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Topic #8278502
SouthernBelladonna - James tells Matt it was nothing against him personally. Feeds switch to Nat crying. 0 Replies #8278502 12:23PM 16/03/2008
Josh consoling her..telling her that there was a shift in power..that's how it goes... She says everyone was against them...Josh says it was more Matt....they are telling each other that they won't put each other up

Nat saying she's going to miss Matt...he's been being sweet to her....

Nat still crying...saying it's hard.
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Topic #8278503
ariel1981 - we're back from flames!! 0 Replies #8278503 12:23PM 16/03/2008
matt is on the block
nat/josh in frilly BR - nat crying and josh is consoling her
james/matt in BY talking about why james put up matt
nat upset because she thinks she and matt were starting to get close and now he will probably be leaving (ed. is she delusional???)
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Topic #8278545
Funky - Guys in the backyard - sounds like James used Veto to save Sheila and put up Matt - 0 Replies #8278545 12:26PM 16/03/2008
Matt said (pp) "what I'm a bigger threat than sheila" Later said "It's my third time up.'

Meanwhile Nat's crying to Josh inside.
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Topic #8278577
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan sounds mad and says James told him that he (James) thought sheila was one of the biggest threats. 0 Replies #8278577 12:27PM 16/03/2008
James says he did...but this is gameplay.."just like chess, you know"

James says ryan gave him his word in a tie breaker last week...Matt wanting to know if there's anything he can do to change things...James isn't giving him much...

Matt asks James if he felt like crying last week..James says yeah...Matt wondering to James how he will get the votes...James says he thought he had the house last week...anything possible..but they were lying.
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Topic #8278608
SouthernBelladonna - Matt saying he let everyone down and is walking out with nothing. 0 Replies #8278608 12:28PM 16/03/2008
James telling him to to feel that way...he made money.

James tells Matt that he thinks he's a stand-up guy.

Matt is crying!
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Topic #8278613
camera12 - Nat-"I'll fight and I'll win HoH next week. I have a right to be mad. The deal was not to be backdoored" NT 0 Replies #8278613 12:28PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8278625
lester04 - nat and josh talking inside 0 Replies #8278625 12:28PM 16/03/2008
nat says shes so upset with herself for losing HOH to james, she wanted to be nice to both of them and end the competition.
josh said james kept his word and didnt put up nat, matt should have a problem with james, not her.. dont go outside and start yelling about it
nat agrees, says she is not like that. doesnt trust james anymore.
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Topic #8278629
zaneta - Matt is crying NT 0 Replies #8278629 12:29PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8278641
ariel1981 - james/ryan/matt in BY 0 Replies #8278641 12:29PM 16/03/2008
james says it was a hard decision
matt and ryan say they have both been up three times
matt - "did you feel like crying when it happened to you?"
james - "yes. i was a monster and i'm not like that"
matt talking about the votes he needs.
james says he thought that he had the house last week and look how that changed.
james - "at least i'm not hiding in my HOH room. i'm gonna be straight with you"
matt sad that he hasn't won anything. he promised his mom he would win something to give her.
matt starting to cry. he doesn't hate james but says he hates himself. doesn't understand why sheila gets a second chance and he doesn't.
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Topic #8278650
lakeview - Josh/Nat 0 Replies #8278650 12:29PM 16/03/2008
Nat saying that she was just getting close to Matt and cuddling with him at night.

Nat says she'll miss him. Matt was the only one Nat could trust in the game. She now feels alone. That's why it's hard. Everybody is working with somebody.

Josh: that closeness is what ultimately cost him.

Nat says "kiss my ass bitch" about James. "I hung up there for 5 hours". Nat saying James could've gone after him next week.

Josh says the vote will go 3-3. Nat saying James is thinking of the end game and that's why he wants to keep Ryan because of the Jen thing.

Josh saying James keeps his game to himself and doesn't run his mouth.

Josh says James kept his word about not putting them up in the first place. "You need to win for Natalie".

Josh says don't give up. Maybe the vote will go 4-2. Nat says it's hard because she likes Ryan but of course she's going to vote for Matty to stay.

Nat thinks Adam will vote to keep Ryan. Nat thinks Sheila will vote to keep Ryan too.

Josh: then it's going to be 5-1 and you'll be set up for next week.

Nat saying she should've held on and threw up on there.

Josh says James kept his word to Nat. Nat saying James's word was not backdooring Nat or Matt and he didn't. Josh says don't lash out on James. Nat says she's not the sort of person who would do that. Nat says she won't trust James in the future for sure.

