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Topic #2228170
JenJen - Janelle preparing for a bath... 0 Replies #2228170 11:23PM 18/08/2005
...she's in a floral bikini. Howie's in the bathroom with her, they're joking about April.

"Kaysar never gets to experience our damned successes, it pisses me off!" says Howie.
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Topic #2228173
tvshopgal - Howie: Kaysar never get to experience when we have success. He is gone again. NT 0 Replies #2228173 11:23PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228190
JenJen - Howie called by BB to the DR NT 0 Replies #2228190 11:25PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228194
Coaster - Howie and Janelle still discussing last weeks HOH. (pete & repeat) NT 0 Replies #2228194 11:25PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228271
Coaster - Ivette talking about Janelle not getting any family or friend pics in HOH. NT 0 Replies #2228271 11:31PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228291
Coaster - F5 discussing strategy and last weeks nominations. NT 0 Replies #2228291 11:33PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228293
memyselfandi - Howie is convinced he's target #1 for making everybody mad, gave Janelle/Rachel a buffer.. H/J miss Kaysar a lot 0 Replies #2228293 11:33PM 18/08/2005
Janelle is getting a bubble bath ready in her bikini. Howie is in the bathroom talking to her.

They talk about the competition and how Kaysar is never their for their successes and that makes them sad. Not when Howie gets HOH and not when Janelle wins it either. Janelle hopes he got to see it. She thinks he saw it.

Howie apologizes for letting off steam earlier but he had to. Apparently he had another encounter with April tonight that left her in tears, and he feels bad. He told her he wouldn't put her up because she isn't good at the game. He laughs and says well at least that gives you and Rachel more time in the house. He's been telling Janelle that he's felt walked on by April and he's been fighting back not because she's a woman or she's small. If anybody "man, woman or robot" threatened him and walked over him the way April did when he was HOH telling him to put up James and then going back on it the next week he'd explode on them. He also brings up how April was begging and whining and complaining to Kaysar to give Jennifer HOH. It just sickens him.

He gets called to the DR
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Topic #2228367
memyselfandi - Ivette is trying to keep F5 together but April's mouth keeps getting in the way 2 Replies #2228367 11:40PM 18/08/2005
The F5 have been playing cards together for a while and Jen's been very very quiet since her talk with April about Maggie/Ivette's treachery. The things Jennifer had said were kind of snippy toward Maggie and Maggie is taken aback by them. Ivette comes over and is trying to rally them and she is saying that she is ignoring whatever Howie has said about Ivette almost being betrayed by Jennifer and April because they need to stay together as a team. April is asking Jennifer if she wants to say anything she doesn't. Then April interjects something about how it was Ivette's idea not Jennifer and April's to get rid of kaysar. Ivette denies...

and my feed cuts off
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tntaangela - parts of the fiends convo that I was able to get... #2229622 2:19AM 19/08/2005
Iv: James still tells me he wants to be with us
Iv: I give up on saying 5 of us can take out 2, Janelle pulls it out of her ass to win
Maggie: well, she had help, I truly believe that
Iv: these little tiff fights between us, that's what they want, we can't do that
Mag: Jenn do youu have anythng to say?
Jenn smirks: not yet
Apr : there are things I'm not going to do
Iv keeps talking over Apr
Iv saying Apr told her that if they hadn't sent Kaysar home..
Apr points to Iv and says" she is trying to say it was Jenn's idea to put Kaysar up
Iv: I didn't suggest it, I know I threw it out there
(they are fighting over it)
Jenn throws up her hands and says" I never even thought of kaysar, thought it was going to be backdoor James
Iv: we said we thought strategically it was the smartest move
Mag: game makes everyone defensive
Jenn: when we approached Iv about James, she got defensive
Jenn: we're going to have to start picking each other off now, not wait to pick them off, there I said it
Mag: don't want to bring up things said in past, if you beat me tomorrow I will say good job
Jenn: Don't want James to think it was my idea to get rid of him
Iv: Apr said to James it was his fault
(lots of finger pointing, literally they were pointing their fingers at each other as they pointed out other's he said/she said)
Maggie: did I miss an entire conversation
silence... lol
Jenn: we have no choice, now, we have to think strategically who would be best to go
Mag: it shoudl be me b/c I have no partner

Maggie playing poor me with no partner will sacrifice for the good of the team
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Coaster - Yes Ivette denies it and then April says "Oh I know, I didn't mean that, etc." Ivette #2228404 11:44PM 18/08/2005
Trys again to explain the importance of keeping the F5 together. Seems to get through to most of them.
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Topic #2228387
Zazny - April volunteers to go home if she is put up after veto NT 0 Replies #2228387 11:42PM 18/08/2005
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Topic #2228395
cityboyBC3 - Jennifer tries to get Maggie to go out first to save the remaining two couples 0 Replies #2228395 11:43PM 18/08/2005
Jennifer is trying to get the Herd to realize that there are "strategic" people who should be eliminated first, basically implying that Maggie should go because she has no partner and therefore is ineligible for the million dollars. But she doesn't say it out loud.

Maggie says, "Well, I'll throw it out there -- it'd be best if I go." General discussion that they should agree in advance how the veto should be used, although not everyone agrees to agree in advance.

Then they all agree that they will have to save their own a--es.

It was a pretty underhanded move by Jennifer to basically say, Maggie, get out.
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Topic #2228482
BHnoah - Ivette with the friendship saying if she got HOH tomorrow she wouldn't put up Janelle 0 Replies #2228482 11:52PM 18/08/2005
it would be Howie and Rachel cause we need to break up the pair

and Jenn chimes in and says to backdoor james

Ivette seems like such a stressball right now
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Topic #2228526
cityboyBC3 - April is whispering to Ivette that the S6 thought Ivette was psychotic about Eric (funny) 0 Replies #2228526 11:56PM 18/08/2005
"They told me he was like a god to you -- I mean, that's how they told it to me. They were like you were PSYCHOTIC or something... You wore all his s--- and you put your key in his slot. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, I'm just saying -- but that's why they think you're crazy about Eric."

In her typical April way, she basically just told Ivette that she *was* crazy.
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Topic #2228532
sparkletts - Friendship talk 0 Replies #2228532 11:56PM 18/08/2005
Maggie and Jen discuss how bad Jan will look on the show because she lies.
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Topic #2228543
cityboyBC3 - April says that the DR told her Janelle's name was "Smelly Nelly" NT 1 Replies #2228543 11:57PM 18/08/2005
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Coaster - They discuss how she wears dirty clothes and 'period panties' over and over again. (GROSS!) NT #2228587 12:00AM 19/08/2005
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