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Topic #8279685
lester04 - sheila and matt still talking in storage room 0 Replies #8279685 1:11PM 16/03/2008
sheila: i want to protect people but I deserve loyalty and respect too
matt saying he isnt with natalie
sheila: i want you to hear me out. natalie couldnt make a decision until she talked to you, you even just said that.
matt: im an a**hole, i know that

sheila: nobody is threatened by ryan.
matt: so im screwed then
sheila: im not saying that, you just have to talk to people. just talk to them.
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Topic #8279707
Shannon72 - Josh sitting outside storage room listening to argument between Matt/Sheila 0 Replies #8279707 1:12PM 16/03/2008
He seems happy that Sheila is going off on Matt. Sheila keeps going on about 50/50 vote and it bothered her that Nat was on the fence because Nat was waiting to find out what Matt was going to do. Sheila's pissed that Nat was doing that. She said it is bad game play.

Matt asked Sheila where she stands. Sheila told Matt that she doesn't want to vote for either one of them (M/R) to stay. Sheila saying she doesn't have any loyalty to either of them. Sheila said, "just be my friend". Matt said, "Be my friend. Be my mom". Sheila said she doesn't want to be anyone's mom.

M - Basically I'm screwed.
S - No, not yet. There are 3 days left.

(ed. this convo is all about how no one wants to get to know Sheila and no one has her back even though she's been protecting them)
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Topic #8279731
lester04 - sheila/matt 0 Replies #8279731 1:14PM 16/03/2008
matt: what can I do to get your vote?
sheila : I dont know. i dont want to vote for either of you. When I try and protect you guys I always feel betrayed.
matt: dont talk about me and natalie like that
sheila: then dont share the same bed, thats a bad strategy.

sheila repeating that she doesnt want to vote for either matt or ryan.
matt: i never voted for you to go out
sheila: thats not what I heard. theres 3 days, you know this game works. I feel good about myself because james gave me another chance, because I lied to his face.
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Topic #8279735
realitydoll - Josh/Ryan just talked real quick in BR w/J just working him letting him know he is safe, should go 5-1 NT 0 Replies #8279735 1:14PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279752
realitydoll - Ryan/Adam in BR. Adam says he'll vote for him. R: Thanks Dude. We're good to go. A: I thought I was going up. NT 0 Replies #8279752 1:15PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279762
camera12 - Sheila asks Matty to sleep in the bed next to her. He says he will (ed. we will see :) ) NT 0 Replies #8279762 1:16PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279831
lester04 - sheila and matt still in storage room 0 Replies #8279831 1:19PM 16/03/2008
matt: can you give me another opportunity? I want to be here for my birthday and I want to win a $10,000 prize.
sheila: everyone thinks youre going to spend that money in vegas. you should have told me. i am the type of person i will go to the end of the earth for someone.
matt: can you please do this for me?
sheila: give me awhile to think about it
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Topic #8279834
Shannon72 - More Sheila/Matt in SR 0 Replies #8279834 1:19PM 16/03/2008
Sheila saying she feels so good right now because James took her off the block and he gave her a second chance. Matt said you should feel good. Sheila said that Matt blew it with her because she needed him when she was on the block. Matt said, "I need you". Sheila told Matt he needs to campaign and continues to say that she is pissed at both him and Ryan and don't want to vote for either of them. That the last two days she's been in hell. Matt said she is happy Sheila is off the block.

M - Can you please help me?
S - I don't know what I can do Matty.

Sheila told Matt that Nat blamed her for voting out James. Sheila told Matt she told Nat that Nat has to own up to her own decisions and that Nat should not blame her.

Now Matt is trying to get sympathy because he promised his mom he would win something while on the show and now he feels like he's let his family down. That he came on the show for his mom. Matt now trying to turn Sheila against Ryan by reminding her that Ryan took the $10K from her and mentioned that he didn't take the bike from Adam.
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Topic #8279861
lakeview - Matt/Sheila in storage room 0 Replies #8279861 1:21PM 16/03/2008
Matt campaigning to stay with Josh and Sheila. "I don't know what I can do to win your votes." Matt was crying because he told his mom he'd win something.

