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Topic #8279049
lakeview - Ryan/Sharon/Chelsia/Sheila in sauna room then others walk in (more) 0 Replies #8279049 12:43PM 16/03/2008
Sheila's happy in the sauna room and laughing.

Sheila was grateful she was taken off the block. "That wasn't an act."

Chelsia acting like she was shocked.

Ryan saying that James had told Ryan that he was going to be saved today.

Chelsia saying "you would've voted him off 3-3." Ryan says "no, I would've kept him".

Sheila turns conversation back on her. "I didn't throw you under the bus". "You and I are good Ryan."

Ryan says he's happy for Sheila. Sheila says she's happy for herself.

Now only Ryan/Sheila

Ryan: Who are you voting to keep? Sheila: who do you think? [Ryan]

Sheila bringing up the $10,000 thing again. Sheila thinks Ryan would've stayed if nominations had stayed the same. Tells Ryan Nat definitely would've kept Ryan. Sheila was loyal to Nat, Adam and Ryan.

Matt walks in. Matt says "I can't compete against him - nicest guy in the house. Who wouldn't want you around"

Ryan: I also put two other people up on the block last week. I could still go.

Sheila: Sorry Matty. Matt: congratulations. You should be happy.

Sheila: I lied, I fessed up and I had to do that.

Nat walks in with food. Sheila pats her head and says sorry.

Nat: James is a hypocrite. He can't say that stuff about people's words and then do that. I know who I'm going against next week. And I'll be damned if I don't win HOH.

Sheila thought Adam might've gone up if she got pulled off.

Matt/Ryan think Adam will tell both of them they have his vote.

Sheila: You guys wonder why I was like that with Adam. Are you freakin' kidding me? It's been like that since day one. Everyone was jumping down my throat. Yeah, well, try to get an answer out of him. Never once did I have a freakin' conversation with him. Only thing I know about him is he has a brother. His parents are still together and he had a car accident.

Nat saying it's a hard vote. Is crying. Nat telling Sheila that she didn't say Sheila had her vote because she wasn't sure yet.

Sheila tell her "clarity" moment again. Sheila: You have to understand why I felt hurt.
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Topic #8279083
SouthernBelladonna - Matt now telling Josh and Shar that he can't win against Ryan. It sounds like he's still sniffling. 0 Replies #8279083 12:44PM 16/03/2008
They tell him that he doesn't know that...stranger thingd have happened.

Chel points out that if he goes, he could still come back like last week.

Matt thinks the vote will be 5-1

Talk about Ryan being nice...his face is next to nice in the dictionary

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Topic #8279126
lester04 - nat says she won't make any more deals when going for HOH NT 0 Replies #8279126 12:46PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279142
SouthernBelladonna - After Matt leaves, Sharonsays Matt has the worst attitude. 0 Replies #8279142 12:46PM 16/03/2008
"he can't be walking around like that"

Che says something about him giving up
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Topic #8279183
streetsense - James telling Matt to give him a day , let it all play out--then come to him--later on NT 0 Replies #8279183 12:48PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279195
SouthernBelladonna - Matt asks James if he wants him to throw HOHs..wants to know what he can do. 0 Replies #8279195 12:48PM 16/03/2008
James asks him to just take a day...let things sink in...see what people say.

Matt says he feels like killing himself.

James tells him again to just take a day...people change in the house.

(ed. going to have to stop updating soon)
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Topic #8279207
lester04 - matt says he would throw next weeks HOH if james wants him to NT 0 Replies #8279207 12:49PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279253
lester04 - james, matt talking 0 Replies #8279253 12:50PM 16/03/2008
james: you shook hands with sheila and sharon, you lied to everyone in the house. you said to me, hey if you want to be here you have to campaign.
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Topic #8279288
SouthernBelladonna - Matt now saying he just doesn't want to spend his birthday in sequester. 0 Replies #8279288 12:51PM 16/03/2008
James said he'll probably be spending it with him.
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Topic #8279339
SouthernBelladonna - Matt questioning why him again. James says all 3 people on the block were the people who didn't vote him back. 0 Replies #8279339 12:54PM 16/03/2008
Matt wants to know why sheila gets a 2nd chance...bigger threat

Matt keeps saying he wasn't the one who nom'd James last week...James saying it was a group thing.

