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Topic #8396890
ks5472 - Adam and Sharon come inside - Sharon heads to DR, Adam goes up to Matty's pic and pets it making fun of Nat 0 Replies #8396890 11:10PM 23/03/2008
Sheila asks Nat if she wants to keep Matty's loufa. Nat says she's not that crazy. But then she says she does want to sleep in Matt's t-shirt. Sheila says she loves sleeping in men's shirts. Josh says Kimberley is going to have soo many dates when she gets out of the house, says Nat will have lots of dates too. Josh says he cannot have sex with a guy with bad underwear (holes are a no-no). Sheila says she can't either - she would rather someone wear no underwear then bad underwear.
Adam and Ryan are sitting at table and trying to do a puzzle.
Sheila is doing dishes. Nat is going through the candy. Josh heads to the pullout room and sits on the edge of his bed eating and talking to James and Chelsia.
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Topic #8396947
right2erin - natalie was talking about not (adult) 1 Replies #8396947 11:14PM 23/03/2008
being able to get herself off.
chelsia said, "natalie are you able to get yourself off by giving a blow job?"
everyone in kitchen got quiet and natalie said, "ummmmm no. whoever started that rumor was wrong."
chelsia said, "actually matt started that."
josh then went on to explain that the live feed viewers record things that are sexual
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DMom - The house laughed when she Chelsia asked Natalie about BJ's NT #8397018 11:20PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8396957
ks5472 - Everyone goes in kitchen - talking - Chelsia comes into kitchen and calls out Nat about giving Matt a BJ 0 Replies #8396957 11:15PM 23/03/2008
Nat says that rumor is not true. Chelsia says Matt said it was true. Nat said "Matt can make up whatever rumor he wants", Chelsia says we will see in the end.
Josh says everything is on youtube. Sheila is saying that everytime she fixes her underwear it looks like she's playing with herself. Chelsia breaks an egg on the kitchen table, she seems irritated. She says the eggs are not done and smell bad.
Josh says "Chelsia you look like you had a second wind what happened?" Chelsia says when she broke the rabbit she realized she's in the Big Brother house and she is going to be evicted.
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Topic #8397005
DMom - Natalie is telling the house, try going 46 days w/o an "o" and Chelsia then 0 Replies #8397005 11:19PM 23/03/2008
asks Nat, "do you get someone off when you are blowing somebody?"

Natalie: Um No.

The house laughs.

Natalie: I have to have someone down there doing something to me

Chelsia: So on Night 2 and night 3, you weren't getting off on that?

Natalie: That never happened, so whoever started that rumor ..."

Chelsia: That was Matty, actually.

Natalie: Well Matty can start whatever rumor he wants.

Chelsia: I guess we'll all see in the end, right?\

Then Joshuah brings up Eric's J/O from last year.

(ED: sooo funny!!! lol)
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Topic #8397022
ks5472 - Chelsia tells Nat not to look so sad - Nat says she's not sad, she loves life 0 Replies #8397022 11:20PM 23/03/2008
Chelsia says James is the only one that's going to be brought back for allstars because everyone else in here "sucks at life". Nat disagrees and says everyone has character.
Josh goes to clean up the broken rabbit Chelsia broke and Chelsia tells him to leave it there - he does.
Chelsia is acting a little bit crazy (like she did a couple of nights ago). Chelsia says it's going to be funny when everyone sees the real her. She says she's a sweetheart but in the game she's ugly. Sheila says they're all ugly in this house. James comes to ask Chelsia if she wants to go to bed. Chelsia says he's just asking her because he wants her to shut her mouth. She says no.
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Topic #8397053
ks5472 - Chelsia BREAKS all of the eggs they just spent hours dyeing.. 0 Replies #8397053 11:21PM 23/03/2008
She says she's having fun. She mocks Nat and says "Oh gosh we just wrecked all the eggs that we were gonna sell on ebay for $300 a piece!!"
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Topic #8397126
ks5472 - Chelsia goes and squishes the rabbits "marshmellow friends" 0 Replies #8397126 11:25PM 23/03/2008
Adam heads outside and James follows and tells Chelsia she's losing it. Chelsia says you guys can't do anything but evict me and you're gonna do that already so f**k it!!
Chelsia says she's not an idiot she knows she's leaving.
Adam asks James if he's gonna miss Chelsia - James says not this side of her.
Chelsia is making fun of Natalie and how Nat wants to sell her car and stuff on ebay.
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Topic #8397231
folieadeux8381 - Chelsia: NATALIE! What's the opposite of red?! I've never taken a f*cking art class! 1 Replies #8397231 11:29PM 23/03/2008
She's already yelled for her once saying she needed her artistic skills to help do a puzzle (lol)