Matt saying Ryan put Sharon up and made a deal and went back on it.

Sheila wondering when James will man up.

Josh leaves.

Sheila: I don't think anyone has my back.

Matt: that was Nat. You don't know what I would've voted for. I probably wasn't going to vote to keep Ryan

Sheila doesn't want to vote for either of them. She feels like she was betrayed.

Sheila: who came in and talked to me when I was crying in the bedroom? No one did. I invested with everyone in the house. Have a little human contact. [... keeps going on ... ]

[Matt: no one did. yeah. uh huh. me too. yeah.]

Sheila: ... I can't bring Allison back. Yeah, a lot of bad things happened in this game. She was a sister to me. And I feel guilty when she left. You know how many nights I was with Nat while she was crying.

Matt: I don't know why she said 50-50. That was her.

Sheila: Gut feeling was it would've been 3-3

Matt: you never came to me to talk. I was waiting until after the POV ceremony. I would've talked to you then.

Sheila: ... light bulb ... piggyback ...

Matt: Nat didn't know which way I was going and Nat's been following my vote.

Sheila: She said she was going 50-50 because she was waiting to hear what you said. That's a problem with me.

Matt: I knew that James would do that. I'm letting my mom down.

Sheila says she's not going to lie in the game anymore. Sheila doesn't want to vote for either of them. "I don't know what I'm going to do."

Matt trying to get her to say what way she's leaning. Sheila keeps on talking about loyalty and respect and stuff.

Matt: I've never shown you disloyalty.

Sheila: You guys are connected [Nat and Matt].

Sheila doesn't want to be anyone's mom in the house.

Sheila thinks Matt is a threat. Matt says Ryan is a strong competitor. He's won an HOH and a POV. Sheila: others don't think he's a bigger threat.

Sheila now talking about talking to Adam and he didn't move the bible from his face. Sheila wants support when she's down and Adam didn't give it to her.

Matt: I'll talk to you.

Matt saying he had been feeling down since before the whole block sh--.

Matt saying he's going to spend his birthday alone in sequester. No, one other person will be there.

Sheila: don't count yourself out yet.

Sheila still not saying which way she's leaning.

Sheila thinking that Ryan sleeping in the sleeping bag is a bad strategy. How does that look? You choose to sleep in the bed with Nat still.

Matt saying that she voted in the past to keep Sheila.

Sheila saying "don't say anything to Nat" about our talk.

Sheila's feeling great about herself b/c James gave her another chance after lying to his face. Matt: I want another chance.

Sheila ragging on Adam again for a bit. "I needed you Adam when I was on the block."

Matt: I need you.

Sheila: who are your votes? You have Natalie. Who else?

Matt: Sharon. Ryan put her up.

Sheila: For two days I've been in hell. Having nightmares. I told you about my dreams. Maybe I have a little intuition.

Sheila's just happy it's not her. Matt says he would be happy for Sheila to win if he can't win the game.

Sheila needs to regroup.

Matt asking Sheila to help him. Not asking for her word yet.

Sheila's saying Nat's upset. Brings up the "James voting back in" vote. Sheila: she shouldn't blame that for me. You did that. I didn't. God bless James that he gave me another opportunity.

Matt: can you give me another opportunity.

Matt wants to be there for his birthday and win money for his mom. "The show came to me, I didn't choose to be on this."

Sheila will go to the end of the earth for someone that's loyal. Sheila's saying she won't say she's voting for him yet. Give her time to think.

Sheila's wondering why Adam got in the fight between Sheila/Ryan the other night.

Matt saying "no one wants it to go 3-3." Matt doesn't want to spend his bday alone.

Sheila's bday is April 12. Matt's is April 7. Sheila's son's bday is April 25. She's not seeing her son on his birthday.

Matt asking for compassion. Sheila's saying no one's shown it to her.

Sheila's gonna think about it. We have 3 days.

