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Topic #2226699
memyselfandi - Maggie 100% has Ivette's vote to stay because that's how Eric would vote NT 0 Replies #2226699 9:40PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226721
Diana - Ivette to Maggie: "If I could cast my vote right now..." 0 Replies #2226721 9:42PM 18/08/2005
There's no question where it would go. Because of Eric.

(ed. obsessed maybe?)
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Topic #2226795
bbaddict2005 - Ivette: why does america always like the villian. I don't get it. Maggie: They don't like it when someone good does something. 0 Replies #2226795 9:47PM 18/08/2005
Maggie: They say people show their true colors when they win. Well, "they" just showed their true colors. Sounds like a pity party to me. Guess last week just slipped their minds all the sudden.
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Topic #2226811
Caribou - Maggie and Ivette being smug 0 Replies #2226811 9:48PM 18/08/2005
Janelle really showed her true colours when she won HOH they say. Ivette explains that Janelle thought she could evict two people. James told her no. Maggie says "we burst her bubble...I hope they show that on tv"
Smug look on Maggie's face. This, right after much talk about being good people who don't do bad things and don't like to be mean they say.
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Topic #2226842
memyselfandi - Ivette is still distraught that Janelle "the dumb one" got the HOH for their side 1 Replies #2226842 9:50PM 18/08/2005
She has been beating herself up a lot for this.. They keep discussing POV and not knowing what to do.

And Rachel, then Howie twice, keep interrupting them by using the bathroom.

Rachel was complaining at first because James had told her that Maggie didn't want her sleeping in the barracks and Rachel called her out on it. She said she would sleep in the gold room. They told her it didn't matter where she slept. She got called to the DR.

First Howie came in sniffing Jen's panties. They just kind of looked at him in disgust. Apparently Jenny gave them to her. Howie says don't judge him for what he likes. Says something about Ivette's butterfly collection.

Then he came back and asked where his towel was.

Ivette says Janelle got out of control in her HOH celebration.
Maggie: She showed her true colors. You show your true colors when you win.
But then she is talking about how people REALLY show their true colors when they lose. (Ed: And how are you Eric's best friend?)
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bama_chevygal - Rachel said i heard that yall dont want me sleeping in br so i can sleep in gr with james #2226954 9:58PM 18/08/2005
Maggie said no you sleep where you want i dont want someone uncomfortable not because of me ever. (ed note:) It was April who said she didnt want Rachel sleeping in barracks not Maggie.
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Topic #2226867
memyselfandi - April tells James she doesn't care who wins the end as long as it's not S3 NT 0 Replies #2226867 9:52PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2226966
memyselfandi - James tells April Rachel should go home... later in conversation April says she thinks Howie should go 1st but someone else said Rachel should go home 0 Replies #2226966 9:59PM 18/08/2005
April apologizes for what she said earlier about how keeping James was worse for Jennifer and April than Kaysar staying around.

James works her pretty hard for a while about why Rachel has to go home, first stirring up April's trashtalking then being shoulder to cry on about Howie.

James tells her what she wants to hear about there being some possibility someone will get POV and put up April to break up the pair.

April asks if she should ask S3 to send her home, since she thinks they would want to vote off Jennifer more unless she told them.

James says no but he doesn't know what sort of bond the friendship has and whether they'd go with that.
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Topic #2227025
memyselfandi - James in bathroom trying to tell Howie to tone it down with April 0 Replies #2227025 10:04PM 18/08/2005
Howie says he has been. James says something about how Howie said something about eating April's dog prompting Rachel to say "Howieeeee!"
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Topic #2227045
memyselfandi - April not getting that even her own team won't evict her if they get POV NT 0 Replies #2227045 10:05PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227257
memyselfandi - Jenny is saying it's only fair at this point to let the pairs to continue, she thinks she has Ivette's vote over Maggie NT 0 Replies #2227257 10:20PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227270
memyselfandi - April ordering around Beau to get her a comforter NT 0 Replies #2227270 10:20PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227320
memyselfandi - Real James comes out!!!! "Fair can eat a... 0 Replies #2227320 10:25PM 18/08/2005

