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Topic #8282039
realitydoll - Long Chat M/C: C says to matt that he (ryan) f'd her the most, shook her hand and then b/d james. 0 Replies #8282039 3:08PM 16/03/2008
C: he put me up, shook my hand.
M: My only hopes is you and sharon, i think.
C: Noone really has said anything to me. I mean shelia hasn't.
M tells her that its' not his fault that N has feelings for him. He is going to sequester, by himself.
C says a lot can change.
M what can I do for your vote
C says she has to think. Weigh things out. Do what is best for me.
Matt is begging her for her vote.
C doesn't want to tell him anything yet.
mat says what kind of deal do you want. And I'll stick to it.
How is josh feeling?
chelsea says she doesn't know. Ryan shook his hand too.
Matt says i didn't do that.

Matt says please don't vote me out. Bawahahaha. he is bawling..weeping
C I'm just going to sit on it.
M: I don't want to spend my bday alone (again) I said I wasn't going to cry on Tv. You know I was already having an emotional week. It's always about girls. (still weeping to her). I wonder what ryan is going to say bad about me? I really haven't said anything bad about anyone yet. I don't want to spend my bday alone. I get a phone call. and that person is going to hang up on me.
C tells him to call his mom.
M says she'll prob hang up on me too
c says no. maybe this is a life lesson. money can't buy you happiness. money isn't shiat. Everyone is here for a reason, to change thier lives.
M says I know, wooo always me....
C says this is just my op but if you truly care about someone they should of backed you up 100% and someone not to back you, isn't true love. That is my feelings.
Quiet. Matt sniveling. sits up. Says I don't know what I'm supposed to do. He (ryan) doesn't have an attachment. I wish people knew I had an attachment. (?) he says he will sleep on the floor if he has to. tells her that james said he needs 3 votes. He hates being alone. weeping. I don't want to be alone...
C says to think positive...nobody wants to see mopy...
Josh enters and leaves (got something)
M: how do I get him? I'm not close with him. how do i do it.
C sstill saying she is 50/50
M says he isn't a bad guy, he gave someone a pair of jeans. I don't know how to get him (josh's vote). If I get him, I get sharon. How does that work?
C says I don't know. they do usually vote together.
M says he voted for sharon to stay
c says if she wouldn't of gotten pov, she would of went home
M says that he would of played harder for the pov if he knew james was going back on his word. I don't know what to do.
C says to lay low today.
M says well shelia has already given her vote out.
he can't believe he took shelia off. He can't believe james went back on his word. He says america sees james/Matt as arch nemesis'. It's pretty good. (the show, with james getting him out)
He keeps bringing up his bday. I'm posting. He is really weeeeeeping hard.
C asks if he talked to natalie? He says no, but I'm going to have her talk to shelia. he says that she does her own thing. it's her own game (about nat ed. bull)
Chat about nats attachment to him...
m says how do i get to josh. I'll work with you guys, I'll go after whoever you want to.
C says to just relax, sit there ...(same thing over and over)
C whispers to matt about telling james he doesn't like nat. (I think)
(I can hear shelia in the bg on another feed talking about M/N not having her back. lol)
Matt goes to read bible...runs into nat...says he doesn't feel like laying down, blows her off as usual.

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Topic #8282187
realitydoll - C goes to kt and cooks. Matt goes out to PY jacuzzi where S/S are. 0 Replies #8282187 3:17PM 16/03/2008
M: You guys vote me out if you hate me that bad. Sh: Nobody hates you.
M: I know you guys consider me more of a threat than him. (he was all set to campaign against Ryan but Ryan walked outside and put a quick stop to it!!)
Ryan enters...
Now they are talking about previous seasons of people on the block...
Sh to DR
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Topic #8282299
Brendabythebay - Matt talking to Sheila still in hottub 0 Replies #8282299 3:24PM 16/03/2008
Matt says he looks bad for voting someone in his area out (Boston.)

I dont wanna leave this house. I'm not gonna cry.

S: I'm gonna be honest, that just hurt me what she did.

M: I'm not.

S: You do what you gotta do.

M: I'd never take the money like he did.

S: He said he earned it fair and square.

