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Topic #8288252
ILuvMySoldier - Nat & Josh in KT- Nat trying to get Josh to keep Matt NT 1 Replies #8288252 9:37PM 16/03/2008
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WVpdles - Nat repeats same thing to Josh as to Sharon, james will be happy no matter who goes #8288292 9:40PM 16/03/2008
and james can't come after them cuz he can't play HoH, matt will be indebited if josh is the 4th vote, and matt is stronger player than ryan.
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Topic #8288262
JanJan - Boys go outside to play pool. Nat still in kitchen. Josh joins Nat in KT, they are eating pizza drinking wine 0 Replies #8288262 9:38PM 16/03/2008
and she is campaining for Mattie. Sheila, (in bedroom with Sharon)& the boys are drinking is telling J/C about the alcohal or taking any to them in HOH.
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Topic #8288291
ILuvMySoldier - Nat telling Josh he would be the tie breaking vote NT 0 Replies #8288291 9:40PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8288296
kandio - J/C in bed. Saying Josh would be fun to go out w/but in the house he is to much 0 Replies #8288296 9:40PM 16/03/2008
Saying Sharon is strong. C asking to spy. James saying on who. Says he does not use spy cam
J: who would you put up
C: ? maybe Nat/R or baller
feed change
N/R/M Nat telling them will take them rafting {its where the river wild movie was about} take them on the Oregon Trail camp in a wagon
Nat saying shes a threat..Matt saying everyone is.
N: saying the siren is going off wed.
R: saying it wont save me again
M saying to Ryan. i'am a as*hole and your a nice guy
M: saying his friend was beating the sh*t out of some guy. He went over & picked the guy up & told him to go.
M: asking Adam for a bartender job.
said he went to bartender school [bartender school uses colored water to make drinks]
R: did to
M says he is going to do coke in you know how bad i want 1 blast
M: saying they are the stars of the show
M: going to vegas when he gets done & buy a bike {mom}
tell his GF sorry he will talk to her.
talking bout hs GF will want bumps [ hits of coke]
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Topic #8288307
KineGirl - Josh in KT talking to an obviously bra-less Nat, telling her not to give up while theyre eating (paraphrasing) 1 Replies #8288307 9:41PM 16/03/2008
pizza. Nat is trying to work Josh for Matt to stay- "you need a big strong guy" (for comps) "and I can do puzzles."

Nat thinks that James is getting what he wanted cuz he got 2 ppl who voted him not to come back. She is going on that because March is the 3rd month that there will be 3 sirens (ed. LOL).

Nat seems to feel Matt only needs one more vote to make a tie. Asking Josh to do her this favor and she will have his back 100%. Josh just eating asking: what did sharon say. (avoiding answering)

M/R/A in BY
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WVpdles - nat said she'd promise Josh 3 weeks safety if he'd keep matt. #8288340 9:42PM 16/03/2008
Nat - sheila and adam are voting without a doubt for matt. right now you are a target, but if you keep matt, you won't be. the odds are with us.
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Topic #8288362
WVpdles - josh asked nat why she's working so hard for matt to stay. NT 0 Replies #8288362 9:44PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8288418
WVpdles - Josh told nat the 3 confirmed votes have to go to james and tell him tomorrow they're voting to evict ryan before he'll consider the split 0 Replies #8288418 9:50PM 16/03/2008
Nat - i can work my magic on them.
Nat - matt/ryan won't vote for james to get money in the end no matter who goes.
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Topic #8288421
kandio - Matt saying fu*k the sexy six..James was in it. Matt Saying he put the make 0 Replies #8288421 9:50PM 16/03/2008
on every girl even the psychiatrist. Said he id not like Alex that much but he id not get a fair shake. Adam said yes he did everybody has.
Saying Amanda sucked. Matt saying Natt messed his game up..Matt saying you 2 have won something i have not.
Matt saying bitches love that his place is downtown
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Topic #8288437
JanJan - Josh is saying he is not going to make any promises (about votes). Josh/Nat talking 0 Replies #8288437 9:51PM 16/03/2008
about how people may vote, putting targets on their own backs, etc. Josh tells Nat about a deal James made with Matt...if he gets three confirmed votes to come talk.
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Topic #8288459
KineGirl - Josh breaking it dow to N why it wouldnt be wise to switch sides. 0 Replies #8288459 9:53PM 16/03/2008
N- Ive been close each time
J- James is strong
N- R is mentally strong
J- so is me Sharon & Chels. What makes you think you got S/A?
Nat thinks they both trust M more than R
J-S/A have to say to James in front of whole house they are voting out M to get his vote. He doesnt belive they will do that
N- saying that the boys would never vote for anybody on Josh side including Josh unless it came down to J/J.
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Topic #8288501
JanJan - Boys come back in to KT from backyard, join Nat. As they come in Josh 0 Replies #8288501 9:57PM 16/03/2008
heads back to bedroom with Sharon & Sheila. Josh tells Sheila that things are going to get crazy in the next few days and he has her back. She replies "Oh I know that Joshua."
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Topic #8288551
JanJan - Matt pops his head in bedroom and says I love you guys. =) He lightheartedly says "please vote for me" 0 Replies #8288551 10:00PM 16/03/2008
to J/S/S. Sheila tells him Nat is fighting for him and he says, really?? Sheila wants another beer and Matt says he'll go get it. Then he jumps on Josh, hugging him in bed begging to stay. LOL
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Topic #8288575
KineGirl - Chelsia pops up in boat room where She/Sh/M are and Matt tries to 0 Replies #8288575 10:02PM 16/03/2008
act like he didnt know no one told or gave Chelsia any beer
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Topic #8288577
JanJan - Chelsea comes in and sits in bedroom....says I didn't get any beer (not too happy about that). 0 Replies #8288577 10:02PM 16/03/2008
Matt says there is probably beer left and he'll go check.
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Topic #8288608
JanJan - Matt & Adam may be going to play chess...Nat watching. Matt wants Nat to go join others to stop them from 0 Replies #8288608 10:04PM 16/03/2008
making deals. Nat goes to bedroom.
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Topic #8288625
luvmykitties - Nat makes a deal with Matt (missed the beginning) 1 Replies #8288625 10:05PM 16/03/2008
I think it was for the rest of the wine in her glass??

