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Topic #2216927
ejj1955 - Janelle and Kaysar are in kitchen, foraging; Jan complains that there's no food, no Triscuits. NT 0 Replies #2216927 1:06AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2216934
tntaangela - Maggie tells Iv not to call ppl (adult) 0 Replies #2216934 1:08AM 18/08/2005
the c--- word b/c people on internet will hear it and not like it. Beau says Iv called him that too. Next thing we hear is her say "it's not about you" and she calls him a fag and he calls her a dyke, she calls him something I missed then he calls her trailer-park dyke.

Maggie tells them to simmer down. So everyone goes back to using the F word for everything. Apparently that's okay to say every other word.

Earlier Maggie said F'ng god and April said don't say that. Maggie said "god knows what I mean".

Meanwhile, April is tossing around the MF word. I assume her mother knows what she means too.
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Topic #2216946
tntaangela - April happily states: At least we can get into physical fights in sequester house, how fun will that be! NT 0 Replies #2216946 1:10AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2216954
tntaangela - Jenn: they'll probably keep Apr b/c she wants to get the H home and vote me out instead b/c I want to stay 0 Replies #2216954 1:13AM 18/08/2005
For a few seconds there, you could've heard a pin drop. LOL
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Topic #2216962
Zazny - K: Get me the eff out of here. Away from these effing people 0 Replies #2216962 1:17AM 18/08/2005
He said it saying the actually f instead of the word. LOL
J: Look at the bright side, you'll always be America's Choice!
K: That's true ....what if they hate me now
J: Unh-uh
K: America wanted me to do something. They were rooting for me. And they were like '***** that, let's vote him out and not let him get any more popularity.' It's *****. I didn't have a chance in hell.
J: Aw...
they hug
K: Wow you smell nice
J: The people who voted you out are jealous of you.
K: When people are jealous are you not supposed to be you? Not do well? What the *****? What do these people want? I'm so sad.
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Topic #2216975
DebbieInc - April: "We're gonna all hate each other"..Jenn: "Gonna?" NT 0 Replies #2216975 1:20AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2216985
Zazny - K: I'm sorry 0 Replies #2216985 1:21AM 18/08/2005
K: I'm sorry I played clean. I'm sorry they voted me back in and not Eric who was a complete loony. They're evil. They've always been evil. I hope the public sees that.
J: They do. They do.
K: They're so proud of themselves, too. It's sad. Now I'm the Marcellas. I'm the one who they'll go 'Hey aren't you Kaysar the..."
J: At least you're going out as the nice guy
K: I'd rather be out for being the nice guy than the *****. I have my dignity dammit. ***** that. All the nice people in the world are getting *****. I just wanted to get through this game without getting ***** by the assholes...It keeps playing in my head all the things she said that night over and over.

All these promises were made by Beau, Maggie, and April the night I left. They all say how nice I am and they screw me like this. I treated these people with respect to build a rapport with them. To build upon something that wasn't there to begin with. Like to say "the time I helped you out, respect me." In the end it didn't work. These people don't have a conscience. They ate me alive like a bunch of hyenas. Like jackals.

K: When you guys were treating her bad, April came to me and said how much she loved me. The second you stopped, she wouldn't even look at me. I don't want to think this way, but how else am I supposed to think
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Topic #2217010
memyselfandi - Janie comforting America's choice. Kaysar opens up big time. "I'm another Marcellus" 0 Replies #2217010 1:26AM 18/08/2005
J: Look on the bright side, you'll always be America's choice.

K: What if they hate me now?
They voted me back in and I didn't do sh!t. That's sad.

Janie: It's not your fault.

K: The sad thing is those freekin idiots knew I was America's choice and they voted me back in and they were rooting for me to do something and they just voted me back out.

It looks as if Kaysar may be fighting back tears. He pulls the blanket he has up to his lap around his face.

K: I'm sorry I played the game clean. I'm sorry that I got voted back in.
And not Eric who is a complete loony.
They're evil. I know they're evil. And I hope the public sees that.

J: They do. They do.

