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Topic #8280244
realitydoll - Matt asks Sharon for advice, she says don't give up..give them more reason to vote you out. If you want to have a sharon/mommy talk... NT 0 Replies #8280244 1:38PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280269
realitydoll - Matty sitting at table in Kt. Sharon shows up to make something..Matt goes out side. Sharon asks how he is. He says he didn't have his hopes up..just 0 Replies #8280269 1:40PM 16/03/2008
another day on the block. Shelia offers him to talk if he needs to later. Sharon asks if matty is right out there. Sheila says he thinks he is going to get your vote. That sharon will turn and he wants her vote too. feed switches to ryan/N/A in BR
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Topic #8280315
DanaRose - Matt is really crying to Sheila in KT NT 0 Replies #8280315 1:43PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280428
Shannon72 - Sheila and Matt in kitchen 0 Replies #8280428 1:47PM 16/03/2008
Feeds came on half way through conversation but it's the same ol same ol as SR convo. Sheila saying that the only person who ever got to know her, who was a friend, left the house -- talking about Allison.

Matt mad that he cried on TV and Sheila said, "welcome to my world". Matt said that I am not the type of person to cry ... as he wipes a tear from his eye. Sheila said that Matt can't give up and get beaten up. That Matt needs to turn it around. Matt said he is trying but he doesn't know how to. That it is good against evil. Sheila telling him not to throw himself under the bus and not give up. That Matt needs to look at all the people who have protected him in this house. Now talking about how Adam will do whatever everyone in the house will be doing. Sheila said that that will be Adam's downfall. Sheila saying that everyone in the house has lied and if they said they haven't lied then they are lying.

Sheila trying to give Matt a pep talk saying that things in the house change all the time. Sheila saying that they might have a luxury prized and maybe if Matt wins he can bring something home to his mom. Sheila saying her expenses are $3000 a month and coming into the house was the hardest thing she's ever done. She's talking about missing her son and all the things she does for him. She said she loves it but it's hard being a single mom.
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Topic #8280467
realitydoll - N/R/A in BD just chatting about how is matty going to leave sequester. Ryan thinks he is just saying that. That sequester will be beautiful.. 0 Replies #8280467 1:48PM 16/03/2008
Nat says right down here in san diego or malibu
Nat says to Adam,.If matty goes, you have to stay with us. You too! (to Ryan). They think they have us..Joshua said they are trying to get them but they are gunning for the boys to break you up. She says josh said the reason he wants james there, b/c he needs more men. ?? She knows he was using her...Telling them they have to stick together and fight, b/c they are all targets (paraphrasing)
Ugh. feed switched to Sheila telling matty that she voted out allison. She has to live with it. She voted out jen and parker...blah blah same ol stories. Those are the mistakes. I lied to james face. They gave me another week. Stop thinking you are going to be out of here.
Matt: I rather just go home...
Shelia: Why are you giving up so soon
Matty says he said he wouldn't cry on tv
Matty: CRYING. Very upset!!!! Using tissue to wipe eyes. Saying he gave up his life for this...
Sheila, I gave up 3 months of being with my son. and blah blah my son. ..

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Topic #8280558
realitydoll - Shelia telling matty to not give up. he is throwing himself under the bus. Matt says he hopes he has adam's vote. 0 Replies #8280558 1:54PM 16/03/2008
Shelia says good luck getting a straight answer from Adam. She doesn't like people like that. Now she moves on and tries not to make the same mistake. Everyone has lied in this game...and if they said they haven't, then they are lying. All those things that bother you then use it to try to stay. It's not over yet. You know how things change daily. Shelia trying to tell matt to not give up. You can win 10 g's or something. Matt is skeptical but just chatting with her...
She hasn't said anything about whether she is voting for him. Sounds like she is avoiding the issue by blabbing about her son. And she'd do anything for him. Go out of her way for him. It's her life. Get a pizza at 2 in the morning and do anything for his friends. I'm a single mom. Sometimes you have to let them go. I've smothered him...OMG. She is driving matt away...and the camera man. Feed switches to py with C/J/J

Josh says that shelia is not going to go against them and adam will vote with them...I'm posting. They are talking about Sheila knows everyone well. Josh wants her to win hoh...just general chat. Posting
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Topic #8280584
realitydoll - Josh once again, counting his chickens before they hatch. Saying the game is all set up for them. How he would love to win HOH. And see R/A kill 0 Replies #8280584 1:55PM 16/03/2008
Talking about the hoh and if the mallets will be used...
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Topic #8280608
realitydoll - Feed 1 is just josh/james playing with the mallets. James starts to sing. I'm switching feeds. Nat just called to DR.. Matt outside now NT 0 Replies #8280608 1:56PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280686
realitydoll - Sheila and Sharon in KT moved to sauna room for a chat, then sharon gets on table 0 Replies #8280686 2:01PM 16/03/2008
Shelia comes back into sauna room and says she's blaming me now. For her actions. Can you believe it? Sheila says that she's blaming me (nat?)something about for voting the wrong way??

