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Topic #8390334
ShannonLK - C/Josh In kitchen 0 Replies #8390334 1:02PM 23/03/2008
Chels finds some Peeps. Josh says today is the good day to have them. Chels is saying she knows her mom sent her stuff because she her mom is the only one that knows she liked peeps. Josh says N/S are talking about the BB's from past. Chels mimicing Shelia, who is your favorite player from season 7, josh says that he got Shelia caught up in a lie. Josh says Sheila says she has only watched clips, and she knows more about BB than she led on. Josh walking back and forth, Chels washing dishes. Now Josh doing his dance.
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Topic #8390344
kandio - Ryan taking 1 of C peep. He is saying where did you get these? She said from my Hoh. He said really. 0 Replies #8390344 1:03PM 23/03/2008
Ryan saying its not Easter w/out peeps
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Topic #8390487
rockabye - R/A/S/C/N hanging out in kitchen munching on pizza. 0 Replies #8390487 1:19PM 23/03/2008
Josh was called to the DR. Standard questions, says Ryan.
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Topic #8390494
DanaRose - Ryan made DiGiorno pizza, Ryan Adam Chelsia Sharon and Nat eating it in KT NT 0 Replies #8390494 1:19PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390536
rockabye - Ryan and Baller shooting pool...Ry tells him he thinks the girls are trying to align. 0 Replies #8390536 1:23PM 23/03/2008
Then says "Just speculation".
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Topic #8390579
rockabye - Josh, Ry, Adam drug talk and Mexico. 0 Replies #8390579 1:29PM 23/03/2008
Josh says 5 hours straight drive to Mexico - every corner - flames - cut to Sharon.
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Topic #8390624
rockabye - Chelsia in BY with A/Josh/Ry bashing Natalie. NT 0 Replies #8390624 1:36PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390630
DanaRose - Chelsia says she thinks its really funny that whenever Nat gets called to DR, she runs to... 0 Replies #8390630 1:37PM 23/03/2008
the bathroom to check her face. Chels says makeups not gonna help. She goes to BY, joins Ryan Josh and Adam and theyre all saying how they cant believe how delusional Nat is, believing Mattys her real soulmate, and shes gonna be real hurt when she sees that Matty hates her. Chelsia says she'll (NAT) move to Boston and be his stalker Josh says Nat played and campaigned harder for Matt than he did for himself. Ryan says he just cant believe that Nat lives in a world in her head. Its not reality.
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Topic #8390655
rockabye - Sharon is feeding her babieeees. Small chit chat with Sheila. NT 0 Replies #8390655 1:40PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390728
rockabye - James sleeping, Chelsia crawled back in bed w/ him. Sharon's reading the bible. NT 0 Replies #8390728 1:47PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390738
DanaRose - All 4 feeds:Sharon reading her Bible, Chelsia staring off, both in their beds NT 0 Replies #8390738 1:48PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390755
rockabye - Sheila and Adam in the kitchen saying they need HOH - Nat or Shiela due. 0 Replies #8390755 1:52PM 23/03/2008
Sheila says we need to all stick together or we're screwed. Ryan walks through, they keep whispering.
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Topic #8390756
DanaRose - Sheila eating at the counter, Adam leaning on elbows real close to her, staring at her as they talk about game... 0 Replies #8390756 1:52PM 23/03/2008
Sheila says they need to all stick together so they have the numbers, this HOH is crucial Adam says, Sheila says No one can become a traitor and go to the other side. Adam says No way. Adam goes outside
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Topic #8390782
ShannonLK - A/S in kitchen 0 Replies #8390782 1:55PM 23/03/2008
Chels looking out into space, Sharon doing some reading.

Adam and Shiela in kitchen talking:
Sheila, all I want for you is for you to do the right thing, for you.
Shelia, trust me if I get HOH thyat;s going to work for me too, and everybody, she points to her head and says she has a couple of things rolling around. Adams, says keeping thinking.
Shelia: Sys we all need to stick together so we have the numbers in the long run. If we don't in the end we are screwed.