K: Now I'm going to be the Marcellus. Hey aren't you Kaysar that let go of the button.

K: At least I'll have my dignity. I have my dignity dammit. F them.

J: F them

K: I just wanted to get through this game without getting f'd by the @ssholes. And I got f'd.
It kills me when before I left all those promises were made to do a certain thing by Beau and April and Maggie. It kills me that I am the one who reached out to them and I said how much I care.
It's like I treated these people with respect to build a certain replore with them. To build upon something that wasn't there to begin with, to be there in the future. Like don't f me. Don't screw me in the future. And in the end it didn't work because these people don't have a conscience.
I did nothing to them.
They ate me alive like a bunch of hyenas. A bunch of jackals.

Janelle has been silent for a while.

K: It's when you guys treated you guys like crap a couple days ago April came crying to me about how great I am. And now you guys aren't being mean to her, I'm no use to her.
I really don't want to think this way but that's all I can think. All I can think is these people are trashy.

Howie comes out and ends the Kaysar soliloquy to confirm some contest order that he thinks he has to know for the HOH contest the next day.
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Topic #2217018
knifey_spooney - The friendsheep continue their creepy sleepover 0 Replies #2217018 1:28AM 18/08/2005
April: FYI, tonight James told me that Howie and them ..

Ivette: SHHHH!

She tells April to talk quieter.

April says that James said Howie and his group talked way earlier in the game about pin pointing things about each of them and trying to use it to break them down mentally.

The group seems only half interested, they are trying to sleep it seems.

April then tells Jennifer that she doesnt care what everyone says, if Howie attacked her the way he was attacking April these last few days, she would be breaking down.
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Topic #2217032
Zazny - H: Can I ban them from the whole second floor [if I win HOH] 1 Replies #2217032 1:30AM 18/08/2005
K says you can't ban anybody from anything, just don't answer the door.

Howie is pepping himself up and he sounds confident.

H: Do you think you can wake a sleeping giant and not get stepped on? I don't think so! The best is yet to come, nerd herd, it really is. Nerd herd, we're coming to evict YOU!
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tntaangela - Howie also said: Are you going to tug on Superman's cape and not expect us to do something about it? NT #2217052 1:33AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217034
memyselfandi - Howie is out doing his own soliloquy about the nerd herd now in BY, I think Kaysar might be crying or shivering NT 0 Replies #2217034 1:30AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217057
memyselfandi - K asks Howie if he wants to go inside. Apparently Howie was really cold.. He is still shirtless and in shorts and K is wrapped in a comforter 0 Replies #2217057 1:33AM 18/08/2005
They go into the bathroom to hang out, while Janie showers.

K just looks down dejected. Howie is puffing himself up for HOH competition against nerd herd.
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Topic #2217058
John_DK_ - All sleeps in HoH it seems. NT 0 Replies #2217058 1:33AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217083
memyselfandi - Howie: We're going to do it for you. You're too smart for this game. NT 0 Replies #2217083 1:37AM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2217105
tntaangela - Kaysar looks very down and beaten 0 Replies #2217105 1:40AM 18/08/2005
as he quietly listens to Howie all pumped up and going on about getting even with the nerd herd for taking out America's Choice.
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Topic #2217106
memyselfandi - They're still in the bathroom 0 Replies #2217106 1:41AM 18/08/2005
Janie's shower is off but she hasn't come out.

Howie is not whispering going over the competitions.

Kaysar is curling up into one of the bathroom chairs more and more and scrunched up wrapping the comforter around him.

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Topic #2217124
memyselfandi - Kaysar at least gets a little joy in April being known as Busto forever 0 Replies #2217124 1:45AM 18/08/2005
He wonders if she'll be doing her pharmaceutical sales and walk into some meeting and someone will recognize her from the show and be like, Hey, aren't you Busto?

Kaysar: Can you imagine, five years from now... when she's 50?
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Topic #2217162
memyselfandi - Kaysar says April is "cracked out now" 0 Replies #2217162 1:53AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar is telling some story that he was talking to Maggie when April was in earshot and she just kept saying "I don't care." And Maggie's like.. "I don't care, what?"