Matt wants to know why him over Ryan...James not saying much
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Topic #8279374
realitydoll - Nat/Shelia/Ryan all talking in BR. Nat says they are keeping Ryan around (J/C/J/S) because they can win next to him (b/c of Jen) NT 0 Replies #8279374 12:56PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279377
lester04 - sheila, ryan and natalie in sauna 0 Replies #8279377 12:56PM 16/03/2008
natalie: I have to win HOH, mark my words, you know who I'm going to put up.
sheila: (to ryan) just keep your bags packed, don't unpack them

ryan: I know Im going to be on the block next week
nat: if someone puts you up you'd still be safe

nat: nobody would vote for you to win at the end because you have jen. they're just going to keep you around
ryan: who said that?
nat: It was joshuah, chelsia..
sheila: you cant trust them
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Topic #8279391
realitydoll - Nat saying they all need to stick together (N/R/S/A) NT 0 Replies #8279391 12:57PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279411
realitydoll - Nat saying that whatever they said to Matt (S/R/A) made matt feel bad b/c he held her hand and gave her a kiss. Made him feel bad.. NT 0 Replies #8279411 12:58PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279427
realitydoll - Nat says we have to win HOH. She says she already knows who she is gunning for (Ya think?) and then win POV and keep it the same. NT 0 Replies #8279427 12:59PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279454
realitydoll - Nat thinks Adam will go to their side. She is focused on winning HOH and getting one of those fu*ckers! NT 0 Replies #8279454 1:00PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279457
lakeview - Sheila/Nat/Ryan in sauna room 0 Replies #8279457 1:00PM 16/03/2008
Sheila's womaning up right now for her selfish reasons.

Sheila says "the deal was only to not put you on the block" Nat says no, the deal was no backdooring for either me or Matty.

Sheila/Ryan didn't hear the backdooring part. Nat says yes, it was the whole thing. Nat was mad at herself because she would've stayed up there. James had said he wanted his dignity back. Nat will never make a deal for others again.

Nat: He's a hypocrite. He can't say people's words mean anything.

Nat thinks they're mad at her for bringing James back. Nat says that she didn't like going back on her word in the past. Nat says about the James/Ryan vote and is wondering how Ryan knew that they were going to flip [day before the last vote]. Ryan just says he heard it from somewhere.

Nat saying everyone got down her throat for voting James back. The way you guys mentioned it you weren't happy.

Ryan: we just saw this coming.

Nat doesn't like mysteries.

Sheila: Are you serious? What game are you playing? This is Big Brother. This is part of the game.

Nat doesn't like voting for things she doesn't know when the choice was that against James.

Nat brings up that the mystery person may not've been sequestered.

Sheila: Noone's blaming you. Noone's hating on you. You heard me say I was sorry. When I say something I mean it. You can't go back. We need to move forward.

Nat saying she thought she could trust Matty the most. Sheila: me too.

Nat needs to win HOH and she knows who needs to go up.

Nat says other side would put up Adam/Ryan next week.

Sheila: "You can sleep in that bed now." [cursed bed]

Nat saying Adam was ok with James putting Matt up.

Nat says they accused her of being aligned with Matt. Who are they kidding they work together.

Nat saying they're trying to get them on their side now. Nat will play that game with them, but no.

Nat doesn't care about Adam anymore either. "He can't win sh--."

Sheila: Don't underestimate him though.

Sheila: Adam needs to grow a spine.

Nat says Ryan will be kept because of the Jen thing. That's why they want to keep him around.

Sheila: he's a jellyfish.

Nat saying we have to stick together but we'll play both sides.

Sheila: Adam cannot be trusted.

Nat: I was getting vibes from Adam that he can't be trusted.

Sheila had a dream that Nat and Matty and Adam were in an accident. Nat was bloody. Matt was a little. Adam had no blood on him. Nat tried to hug him and he said "don't touch me."

