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Topic #8286382
streetsense - Josh James Chelsia -- Josh saying its gonna be 5-1 hands down(matt gone) and 0 Replies #8286382 7:23PM 16/03/2008
they need to go back to original plan--get Matt out -then Nat next week--talking about how last week didnt happen. Now they talking about needing to tell Nat about Matt saying hed evict her if he stays ---Now they talking about Matt not doing good in POV and hes supposed to be the construction worker. Josh saying will be boring POV to watch and they gonna have to edit it pretty good cuz it was fall, fall fall ,fall.

Chelsa reminds them they have to study about previous comps ---for next HOH--now they talking about that
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Topic #8286450
WVpdles - josh - how did Matt fall off that (PoV), he's a roofer, he's use to walking like that and needing balance. NT 0 Replies #8286450 7:27PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286505
lakeview - C/J/J ;in backyard 0 Replies #8286505 7:31PM 16/03/2008
Josh says Matt will have 3 friends in sequester for his birthday April 7.

"We can send Nat first and they can have a week of bjs"

Josh says Nat has to go next week.

Josh finds it odd that Matt said that their 4 divided the house.

Josh thinks that Matt jumped off during POV competition. "He's a roofer. How did he lose balance."

Talking about the POV competition. They had to make 500 trips over a board. Sounds like they had to carry something while doing it.

Chelsia says they have to go over the competitions from the past to remember things. Josh thinks a "sequential" competition is coming up instead.

More talking about the past competitions. Sharon joins them.
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Topic #8286606
WVpdles - Nat's swearing to sheila, saying josh told her they all should put up sheila on the block every week to break her. (Nat is the one who said this). 0 Replies #8286606 7:37PM 16/03/2008
Nat saying she told james she would put up sheila and chel the weak players, so she could BD james. (she said Adam/Sheila)
Nat telling sheila if she had stayed on the block, sheila would have gone, they would have kept ryan because he can't win.
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Topic #8286612
streetsense - Sheila tells Nat that Mat is going --Know that ---and adam and ryan better stick w/ them NT 0 Replies #8286612 7:37PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286642
WVpdles - Sheila if you(Nat) win HoH you have to put up Josh/James. Nat - I know. 0 Replies #8286642 7:39PM 16/03/2008
Sheila's gonna talk to adam. The four (A/S/N/R) have to stick together next week.
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Topic #8286707
WVpdles - Nat keeps repeating, they want to put sheila up til she breaks (Nat was the one who said this not Josh) NT 0 Replies #8286707 7:43PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286731
WVpdles - Sheila this is what we have to do, put up Ryan/Adam as pawns, then put up josh or james when 1 comes down. 0 Replies #8286731 7:45PM 16/03/2008
Then they count the votes and realize it won't work.
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Topic #8286744
WVpdles - Nat - no we have to put up james/Chel, sharon and josh won't win another PoV, i'll win it b4 they do. NT 0 Replies #8286744 7:46PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286772
WVpdles - Nat - they won't put me up, they think i'm on their side since I brought james back NT 0 Replies #8286772 7:47PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286807
folieadeux8381 - Sheila to Nat - Let's get strong as women and kick their *** NT 0 Replies #8286807 7:49PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286808
WVpdles - Sheila asked who said they were gonna keep putting her up. Nat - James/Josh/Sharon/Chel all said it and were laughing about it. NT 0 Replies #8286808 7:49PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286817
streetsense - Sharon telling Josh everybody has huge targets on themselves but them--and shes not stressing NT 0 Replies #8286817 7:50PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286826
WVpdles - Sheila - you know who we have to get rid of right? Nat - Josh. Sheila - he's big trouble NT 0 Replies #8286826 7:51PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286923
folieadeux8381 - some of the things Sheila and Natalie are talking about 1 Replies #8286923 7:58PM 16/03/2008
they want Josh out of the house. they're saying they don't trust him (duh) and would turn on them. Ryan smokes. He's not good at physical competitions.

Natalie really wants James gone. They are impressed about how long he stayed holding on for the HoH comp.

Sheila is SAYING she doesn't want Mattie to go, and that Nat can win the game and needs to do whatever it takes. Sheila says she loves to hate him. (i don't know if she was talking about matt or james here)

They're saying the rest of the house is lying to Mattie, and that they know Matt will go home this week. They seem to be pretty sure of it.

Nat's saying James and Chelsia promised them they wouldn't put them on the block against Alex and Amanda and that they lied first because that's what they did. They put them up against them.

