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Topic #2216583
AngelFoot316 - Jen says she told her emp. 0 Replies #2216583 12:03AM 18/08/2005
that she was quitting... and that her director did know about her being on Big Brother
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Topic #2216599
koala - Ivette is now denying what she has called Kaysar NT 1 Replies #2216599 12:06AM 18/08/2005
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AprilsTail - while Jen stare's into space looking at Dans picture......... #2216623 12:09AM 18/08/2005
Jennifer just keeps looking pshycoticly at her so called boyfriends picture. Does she have anything in her head besides air
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Topic #2216605
JenJen - April talking about "Iraqians" 2 Replies #2216605 12:07AM 18/08/2005
She said most "Iraqians" who come to this country have a lot of money. She then says "think about Habib at the local store."

Ooooh that's so bad! She laughs.

Now she's saying "Who called Kaysar a terrorist?" Nobody will fess up, and Beau says he thinks Rachel did. "That's so racist!" says Jen. Then Ivette says she told him he was a bomber, but not a terrorist, or something.

April says BB thinks she called him a terrorist.
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JenJen - The conversation continues about Kaysar's intentions to spend BB winnings... #2216683 12:16AM 18/08/2005
... on a Bentley. Beau says he and Kaysar were talking about how a friend of Beau's owns won, and Kaysar said if he wins BB, he's going to get one.

Ivette says "That's smart, spend $350,000 of your money just on a car."

April: "It shows you the kind of person he is."

Ivette: "I think Rachel's trying to get into James' pants now that Sarah's gone."

Now they're discussing how and why they got rid of Sarah... because she was coming to the HOH and begging for three-week deals and what-not.

Jen and Beau both speak Spanish, but BB has forbade them to speak it to each other.

"Try it you guys!" April says.

Lights out, but the conversation continues.
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AprilsTail - April asks maggie not to say f'en god #2216650 12:12AM 18/08/2005
then vomet tells april alright kaysar
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Topic #2216660
memyselfandi - Maggie to Jen: You're horrible! Then talk of Kaysar from the sheep 0 Replies #2216660 12:13AM 18/08/2005
Jen is talking about how pictures of her cheerleaders really holds no sentimental value for her.

Maggie: You're horrible.

Jen says if you knew these people she would understand. Apparently she had to quit the squad to be on the show.

Maggies says well then they're horrible.

April was the FOURTH partner they had considered for Jennifer.

Beau was the THIRD they had considered for Ivette (Ed: Yet he is "Marcellus times ten" ?)

Now Friendship is talking about whether Kaysar has money or not. Beau is saying how Kaysar had gone to a Bentley dealership before the show.

Maggie is like, "IS that true?" because she never knew he had money.

April "what is he? Iraqian."

Beau says Iraqi.

April says "well you know a lot of them come into this country with money. You know, not the Habib who owns like the store down the road, but..."

Maggie: This is so bad. This is racist.

Awkward laughing from April.

April: Who the f called him a terrorist?

Everyone up there denying. Ivette is silent. April saying DR told her she called K a terrorist. She denies it. April also denies she called Michael a sexual predator.

Ivette denying that she called him a terrorist. LIE.

Someone says maybe we were just talking about the game, and him terrorizing people.

Ivette said something about him sacrificing himself in the game, like tying a bomb around himself.

April is now telling Maggie not to say the F word and God together. Maggie is saying why.

Friendship is getting VERY SNAPPY with each other.

Now Ivette wants to know more about Kaysar's Bentley, that he may have bought or considered getting at some point.

April is asking whether Kaysar and James have been talking. Maggie wants to know why.

I think April just said something about Rachel having cobwebs over her crotch. And how she doesn't have any friends here.
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Topic #2216661
Augustkm - April in HOH to nerd herd: I think Rachel is wanting to get with James now. She's got ***** cobwebs in her pants. NT 0 Replies #2216661 12:13AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2216676
memyselfandi - James and Rachel are asleep. HOH room is shutting off lights NT 1 Replies #2216676 12:15AM 18/08/2005
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AprilsTail - April is now accussing Rachel of hidding the bacon #2216709 12:20AM 18/08/2005
The friend-sheep are now saying, well april is. Saying that Rachel hides the bacon c'mon get a life, and she's using too many eggs, well at least she is cooking
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Topic #2216706
memyselfandi - Finally we get our last episode of Kaysar/Janie late night show 0 Replies #2216706 12:20AM 18/08/2005
They're in BY at the table playing a card game. But they're not talking a whole lot.

Janelle is in her bathrobe and her hair is in a ponytail again. Kaysar staring a lot.

A lot of muttering and laughing "You b!tches" when the other one does something good.
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Topic #2216723
memyselfandi - Kaysar self-pitying right now. Janie trying to cheer him up 0 Replies #2216723 12:22AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar loses. He says right now he sucks at the cards, this game, at chess, at life.

J: No you don't Kaysar.

K: Yes I do.
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Topic #2216728
JenJen - April is complaining about Janelle. 0 Replies #2216728 12:23AM 18/08/2005
"I want to kick Janelle in her f*ckin' crotch," says April. Now she's saying Janelle threw the bakery/sweets eating competition.

Ivette: "I remember looking to the side, and Janelle wouldn't have anything in her face."

Maggie (or Jen?): "You can't really prove that."

April: "She's a f*ckin' bitch."

Now the housemates are saying they wish BB would get a sponsorship from Dunkin' Donuts or Subway so they could get some new food.

Jen: "Nobody would sponsor us because we're always fighting and cussing."