Nat saying James made himself a target for Nat next week.

Josh says HOH coming up is bigger than last week.

Nat saying she hadn't had a date or a kiss in the past 10 months.

Josh saying Nat's game will change now that Matt will leave.
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Topic #8278652
SouthernBelladonna - Matt is still crying. James asks him not to hate him. Matt says he's mad at himself. 0 Replies #8278652 12:29PM 16/03/2008
Now Matt wondering why Sheila got a 2nd chance.

James says gameplay.
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Topic #8278700
SouthernBelladonna - Matt saying he can't say anything about Ryan because he's (Ryan) the nice guy of the house. 0 Replies #8278700 12:31PM 16/03/2008
Matt still sniffling.

Says he's sorry for last week..james says it's OK.

Matt goes inside.

Adam says "you said this wouldn't be easy"
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Topic #8278719
camera12 - Matt still crying hugging Natalie, tells her he wants to be alone now. Says he can't compete against Ryan. NT 0 Replies #8278719 12:32PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8278747
lakeview - Matt/Nat in bedroom 0 Replies #8278747 12:33PM 16/03/2008
Josh saying he would've been lost if Sharon had left.

Josh saying James kept his promise to Nat. Nat says 1/2 a promise.

Matt walks in room crying. Josh leaves.

Matt telling Nat he can't compete against Ryan. Nat hugs Matt. Matt says he wants to be by himself. Matt wants to pack.

Matt says he can't compete against Ryan. Can't get Josh. Can't get Sharon. "Please leave I want to be alone."

Nat saying "I'm sorry Matty" Matt says it's not your fault. Walks out.
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Topic #8278754
SouthernBelladonna - Matt and Nat hugging...both are crying...Matt says he can't compete against Ryan. 0 Replies #8278754 12:33PM 16/03/2008
Matt says he wants to be alone. Nat apologizes...he says it's no her fault...he wants to be by humself...he leaves the bedroom

Matt: "Be tough kid...stop cryiin'"
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Topic #8278759
streetsense - Sheila is very cheery --says she feels relieved, shocked and grateful to James for giving her 2nd chanceNT 0 Replies #8278759 12:33PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8278814
SouthernBelladonna - Matt goes back to the BY..."Is there nothing I can do if I get a 3?" 0 Replies #8278814 12:35PM 16/03/2008
James says I don't know...Matt saying they are both strong players...James says my mind is never made up..."all I can say is what he said to me...go get the votes and then come talk to me"
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Topic #8278835
SouthernBelladonna - Matt asks Adam what he has to do to get his vote. Adam says it's tough to be in the middle. NT 0 Replies #8278835 12:36PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8278839
camera12 - Sheila tells Ryan she is keeping him in the vote. NT 0 Replies #8278839 12:36PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8278868
SouthernBelladonna - Matt says he wishes eviction was today. 0 Replies #8278868 12:37PM 16/03/2008
He wants to get it over with.."now I got 3 days of f'n moping"

He goes inside.
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Topic #8278896
lester04 - james and adam talking.. 0 Replies #8278896 12:38PM 16/03/2008
james just told adam that matt said, if he won hoh next week he would put adam up.
adam: scumbags in this house eh?
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Topic #8278947
SouthernBelladonna - Matt joins ryan and Sheila. He says he knows he can't compete against Ryan. 0 Replies #8278947 12:40PM 16/03/2008
Sheila says "yeah"

Sheila says she's sorry...she had no idea...Matt says it's not her fault.

Nat joins them.

Sheila again saying she's sorry and didn't know it would happen.

Nat calls James a hypocrit and says she knows who she will go after next week...thinks she will win HOH

Sheila saying she thought James was going toput Adam all doing some Adam bashing...can't be trusted.
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Topic #8278998
streetsense - James telling adam that matt and nat told him-- adam didnt vote him back in NT 0 Replies #8278998 12:42PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279013
camera12 - Ryan tells Natalie that he is not going to campaign against Matty. Natalie crying and eating meatballs. NT 0 Replies #8279013 12:42PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279017
lester04 - james and adam 0 Replies #8279017 12:42PM 16/03/2008
adam: he would put me up?! (matt)
james: i knew he didnt vote for me, man.. I had to make a call

they're playing croquet in the back yard. adam still talking about matt saying he would put him up, he cant believe it.
adam: hes prob pissed that I voted to bring you back
james: yeah both him and natalie
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