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abbybb - Ivette and Maggie...saying they need to stay strong.. NT 0 Replies #2225971 8:38PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2225973
hoarsewhisperer - Howie telling Rachel "this is the best thing by far" while rubbing Rachels' back and she had a leg drapped over Howies' legs NT 0 Replies #2225973 8:38PM 18/08/2005
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PawPrint74 - Janelle, Rachel & Howie Conversation after Live Nomination - Transcript 0 Replies #2225982 8:39PM 18/08/2005
After Live Nomination - Thursday.
-----Howie, Rachel & Janelle Conversation------
RACHEL: So when you walked in there, did they say, "Okay. This is going to be a double-eviction week, and you have, like, two seconds to make a decision and go out there"?
JANELLE: Uh-huh. It was Julie.
RACHEL: Oh, really?
JANELLE: Uh-huh.
RACHEL: How cool.
HOWIE: We were live.
JANELLE: What were you guys doing here?
RACHEL: Howie was screaming and acting like a freaking ape.
HOWIE: I was going nuts.
RACHEL: And Janelle comes out and out like (indicating finger to chin). "Hmm."
HOWIE: That was awesome.
RACHEL: That was so bad.
HOWIE: And then, April -- I was telling them (inaudible, whispering).
RACHEL: I think tomorrow's HOH might have something to do with those pictures.
HOWIE: Yeah, yeah.
RACHEL: Don't forget. Total time was nine minutes and twenty-three seconds, the total of all the times.
JANELLE: (Inaudible.)
HOWIE: They cheated me out of the last competition.
RACHEL: I don't know what tomorrow's is going to be like.
HOWIE: (Inaudible) Jedi Janie, (indaudible) in the middle of the nerdherd.
RACHEL: That means we have to vote tomorrow.
HOWIE: You're right.
RACHEL: Did they say voting is tonight?
JANELLE: Hm-hmm.
RACHEL: I think it's tomorrow morning.
HOWIE: Yeah.
RACHEL: We have to vote. There's six people voting.
HOWIE: I want to go ask them, "So who are you going to vote out this week, huh?"
HOWIE: Yeah.
RACHEL: No, Howie.
JANELLE: Huh-uh.
RACHEL: Let them -- there's a veto comp in the morning. Oh, it's going to be a long day, if that's the case.
JANELLE: If we keep Maggie in the house, James will still threatened and still want to get rid of her.
RACHEL: I know. I know. I thought about that too. Absolutely. I think James knows that we'll go for Jennifer because we're pissed as hell at her. As long as we don't go for him, he's a happy camper.
That's showing him right that there that we -- I think it will work with us if we're not going after Maggie. I definitely think Invette and Beau would definitely put up Jennifer before Maggie.
HOWIE: A hundred percent.
JANELLE: Uh-huh.
HOWIE: A hundred percent.
More transcripts to come.
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Topic #2226005
PawPrint74 - Jennifer & April Conversation (Dynamic is already starting to change) - Transcript 0 Replies #2226005 8:41PM 18/08/2005
Pay special attention towards the end of this transcription. You can really tell things are about to change now that the money is getting closer and they can start to taste it!!!!! Greedy, greedy, greedy!
----------Jennifer & April-----------------
----------Maggie & Beau in hearing distance but not participating in conversation often. -----------
JENNIFER: I would vote for her in the end. (Talking about Rachel.)
APRIL: Yeah.
JENNIFER: Because we won't vote for Howie and we won't vote for Janelle.
APRIL: Yeah.
JENNIFER: And then it's going to be James, and that will never change. That means if it is one of them --
APRIL: Uh-huh.
JENNIFER: -- you know, two of them up there, we'll vote for her, because she hasn't said anything. We need to talk about this before sequester --
APRIL: Yes, yes. We need to talk about this before sequester.
JENNIFER: -- in case we can't or they separate us or what have you.
APRIL: Yeah.
JENNIFER: We need to think about who we're going to vote for --
APRIL: The vote at the end.
JENNIFER: -- for every different situation. Because Rachel (feed cuts out) --
-- being so quiet, because she thinks -- they know we have the deciding factor. They know we have the deciding vote. So she thinks that if she's quiet, we'll hate Howie and Janelle so much and then she'll win.
APRIL: She thinks she'll automatically win it.
JENNIFER: Yep, because she knows we have the deciding factor.
(Feeds stopped. Switched cameras.)
Jennifer talking strategy to Maggie, April and Beau to try to get the big prize at the end for herself.
JENNIFER: Okay. Put it this way: If it's two of us up -- like, if it's me and her [April] or it's Beau and Ivette, this is just what I've heard and what I feel too, and she's told me the same thing --
MAGGIE: Okay. Let's keep it quiet, because I really don't want to give them --
JENNIFER: They can't hear us, because they're gloating.
I think that if it's Beau and Ivette, you should choose Ivette because she's the one who, you know, auditioned and brought Beau here, and me because the same reason.
MAGGIE: (Questionable look on her face.)
BEAU: Yeah.
MAGGIE: (No response.)
APRIL: Number 1, we won't -- it won't end like that.
JENNIFER: I know. I'm just saying --
APRIL: We don't even need to go there.
JENNIFER: -- that's what I would do.
APRIL: No one is going to make it with a couple.
MAGGIE: (Not responding and looking annoyed.)