BB: Sharon go to the DR

Feeds switch to Ryan/Natt.

Talking about croquet could be for hoh comp, Nat says they need to go out later tonite and practice all night. She says she is good at sports endurance, mental stuff is a little harder for her, but she can still do it if she studies.

Ryan. Hmm mm Hmm mmm Hmmm
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Topic #8282343
realitydoll - Ryan playing with ball, Sh to DR. Matt immediately starts to campaign to sharon lowering his voice 0 Replies #8282343 3:28PM 16/03/2008
S: What's up babe?
M: Please consider it
S: Let me just think about it. All this just went down. I feel bad for Nat. Feel bad for her too. She is taking it as har as you are.
M: (cold as ice) I know. I just saw her and told her why are you mad? I'm on the block. One man down.
S: I heard you all had a thing? I have a thing on the outside. I left.
S: If you and her were supposed to happen (his g/f)it will happen.
Talk shifts to her ex
M says he's done some crazy things for love but he doesn't know if he would go in the army for it.
S says then go on a crazy azz tv show.
M says you've already been evicted
S. I had three days to dwell. I know what it feels like to get to come back
M: I'm not coming back
S Don't count your chickens b/4 they hatch.
M asks how do I get josh? Thanks, I'm going to leave anyway. He then calls Josh...but says forget it. Then asks sharon how do I get you?
S: I don't know...
M says if it involves me leaving nat's side, then so be it
S says that didn't really affect her. She thinks people, b/c there is no stronger bond than love...talking about nat...thinking she has nothing..if matt leaves.. if her determination to fight is to fight for him, that scares people. She's telling him that it's scaring people that Nat loves him so much, they will be in the end together. She won't let go of him. he won't let go of her...Feed switched!
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Topic #8282359
Brendabythebay - Nat & Ryan talking *really* low 0 Replies #8282359 3:29PM 16/03/2008
Nat trying to figure out some comp. Guessing what comp will be. Says they havent had anything else no food no luxury.

Feeds switch to Kitchen. Chels, Adam and Ryan.

Feeds switch to Sheila and Ryan. (All 4 switching) Ryan says thats why she is in the room crying for me right now.

Sheila: Everyone has to take responsibility for themselves. Ryan was on block cuz he put himself there. Why doesnt everyone own up to what they do in this house. Nat told me not to say anytghing to you or adam, she said dont cuz Mattie will get mad.

Matt: I'm so glad she did that

Sheila: You're so glad she did that?

Matt: I'm being sarcastic. I'm saying talk to me first

Sheila: Well you're in bed with her.

Mat: I need help I need help I need help

Sheila: When we became singles...

Sheila says its stupid and dumb that a 24 year old guy wont sleep in a bed cuz he thinks its cursed. She's telling him he needs to not be sleeping with Nat. She says everyone uses her.

Matt: I didnt use you.

Sheila: I didnt say you I know who it is and I let it happen cuz I was protecting people.

Matt: Can I help you

Sheila is going to stop telling people things , promising votes, he's gonna have to earn it. She's just happy James gave her a 2nd chance. Says matt needs to go campaign. Why is everyone relying on me for their vote?

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Topic #8282370
Brendabythebay - Nat tells Ryan if James was smart he would've taken R off the block and put up Josh. NT 0 Replies #8282370 3:30PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282381
Brendabythebay - Nat: But He's (j) not smart and he'll backstab anybody. He had the nerve to come in here 0 Replies #8282381 3:31PM 16/03/2008
and aks me if I wanted something to eat cuz he's scared, he knows I"m coming after him. It will be sweet revenge. Sweet revenge.

Ryan yawns and stretches.
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Topic #8282453
Brendabythebay - Nat: God will be on my side Wed thats for sure. Not only that but when we were on the disco balls 0 Replies #8282453 3:35PM 16/03/2008
that showed his true colors. He's greedy and selfish its all about him. America is not gonna like that at all. You have a fan club...... gimme a break. He thinks he is God. There are so many Christian viewers of this show, I have this one lady I talked to her 2 weeks before and she said she had her whole church praying for me and they will pick people to PREVAIL.

Ryan, seems like it really happens on this game.

