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Topic #2227693
BBFanSinceSeason1 - One thing I could make out in Ape and Jendisgusting's whispering 1 Replies #2227693 10:51PM 18/08/2005
is they shouldn't have voted out Kaysar.
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BBFanSinceSeason1 - Also, I think Ape accused Maggot of already trying to save herself. NT #2227736 10:53PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227733
Caribou - Howie walks through and past LR without spotting April/Jenn whispering behind nom chairs NT 0 Replies #2227733 10:53PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227741
Kayfan - Jblow and Yapril think Ivette is playing only for herself (and they're right) NT 0 Replies #2227741 10:54PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227743
Skamito - More from the whispering 0 Replies #2227743 10:54PM 18/08/2005
April is trying to convince Jen that the best is for the nominations to stay as is. April tells her that Maggie should be out, but if Jen uses the veto, they'll put April up. They say Maggie brought up the Kaysar idea and should feel guilty.
J- ***** her, everyone wants to ***** us. Maggie wants to take herself off. Ivette is starting to turn against me. What's going on here?
BB- Ivette, please go to the diary room.
J- They're gonna ask her about it. They're gonna bust her. Cause if it's on tape, they'll bust you.
A- I told Kaysar me and you didn't come up with this thing.

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Topic #2227762
Kayfan - J & A also think Janelle would have won HOH regardless of who Jen put up. (Whatever helps them sleep at night.) NT 0 Replies #2227762 10:55PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227773
Kayfan - Ape: Why do I stink so bad? Jen: It's the damn fruit that you eat! NT 0 Replies #2227773 10:56PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227774
Suzan - April farts while getting up and then comments on "why does it stink so bad?" Jen tells her its the fruit she eats. NT 0 Replies #2227774 10:56PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227784
ejj1955 - April to Jenn: "Why do I stink so bad?" (Jenn says it's the fruit she eats.) NT 0 Replies #2227784 10:56PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227790
sparkletts - April: Why do I stink 0 Replies #2227790 10:57PM 18/08/2005
so bad?

Jen: I told you it's that fruit you eat.
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Topic #2227794
Caribou - Ivette spots Apr/Jen and tells them people are looking for them 1 Replies #2227794 10:57PM 18/08/2005
Right before Ivette appeared, April was expressing frustration at possibly being evicted before Ivette and James. April and jennifer don't trust maggie anymore and are leery of Ivette. They say Ivette always talks about loving each other and sticking together but she is the first one to turn her back on them.
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Panda4 - Howie was peering at Jenn and April behind the chairs but camera on him for only a short time. No one posted this earlier. NT #2228334 11:37PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227811
Caribou - Janelle, Howie in GR talking to James/Rach. Janie angry that somebody said she cheated on HOH comp 0 Replies #2227811 10:58PM 18/08/2005
Janie asking them if it looked that way or if they think she didn't win rightfully. They all say she won fair and square.
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Topic #2227814
Suzan - J/H/R with James in the GR discussing the comp tonight, Janie ask James if he thinks she cheats 0 Replies #2227814 10:58PM 18/08/2005
and he said yea all the time and laughs. Evidentially the DR asked her about it.

Howie goes over all the people who viewed and approved the tapes.
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Topic #2227827
JenJen - Howie telling Janelle and James that she won HOH fair and square. 0 Replies #2227827 10:59PM 18/08/2005
He is reassuring her, she doesn't seem convinced.

"It's like on a game show, the guy gets to re-arrange the cubes at the last minute. You're fine. You won," says Howie.
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Topic #2227846
Kayfan - James tells Rachel that Jen's move was "amazing strategy." NT 0 Replies #2227846 11:00PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227868
Suzan - Before the feeds came to the GR Janelle had said something to James about what she said to Sarah, R/J one of them said that was sweet 1 Replies #2227868 11:01PM 18/08/2005
for her to say that to Sarah (don't know waht "that" is).

Now they are discussing the friendship and what they want. Both agree Maggie is playing for herself (and Eric). Now weighing the pros and cons of each person that could be up.

James and Rachel seem to be sharing info even after Rachel told Howie and Janelle earlier not to do it.

