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Topic #8387758
KingMac - NOOOO feeds switch to baller reading bible NT 0 Replies #8387758 1:10AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387780
EvelDickthebest - Josh is up NT 0 Replies #8387780 1:12AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387801
KingMac - Josh goes to the bathroom James pulls his shorts back up NT 0 Replies #8387801 1:13AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387833
EvelDickthebest - James talking to Josh about Adam comments while on top of Chelsia now Josh sits next to them NT 0 Replies #8387833 1:15AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387907
EvelDickthebest - Chelsia goes pee James says now you are even wetter NT 0 Replies #8387907 1:20AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387962
KWren11 - James tells Chelsea he just asked the Diary Room if they could have sex in there and they said yes. 0 Replies #8387962 1:27AM 23/03/2008
James told her the Diary Room said as long as they can see their heads it was OK.
Chelsea says, "You really asked them that?"
James waits and then says, "yea"...
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Topic #8388281
bbwtchninpr - James Up rackn the pool balls playin a solo game NT 0 Replies #8388281 4:02AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8388282
Kapri - James is in BY playing pool by himself- Everyone else is asleep. NT 0 Replies #8388282 4:03AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8388290
Kapri - James cleaned the pool with the net, then walked across the yard saying "These f'in kids" twice. NT 0 Replies #8388290 4:19AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8388293
CruiseCritic - James went in storage room and grabbed tomatoes? and something from fridge - he 0 Replies #8388293 4:23AM 23/03/2008
goes in KT and grabs a baking pan, covered it with foil and waves to the camera
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Topic #8388294
Kapri - In Kitchen making grilled tomatoes, the light came on & he waved at camera NT 0 Replies #8388294 4:26AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8388295
CruiseCritic - James is slicing tomatoes, pulls off stem and stickers from them - he is 0 Replies #8388295 4:26AM 23/03/2008
cutting them in half after he removes the top of them. Laying them on the aluminum foil and putting salt, pepper and now looks like some olive oil on them.

grinding more pepper and checking the oven temperature
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Topic #8388297
CruiseCritic - James checks out reflection in the refrigerator and wipes his hand in a circle on the stainless - He 0 Replies #8388297 4:28AM 23/03/2008
has his grey hoodie on, purple/blue tight pants and has the hood over his head. Now goes to the popcorn bucket of candy (leftover from movie night) and has a mouthful
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Topic #8388300
CruiseCritic - James eating candy, looks at himself in mirror, stares at ceiling, picks candy from 0 Replies #8388300 4:29AM 23/03/2008
his teeth. checking himself out in mirror with his fingers in his mouth pulling Jujubees out. walks over to GP cage and back toward kitchen while picking at candy in his teeth
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Topic #8388303
CruiseCritic - James pulls his hoodie off and looks at himself in mirror as he combs his hair back with 0 Replies #8388303 4:31AM 23/03/2008
his hands. He adds more salt and pepper to the halved tomatoes on the tray. he then puts either salt or pepper in his hand and licks it.

stands in front of oven, looks at himself in the mirror...brushes his hair back again and fingers back in mouth.

takes pan of tomatoes and puts them in the oven
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Topic #8388305
CruiseCritic - James opens bag of shredded mozzarella and eats a handful as he reads the label- 0 Replies #8388305 4:33AM 23/03/2008
eats another handful. Looks at himself more in the mirror with some arm movements over his head, stands on his toes and does some weird arm (like airplane) movements, does some stretches. Back over to bucket of candy but doesnt eat any.

sits on chair at counter area and grabs some candy from bowl on table. he is spinning a Skittle or M&M around the table
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Topic #8388306
CruiseCritic - James spinning Skittle/M&M around the table like a top - over and over again 0 Replies #8388306 4:37AM 23/03/2008
he is staring at it closely and blowing on it. he picks it up and puts in back in the dish of candy (eww)

opens oven to check on tomatoes and grabs another mouthful of mozzarella cheese. opens fridge, looks inside with hand on his hip and pulls out a bottle of something and looks like he opened it - he might be reading label - hard to tell. he puts bottle back, starts to close the door, grabs a baggie of something, puts it back and closes the door.

now walking and goes over to a camera in the corner and stares right into it. walking around, checking himself out in mirrors. quiet
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Topic #8388307
CruiseCritic - James smiling at himself, puts two fingers on his cheek, smiling at mirror and making faces 0 Replies #8388307 4:40AM 23/03/2008
and smiling at himself. Crosses his arms and looks at himself some more. Moves his head back and forth - stares at himself...smiles at himself.

Checks the tomatoes out in the oven, goes and grabs two papertowels to pull pan out of oven. he touches tops of tomatoes, licks fingers and now adding mozz cheese to the tops of them
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Topic #8388308
CruiseCritic - James closes oven for a second and then opens it again. sealing up bag of cheese, reading bag and now pacing around 0 Replies #8388308 4:42AM 23/03/2008
the kitchen. spinning around with arms out at side, dancing. back over by bucket of candy and has some more Jujubes as he looks at himself in the mirror.

(going to go grab some coffee)
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Topic #8388310
CruiseCritic - James at counter with 4 tomato halves covered with cheese and eating them 0 Replies #8388310 4:47AM 23/03/2008
thats about it. he is sitting there eating them. they are covered in cheese and he is chowing down.
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Topic #8388313
CruiseCritic - James has half of one tomato left of the 4 he had on his plate. cutting it up into pieces 0 Replies #8388313 4:51AM 23/03/2008
and eating. Finishes eating two tomatoes. stands up - looks at himself and goes and gets the last tomato and puts it on his plate. rolls up the foil that was on the pan and throws it in the trash. adds more salt and pepper to the tomatoes on his plate and goes back to the table end of the counter. slicing them up and begins to eat....
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Topic #8388314
CruiseCritic - James finishes eating the last of the three whole tomatoes he had in the oven - 0 Replies #8388314 4:56AM 23/03/2008
uses his napkin to push the rest from his plate onto his fork. goes to garbage and wipes plate clean into the trash. puts his plate in the sink. seals up the mozz cheese and puts in the fridge. gets a glass of water from the sink and drinks it.

looks at himself in mirror as he drinks. puts papertowel in trash, looks at memory wall. puts salt and pepper back and makes sure the oven is off.

goes to the big round dinner tables and is pulling out a couple of chairs and now is putting them back under the table. stands with hands on hips as he looks at the table. now back looking at memory wall.

pulls out a green chair and sits in it as he faces the memory wall
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Topic #8388315
CruiseCritic - James leaning on table with head on his hand as he stares at memory wall. 0 Replies #8388315 4:57AM 23/03/2008
just staring at wall. nothing else.
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Topic #8388317
CruiseCritic - James stands up and now looking at memory wall. puts chair back under the table and 0 Replies #8388317 5:00AM 23/03/2008
now walks by GP cage. One? GP in tube and he has his finger in the tube where they are..keeps his finger in the spot where there is a hole - he is petting one of the GPS with his finger.

he moves toward other tube and starts petting another one and the GP moves out of the way. now sitting on couch in LR
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Topic #8388320
CruiseCritic - James sitting on the couch, looking around and staring into a camera? 0 Replies #8388320 5:04AM 23/03/2008
looking over at GPs. He gets up and goes back over to GP cage and is looking inside the tube where the GPs are. Both GPS next to eachother in the long part of the tube. He gets his head/nose real close to the holes in tube and then puts his finger back in tube to rub one of the GPs.

standing there, takes finger out...does closeup looks at the tube/GPs
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