JENNIFER: I mean, obviously, if it's one of us and one of them, we pick one of us.
APRIL: That's what it's probably going to end up being.
IVETTE: (Talking from across the room, inaudible).
APRIL: That's going to be great -- I mean, that's --
MAGGIE: Tomorrow is going to be competing all day. That's not going to be long.
JENNIFER: It's not competing all day.
(Maggie and Beau playing cards and mainly talking about the card game.)
APRIL: I can't even -- I can't look at any of them, guys.
FEMALE SPEAKER: They make me sick.
APRIL: I know it. When she gets her room and she goes upstairs to -- to look at her --
APRIL: -- we're not going, right?
BEAU: No, I don't give a sh*t.
APRIL: When she gets her room and gets, like, her pictures and stuff, we're not going up there, are we? I'm not. I mean, do what you gotta do. I'm not.
JENNIFER: Pictures of what? Her coworkers?
BEAU: Really.
APRIL: Dogs.
MAGGIE: She called us "F*cking b*tches."
APRIL: Yeah, she called us "F*cking b*tches."
JENNIFER: Us? She did?
APRIL: "Pack your bags, you f*cking b*tches."
JENNIFER: Oh, yeah.
APRIL: Just so childish. I need to go vent. I need to go vent.
(April exits.)
MAGGIE: What does she have to say?
JENNIFER: I know. Vent about what, because they're not going to let you talk about the way the game was anymore.
(April reenters the room upset because Janelle and Howie are talking.)
JENNIFER: What? They're just playing the game.
JENNIFER: You can't fault them for that. For a split second, I want to go home -- I mean, I want to go to sequester first.
----April and Jennifer go off to talk alone----
APRIL: Jennifer, I wouldn't --
JENNIFER: I'm going to be smart. (Trying to be sexy with the lipstick in her mouth, and she says, "Lipstick camera."
I wonder if other seasons have as many talks with --
APRIL: They couldn't -- you know what, though, they could honestly be backdooring me. They could. They could.
JENNIFER: I just think that they might as well -- I mean -- might as well? -- they just might --
APRIL: I think they are going after me.
JENNIFER: They just might backdoor James, and if that doesn't work, they still get rid of one of us, so either way, they win. That's what we were thinking before, you know?
APRIL: Hey, sit down real quick. Do you want me to compete with you?
APRIL: The thing is, if anything, if we can win, then you should let me win it so I can save us both.
JENNIFER: Oh. I actually don't care. I don't care about veto.
APRIL: I don't either. Oh, I'm so upset.
JENNIFER: (Inaudible, whispering) so much, they wouldn't backdoor James, if one of us got the veto, because we only have (inaudible) vote.
APRIL: Then why don't we all get rid of James? If I were him, I'd feel bad. He has not said anything, and he has continued to talk to them. It makes me sick.
JENNIFER: Well, he also talked to them last week, too, and he did that on purpose.
APRIL: I don't care. I know people keep saying -- I don't give a sh*t.
JENNIFER: I don't think Maggie likes my idea (giggles).
APRIL: About what?
JENNIFER: About if it's, like, one of us or Beau or Ivette, then the person who brought them here wins.
APRIL: Well, that's just -- I don't think we even need to speculate that far, because I really don't think it's going to happen.
JENNIFER: I don't either, but I'm just saying. I'm just trying to get a feeling for what people think.
APRIL: (And the claws come out) And, also, I know that you brought me here, but we're talking -- at the end, we're talking about a million dollars. A million is a f*cking sh*tload of money. You know what I'm saying? Which I know that you would give me some of it some way or another, and I -- same with me. If I f*cking win a million dollars, I would give you some, some way or another.
JENNIFER: That sounds fine, but I'm (inaudible.)
APRIL: I just think she's not one of those people that likes to, like, look far in advance. You know what I'm saying?
JENNIFER: I think the more we get down to just our group, instead of it just being "we love each other equally," once it's just us, she'll bring it. She doesn't mess around. Because that's how I look at it. It's like, well, we love each other, we don't care which one of us wins, but now -- what? -- we're getting greedy because it's getting closer? Sounds sketchy. (Talking about Maggie.)
APRIL: Do you think she wants to stay?
APRIL: Do you think she wants to stay?
JENNIFER: I think that she automatically thinks she's going, but if it was up to her, I think she would want to stay. She could give a rat's ass. The smart thing would be to at least let us have a chance.
APRIL: That's what I would do.
JENNIFER: That's what I mean. By loving everyone in their own group equally, and that's not how she feels, I don't think.
APRIL: Do you think she'll eventually go her own way?
JENNIFER: Oh, yeah. I just -- if you already know you're gone, and you already know your partner is gone, you don't have a chance of winning the million.
(End of this conversation. More transcripts of April and Jennifer's private conversation later.) Thanks
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Topic #2226017
Caribou - James and Ivette in GR 0 Replies #2226017 8:43PM 18/08/2005
James says if Maggie goes, it's a blessing in disguise. April is a dumbass, they want Jennifer. If Maggie goes now, they go after Jenn next, leaving you and Beau safe.