They both leave storage room.
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Topic #8279882
realitydoll - Josh/James on lounger in PY now. He reports that nat will be gunning for him. They plan to BD her. Josh says I got Shelia. James, us 4 have to stick 0 Replies #8279882 1:22PM 16/03/2008
togehter. You coming back was the best thing. S/him would of been on the block this week. Josh says that he really thinks he came back to win the game. It's never happened in BB history...Nat is pizzed. He says that he told nat that james didn't bd her. He just tells him what their convo was after ceremony...Worst senario, nat wins hoh. Best scenario, the odds are not in her favor. Adam won't win it. He's afraid of it and wants his safety. I thought your speach was perfect! So well done.
James: And like I said, I will probably have to get rid of my partner, and you'll have to do the same thing. (ed. What a snake - but I can't wait to see that!)
Talking about how it was James idea to put Chelsea up on block last week. He had to ya know.
Josh, ya, I know.
Sharon shows up...
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Topic #8279889
lester04 - josh sharon and james outside 0 Replies #8279889 1:22PM 16/03/2008
josh says they have to win HOH next week
sharon: I think sheila is going to win it
james: I hope she does, she can get a picture of her son
sharon: If she does she's going to put up adam and ryan
josh: james and I are not part of the boys club.

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Topic #8279908
realitydoll - Sharon/Josh/James convo. Sharon tells them how Nat says he's going on block if she wins hoh. She says she is so mad right now, she's putting the house 0 Replies #8279908 1:23PM 16/03/2008
on the block.
Sharon says that shelia is due to win. She will put up adam/ryan.
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Topic #8279914
lakeview - James/Josh in backyard. 0 Replies #8279914 1:23PM 16/03/2008
Josh says Sheila would put up Ryan/Adam if she got HOH.

James said Matt admitted he was the third vote for James not to come back. James also said that Matt said he would've tried harder on the POV if he thought he would've gone up.

All feeds switch to Matt/Ryan/Adam in pink room.
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Topic #8279920
lester04 - all 4 feeds on matt, adam, ryan in bedroom NT 0 Replies #8279920 1:24PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279943
realitydoll - feed switches to m/r/a in br. M how do we campaign for his vote? (ryans). Ryan says if we don't win hoh, we are going right back up on the block NT 0 Replies #8279943 1:24PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8279968
Shannon72 - Matt now in BR with Ryan and Adam 0 Replies #8279968 1:25PM 16/03/2008
Matt to Ryan -- You've got it locked
M - Apparently she doesn't want to vote for me. Sheila said that you (Ryan) and I crossed her.
R - I didn't cross her dude
M - Well, if you go then you've got a nice parting gift (re: $10K). But I'm not using that against you. (ed. yeah, right)
R - It sucks dude. If one of them wins HOH next the one who stays is going right back up again.
M - I gave up alot coming into this game and for what? I lost my girl and I'm not going back to my job after this.
R - Some good will come out of this for you man
M - Nah
R - Oh well... you know.
M - I had to vote him (James) back in the house (mad at himself)

Nat came in to join them.

M - I want you to walk around and be happy.
N - Matt, it's hard to be happy. I just know that from now on I'm not making any more deals during HOH comps. I'm going to fight with a vengence. That's for sure.
M - I'm going to have one vote. One.
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Topic #8280022
realitydoll - Nat shows up and climbs into bed. They are gunning for Ryan and for me. Nat doesn't care what anyone thinks, she is playing for herself and doing 0 Replies #8280022 1:28PM 16/03/2008
whatever it takes to win...
Matt: It's all my fault
Nat: It's all my fault too, that's why I'm upset. Then they all say that I should play for Nat. When they are all playing with partners! Kiss my azz!
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Topic #8280034
realitydoll - Matt: I should just pack up now and walk out now. Nat: Don't do it matty.. NT 0 Replies #8280034 1:29PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280064
lakeview - Nat/Matt/Adam in pink bedroom 0 Replies #8280064 1:30PM 16/03/2008
Matt tells Nat to look happy because it gives them more of a reason to vote Matt out.

