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Topic #2223346
Suzan - April: Mark my words, they are going to sit me next to that Mother Fker NT 0 Replies #2223346 4:36PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223365
Suzan - April walks through the kitchen on her way to potty and after she walks by Janelle says skank and starts laughing very loud. Howie 0 Replies #2223365 4:37PM 18/08/2005
practicing what he's going to say on live tv, couldn't catch it all but it ends with the NERD HERD (say that in Howie's best sarcastic voice)!
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Topic #2223396
Suzan - Howie coaching Janell on what to say - somthing that includes I'm wearing clothes that are worth more then most of them make in a year. Rachel saying 1 Replies #2223396 4:40PM 18/08/2005
no, no that brings you down. Now Howie dissing the nerd herd. April comes back through the S4 who are in the kitchen, not a word, then after she passes Janelle says "cheap"
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Suzan - Rachel comments that what April's wearing would look better with jeans, Janelle says not wear it to bed its fuckn lingeria (sp) NT #2223410 4:41PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223432
Suzan - Rachel asks Howie if he has a hole in his jeans and he looks, sure enough he does. He says he doesn't care, don't mess with me right now. Rachel 1 Replies #2223432 4:42PM 18/08/2005
saying maybe it will be lucky for him. Now they are laughing about the hole. Howie is doing a lot of stretching.
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Suzan - It's in the crotch, so he shows how he'll sit like "this" and tugs his shirt down. NT #2223443 4:43PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223447
Suzan - Howie practicing more nerd herd comments, but whispering so I can't hear NT 0 Replies #2223447 4:43PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223483
Suzan - Ivette and James having a quiet moment, Ivette saying if he gets HOH she'll stay with him. Then says something 0 Replies #2223483 4:46PM 18/08/2005
about her neck hurting after she slept somewhere. Feeds are going one by one to each room of the house. Right now one feed is on the gym.

J: I hate these people
I: No comment
J: YOu look really nice
I: Thanks and something I couldn't hear
J: What a boring ass day

Talking about being in lock down all day. Iv is talking to low to be heard. She now calls Jen over to them (they are in the GR)
I: Do you remember how many seas there were for the number in the combination. Something about 17, then jen says the combo, they keep repeating it.

J: Good luck guys
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Topic #2223512
Suzan - Jen is walking around the GR, finds Beaus bible marker, then she holds up something else and says is this yours. Now Ivette going 0 Replies #2223512 4:48PM 18/08/2005
over the suits in a deck of cards. Janelle is in the kitchen signing (luckly she stops before fish) now her and Howie are hugging.

Kaysar, Howie, Janelle pacing around kitchen area
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Topic #2223545
memyselfandi - S4 discussing April as the K-Mart spokesmodel, Howie being hilarious (last 20 minutes) 0 Replies #2223545 4:50PM 18/08/2005
April is wearing a shirt that is really lingerie. Rachel is telling S4 to be nicer, but then Howie is talking about how no one cares about nerd herd. He's making good arguments about how they are rude to BB, annoying, playing cards, not fun, all the girls in friendship aren't as attractive as Rachel and Janie, and America voted Kaysar back in and the nerd herd went against that, How BB is losing viewers whether Janelle or Kaysar goes home.

Then he is stretching in kitchen by lifting his right leg on the counter, and that exposes a hole in the crotch of his jean shorts. Rachel laughs at him and tells him to change but Howie is saying he's keeping them, don't make him mad right now, they're his game shorts or something and they're all laughing.

Howie is saying that during practice HOH competition Julie congratulated him for becoming HOH once again. That would be awesome. That has to mean something. Talking about banner a little and how they all want to know what it said.
Howie: "Nobody f's with America!"

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Topic #2223558
Suzan - Everyone is moving around now, their final moments before air time. S4 in the bathroom putting on lotion (girls anyway). 0 Replies #2223558 4:51PM 18/08/2005
Kaysar whispering something I could not catch.

James in Barracks places Sarah's picture on his bed, camera pans in.

S4 has a round of Good lucks and head to the LR. Kaysar one last look in the mirror (damn he looks good!).

April sitting pensively on the bed, facing Maggie and Beau and comments under her breath about something to do with Howie who walked into the GR
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Topic #2223564
memyselfandi - Janelle brushing her teeth in bathroom while Kaysar paces and sulks nearby NT 0 Replies #2223564 4:51PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223571
Suzan - Friendship sans Jen is sitting in the barracks, small talk. Rachel is on the sofa, from camera angle can't see if she is alone or has company NT 0 Replies #2223571 4:52PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223574
Suzan - Fish - Game on!! NT 0 Replies #2223574 4:52PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2223607
memyselfandi - Before we got fish it showed James was no longer wearing his "I am not a crook" T-shirt and had a dress one on NT 0 Replies #2223607 4:55PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224219
StnsAngel007 - kaysar voted out 7-0 :( NT 0 Replies #2224219 5:38PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224477
danbri28 - Janelle wins HOH!! She has to vote two people immedietly. NT 0 Replies #2224477 5:52PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224496
nojobny - HOH Spoiler 0 Replies #2224496 5:52PM 18/08/2005
Janelle won... when she went over to get the key from Jen, Jen took it off her neck and threw it on the ground.

Jannie then flipped her the bird!
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Topic #2224497
Spiderman01 - Jenifer threw the HoH key on the ground. (What a bitch) NT 0 Replies #2224497 5:52PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224625
danbri28 - The houseguest know of the double eviction. NT 0 Replies #2224625 5:57PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224635
danbri28 - Jennifer and Maggie have been put up for eviciton. NT 0 Replies #2224635 5:58PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224670
georgiadawn - Janie puts up Maggie and JEn! NT 1 Replies #2224670 5:59PM 18/08/2005
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Mareenie - And says "goodbye bitches" as she walks away. Priceless! LOL NT #2224738 6:03PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224764
Zazny - H: You are now Jedi Janie NT 0 Replies #2224764 6:06PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224786
veronika - The gig is up with the number reversing by Janelle 0 Replies #2224786 6:09PM 18/08/2005
The friendship noticed that Janelle changed her number when Julie told her to turn it over.They are discussing it in BR
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Topic #2224788
nojobny - Feeds are back and the house is humming. Howie hugs Janie and says 0 Replies #2224788 6:09PM 18/08/2005
H: Good job Jedi Janie

ed. note: Will someone PLEASE get those @#$%# cards away from maggie!! That shuffling is driving me nuts!
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Topic #2224797
DraftKing - Howie (to April): You have a good life, yes, but your husband doesn't because he's with you NT 0 Replies #2224797 6:11PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2224802
Zazny - Howie is already giving it to Busto, James trying to stop him 0 Replies #2224802 6:11PM 18/08/2005
H: You have a good life, yes, but your husband doesn't. He has you!

Rachel tells him to stop it. "You let it go." She was telling Jan it will bite him in the ass.
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