He promised her a 10 min. cuddle. She said "you know what cuddles lead to don't you?".
Matt: yes. BJs
Nat: hugs him and giggles

She then relays this to Adam that was sitting in the LR with them.
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WVpdles - Nat tells M/A that the 3 need to go to James and confirm their votes. nat said she worked her magic and has sheila. #8288653 10:08PM 16/03/2008
matt asks adam if he has him
adam - best i can
matt - "you my nigga?" and knock knuckles w/adam
Matt - i want all 6 (votes)
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Topic #8288712
WVpdles - Matt/Ryan playing chess, Adam/Nat watching. James in HoH 0 Replies #8288712 10:12PM 16/03/2008
Chel/Sheila/Sharon/Josh in boat room
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Topic #8288762
WVpdles - nat - can't wait to win HoH this week, i'm gonna take em all out. i'll win back to back weeks. I have a feeling it's gonna be physical again, 0 Replies #8288762 10:17PM 16/03/2008
i'll piss myself to win.
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Topic #8288914
JanJan - Josh/Sharon/Sheila/Chelsea in bedroom talking. Mainly Sheila doing the talking. She is badmouthing Adam. 0 Replies #8288914 10:30PM 16/03/2008
Saying he never does anything around the house, she does his dishes, he never gives a straight answer, etc.
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Topic #8288959
JanJan - Josh/Chelsea go to kitchen. Matt is there too....all three are going to eat some ice cream. 0 Replies #8288959 10:37PM 16/03/2008
Ryan/Sheila/Sharon in bedroom...Ryan low-key type campaigning. Sheila speaks up (taking over convo) Saying she has heard people badmouthing her and reminding them that her son is watching and that is upsetting to her. Sheila is surprised that people have stooped so low in this game.
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Topic #8288967
WVpdles - Josh/Chel in massage room, Josh telling her Nat's offer of protection for the 4th vote NT 0 Replies #8288967 10:38PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8288979
JanJan - Josh/Chelsea now in Spa room...he is telling Chel what Nat said (in a very condesending way) when she was 0 Replies #8288979 10:39PM 16/03/2008
trying to get his vote to keep Matt. They both think Matt will be voted out 5-1. Chel says even if it's a tie James will send Matt home.
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Topic #8289045
JanJan - Adam came in and layed down on the massage table. He calls out "Naaaatalieeeeeeee" (like lastnight during hide & seek). 0 Replies #8289045 10:46PM 16/03/2008
Nat comes in from WC and they are talking/laughing about the game they played last night. Nat leaves. Josh/Chel/Adam keep chatting.
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Topic #8289158
JanJan - Josh is painting Chels toenails while she eats ice cream. Adam still lounging on table. 0 Replies #8289158 10:57PM 16/03/2008
General chit-chat. Josh talking about his sister...when her nails are 'jacked-up' she doesn't care, doesn't care if things aren't perfect, she is a school teacher in Texas, lives with her boyfriend, etc.
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Topic #8289181
WVpdles - Sharon/Matt in WC, Sharon - who do you think you have. Matt - Nat/Adam. Sharon - so you need 2 more. Matt - i'd like them all. 0 Replies #8289181 10:59PM 16/03/2008
Sharon - what about sheila
matt - i dunno, see i haven't done anything wrong to anybody.
sharon's just watching it all unfold, she's not promising anything so she doesn't have to go back on her word.
matt - how well do you know ryan. how much time have i spent with you in the house.

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