And Chelsia says she's really going to F*ck Matty in sequester after being asked yet once again.
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WVpdles - F*ck Matty in sequester until his crooked eye goes straight NT #8397249 11:29PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8397258
folieadeux8381 - Chelsia says, "Happy birthday Jesus Christ." James says, "It's not his birthday." 0 Replies #8397258 11:30PM 23/03/2008
She's basically going off on the whole house. Obviously Natalie is her main target.
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Topic #8397295
right2erin - chelsia said, "i can't wait to f**k the sh** out of mattie" 0 Replies #8397295 11:31PM 23/03/2008
josh asked, are you really going to?
chelsia said, "yes, i will f*** him until his crooked eye becomes straight!"
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Topic #8397326
WVpdles - meanwhile in the massage room, Nat is doing her toenails and talking to herself, replying to what chel says in the kitchen. That Chel is jealous of 0 Replies #8397326 11:32PM 23/03/2008
her. And she's hopes God is listening to her.
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Topic #8397327
folieadeux8381 - Sheila says the only thing that bothers her about Chel (to her) is the stuff she says about his eye. 0 Replies #8397327 11:32PM 23/03/2008
The rest she doesn't care about. Says she's straight up.

Chelsia thinks Sheila hates her right now. She says she doesn't. Chelsia says she really doesn't give a damn. Sheila says she knows what the game does to people.
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Topic #8397344
lalali - sheila nicely said that it bothers her when chelsia insults matt's eye....chelsia agrees it's not fair 0 Replies #8397344 11:33PM 23/03/2008
and this makes james speculate that matt could be sheila's son
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Topic #8397396
rg1 - Josh, James and Sharon saying that Chelsia has flipped out. 0 Replies #8397396 11:36PM 23/03/2008
and that it's time for her to go. Sharon goes into the Sauna room and asks NAt if she's o.k. Chelsia is saying that her and JAmes just had sex and then flames
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Topic #8397420
folieadeux8381 - Chelsia: We just had sex! We just had sex! ... I didn't get off this time, but... 0 Replies #8397420 11:37PM 23/03/2008
...I got off last night! When we had sex!!!
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Topic #8397466
WVpdles - Josh in the boat room with Sheila's who's crying. She's upset because Matt isn't there to defend himself. 0 Replies #8397466 11:39PM 23/03/2008
josh said it's only going to get worse.
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Topic #8397487
right2erin - sheila and josh are talking in BR 0 Replies #8397487 11:40PM 23/03/2008
sheila is saying she feels bad for matt. she doesn't like chelsia talking about his eye because he isn't there to defend himself.
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Topic #8397608
folieadeux8381 - Chelsia is going on again about 0 Replies #8397608 11:46PM 23/03/2008
having sex with Matt once she's evicted until his eye goes straight. Josh laughs. they were in the bathroom.
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Topic #8397713
folieadeux8381 - Sheila is crying in the bathroom, wondering why she went into the house to play the game. 0 Replies #8397713 11:51PM 23/03/2008
Ryan assures her and says she (Chel) is a bad person and is leaving the house.

Now she's doing her nails in the massage room.
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Topic #8397748
EvelDickthebest - Josh thinks asking Sheila you are Matts Mom closes door to suana NT 0 Replies #8397748 11:52PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8397764
lalali - josh convinced now that sheila is matt's mom 0 Replies #8397764 11:52PM 23/03/2008
she's denying it, but in a really unbelievable way, so he still thinks she is!
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Topic #8397790
lalali - josh "it's ok, i'm not going to repeat that, those are the same tears my mother had when i came out to her" 0 Replies #8397790 11:54PM 23/03/2008
and he leaves....and shiela says nothing! because she is crying, so he thinks it is confirmed
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Topic #8397799
folieadeux8381 - Josh tells Sheila that Matt is her son isn't he? She says no after a good minute or so, crying the whole time. 0 Replies #8397799 11:54PM 23/03/2008
Josh gets called to the DR, and says he's not going to repeat anything. Says they will talk later, and can tell that she was crying 'mother's tears.'
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Topic #8397889
iupshaw - OO MMM GGG !!!! 0 Replies #8397889 11:57PM 23/03/2008
Josh telling Sheila atts her son, thats why he may live n boston but always comes to LA cause he comes to see her, and that those tears are mothers tear, he knows those tears, those are the same kind his mother cried when he came out. ( OMG )
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Topic #8397918
folieadeux8381 - Josh is out of the DR and is back talking with Sheila NT 0 Replies #8397918 11:59PM 23/03/2008
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