Nat's not making any deals. Nat thinks she would've easily won the POV if she was in it.

Matt: I only have one vote. I can't compete against Ryan.

Nat wants Matt to lie in bed with him. He doesn't want to.

Nat thinks if she doesn't win HOH she'll be out next.

Adam says they're going for Ryan or Sheila next.

Matt says "don't give me a pity vote if you want to go 6-0."

Nat says she's playing the game for herself and she's going to do what she wants. She doesn't care what the others think. She'll be determined and be a fighter.

Matt: it's all my fault. Nat: it's my fault too. that's why I'm upset.

Nat saying they're all telling her to play as singles now. But they're all playing with couples. James and Chelsia. Josh and Sharon.

Matt says "I should just walk out". Nat: don't do it Matty.

Matt: No more coming back this time.

Nat: James is so full of sh-- that's why his eyes are brown. Dark brown.
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Topic #8280074
realitydoll - Matt: Aint noone coming back this time. Nat: James is so full of sh!t. That is why his eyes are dirt brown. (he's playing with C/J/S & went back on 0 Replies #8280074 1:31PM 16/03/2008
his deal.)
Matt: ? a favor. The whole game. What did I do wrong?
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Topic #8280093
realitydoll - Matt is feeling bad for himself now. He says he shouldn't of went on the show. He had everything.. NT 0 Replies #8280093 1:31PM 16/03/2008
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Topic #8280139
Shannon72 - Nat said she doesn't give a s**t what any of them do. That's she determined and she's a fighter. 0 Replies #8280139 1:33PM 16/03/2008
A - It's all my fault
R - It's no one's fault
N - It's my fault too. That's why I'm upset.
M - Maybe I should just pack up and walk out. What's the difference?
N - Don't do that Matty.
M to R - You are fine on the block against me.
N - James is so full of sh*t. That's why his eyes are full of brown. Dark brown.
M - What did I do wrong? I wouldn't even have come on the show. I had the perfect set up but I said, "oh well, I should just give it a shot". Fu*k.

Matt said he's not even going to stay in sequester. Nat said he can't do that because they need his vote if any of them stay. Matt keeps talking about drowning himself in the pool and then wonders when BB will be giving them their suitcases.

Matt and Ryan leave BR.
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Topic #8280202
realitydoll - Matt says he isn't even staying in sequester. Nat says you can't! We need your vote matty, you have to stay. Ryan asks what are you going to do? 0 Replies #8280202 1:35PM 16/03/2008
Matt says nothing. drown myself. Putting on sweat pants.
Feed switches to KT. Where sharon is. Matt&Ryan are there..
Small talk about her waiting to go to DR..He asks where everyone else is. She doesn't know.
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Topic #8280223
lakeview - M/N/R/A in bedroom. Then S/S/M/R in kitchen 0 Replies #8280223 1:37PM 16/03/2008
Matt: I'm not even going to stay in sequester.

Nat: Matty no we need you. We need your vote if any of us stay.

Matt wonders when the suitcase comes.

Ryan/Matt leave for kitchen.

Sharon says she's all wet because she fell out of hammock.

Mat wonders where everyone else is. Sharon says she doesn't know. Sheila's in there too.

Sharon: Don't give up. If you want a mommy Sharon talk, we can have that talk.

Ryan says that James told him something else yesterday.

Sheila says if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me later.

Sharon: Everyone know where mommy Sharon sleeps.

Sharon/Sheila start whispering to each other and all feeds cut to the pink bedroom.
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Topic #8280227
Shannon72 - Sharon/Sheila/Ryan in Kitchen 0 Replies #8280227 1:37PM 16/03/2008
Sharon - How are you Ryan?
R - I'm all right. Still on the block. Someone told me something yesterday and that didn't happen (meaning James telling Ryan he was coming down).
Sharon - Well, you know where I am if you want to talk.
Sheila - Yeah Ryan, me too.
R - I appreciate that.

Ryan back in BR with Adam and Nat.
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