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Topic #8389753
streetsense - Flames NT 0 Replies #8389753 11:44AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389759
sunflower721 - sheila says her son is not allowed to watch feeds that the person he is staying with knows that her son is not allowed to watch it,adam one of his 0 Replies #8389759 11:45AM 23/03/2008
(micks) boys probably has it.Sheila said that the person that her son is with is a father and knows I do not want him watching feed.sheila says she does not want him watching anything but CBS shows.

Nat talking about how her and her sister look alike.
sheila asks nat if she looks like her Mom,nat says she and her sisters all kinda look like their dad, says her dad is tall and her mom is short.

ry says that Jen shops at Ambercrombie Kids.
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Topic #8389767
sunflower721 - **** TRIVIA***** (think they are being called in to do the POV ceremony ed.) NT 0 Replies #8389767 11:46AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389830
Brendabythebay - We're back. Adam & Ryan playing pool, one said "He's pissed." 0 Replies #8389830 12:02PM 23/03/2008
Inside, James tells Chels that "Well someone knows I'm gunning for them now."
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Topic #8389839
Brendabythebay - Chels says "he" sucks at speeches really bad. Sharon says he gets nervous. 1 Replies #8389839 12:04PM 23/03/2008
Sharon says she's gotta pack again. Third times a charm.

Sharon says at least Chels has a heads up, she didn't have that.

Chels says it will nice not to (sighs) Done with this bullsht.

Sharon says you know how many days you have.

Earlier Chels said she wanted easter toys and James said BB said nope, just cadbury easter eggs.
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Brendabythebay - James took himself off, Sharon was put up, and Chels is figuring she's leaving (what we thought would happen) NT #8389843 12:06PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389847
Brendabythebay - Chels says it just goes to show Adam is playing game alone and he's been humiliated on national tv and did nothing 0 Replies #8389847 12:06PM 23/03/2008
about it so thats fine.
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Topic #8389909
streetsense - James Adam outside playing pool --talking about english NT 0 Replies #8389909 12:14PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389918
Brendabythebay - Sharon wants BB to call her to DR so she can change after, BB calls Adam instead. NT 0 Replies #8389918 12:15PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389926
streetsense - All 4 feeds on Nat Sheila sunning /talking--Ryan in pool NT 0 Replies #8389926 12:16PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390011
kandio - Sheila/Nat talking. Nat saying C is the kind of girl that would get w/Matt just to 0 Replies #8390011 12:26PM 23/03/2008
spite her. Sheila saying the game stops in seq Matt does not have to talk to her.
Nat saying i dont know.
Nat saying 1 of us 3 have to win..
Sheila: you thinkiss
Nat saying she has not been this tan since she was in or won? Miss Haw Tropic

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Topic #8390036
Brendabythebay - James/Josh playing pool. Josh says he told her (Chels) to go ahead and cry if she wanted, noone 0 Replies #8390036 12:29PM 23/03/2008
would think less of her. Need to get it out.

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Topic #8390048
Brendabythebay - James: I truly feel bad for her... 0 Replies #8390048 12:30PM 23/03/2008
she got f'kd this week but in all honesty its either me or her.

josh: in all honesty she didnt do well in pov

James: I think she's kicking herself in the ass for voting me back.

Josh: I think a lot of people are doing that. (They laugh)
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Topic #8390067
kandio - Sheila saying the BB voice that told Ryan to stop that was nice because he could be mean 0 Replies #8390067 12:32PM 23/03/2008
J/J playing pool. Josh said i told her to cry. Nobody will think any less of you
Saying Adam is up in his room again. James said typical.Stay there and hide.
James said i feel bad for her.. But her or me
James saying she is kicking herself in the butt for bringing me back.
Josh: I think a lot are.
Ryan cooked pizza. Asked if they want some
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Topic #8390078
Brendabythebay - Josh tells James they are really PO'd right now cuz they wanted him (josh) to suffer 0 Replies #8390078 12:34PM 23/03/2008
(they wanted Josh to go up instead of sharon)
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Topic #8390106
Brendabythebay - Inside Chels tells Ryan she's not gonna spend her remaining time crying begging and moping, 0 Replies #8390106 12:37PM 23/03/2008
thats not her, she is going out with a bang.