Ivette - i think jenn would do more dirt to me than maggie would

James - janelle wants jenn dead. she told her on national tv give me my key you bitch

Ivette - i can't say anything until veto

James claims that he's got Janie's group so far off focusing on Ivette/Beau to protect them.

(ed.note. James doesn't know that Janie et al are planning to nominate Ivette if someone gets veto and takes Maggie off. And they want Jennifer off now, not Maggie this week)
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Topic #2226029
memyselfandi - Ivette realizes that Maggie staying is better for her winning, James is trying to get Jenny out NT 0 Replies #2226029 8:44PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226054
DennisMontreal - April blaming ivette and beau for voting off kaysar, to Aprils face. She would have never thought about it before Iv and Beau mentionned it NT 0 Replies #2226054 8:45PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226063
Caribou - April joins James and Ivette in GR 0 Replies #2226063 8:46PM 18/08/2005
Ivette says we've already won

April - the dill is in all honestly kaysar did like jennifer and i and as much as you can't be selfish in this game...we would have never thought to put up kaysar until you (ivette) and beau brought it up. cuz we had made that promise, all of us did that week before...

Ivette - jennifer thought about putting up kaysar
April - no she didn't
Ivette claims she did
April avoiding that convo but says they wouldn't have hurt us either way (if they had kept kaysar)

April yakking, Ivette replies "so what are you saying?"
April says things this week would still be the way they are even if Kaysar had been kept except they wouldn't have had to go through living hell this week.

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Topic #2226074
memyselfandi - Ivette realizes that Maggie staying is better for her winning, James trying to spin her 0 Replies #2226074 8:47PM 18/08/2005
They're in gold room and Ivette is stubborn. April is telling James in so many words that she and Jennifer realize they messed up by getting rid of Kaysar instead of James when it comes to them ultimately winning.
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Topic #2226126
Jillio71 - Ivette is shocked to learn that Beau is in Janelle's HOH room NT 0 Replies #2226126 8:50PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226144
Caribou - Rachel arrives in GR to invite James/April/Ivette up to HOH to see janie's room 0 Replies #2226144 8:52PM 18/08/2005
Ivette says they were not invited. james corrects her and says yes they were all invited. Rachel says Beau is in there .. Janie got a CD he likes (Transom or House). Ivette says she might swing by. RAchel leaves room.

April - no response - she leaves room to see if Jennifer is out of DR

Ivette tells James she's not happy that Beau is up in HOH room. James tells Ivette that april is trying to deflect blame for the way things are now and not to buy it.
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Topic #2226164
Jillio71 - James telling Ivette if she plays for veto and gets it - "do not use it" 0 Replies #2226164 8:53PM 18/08/2005
Janie might put up Beau or you and counting the votes it will tie and she picks who goes out.
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Topic #2226181
Caribou - James tells Ivette that if it comes to a tie in the vote, Janelle will likely send Jenn home. 0 Replies #2226181 8:54PM 18/08/2005
James counsels Ivette NOT to use the veto if she wins it.

James - you never know what Jen could be telling them...she's already been kissing Howie's ass...if you think April really tried to sell you out...I don't trust those two, i've told you that before (apr/jen)
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Topic #2226184
Jillio71 - Janelle, Howie, Rachel in HOH room and Beau on bed listening to Janelle's music. LOL NT 0 Replies #2226184 8:55PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226245
Jillio71 - April is still trying to get the sheep to sympathize with her 2 days later.. 0 Replies #2226245 9:01PM 18/08/2005
My goodness she should DOR.