Rachel told him earlier that they'd take out Jen and let him take out Maggie.
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Caribou - After Janie/Howie left the room, James said to Rachel "that's so cool that Sarah said that to her!" NT #2227897 11:03PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227870
Zazny - J: You'll find out, when it's over, that I'm right about Maggie...whether she's a cop or something else NT 0 Replies #2227870 11:01PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227881
Suzan - Rach: Maggie is someone we can put in front of us and we always know where she is Jennifer (puts hand out to the right) and 0 Replies #2227881 11:02PM 18/08/2005
says "she's always hiding in the corner" (does she mean behind the green chairs
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Topic #2227885
Kayfan - James: If we don't go back and forth, we all know who are enemies are. 0 Replies #2227885 11:02PM 18/08/2005
He and Rach are discussing who is a bigger threat, Maggie they know where she's coming from, Jen could come out of any corner. (Like he's one to talk about straightforwardness!)
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Topic #2227902
Kayfan - James wants the 2 mini-fiend groups to fight; thinks Maggie is the glue holding them together. NT 0 Replies #2227902 11:03PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227904
memyselfandi - Friendship fracturing: April and Jennifer now talking smack about Maggie 0 Replies #2227904 11:03PM 18/08/2005
They are conspiring behind two chairs in the living room so no one can see them plotting.

April and Jen are saying they are going to fight for the power of veto.

April IS STILL CONVINCED that because she doesn't want to play and doesn't care that she would be put up to be evicted once Jenny is off the block.

April is now talking up some conversation she had with Ivette or Maggie and James that it was Jennifer's idea to evict Kaysar and denying it was Maggie or Ivette's idea first (I have no idea if it happened)

Jennifer is saying she's going to say something to Maggie, April is trying to say no, no, because it will cause a fight.

Jennifer is saying that Maggie is trying to separate herself from their group.

Jenny upset that Maggie would not take herself off. Jenny thinks Maggie is "campaigning" because she got scared.

Jenny doesn't understand why Maggie and Ivette are starting to turn on

April now making up some conversation she had with Kaysar where she told Kaysar that it wasn't April/jennifer that betrayed him, it was Ivette.

Now Jennifer and April say they don't trust Ivette or Maggie, and how they're upset that Ivette hangs out with James more than her group and now they're going to go home before both Ivette and James.

Then Jennifer talks some smack about the S3 again and "their beloved Kaysar"

They finish conversation as Ivette sees them and heads into the diary room. They get up.

April: Why do I stink so bad?

Jennifer: I tell you it's that damn fruit you eat.
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Topic #2227987
memyselfandi - Rachel and James still up in gold room talking 1 Replies #2227987 11:10PM 18/08/2005
James still seems to be working Rachel to go after Maggie because that will pit Ivette/Beau versus April/Jennifer. Rachel is listening but she's gone over the votes and thinks as it stands Ivette/Beau/Howie/Rachel would vote out Jennifer. April/James will vote out Maggie.

They both agree that nothing is certain until the POV competition and go to bed.
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memyselfandi - James also said he wanted Maggie to go home because... #2228156 11:22PM 18/08/2005
of her holier-than-thou attitude. He said it grates on him that she acts so morally superior. And he kept bringing up that she brings them together because she is their tie to Eric. He said something to Rachel about how she wanted to get rid of Eric in the beginning, well James did that for them.

Another part of the conversation was Howie and Janelle going upstairs, we didn't hear what they talked about with James, but after they left James said something like, I had no idea Sarah said that to her before she left. He wasn't mad. He at least acted as though he was touched. (presumably Sarah had some conversation with Janelle where Sarah and her made up after whatever bad blood they had for Sarah going home and Janelle's group doing it)
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Topic #2227996
Coaster - Janelle says she never wrote the 300. NT 4 Replies #2227996 11:10PM 18/08/2005
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Coaster - Howie talks about the last HOH and how Ivette switched hands several times before they set it. NT #2228012 11:12PM 18/08/2005
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jmmram - She said she never SHOWED 300. NT #2228006 11:11PM 18/08/2005
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ferretkiss - right, and she said that she saw on season three that someone wrote one number and scratched it out... #2228037 11:14PM 18/08/2005
and wrote a different number. she said she just didnt want to do it on the same side so she flipped it over to write on the other side. [ed: jan knows all the past bb season well, except for bb1.]
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Winston_Smith - Yes, she said she flipped the the 300 side toward the camera only because she was writing on the other side. NT #2228019 11:13PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228051
memyselfandi - Howie/Janelle discussing lightbulb controversy 0 Replies #2228051 11:15PM 18/08/2005
Janelle seems upset other side thinks she cheated. Howie telling her that wasn't her final answer. Her card was upside down so that's why Julie told you to turn it over.
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Topic #2228138
tvshopgal - Janie stated she changed answer..... 0 Replies #2228138 11:21PM 18/08/2005
Janie talking right now is that she did write down 300..turned over the card and decided on change answer to 275 and she put the card up with the 275 towards her (but didn't realized the 300 was showing and was upside down, she hadn't crossed it out, but knew she already wanted to change her answer) and when Julie asked for final answer Janie turned her card to reveal her true number the 275. That is what I got anyway.
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Topic #2228145
Coaster - F5 playing cards in BR still, just small talk. NT 0 Replies #2228145 11:22PM 18/08/2005
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