When Ivette is telling him to give up some of his bed stuff. April fighting with Beau over comforter.
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Topic #2227440
Fable - Jen, April & Ivette in bathroom. Jen says, "Janelle should be more pissed at Rachel for taking herself off the block when she knew Kaysar would be put 0 Replies #2227440 10:35PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227442
memyselfandi - Jennifer is claiming that S4 knew Kaysar was going up when Rachel saved herself 0 Replies #2227442 10:35PM 18/08/2005
Jenny is saying that the other group should be mad at Rachel, not her, "for their beloved Kaysar leaving" because Rachel was selfish.

She is telling Ivette and April this in bathroom.

Ivette doesn't seem to know what to do about tomorrow and the vote. She was asking April/Jennifer if she thinks they'll all still be friends outside of the show. April says something about they'll be pissy but maybe still talk and trails off...
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Topic #2227492
Caribou - Rachel doing damage control for Howie's behaviour 0 Replies #2227492 10:39PM 18/08/2005
She's explaining to James in GR that she doesn't like Howie's actions towards April this week.

Earlier, she said the same thing to Maggie and Ivette and in the bathroom.

Rachel really does not like that Howie acts out and how he does it. She tries to control him but can't really she says.
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Topic #2227498
ferretkiss - 10:30 -10:40 PM BB time - eviction night 0 Replies #2227498 10:40PM 18/08/2005
iv is in bathroom sitting on chair. ape is in there and jen. ape has a band around her head and is washing her face. she is wearing the pink and black spotted lingerie top that she chose for the live show. [ed: was that her gift from kmart?]

apr: the dill is, we will all get a little pissy and stuff. (rinses face).
(squirts something out of a bottle).
iv: is that the makeup remover.
ape: yeah i use the eye, then this stuff.

beau there now too. just sitting.

ape still rinsing. (loud).

jen moving her hair around on her head.
iv looking concerned or unhappy.

beau: is it good to clean with hydrogen peroxide cleaner on a regular basis.
mag there now. mag: no. do you realize your skin is very sensitive to ph balance and if yo start drying out the pores....[cam flips to james and rach in GR alone.]

rach: in a way id like to take maggie out, but.
rach: if you do what you have to do, im sorry, because i firmly believe you need us. now they are kissing you goodnight and it makes me want to vomit. the writings on the wall, im doing what i need to do and you do waht you want to do.

rach: im kind of bummed because i want to play tomorrow too.
jam: is she going to ask howie.
rach: yeah

rach: weve competed in a lot of cometitions whch was really fun. ive had a lot of fun.
james says it will be really fast.
rach talks about the schedule, competition, veto, voting, hoh.
jam: this game, there is so much to think about.
rach: yep.
jam: so much to think about.

jam: i cant believe im here.
rach: i believe we can make it all the way to the end.

rach: im not confident about howie making it. dumbass. im really disapponted in him. (miss some, she is hard to hear.)
jam: ive felt like i wanted to do the same thing, i know it was last week but it seems like a month ago. and you guys know i have a temper. but its on national television. that display today.
rach: he was like a gorilla. he almost pummeled me in the yard he was so excited.
jam: i told him to calm down.
rach: he gets way too excited.
jam: he really does.
rach: yeah. he was just really excited. i understand that. but i also understand the game. but there are other people in the house you have to consider. i apoligized for him. i honestly dont condone it.

jam: if you guys are not married you have nothing to worry about.
rach: we are not married, hell no.
rach leaves to use bathroom.