April: "We've been six weeks in this motherf*cker!"
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Topic #2216745
memyselfandi - Janie and Kaysar laughing about Howie/Rachel pep talks 0 Replies #2216745 12:26AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar says he's going to call Howie out to give her the "Any Given Sunday" speech another time.

Janie talking about them waking her up and trying to pump her up.

J: They've never been on the block, so they can kiss our butt.

K: Neither has James

K wins. He laughs.

J "You sunofabitch! I'm f'in pissed!"
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Topic #2216783
JenJen - Janelle: "Ohhh Kaysar!! I don't like to see you so sad." Kaysar: "I'm in a funk." NT 0 Replies #2216783 12:33AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2216803
memyselfandi - Janie says she's depressed. Kaysar says I think I know how you feel. 0 Replies #2216803 12:39AM 18/08/2005
Then Janie has to bring up Michael again.

"Do you think it's how Michael felt when he left?"

Kaysar says yes.
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Topic #2216823
memyselfandi - Howie joins the Janie/Kaysar sad faces 0 Replies #2216823 12:44AM 18/08/2005
Howie talks about how Kaysar was the underdog in week 3 and then he came in and divided up the whole house.
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Topic #2216837
memyselfandi - Howie says of Maggie "She'll be coming home soon, Cappy" NT 0 Replies #2216837 12:47AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2216841
JenJen - Howie talks about Maggie and the others 0 Replies #2216841 12:48AM 18/08/2005
Howie: That stupid fat bitch (Maggie) came to my room and told me this is how it's going to be.

Janelle: That bitch.

Howie: Don't worry Cappy! She'll be there soon! Janie, we pay our maid more than these people! We'll get these motherf*ckers! It's halftime! Beau... April... are they even on the radar? Are they even houseguests?

Janelle: I hate them, Howie.
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Topic #2216844
tntaangela - Jennifer explains that near-sighted means 2 Replies #2216844 12:49AM 18/08/2005
your vision is good up close and far sighted means you can see far away. Mag April Beau Ivette all disagree with her. April says Maggie is in the medical field and she, herself, almost is, so she would know.

(ED: Well they are all wrong and Jenn is correct. They don't call it near-sighted for nothing, doh Maggie and others!)
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memyselfandi - They were also discussing someone, April I think, being "Far-heared" NT #2216865 12:53AM 18/08/2005
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tntaangela - Jenn called Maggie "far-heared" b/c she can hear #2216903 12:59AM 18/08/2005
them talking downstairs from pressing her ear against the inside HOH door. That is how the near/far sighted discussion began
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Topic #2216845
memyselfandi - Howie says plot is to put up Ivette and Jen and backdoor Maggie, split their spirits 0 Replies #2216845 12:50AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar is sort of ignoring Howie and the game talk.

Janelle is listening.
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Topic #2216872
JenJen - Howie to Janelle: "When we win HOH, it's going to feel so great... 0 Replies #2216872 12:54AM 18/08/2005
... to take the key from Jen."

Janelle: "I'm not going to take it. I'm going to rip it off her f*cking neck. I'm seriously going to attack her."

Howie: "It's going to be great to see their faces. Ohhh look! The Nerd Herd!"
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Topic #2216875
Zazny - H: Will Beau be the first or second one off [in HOH comp] tomorrow? 0 Replies #2216875 12:54AM 18/08/2005

They joke that Jan is going to take the key from Jen instead of letting her give it to her.
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Topic #2216891
Zazny - J: Even though Maggie lost weight, her legs are still disgusting 0 Replies #2216891 12:57AM 18/08/2005
H: She sickens me. She sickens me physically, mentally, and psychologically.
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Topic #2216902
memyselfandi - Kaysar is saying from now until tomorrow he isn't talking anymore trash after... 0 Replies #2216902 12:59AM 18/08/2005
Janelle is saying that even though Maggie has lost weight she's still gross. Howie is saying her legs are gross. Kaysar says her legs are like tree trunks.

They all laugh, but then...

Kaysar says he isn't going to talk any more trash from now until he leaves.
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Topic #2216905
Zazny - J: Can you imagine if April won this just because her friends are on the jury 0 Replies #2216905 1:00AM 18/08/2005
K: I'll throw up.
J: America will literally throw up.
K: I'll be sitting at home and I'll throw up.
H: "First I'll buy a new dog house for Pepperoni!" If you can't attack someone personally, how can you attack anybody? Where's the fun.

Jan is upset. "They didn't even EARN HOH last week. We got *****. It is so ***** up."
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Topic #2216910
tntaangela - Iv to Apr: I told you I don't dig big boobs 0 Replies #2216910 1:01AM 18/08/2005
April: you better not want to eat my crotch
Jenn: I don't like my own pussy eaten, why would I want to eat anyone else's.

Chatter digresses further, and ends up with Ivette wanting to lie on top of Iv to show her how difficult it is to kiss a woman with big boobs.

April is covering her crotch and screaming noooooooo.

Ivette ends up on top of her anyway.

Beau jumps on top of Jenn. April pushes him down into Jenn in up/down motion. Then he gets up and Ivette ends up on top of Jenn. Iv gets up and April jumps on top of Jenn. Then she gets up and Maggie lifts up Jenn's shorts.
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Topic #2216922
memyselfandi - Friendship are all LOUD and yelling at each other, 0 Replies #2216922 1:04AM 18/08/2005
They are being so snippy and annoying. April is threatening to kick Ivette's ass. They are fighting over what expressions they all have for each other. They want shirts with the sayings on it.
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Topic #2216924
memyselfandi - April: This show has ruined my life. NT 0 Replies #2216924 1:05AM 18/08/2005
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