People need to own up in this game. Sharon says they won't. They will be the first ones to walk out the door b/c of it.
Feed changes again to pool yard.
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Topic #8280704
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila says that Nat is blaming her for her situation. She says everyone needs to own up to what they do... 0 Replies #8280704 2:03PM 16/03/2008
in the game...she did.

Feeds change to Josh/James/Che in the BY. Josh goes to "poop".

James says he has to go pee, but stops and kisses Che instead. He asks her if she's really mad about him telling Ryan to put her up last week. She says no...she just told Josh that because she wants them to appear not so close...she says she told Nat too.

Both agree it's good for everyone to think they are splitting up, when in truth they are just getting stronger.

Back to practicing with the croquet set.
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Topic #8280710
realitydoll - C/James out in PY. J says are you mad that I told Ryan to put you up on the block? She says no. She knows that he was trying to prove he was with the 0 Replies #8280710 2:03PM 16/03/2008
boys. James wants to make sure they were on the same page. If he hadn't told her, but he did, so she is ok with him.
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Topic #8280729
realitydoll - PoolYard is C/James just practicing with the mallets NT 0 Replies #8280729 2:04PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280769
SouthernBelladonna - Shar/Sheila agreeing that taking Matt out makes Nat fall apart. 0 Replies #8280769 2:06PM 16/03/2008
Sheila says Nat is determined to win HOH.

Shar: She's determined every week.
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Topic #8280791
SouthernBelladonna - Nat: I'm not going to talk to James until I get HOH, then I'm going to rub it in his face. 0 Replies #8280791 2:06PM 16/03/2008
This is said to Adam who is lying on his bed reading the bible with his hand down his pants.
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Topic #8280795
realitydoll - Feed switches to Shelia and Sharon. She says that Matt asked for her vote and she told him she doesn't want to vote for either of you. And Adam is 0 Replies #8280795 2:07PM 16/03/2008
chiming in?
Josh enters. And says he thinks he has sharons vote (matt) and thinks he has adams/nats/
Sharon and Josh are just like, are you kidding me.
sharon is whispering something..
shelia, she is determined...if the power could happen. It's scary in this house.
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Topic #8280818
realitydoll - Feed switched to Nat / Adam for one sec and she says she isn't talking to james until she wins HOH and then she is going to rub it in his face! NT 0 Replies #8280818 2:08PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280841
SouthernBelladonna - Nat /James confrontation. She says this will make her stonger. 1 Replies #8280841 2:09PM 16/03/2008
J: fine, let it.

N: In fact I won't put you up, I'll BD you.

J: Fine.

He leaves.
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SouthernBelladonna - She also said it was his biggest downfall in the game. NT #8280853 2:10PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280843
lakeview - Nat / James just talked by the bathroom. Nat tell him she's going to backdoor him next week. NT 0 Replies #8280843 2:09PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280866
lakeview - Nat telling Josh about her plan to backdoor James next week. She'll put up Adam and Sheila first NT 0 Replies #8280866 2:10PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280892
SouthernBelladonna - Nat tells Josh her plan if she wins HOH. She will put up Adam/Sheila. 0 Replies #8280892 2:11PM 16/03/2008
She will win PoV and put up James.

She's calling James a hypocrite and saying she'll never trust him.

Nat saying she's really mad.
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Topic #8280919
realitydoll - Feed switched to Nat in BathR with James and she confronts him about 0 Replies #8280919 2:12PM 16/03/2008
him going back on his word saying he would protect her partner. It will be his biggest downfall in this game. James being all snappy and saying now you don't have matt. And Let it. (be his biggest downfall). She leaves.
Feed switches once again to Sh/C/S chatting about practicing with mallet and the hoh.
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Topic #8280992
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is telling James what Nat just told him about who she would nom. 0 Replies #8280992 2:15PM 16/03/2008
Both agree that they have a good feeling about the upcoming HOH.
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Topic #8281084
realitydoll - Chelsea telling Shelia to practice and giving her tips. Feed goes to Nat/Josh where she tells him of her convo with james.. 1 Replies #8281084 2:19PM 16/03/2008
She tells him he is going down. And he goes good what if I win POV? and she says maybe I won't put you up and I put up two weak players up and someone wins pov and then I put you up!
Nat: Losing matty might be a blessing in disguise and this is going to be his biggest mistake in this game. I will never trust james.
She tells josh how james has been playing her and saying they would work together..and she is sorry, but she has to gun for him. And josh says just know that I haven't lied to you. I'm playing for myself.
(ED: How fast will josh run to james with this convo? LoL)
Feed switches to chelsea/shelia/sharon again. How matty was crying and trying to hide. I'm posting....general chat about wardrobe. they have to stay in their outfits for DR
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roxiboop - ed: looks like he told james faster than u can type and post LOL NT #8281273 2:27PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8281180
realitydoll - PY is J/J/C/Shelia C is helping Shedevil practice...they know that Nat is going balls to the wall to win hoh this week (josh words) NT 0 Replies #8281180 2:23PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8281205
realitydoll - All 4 feeds on PY with two guys lounging Josh/james and C/Shelia practicing. Day 39 in BB says Josh NT 0 Replies #8281205 2:24PM 16/03/2008
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