Ivette questions Beau: What were you doing up there?

Beau: I just got some water.

Ivette: She told you to go up there?

Beau: Of course not I just wanted to see what she got (Ed. note: if you heard diff let me know)

Ivette: She didn't get pictures of her family?

Beau: No people just her dog. And her mom sells Mary Kay so she got some Mary Kay *****. Oh and she got a good CD too..house music.

Ivette: It is only for one day.

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Topic #2226252
Caribou - Beau returns to barracks to report on what Janie got. He notes no people pictures 0 Replies #2226252 9:02PM 18/08/2005
She got mary kay stuff because her mom sells that. She got all her facial products. CD is S Kleinenburg House music (or something - someone correct me if wrong) Ivette doesn't like that Beau was in HOH. Beau says they asked when you were coming up to HOH. All are surprised, much whispering I couldn't hear.

April can't bring herself to go up to HOH to see. Jen returns from DR and she doesn't seem to want to go either. Maggie is still packing for eviction and only leaving out sweats really. They're asking her to leave some stuff behind.

Ivette again stressing about going up to HOH - she doesn't want to go.
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Topic #2226292
Jillio71 - Maggie is already packed claiming they are the five dorks. Jen gonna pack NT 1 Replies #2226292 9:05PM 18/08/2005
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Jillio71 - Jenn plans to wear the same shirt she wore in picture wall photo when evicted. NT #2226318 9:07PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226346
memyselfandi - Maggie is now in the game again, talking strategy in barracks and scared/Jenny saying "Ooooh sparkles!" 0 Replies #2226346 9:09PM 18/08/2005
Maggie SHOCKED Beau was up in Janelle's room just now. Then when Beau is saying he is nervous about going up, that's why he went up there, Maggie sternly explains there is NO CHANCE they would strategically get rid of you Beau. She tells him she's gone over every possible strategy and it would not involve putting him up. Beau says nothing.

April said she was going to the DR, visibly upset for Jenny being up in HOH bedroom. Maggie doesn't like this either.

Jenny is very cheerful when she comes in barracks. She seems to have no worries about going home. She is talking to Beau about clothes. She is picking up a bag and saying "Oooooh sparkles" Now she is trying to cheer Jenny up by giving her presents and then a hug.

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Topic #2226358
memyselfandi - Maggie gives Jen a blue thong that Jen puts on over her clothes NT 0 Replies #2226358 9:10PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226397
memyselfandi - Maggie asks Jen if she liked any of her clothes.... no answer 0 Replies #2226397 9:15PM 18/08/2005
Maggie: So Jen, did you like any of my clothes?

Beau: no not really

Jen starts telling a story about Dan.

Maggie is asking Jen again if she liked any of her clothes, again no answer. She is trying to give Jen something because Jen gave her some shirt of hers that Maggie liked as an eviction present.

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Topic #2226417
memyselfandi - Rachel is STILL convinced nerd herd is unbreakable NT 0 Replies #2226417 9:17PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226452
memyselfandi - Janelle has her HOH house music up too loud that we get FISH NT 0 Replies #2226452 9:21PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226457
DennisMontreal - I think the HOH CD was playing too loud on the headphones that they cut to FISH NT 1 Replies #2226457 9:22PM 18/08/2005
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JessicaRabbit - She had her headphones off while it was still playing and holding them to her chest. #2226485 9:24PM 18/08/2005
She was talking to How and Rach and her microphone was picking up the music from the headphones.
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Topic #2226631
Caribou - Howie has Jennifer's black thong panties. He's going to sell them on EBay he told Ivette and Maggie 0 Replies #2226631 9:35PM 18/08/2005
Ivette and Maggie are whispering in the bathroom. Sad convo about the game etc. Typical stuff.

Howie comes running in announcing and holding that Jen gave him her black thong panties. (lol) He leaves saying "Ebay!!"
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Topic #2226652
memyselfandi - Ivette is telling Maggie that if she wins POV she wouldn't take her off/heart to heart in bathroom 0 Replies #2226652 9:37PM 18/08/2005
Ivette is telling Maggie that losing her would be losing Eric all over again, but she knows that if she gets POV and uses it on Maggie that could mean they put up Beau or her.

Ivette is breaking down because she feels like she hasn't done as good as she could in the game.

Maggie: I want to stay and I want to play, but if I go, I go. Family, Dave, Eric are proud of her.

M: I wasn't made for TV. I was made to be an ER nurse. And that's great. That's what I'm proud of. I wanted to win for Eric, but if I don't win Eric isn't going to think once about it.

Ivette is starting to feel guilty. Like it is her fault that Kaysar went home.

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