Nat: This could be the year for God to be like ya know what, this time I'm taking charge.

Sharon comes in, didnt mean to interrupt. Says everyone outside. Wanted to make sure they were ok. If you want to talk. Everyone is in shock, you know what I"m saying.

Nat: I'm more worried about James talking about peoples words cuz he's a hypocrit

Sharon thought he was gonna take Ryan off the block. she was shocked.

Nat: He said he wanted people to be straight up with him. Thats all Nat be straight up. I havent lied to him and he lied to me and Mattie. ... He promised me and Mattie that we would not be put up.

Sharon: Yes yes yes you're talking about the shaking of the hand.

Nat; Yes, and he got caleld out by Julie. Who are you to go around telling people not to lie when you do it you will backstab anybody. So you gotta think about whats best for you too.

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Topic #8282463
Brendabythebay - Nat telling Sharon again about being on disco ball and rehashing the deal with James NT 0 Replies #8282463 3:36PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282495
Brendabythebay - Nat to Sharon: I'm telling you girl right now, if you stick with me I will have your BACK. 0 Replies #8282495 3:38PM 16/03/2008
You think chels will? No. I'm a fighter. I'm strong willed.

Nat promises she wont backdoor Sharon or Josh and when she says something she MEANS it.

Nat says if it came down to Ryan and James, Ryan would get her vote. (Talking about winning the game.) Nobody would vote for James.
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Topic #8282540
Brendabythebay - Nat says to Sharon that she told James he's a hypocrit for saying he was honest by his word and ditd it dit dit dit dit 0 Replies #8282540 3:41PM 16/03/2008
but guess what I'm gonna backdoor your ass. sweet revenge

Sharon: what did he say?

Nat: he's scared, he knows I will win.

Nat: I'm telling you I will fight for revenge. James is gonna go. I"im good at anything physical/endurance wise and the only reason I dropped was I Thought it would be good for him, but he's so greedy, he's thinking about HIM, I wanna do this I want this... Ya know what, if I had won hoh... if someone promised me safety I would let them have it. That just shows how selfish and greedy his he is.

Sharon hmm mmm. (nodding)

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Topic #8282596
Brendabythebay - OUtside, Sheila telling Matt she went to everyone and said dont gun for Mattie cuz I wont vote for him. 0 Replies #8282596 3:45PM 16/03/2008
Matt: Why switch now?

Sheila: Cuz all it got me was on the block, do you get it?

Matt disagrees.

Sheila points out everyone is outside andtrying to listen in on their conversation but wow. just wow. wow. just please dont say anything to nat cuz she's really upset right now.

matt says dont say anything to sharon.

S: I'm not mad at Nat, she thinks I am but I'm not. shocker shocker shocker. I'm not mad thats why you cant say anything.

M: It might hurt me if she campaigns for me.

S: you shouldnt worry about it. you got mine, you got ballers, you got 3.

M: I'm gonna be in sequester alone guaranteed.

S: I'll be in with you.

M: You're Italian, this is one of the biggest holidays in my family. (His bday) EVERYONE gets together. I get a phone call. I already asked.
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Topic #8282658
realitydoll - N/R in their bedroom. If James were smart, he would of taken you off, and put up C or J and he might of been here a little longer 0 Replies #8282658 3:48PM 16/03/2008
Nat: but he didn't he screwed himself. He'll backstab anyone just like you said. He had the nerve to come in here and ask if I wanted something to eat. He is scared if I win hoh, I'm coming after him. Sweet revenge.
Ryan just listening, umm hmmm her.
Nat says god will be with her on wed...not only that, when I was up on the disco ball, it showed his true colors. All I wanted was to see my family and friends. That is how greedy he was. America won't like that. All he has is his fan club..give me a break. There are so many christian viewers of this show...this one lady said she would pray for her and tell her whole church to pray for her.