Nat says James biggest downfall in the game is that he put Mattie up. (are you kidding me?)

They say Joshua is the devil. He is Satan and a false prophet.
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erin33520 - Nat said gay false prophet NT #8292449 9:07AM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8286942
streetsense - Sharon saying BB game is pre-determined by god--Sharon was brought back--James was brought back to help them ---theres no way I can lose NT 0 Replies #8286942 7:59PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8286945
WVpdles - Sheila - Josh is your bigger threat. Nat - josh is a gay false prophet. 0 Replies #8286945 7:59PM 16/03/2008
Sheila - gonna speech, your(josh) eviction is for alex/amanda, your mouth got you out of this house.
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Topic #8286970
WVpdles - Nat - you(Sheila) had me, they didn't have your back. They knew all along what was going to go down. 0 Replies #8286970 8:00PM 16/03/2008
They didn't act surprised. They're such bad actors. Nat knew what was going down, she saw James talk to Josh/Chel in HoH then Adam.
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Topic #8287025
folieadeux8381 - Sheila and Nat are really ripping on Josh and... 0 Replies #8287025 8:03PM 16/03/2008
Nat mentions Sheila's age. She was off by one year (46) and Sheila quickly corrects her and says 45.

Now Sheila is talking about Robert DeNiro and him wanting her in some movie, along with a few others.
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Topic #8287026
lakeview - Nat/Sheila in boat room 0 Replies #8287026 8:03PM 16/03/2008
Nat thinks the other group wants her on their side.

Nat says that they're telling her a lot of information. Nat saying they have to think that Nat/Sheila are enemies. Keep them thinking that.

Nat says she already told them before she'd put up Sheila.

Nat telling Sheila about her talk with James earlier where she said she'd backdoor him.

Nat: they want to put you up on the block every week to break you down.

Nat telling Sheila that she would've been voted off if it had stayed the same. Josh had told Nat that he would've put Sheila and Ryan/Adam next week. Nat had shaked hands with Josh to not put each other up, but she will put up Josh as soon as possible.

Sheila saying that if it comes down to the two of them, maybe just let Nat win. Nat says "do what you want to do but I won't putyou up."

Nat saying that she'd eventually put up Josh/James.

Nat says the other people think they can play her but they can't.

Sheila: Ryan and Adam better not flip on us.

Sheila says "they're going to start saying things again some time."

Nat saying that she told Ryan/Adam that she knows Matt will probably leave, and asked them if they were still on her side. They need her because of some of the competitions that Nat would be good at.

Nat says "kiss my biggety butthole" about James's speech at the POV.

Nat saying that Josh was going to vote for James last week but only didn't because he knew it was going the other way.

Sheila: you will have to put up James and Josh.

Nat says yes, but James is too strong.

Sheila/Nat saying they will have to be ready for them saying bad stuff again.

Nat: if James wasn't working with one of those people out there, he could've put them up. Why not? Because he didn't want to screw up his alliance.

Nat says she's been trying to talk to Sheila but they've been like vultures around her.

Sheila brings up the past few days and the "why didn't anyone come and talk to me."

Nat saying that she didn't talk to her because she wanted to talk to her alone.

Sheila: I had just needed to talk to someone. Some woman to talk to .... Allison having been voted out. She was my best friend.

Nat saying she told Josh that she felt alone because she wants Josh to think that she has not other deals. "Acting again."

Nat says that James had said that he was going to keep the noms the same because he didn't care if Sheila or Ryan left. The other one would.

Sheila: This is how we do it. If we win hoh, put Ryan/Adam against Josh. Then there will be three votes on each side.

Nat says no, there will just be 5 votes next week.

Nat saying that's why you have to put up Josh/Chelsia or James/Chelsia. Nat would put up James/Chelsia. They'll protect each other. They have to put together b/c they can only save either/or.

Nat: Sharon will never work with us. She's the silent but deadly type. Any info you give her she spreads to the others.

Sheila saying if anyone says why were talking, it was because Nat was trying to talk about Matt leaving.

Sheila: It's disgusting what they did. They've been playing me like a fool. They're saying "they want me to win HOH."

Nat saying they won't put up Nat/Sheila and then they can save each other. Nat's been stressed out for a while.

Sheila says Matty will go. James doesn't think Ryan's a threat.

Nat saying she's a fighter and is strong-willed.

Sheila asking who said they'd put her up every week? Nat: James, Chelsia and Josh and they were all laughing about it.

Sheila: did they mean that?