Nat says Matt gave him a hug and a kiss last night and he was holding her hand in bed last night. "His heart is growing and he's being taken away from me."

Sheila leaves.

Nat hasn't like a guy in 10 months. Nat saying when she starts to feel like she's falling in love they leave her.

Nat tells Ryan it'll be a 5-1 vote with Nat voting to keep Matt.

Nat "has to win HOH" and then she'll win POV and keep the same on there.

Nat saying it'll be 4 against 3 at the HOH. "Adam doesn't count. 3 against 3."

Nat saying she'll make them think that she's working with them.

Nat: James is an idiot. He said I have your back. Don't f--- with me again though. And then he does this? He just drove me to win HOH.

Nat: his word doesn't mean sh--. You just did this to yourself. America's watching and saying 'you hypocrite. you are such a hypocrite.'

Ryan saying James had told him yesterday that he was being taken off.

Nat can't wait to get rid of him. She's going to fight with a vengeance. She's due for HOH. God's waiting for the right moment. "God works in mysterious ways."
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Topic #8279468
realitydoll - Nat says stupid move on your part James b/c you just drove me to win HOH, stupid Fuc*er! NT 0 Replies #8279468 1:01PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279499
realitydoll - Shelia is gone now, just Nat/Ryan talking. NT 0 Replies #8279499 1:03PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279503
lester04 - sheila and josh in storage room 0 Replies #8279503 1:03PM 16/03/2008
sheila: he(james) promised nat and matt he wouldnt backdoor any of them, nat is pissed
josh: really?
sheila says nat/matt are counting on her, she pretty much said she is not with them

matt comes in, he is asking them to keep him.
matt: Im an a**shole, but ryan has done things alot more worse than I have.
sheila: yeah well he did put james up on the block
matt: ive never made a deal, and broke it.. i dont know what I can do to get your votes
sheila: you cant do anything, nothing. nobody has had my back.. I protected you and natalie through this whole game
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Topic #8279559
Shannon72 - Josh/Sheila/Matt in Storage Room -- Matt is trying to campaing for their votes 0 Replies #8279559 1:05PM 16/03/2008
Matt told S/J that he knows he's an a**hole and Ryan is Mr. Nice Guy and doesn't want to campaign against him but Matt tells them both that Ryan has done things he has never done. Matt said he doesn't know what he can do for either of them.

Josh left.

Sheila said -- to be honest Matty, I don't know what it is you can do. Sheila telling him that she's been protecting him and Natty in the whole game and she's mad that Nat said she was 50/50 on keeping Sheila. Matt said that is Nat, not me. She said that no one comforted her when she was on the block and was upset about it. Matt trying to say he understands what she is saying but Sheila won't let him talk. Keeps going on about how she was everyone's friend in the house and no one is there to have her back.
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Topic #8279584
lester04 - sheila and matt talking still 0 Replies #8279584 1:06PM 16/03/2008
sheila :who came up to me when I was crying when I was on the block and comforted me? nobody did, that hurt me. you dont owe me anything and I dont owe you anything. i dont want to vote for either you or ryan because I feel betrayed by both of you.

sheila: nat has been crying over you and you know how many times Ive had to let her cry on my shoulder?
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Topic #8279630
realitydoll - Nat says if she wins hoh, it's going to be sweet revenge. She has to...she is long due. Ryan says if he is still around...Nat says you will be. 0 Replies #8279630 1:08PM 16/03/2008
Nat saying her and ryan both due to win hoh. We have to get the power back. James wants matty gone. They want Ryan here b/c they can win. She says she won't vote for any of them. She is just saying the same thing over and over that she has to win hoh. How James lied..blah blah
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Topic #8279645
realitydoll - Nat says that Matty kept thinking he was going up and she reassured him he wasn't and he made a deal...his word means jack diddly squat! NT 0 Replies #8279645 1:09PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279674
realitydoll - Nat says she is going to study like crazy. If she does go to sequester, it will be like a stress reliever. But she is going to fight 4 Ryan, matt NT 0 Replies #8279674 1:10PM 16/03/2008
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