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Topic #8289195
JanJan - Nat/Sheila/Ryan talking in bedroom about past seasons, past HGs. 0 Replies #8289195 11:01PM 16/03/2008
NAt leaves and Sheila whispering to Ryan about current game/people in house(too quiet for me to hear - sorry)!
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Topic #8289350
JanJan - Ry/She are talking game....realizing that J/C/J/S will stick together and that they need to work with them but they need 0 Replies #8289350 11:12PM 16/03/2008
to remember to really stick together (R/N/S/A) because the others will pick em off one by one. Ry/She both voted for Mystery Box and don't get why Nat/Adam others feared the unknown more than James. Sheila is reitterating that she is keeping Ryan and assures him Adam will too. She says if they Nat wins HOH all He11 will break loose. (etc, etc.)
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Topic #8289421
WVpdles - Matt/Adam BY. matt - i dunno if i have 3 votes, sheila could be telling me same as ryan. That's not cool to tell both sides they have your vote NT 1 Replies #8289421 11:18PM 16/03/2008
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WVpdles - matt - I'm probably going home. Adam - <grunt> Matt- yeah? Adam - looks like, but it's still early. NT #8289428 11:19PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8289424
JanJan - Adam/Matt in BY, Adam smoking. Matt asking "What did I ever do? Why do they want me out so bad?" Adam says IDK. NT 0 Replies #8289424 11:19PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8289437
WVpdles - Adam - don't play that bday sh!t. they don't want to hear it. the gf thing none of that personal stuff. Matt - i don't know why they want me out. NT 0 Replies #8289437 11:20PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8289477
StephOH - She tells Ry I will be there in the end, and they can make fun of me all they want, but I will the the one they have to vote for in the end NT 0 Replies #8289477 11:25PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8289562
WVpdles - Sharon brought up to Matt that him and natt are getting close since the HoH comp. Matt no the guys make fun of me because I won't do anything with her 0 Replies #8289562 11:33PM 16/03/2008
Sharon says i've hear all kind of stuff, like BJs. Matt - nooo.
Matt - she's saying that thinking you'll want to keep us together, we're not close. what do i have to prove not. do i have to yell at her.
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Topic #8289563
kandio - S/R. Saying the other side think Shiela is easy..Ryan saying Josh & Matt 0 Replies #8289563 11:33PM 16/03/2008
dont want to go to seq.
Saying they have to stay strong. It would be a different game if James did not come back
S: saying people fear the unkown
S: saying were they going to vote for you to stay
R: not saying much
S: says Adam votes how i say..we are keeping you
S:saying James cant play for hoh
Talking about Adam has to grow a spine.
telling Ryan she will talk to Adam if you tell him to come talk to me.
S: says people think she is crazy but Adam knows she is not
way low whispering about James and he wants to make good tv thats why he did not say what he was doing
R: says he will backdoor James again
S: saying Nat drives her crazy but she cant lie..She has class,then says selfish, stingy..[nice stuff then bad stuff]
Saying they think mattie going will break her
Talking that Adam needs to win hoh
S:saying he is saving himself till the end
R:Adam needs hoh
S:saying Alli was righ those people are losers for how they play the game
S:saying they have no clue who their messing w/her & Nat
S:saying it will be funny when they have to vote for me to win the game
S:say if she goes to seq and misses her b-day and her kids
it will mean nothing. those people dont have my bills i have a son.
people said horrible things here dont have to be ED
S:saying she wont put up James?
S: saying they need you..Saying look her up on the internet if she is crazy why is she in movies,why was she on 5 covers. She is Successful they will go back to their loser life
Someone who knows Dr. will said a winner will do what a loser wont.
Saying no loser in college will tell her what to do...Next min she tells Ryan your not though [Ryan going to colege}
Sheila saying Alli was to good for this game. {she talks in circles}
more bad mouthing...........
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Topic #8289579
WVpdles - Sharon - it's mattie and I, mattie and I, mattie and I. that will be your downfall, because it's 2 for 1. cause she thinks if you leave her whole 0 Replies #8289579 11:34PM 16/03/2008
world falls apart. if josh leaves, oh well.
matt - that's how i feel.
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Topic #8289593
WVpdles - Sharon - you never said/did anything to cause her to think something 0 Replies #8289593 11:35PM 16/03/2008
Matt - no, the guys make fun of me.
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Topic #8289608
WVpdles - Matt - why is it ok for J/C to have that and now me, if i did. 0 Replies #8289608 11:36PM 16/03/2008
sharon - i think they will be down the road. but he has the power now.
matt - it should be about who F*d someone over. i haven't anyone.
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Topic #8289623
WVpdles - Matt - i'll put her(nat) up. sharon - well on that, nat says it's all an act, the fighting. 0 Replies #8289623 11:38PM 16/03/2008
matt - it was real, she's a love sick puppy. that's why she was mad when i kissed you.
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Topic #8289654
WVpdles - matt - can you please help me out this week, if i'm not on the block next week i won't ask for your vote. 0 Replies #8289654 11:42PM 16/03/2008
sharon - i'm trying to figure out what's going on.
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Topic #8289659
kandio - S/R..we will flip the house next hoh. Ryan said he made 3 enemys last week 0 Replies #8289659 11:42PM 16/03/2008
and nobody went home..Sheila said but you are still here.
S: talking about Josh calling her crazy. Saying if Josh goes up next week
you have to protect me from Josh. My son cant see that.
S:saying Josh can be sued for what he has said about people.
Saying Allison will sue Josh for life threat?
telling Ryan to lay low...done
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Topic #8289690
WVpdles - in boat room, n/sheila. you have to remind sharon how they J/C/J turned on her last week and they will again. 1 Replies #8289690 11:46PM 16/03/2008
Sheila - i've talked to ryan, he has out back, he's not gonna flip to them. we have adam.
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WVpdles - Sheila - Whether you win, or I win HoH or Adam or ryan, they (J/C/J/S) are going DOWN. NT #8289699 11:47PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8289730
WVpdles - Sheila - when you get out of here, go on the internet, sheila kennedy, i'm on everything, yahoo, google, rotten tomatoes. 0 Replies #8289730 11:49PM 16/03/2008
The fans are already finding me. I'm more famous than any of you losers will be when we get out of here. All you'll be known for is BB9. You'll still walk out of here and be a nobody.
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Topic #8289792
kandio - S/A..Sheila asking Adam if we are at the end will you take the 1/2 a million from me NT 0 Replies #8289792 11:57PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8289793
WVpdles - Sheila to Adam, it's gonna be you and me F2. Sharon - if i wanted matt to stay he'd be staying. But i'm done with that. NT 0 Replies #8289793 11:57PM 16/03/2008
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