Sharon enters and asks if their ok...nat says well I'm not, but...she says everyone is just like in shock.
Nat says she doesn't want to hear one more word about james. B/c james is a hypocrit. He said he was leaving it the same...Sharon says she didn't know.
Nat says james said they were starting on a fresh plate. He promised n/m they wouldn't go up against amanda and alex...he even got called out by julie. he will back stab anybody. she tells sharon you better watch your back, he doesn't have anyone. When I was hanging up there on that disco ball when were hanging up there negotiating deals. I told him I wouldn't put him or chelsea up. Don't give me this crock of sh_t. Telling you right now sharon, if I were you....i don't know how you are going to vote. If you stay with me, I will have your back!!!! I'm going to win, and I' m going to turn on those sun of b's...I'm a fighter! I'm not after you or josh..she wants them to throw her the hoh, she promises them she won't put her or josh up (ed. Ummm. s/j are with them...doesn't she know this?)
Nobody is going to vote for james to win...he is so dumb to think that far in advance! this is a week to week survival thing..he's an azz!

She is telling her how she confronted him in the BathR and told him he was going UP!!! Revenge is a sweet thing. etc....

he knows I have a great shot at winning. If you let me win, I promise you, you guys are safe...Nobody will vote to keep him in. James is going. If I had played that pov I would of won. I'm good at anything physical or endurance wise...(not good telling her this for final 3!!).
She is going on and on....He dosn't care about anyone in this game but himself. Saying that he is taking chelsea to the end and nobody believes that he isn't. Convo breaks up to get something to eat.
She says she feels bad for matty (ed. if she only knew matty is planning on leaving her to save himself).
She is saying to finally have someone, she feels for, then have it taken going to make me fight more..
Oh god.
Nat is telling sharon that matty isn't going to hang around her all week b/c he knows he has her vote. (ed: big mistake, bye bye matty)
If Matty stays he will protect you! He will do anything to stay!
Mattys third time being up, ryans' third time being up, who do you see winning more stuff to help you?? (ED: WRONG.. bigger threat..).
She says her biggest mistake was voting him back in. Then she gets caught up in the lie about covering for matt when he voted james out.
Sharon says james knew adam voted for him to stay, that is why matt went up.
I'm posting..
Nat is wild crazy and telling sharon her plans and thoughts....(ed:If matty had any chance to stay, he doesn't now)
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Topic #8282668
FrouFrou - A man of God will not agree or work with a man without God. God will work against him. So says Nat. NT 0 Replies #8282668 3:49PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282709
realitydoll - Frou! Frou/Brenda to the rescue! I'm getting carpel tunnel . Thank you! NT 0 Replies #8282709 3:51PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282736
FrouFrou - ryan matt and Sheila in ht NT 0 Replies #8282736 3:52PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282750
FrouFrou - Ryan they want me out of here too. the only reason I might stay is they want you out more. Sheila leaning back with a grossed out face. NT 0 Replies #8282750 3:52PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282766
FrouFrou - Matt and Ryan saying they can't talk ***** behind peoples backs (lie) NT 0 Replies #8282766 3:53PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282787
FrouFrou - sheila saying Matt is working me hard. Sheila saying Ryan you have to knwo that Nat is with him. Sheila said I gave you my word. NT 0 Replies #8282787 3:54PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282791
Brendabythebay - R joined Matt/Sheila in hottub and both R/M promised each other not to campaign against each other and Sheila said he (m) has not honestly. NT 0 Replies #8282791 3:54PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282796
FrouFrou - Sheila going on about Matt working her, but not saying anything negative about Ryan. NT 0 Replies #8282796 3:54PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282815
Brendabythebay - James/Josh playing pool. Sheila in hottub saying to Ryan that whole fight made her go to bed crying. 0 Replies #8282815 3:55PM 16/03/2008
R says that whole thing is squashed.

S says you think I dont know that?
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Topic #8282816
FrouFrou - Sheila saying the whole fight between you and Adam upset me. Sheila saying we were on the block, because we were protecting him. It's not working of 0 Replies #8282816 3:55PM 16/03/2008
either of us.
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Topic #8282828
FrouFrou - Ryan saying I will have your back if you save me this week. Sheila saying don't make promises, just remember. NT 0 Replies #8282828 3:56PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8282845
FrouFrou - Sheila saying she didn't want to vote for either one of you (Ryan or Matt). NT 0 Replies #8282845 3:57PM 16/03/2008
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