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Topic #2227538
dustyma - April and Jen hiding behind chairs in LR whispering about the game, can't hear much, sorry, but something about veto should not be used by anyone to 0 Replies #2227538 10:42PM 18/08/2005
remove Maggie because the couples should be allowed to stay in the game
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Topic #2227549
Caribou - April and Jennifer are crouched down behind the nomination chairs in LR, whispering 1 Replies #2227549 10:43PM 18/08/2005
Discussing Maggie, the fact that the group is starting to split, whether to trust the word of everyone. Jennifer wants existing noms to stand to ensure Maggie goes out and Jennifer stays.
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Caribou - Janelle walks by LR on way to DR and has no idea they're hidden behind the chairs. NT #2227574 10:44PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227553
BBFanSinceSeason1 - Maggot tells Ivette: It only matters how we played the game, not if we win. If that’s all that matters, Maggot should be doing surgery on her group. 0 Replies #2227553 10:43PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227579
Caribou - BB: Janelle, please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #2227579 10:44PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227590
memyselfandi - Rachel is pouring out her problems with Howie to James 0 Replies #2227590 10:45PM 18/08/2005
James is up in gold room with Rachel still trying to work her about sending Maggie home instead of Jennifer.

Then he asks her stuff about Howie. She opens up saying she doesn't like his outburts tonight either.

Rachel: "He's like a gorilla. His arms are flinging and somebody's going to get hurt. He has no control over himself. I don't want people to think I condone it because I don't."

James just listens letting everything sink in. She heads to bathroom and he gets in something like so you're not married, then.

Rachel: "We're not married. No. Hell no. I would never. Never."
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Topic #2227615
BBFanSinceSeason1 - Kaysar the ghost 0 Replies #2227615 10:46PM 18/08/2005
I was tickled to see Ivette and April second guessing the decision to evict Kaysar. Ivette said to Maggot “I feel responsible because it was my idea.” April tells James, “you know we didn’t even think of putting Kaysar up until you brought it up, know what I’m saying. We shouldn’t play selfish, but if we would have, we wouldn’t have nominated Kaysar because he trusted Jenn and me.” NOT. That was gone soon as Jenn backed out. He promised to exact revenge if he was there the following week. I wish he was. 
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Topic #2227617
Kayfan - Jen and April whispering behind sofa 0 Replies #2227617 10:46PM 18/08/2005
Can't hear everything, but I think they're trying to figure out who Maggie will pick for veto. April's picking her nose (NASTY!) and Beau got called to DR.
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Topic #2227629
Suzan - Jennifer and April are sitting on the floor behind the green chairs in the living room having a talk about everything 2 Replies #2227629 10:47PM 18/08/2005
that's going on and what has been said tonight. Jen thinks the team should not play hard for pov and if won they should not use it, but she's going over all the things Ivette has said about tonight and she thinks Ivette is worried.

A: If Ivette goes up with Maggie, I'll vote to evict Maggie (and then gives an uh oh look)

Jen commenting on the fact that they are not all in agreement on what to do.

The jist of it appears to be that the time has come for them to start voting themselves off and it appears it will be nasty based on how the POV and votes go.

(she's whispering really low so it's hard to catch all)
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Suzan - April just told Jen about Ivette saying it was Jen's idea to take out Kaysar. Jen wants to talk to Ivette about it and #2227712 10:52PM 18/08/2005
Jen is saying she has to say something about it. April is arguing with her and telling her not to talk about it, that it was just her, james and Ivette and Jen says "that's an open forum".

April trying to talk her out of it asking what good would it do. Jen saying Iv should have never brought it up and why would she say something like that to April.

Jen saying Ivette has been trying to separate herself from that decision and she was the one who brought it up. They get quite as Janelle comes out of the DR.

April again saying there is no need to bring it up, that Ivette will start a fight. Jen wants to nip "it" in the bud, Ivette is the one who started to turn the tables.

A: Why would she be scared?

J: She's already starting to play the cards so she can win the game. Why sould we let her?

Now talking about Maggie and something she said (didn't hear).

April and Jen feel like the group is turning on them and they afe figuring out that Ivette is in this game for herself. Jen saying she doesn't trust Maggie either now.
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Suzan - April about Ivette - She's always saying we have to stick together and now she's the first one to turn on us NT #2227757 10:54PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2227648
Jabbasan - Ape / Jenn whispering behind chairs Ape picks her nose ... 0 Replies #2227648 10:48PM 18/08/2005

Ape/Jenn behind NOM chairs whispering .. Janelle called to DR ... Ape just picked her nose for quite a while .. while her face is right in Jenn's and on camera. EWWW !!! Her CEO will be so proud !!
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