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Topic #8276793
CruiseCritic - Matt totally under covers, Ryan on floor with one arm under his head and 0 Replies #8276793 9:55AM 16/03/2008
Adam not moving. Sheila saying I love that song, Josh agrees and he and Sheila are showering at the same time as they chat.

Chels and Sharon brushing teeth.
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Topic #8276798
CruiseCritic - Sheila says her aunt dated Elvis for like 2 days. James now up talking to Chels in KT NT 0 Replies #8276798 9:55AM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8276827
CruiseCritic - James and Chels hugging in KT and James says I think they are trying to get 0 Replies #8276827 9:59AM 16/03/2008
their stories straight. Sharon comes walking in the KT and waves to both of them as she goes into the fridge - she is looking for her pepper for the GPS. she was worried that someone ate it...then she found it.

James getting out some milk. Says he loves that our new friends are bondng together.

James says blood marys???? Sharon mentions about girls getting their periods and Chels says she doesnt have hers and covers James ears and said sorry, you didnt need to hear that.

Sharon asked how their bath was last night and they said awesome

Sharon bebeeees, bebeees asw she drops the peppers in. there you go babies
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Topic #8276837
CruiseCritic - Shiela says good morning James and and he says GM Sheila back to her 0 Replies #8276837 10:00AM 16/03/2008
Sheila is sitting on floor in WC with green towel on her head.

Ryan in KT now and says GM.....Ryan mentions hide and seek game
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Topic #8276849
CruiseCritic - Ryan in KT looking for some cereal - Chels wondered what he was looking for...Josh 0 Replies #8276849 10:02AM 16/03/2008
comes in kt with towel wrapped around waist and James says GM Josh, how are you?

Chels and James at KT counter. Can hear Ryan pouring bowl of cereal...
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Topic #8276859
CruiseCritic - Ryan and Sharon having some Rice Chex this morning and mention that it is very 0 Replies #8276859 10:03AM 16/03/2008
windy outside. Sharon says what the he11....

Ryan sits at counter with james and chels and tells James that he is up quite early today and James says he didnt really have a choice.

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Topic #8276865
CruiseCritic - 4 at KT counter (Ryan, Sharon, James and Chels) all being quiet as 0 Replies #8276865 10:04AM 16/03/2008
Ryan and Sharon eat. Ryan finally says to sharon - so you fed your friends (GPS)before you fed yourself? Sharon says she does so every morning.

Ryan asked James what time he went to bed and James said around midnight.
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Topic #8276875
CruiseCritic - Sharon talking about A MAN DUH situation last night and how Josh flipped out 0 Replies #8276875 10:06AM 16/03/2008
about it. Nat comes in KT and says that cereal sounds good right about now.

Dont see her now and seems like Chels and Ryan just said something about Natalie as they laugh. James is making some soup?

Josh wants to know why Chels is always busts his chops
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Topic #8276880
CruiseCritic - Nat in KT and pats James on the shoulder and says GM to him as she eats her cereal 0 Replies #8276880 10:08AM 16/03/2008
and says that Sheila had a dream last night that Nat and Matt got hit by a car last night...

Sheila comes in KT and talks about dream, both were bleeding alot in the dream and Adam went to hug Nat in the dream and Nat started screaming get away from me....

James says yeah and you (to Sheila) just watched it all happen (LOL)

Nat says they better be careful going across the street together
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Topic #8276887
SouthernBelladonna - Shelia talking about her dream...(more,,,funny) 0 Replies #8276887 10:10AM 16/03/2008
She says M/N were in in and were hit by car..both survived, but were bloody..Nay more bloody than Matt and Nat was mad at Adam.

James says maybe it foretells the day.

Josh makes bug eyes and coughs ..almost laughs...Nat doesn't notice what James said.
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Topic #8276889
CruiseCritic - Natalie says she would see people get hit by cars all the time in 0 Replies #8276889 10:10AM 16/03/2008
Vegas and Sheila says that there was a casino in the dream and it was Vegas and then Nat says that Matt was talking about going to Vegas on Memorial day and that Adam was supposed to go.

Sheila says - you have got to be kidding me? Sheila says dream was def in vegas bc she went inside the casino...maybe they shouldnt go to Vegas anytime soon.
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Topic #8276905
CruiseCritic - James wonders what time POV starts normally and Sharon says around 12 or 1 0 Replies #8276905 10:12AM 16/03/2008
Natalie cant beleive that it is 10 am, says it seems like 830.

Josh says he wants to be called the gay evel dick and that she devil totally works for Sheila.

Sheila says this day is going to be exremeley weird for her today that she is going to go today....Nat mentions that today is sunday and you dont leave on POV meeting day.

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Topic #8276916
CruiseCritic - Sheila asks Josh what she should have for her last meal and Josh says ice cream NT 0 Replies #8276916 10:15AM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8276932
CruiseCritic - Sharon talking about her dream that BB made her take all the animals home with her 0 Replies #8276932 10:17AM 16/03/2008
and it included the GPS, hummingbirds and a llama and that Carolina was not happy. She wondered what she was supposed to feed the llama.

