jen is always saying she can't wait to be a big reality star stopped at the airport. Kaysar thought it was odd that she went and got out the person America chose to put back in and she expects to be popular.

They say Maggie likes to exude a level of authority on people (they don't say these exact words. They say "why does she do this?"). Kaysar says if he goes up and says "can I ask you a question?," Maggie will say "sure, but I'm not sure if I can tell you the answer." and then leave her mouth open after she's done talking. They both mock this habit.
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Topic #2217675
memyselfandi - Janelle and Kaysar talking about others mugging for camera, talking about Maggie 0 Replies #2217675 4:32AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar "It almost makes you not want to watch. It's so sh!tty. It' just like you guys be yourselves. They're so afraid of being themselves for one second."

He talks about everytime Kaysar tries to ask her something, she says, "You can, but I'm not going to answer." How Maggie will never be up front with him. And not tell him anything about how they decided to evict him.

Kaysar says you can tell Maggie grew up in hicksville, pop. 20.

Then he says he blames himself for signing up for this because he knew there would be wack jobs.

K: They're not trying to annoy me. They're just annoying.

"I hope they show it. I hope they show all their issues."
"They have to show Jenny talking about how she wants to be famous and a reality TV star."

Kaysar said when signing up for BB he wanted to do research to make sure he could go back into real world and get a real job. He didn't want to be famous.

Kaysar said it's worth it that Jenny thinks she'll be famous and liked by backstabbing America's choice and "It's going to backfire so bad."
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Topic #2217679
Red_Planet - Kaysar said that the tabloids will have a picture of April with a caption "half woman, half bird", lol. NT 0 Replies #2217679 4:33AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217709
memyselfandi - Janie is going over all the body parts that correspond with zodiac signs 0 Replies #2217709 4:42AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar makes fun of her for her old woman knees after it pops. Janelle says it goes with her sign of capricorn. Capricorn rules the knees.

She lists a bunch of signs and their corresponding body parts but can't remember Leo. She thinks heart, but isn't sure.

I do remember that Leos like to be the center of attention. There's what four or five of them in here. It's so Obvious in April
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Topic #2217715
memyselfandi - Janelle upset that both Michael and Kaysar had to be taken out so early NT 0 Replies #2217715 4:43AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217717
Zazny - Janelle whispered "They went through 6 people for me" 1 Replies #2217717 4:43AM 18/08/2005
I think Kaysar was saying how many Michael went through too but it was too quiet

K: I'm glad I did it
J: I am too. It sucks that you and Michael got taken out so early
K: It was *****
J: He got ***** so bad. By this entire house
K: Now I'm getting close. By the same person. I think America would love Michael if they got to know him. They screwed him over so bad...2nd week.
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sniggle - K said they went through one for Mike and holds up one finger pointing at himself...then adds "maybe two". NT #2217730 4:47AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217723
Zazny - Kaysar predicts Eric is on websites pretending he is someone else, saying good things about Eric NT 0 Replies #2217723 4:45AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217747
abbybb - Appears Kay and Jan going to bed now.... NT 0 Replies #2217747 4:51AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217750
memyselfandi - 4:49 A.M. BB time Bed time for Janie and Kaysar NT 1 Replies #2217750 4:52AM 18/08/2005
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MyKingKaysar - She asks him to sleep in her bed and he says "no, you might grab my butt in the night" NT #2217760 4:55AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217761
memyselfandi - OK just Janie going to bed in gold room. Kaysar head to bathroom after lots of whispering NT 1 Replies #2217761 4:55AM 18/08/2005
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MyKingKaysar - Kay is done his prayers and is gone to bed in the community bedroom (or whatever you call it) NT #2217787 5:03AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217788
memyselfandi - Kaysar gets out his prayer mat, prays then climbs into barracks bed for night's sleep NT 0 Replies #2217788 5:03AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2218171
lyssababy30 - all hampster's are sleeping NT 0 Replies #2218171 6:16AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2218409
pooh5983 - James is up in and goes to the WCand goes back to bed in the big room. NT 0 Replies #2218409 7:28AM 18/08/2005
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