And April's like "I don't know. I don't care. I just don't care."

They are talking about the only thing she can say is "I don't care. I don't care" now. She's traumatized.

Kaysar says people will see her at the airport and be calling her Busto. People will find out her address and send her stuff that says Busto on it.

Janelle wants to write Busto over her picture with lipliner.

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Topic #2217163
Zazny - Are they getting to April? 0 Replies #2217163 1:53AM 18/08/2005
H: You're [Jan] better than Holly. You and Lori are a toss-up.
J: No, Lori from season five.

They talk about dancing that went on.
K: They can't show it right?
H: Yeah they can. They can put it to their own music.
K: Great my mom's gonna see me dancing.

They make fun of April's "I don't care" defense mechanism and say she DOES care, that's the point. K says she's probably traumatized.

Howie says if they had marker and some tape, he'd cover up her name on the BB bag and write "Busto." Kaysar says take toilet paper and use lip liner.

Kaysar tells Howie they should go in matching suits at the wrap party. "Be pimped out." Howie says he's just coming in shorts and a tank top (LOL)
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Topic #2217175
memyselfandi - Kaysar asks Howie if he could change something in his life what would it be... 0 Replies #2217175 1:55AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar is saying they need to wear matching suits to the wrap party.

Howie says maybe he'll just wear a tank top and shorts. They laugh. Kaysar tells him not to.

Then K asks Howie if he could change something about his life, what would it be. K says maybe you wouldn't want to change anything.

H: If it ain't broke don't fix it.

They laugh. Howie admits he'd change that he is broke. More laughter.
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Topic #2217219
CanCon - Howie leaves to go to bed, leaving K and Jan alone in the bathroom. 0 Replies #2217219 2:08AM 18/08/2005
Jan: Can I borrow your Hairbrush?
K: of course
Jan: I love this brush.
K: The brush loves you too.
Jan: does it really?
K: No (Laughing).
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Topic #2217233
memyselfandi - Neither Kaysar and Janelle can sleep so they don't know what to do 0 Replies #2217233 2:12AM 18/08/2005
Kaysar says he'll just watch her apply her nighttime beauty rituals. He talks about the 4 creams that she puts in her hair at night. He watches her apply all her creams.

Janelle tells him to stop staring again. She says he's looking at her like something's wrong. K says he's just looking.

K: I hope BB is not p!ssed that I just want to go home. I mean what else can I do.

Kaysar is criticizing her for leaving clothes all over. calls her a slob.

J: I am not!

Janelle is saying Howie is a slob, she's just messy and lazy.

K asks what's the difference.

He gets back to asking about her beauty rituals.

Lots more flirtation, too mundane to go through.

Kaysar and Janelle are discussing really expensive watches and things.

He is telling some story about him and Michael going to the mall before the show started to look at the Chanel store.
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Topic #2217250
memyselfandi - Kaysar and Janie discussing money a lot. 0 Replies #2217250 2:16AM 18/08/2005
Janelle spends $400 a month on beauty products. He is trying to calculate how much of the money she makes goes toward beauty products. He says something about her making $7,000 a month. She doesn't answer.

Kaysar: "It costs a lot to be buxom."

Janelle starts singing "Stupid Girl" and we get FISH
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Topic #2217286
memyselfandi - Now Kaysar and Janelle making plans to see each other after the show 0 Replies #2217286 2:28AM 18/08/2005
They leave bathroom finally and head outside to play chess.

Janelle asks him if he'll visit her after this. Kaysar says "But you'll be here"

She puts her head down.

So she asks After the Show. He says he will. They're talking about what months they would.

But Kaysar said he had a flight to Miami the last time he went that was $300 the last time but it was Southwest, it was crap... and so we get FISHHHHH for several minutes now.
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Topic #2217326
memyselfandi - This chess game just keeps getting longer and longer 0 Replies #2217326 2:41AM 18/08/2005
After Janie swearing there'd be no takebacks of moves there's lots of them, and so many they can't remember where the pieces were.
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