Natalie says she would take the GPs home..

(gotta run for around 10 minutes)
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Topic #8276995
DaisyDuck - Josh getting Sheila worked up about Natalie, telling her that they are plotting against her. Natalie said that Sheila has to go and Sheila overheard 0 Replies #8276995 10:26AM 16/03/2008
it all. Sheila is really getting crazy again over the whole thing.
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Topic #8277000
Tikkanen - Josh/Sheila bash Natalie in SR. Sheila admits she was against Josh, but now knows Nat has been plotting against her, which Josh confirms. NT 0 Replies #8277000 10:26AM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8277009
SouthernBelladonna - Josh/Shelia talk in the SR. 0 Replies #8277009 10:27AM 16/03/2008
Josh has told her about the other side plotting against her...Nat saying "it's time for her to go" about Shelia.

Josh says his side will take her in...hasn't talked about her like the others. Shelia says she knows.

Now Shelia is ranting about Nat...being selfish...won't let her borrow her make-up...getting really fired up....saying they haven't seen her really angry yet.

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Topic #8277020
admiral - Flames! NT 0 Replies #8277020 10:28AM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8277034
admiral - Feeds back,, still on Josh & Shelia in the SR. NT 0 Replies #8277034 10:31AM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8277047
SouthernBelladonna - Shelia and Josh still talking. 0 Replies #8277047 10:34AM 16/03/2008
Josh saying he hopes she will do the right thing and put the right people up...She says she has already envisioned it...she will put "them" up.

Josh tells her that even if she stays on the block, she has his vote.

Josh says he wouldn't be shocked if M/N went up today...says James hasn't said it, but he would like it...would laugh.

She asks who he'd want to go..he says either...

Now talking about numbers...M/N losing She...not having numbers...only Ryan.

Josh asking her if she will run back to Ryan and be his friend if he wins HOH...She says that's a tough one...

Josh: that's was what was so sad about you going to that side. We told you they were going to use you.

She: And they did.

Josh says he will never put She up if he gets HOH.
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Topic #8277061
lakeview - More Sheila/Josh in SR 0 Replies #8277061 10:36AM 16/03/2008
Josh says "if you do stay on the block today, you have my vote to stay."

Sheila says "vice versa" [ed. no idea what the heck that means there]

Josh saying he came up with the get rid of Matt plan to "unify the house". That backfired because Ryan decided to pick sides.

"The tables have now turned. Now it's our side of HOH. They don't have 5 anymore. You [Sheila] are not part of them and Adam isn't." Our side runs the tables from now on.

Josh says that when Sheila went to the other side, "we knew they were going to use you."

Sheila says they aren't going to win HOH. Josh says if he gets HOH he isn't going to put her up. Hope you won't put me up.

Sheila says "can you look at me?" Josh says he heard her last week and then what.

Sheila says she wasn't going back on her word the week ago and she had told Sharon she wouldn't vote her out. That happened before James went up.

Sheila: Are you freakin' kidding me? I can't handle when people don't show loyalty.

Sheila (saying what she said to Adam earlier): Adam, man up, get a spine, grow some. I don't like how you're playing the game

Sheila says Nat doesn't get the right to decide when it's Sheila's time to go.

Sheila says she's not a vengeful person. Wasn't going to go against James.

Josh hugs Sheila and leaves.

Josh: "I'd let you wear eye makeup but I don't have the right stuff."
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Topic #8277067
SouthernBelladonna - Josh says he thought he was going up last week. 0 Replies #8277067 10:37AM 16/03/2008
She says she thought so too and "I'm not gonna lie, I was gonna gun for you."

She told him earlier that he scared her and she was after him earlier in the game, but not now.

More ranting about Nat...

Josh says he thinks She is coming off the block...She hopes so...Josh says it shows what forgving person James is...She agrees

They hug...she leave the SR
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Topic #8277079
lakeview - Quick James/Josh convo in storage room 0 Replies #8277079 10:38AM 16/03/2008
Josh telling James about the discussion with Sheila. How Sheila had heard the Nat part. Josh says he has to remember to talk to Sheila and ask her stupid questions to make sure she feels like she's part of the group in the future.
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Topic #8277086
SouthernBelladonna - James/Josh in SR 0 Replies #8277086 10:39AM 16/03/2008
Josh says he just set up Nat perfectly...She overheard Nat saying she needed to go and something about locking She in the closet...

Tells James how fired up She is...wants to attack Nat

James says it's awesome.

Josh says she said she will be with their side, they just have to make her feel included.

They leave...Josh dances in the bedroom
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Topic #8277096
lakeview - Feeds not on Sheila but we hear her say: I understand that Adam. Can you understand me? I mean, like hellloooo. NT 0 Replies #8277096 10:39AM 16/03/2008
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