Nat: oh yeah. James is making you think that he did something nice so Sheila doesn't go against him next week.

Sheila says they have to get Josh out.

Sheila: you'll kick ass in POV next week. no ifs ands or buts about it.

Nat: I've come in 2nd place 4 times.

Nat saying she told the other she'd put up a weak player like Sheila.

Sheila: Josh is a trouble maker.

Now, Nat is saying Josh/James as her nominees and then if a POV winner, the other one left.

Nat: James is greedy. He thinks about himself. James thought if he took Sheila off, she'd be more grateful.

Nat saying James thinks Sheila is more of a physical threat than Ryan. "James is very good physical."

Sheila saying that Nat has what it takes to win the game.

Nat saying that J/C said they weren't going to put up M/N in the past when they put them up against A/A. They lied first. James forgot about it.

Sheila pushing for a Josh vote-off instead of James. [ed. boy, is this premature]

Nat: Josh is a false prophet.

Nat: Once you've said something you can't take it back no matter how much you apologize.

Sheila now planning her speech for POV ceremony a week from now if she's HOH and J/C are on the block by her and then one saves themselves.

Nat saying that they all knew Matt was going up. They're not good actors They didn't look surprised.

Nat thinks Adam knew all along too and was told not to tell Sheila.

Nat: why do you think they were talking to you all the time recently? why wouldn't they make promises since they knew you were being taken off. They're trying to turn you against us. They were bad actors. They weren't surprised.

Nat can see through all the mind games. And they think that Nat is gullible and naive and easy to manipulate. "oh poor Natty"

Sheila: you know what will be funny Josh is when you're sitting around the nomination ceremony and there's no key for you.

Sheila now dropping names from her past acting experiences.
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Topic #8287034
streetsense - Sharon saying only her and Josh would do good things w/ the money NT 0 Replies #8287034 8:04PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8287074
folieadeux8381 - Sheila to Nat: Do you honestly believe I'd be here with you psychos for 3 months? 0 Replies #8287074 8:05PM 16/03/2008
Talking about how men and women have taken care of her (sheila). How she has a list of rich men AND women who wanted to date and marry her, and she didn't sell out. blah blah blah She mentions her myspace page yet again.
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Topic #8287148
streetsense - Sharon Josh Adam Ryan Matt outside chatting---Sharon says game has gone fast this week cuz shes been napping NT 0 Replies #8287148 8:10PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8287150
folieadeux8381 - Sheila was doing her usual name dropping 1 Replies #8287150 8:11PM 16/03/2008
Sheila: My son is watching this show. That makes me sick at my stomach right now that he's going to see that. I hope to God that gets edited out.

(i'm not even sure why she said it)

Sheila: At least I admit what I'm wrong about.

Natalie: *whispering and talking really really fast*

Sheila told Nat she's talked about her behind her back about how she's selfish over alcohol and stuff, but it's petty BS that she talks about.
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WVpdles - Sheila said about the editing, because Nat said they were calling her(Sheila) crazy and mental. NT #8287172 8:13PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8287219
lakeview - Nat/Sheila in boat room 0 Replies #8287219 8:16PM 16/03/2008
Sheila: when she said "she has to go" Josh made that sound like it was about me.

Nat: it was about Chelsia.

Nat: they were saying you were a headcase and mental. And then they're talking to you a little later. You act so concerned all of a sudden. As soon as you're gone, they talk.

Sheila: my son's going to be hearing this. That makes me sick in my stomach. I hope to god that is being edited out.

Nat saying they talk about her behind her back.

Sheila says she called Nat selfish about her makeup, etc. But it's petty bull sh-- what I talk about. Those a--holes out there - they'll never live her life.

Sheila is a 45 year old woman. She'll always be more successful.

Nat says they can attack her as much as they want, she's happy with herself.

Sheila: America can judge me all they want. Important things in my life are my boy and my family.

Sheila: it doesn't matter how the producers or CBS are twisting things, viewers aren't stupid. They know the truth. It's like watching a soap opera. Characters you like and some you can't wait until they get hit by a bus. It may be me. It may be them.

Sheila talking about them attacking them in the past. Sheila saying they haven't attacked people over personal things. America's not stupid. They know the truth. Sheila's only been trying to care about people and it's gotten me nowhere. You get what I'm saying? I do blow with the wind. I have to think about it for a while. [...some stuff about her sister that's not that interesting...]

Sheila didn't sign up for other people to talk badly about her or her career.

Feeds switch out of the room.
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