Chels says she wishes she had James vote but he's playing the game for himself and people will see that.
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Topic #8390126
Brendabythebay - Chels goes outside to pool table where james / josh are 0 Replies #8390126 12:39PM 23/03/2008
James says kiddo there's still a chance

Chels: you think so? cuz I just talked to Ryan. (Ed. who said no.)

James: why?

Chels: Its what the house wants.
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Topic #8390136
kandio - J/J Josh you know they are pi**ed that iam not up. James saying have you talked to Adam 0 Replies #8390136 12:40PM 23/03/2008
Josh: ya...They wanted me to suffer.
James: 1 of them goofballs is going home next week
Josh: you & me will decide
Feeds all on the same thing
Feed change
C talking to Ryan
C asking whats best for him.
R: Sharon is a threat. but something about votes
C saying she just wants to have fun & go w/a bang
C: saying w/James not voting for her. People will see.

J/J/C all feeds on them.
James: telling her there is a chance.
C: saying she just talked to Ryan and he said the house wants them split up
J: saying you have enough fire power to go to town.
C saying iam not going to blow up. Just make little comments

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Topic #8390187
streetsense - James saying he bd matt--Josh corrects him --says matt got to play in veto so it wasnt a true bd NT 0 Replies #8390187 12:47PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390240
ShannonLK - J/J/C IN BY J/J Playing pool N/S in pool 0 Replies #8390240 12:53PM 23/03/2008
James: I was the first successful back door, then he proceeded with another successful BD( referring to matty )
Josh: Stated that MATTY did get to play in POV and just didn't really give it his all.
Josh continues with the BD affect.
Chels: Talking about personal trainer, coming back to look hot.
Sharon comes out to BY. Chels talking about snowboarding accident, she drank to much yager, first time on Ski's and she was not use to it, she got on lift and one of her skis got caught on something and hurt herself.
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Topic #8390250
kandio - Sheila/Nat 0 Replies #8390250 12:54PM 23/03/2008
In pool hard to hear for some reason . Saying she makes me sick. Feeds switch back to J/J..Feeds switch again? to Ryan.. Feeds switch again to J/J and C?
J: saying to C how can we figure this out. James saying well we have cheerleader in seq
C saying if i go i go. I dont want to hang peeps i care about.
J: i think you amazing. Saying if they dont win hoh he will be on the block.Slim chance for a BD. 1 person sits out in pov
Josh: saying a backdoor is when you dont play pov
Sharon comes out
C talking about snowboarding changed to ski's got on lift. Ski got caught in guys snowboard tore up her knee

Feed Change pool
Sharon/Sheila/Nat there are going to tell her something later?
Talking what the votes will be
Saying pool smells funky
For some reason cant hear Nat/Sheila except when sharon was there
Nat saying discusting

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Topic #8390272
DanaRose - OMG, Nat just said to Sheila in the pool, I ask God why he took my Matty away, why did he make my husband, future husband leave NT 0 Replies #8390272 12:56PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390290
streetsense - Josh asks Chelsia about next week --Chelsia told Josh she would like to see Adam/Nat on block next week--Josh said "Done, not even a question" NT 0 Replies #8390290 12:58PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390296
streetsense - Josh/Chelsia talking about catching Sheila in a lie about live feeds NT 0 Replies #8390296 12:58PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390313
streetsense - Josh doing the josh NT 0 Replies #8390313 1:00PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390314
kandio - Sheila/Nat. Nat says God ways we dont understand ..we will later 0 Replies #8390314 1:00PM 23/03/2008
Nats saying she asked god why he took her ex her future husband away
Feed Change
Josh/C kitchen
Josh asking who do you want up when you are gone. Saying she is like a sis C: says Nat/Adam
Josh says ok
Joshes mom gets him a basket every year
Josh saying Sheila/Nat out talking random stuff
Saying they caught Sheila in a lie about not watching BB. C says she knows who Holy is seas 5. Who is Holly?
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