Adams: This HOH is important:
Sheila: what you did is right, your breaking down the alliances,
Stating that they need to keep them guessing from the other side. Adam exits the kitchen. ( Missed some of what they said )
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Topic #8390797
rockabye - Storage room off limits. They say Easter time. More egss and dye, basket, candy. NT 0 Replies #8390797 1:57PM 23/03/2008
Candy making kit... S - Like we need more frigging candy right now!
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Topic #8390806
DanaRose - BB puts large Easter basket in SR, HGs looking thru it in KT NT 1 Replies #8390806 1:58PM 23/03/2008
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DanaRose - They got a candy making kit, Chocolate Easter bunny, jelly beans, alot of eggs and color kits, Marshmallow chick and Sharons squealing over caramel NT #8390824 2:00PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8390868
DanaRose - Josh telling Ryan that Chase was supposed to be his boyfriend on the show, came to Cali too,.. 0 Replies #8390868 2:05PM 23/03/2008
but he couldnt leave his job, he would've been fired. Ryan says so Neil wouldnt've been here probably, Josh answered Neil definately wouldnt've been here then flames
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Topic #8390951
DanaRose - Ryan and Baller playing BB version of hoops, Josh sitting w/ feet in pool:...(whole convo about Matt)... 0 Replies #8390951 2:16PM 23/03/2008
Ryan asked Josh if he had a crush on Matt, Josh says no way, he couldnt be farther from my type, hes too ghetto for me and his accent is too thuggish, no way, his true colors came out when he jumped in my face at the POV ceremony, the inner thuggish came out and I was like eeww. And his all eyes on me with the z above his d*^k T-shirt just tops it off. Ryan laughing this whole time, saying yea, egging Josh on. Adam says hes too much gangster for you, Josh says sad thing is I dont even think hes a gangster packing a gun back in Boston, he's a wannabe gangster Adam says I think you're more of a gangster than he is Josh!
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Topic #8391018
DanaRose - Sheila/Nat on dbl lounger, Josh in pool right next to them listening ... 0 Replies #8391018 2:24PM 23/03/2008
Sheila talking about past BB seasons, knows alot of stuff, but says she only saw bits and pieces, says she liked Will and Boogie, she loved Kayser, all the guys of season 7 were really in shape. Sheila says Joshuah is really nice on the eyes! She barely remembers Jacob but recalls he had a great shape. They kinda chuckle about Ryan and Nat says his personality makes him cuter
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Topic #8391072
DanaRose - Chelsia and Sharon in KT... 0 Replies #8391072 2:30PM 23/03/2008
Chels says maybe she wasnt here to get the money, Sharon says if she got any money she'd give 10K to her church and 10K to her parents, buy a car for her little brother and herself, i missed some other things she said as Josh is splashing in the pool!
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Topic #8391099
DanaRose - Ryan saying Alli was a swinger, Sheila says no way she was a prude, Adam and Ryan say 0 Replies #8391099 2:36PM 23/03/2008
shes probably a freak, Ryan says she probably has had about a thousand! Adam says really? Ryan says no, i dont know im just saying Adam says he was really hoping for a tranny to be in the house, Sheila says lesbians, cuz theyre sexier than trannies! Whole convo between Sheila and Josh about Gays, Lesbians, Trannies, they're all laughing (srry, missed some)
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Topic #8391161
DanaRose - Ryan Adam Josh in pool, Nat and Sheila next to them on lounger... 0 Replies #8391161 2:42PM 23/03/2008
Sheila gets in pool now and theyre talking about her tattoos and her ex George. Saying one of her tattoos (angel w/ wings) was with the cast of the DeMarco movie she was cut out of, they all got one, but Johnny Depp wasnt there cuz he flew out to see his GF who at the time was Kate Moss, They flew her son out to Hawaii whike she was filming and she was so happy. Shes saying Marlon Brando was the nicest man ever, she loved him, but he died like 2 yrs later.,,flames
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Topic #8391300
alex_davis - james off block, sharon as replacement(no surprise) NT 0 Replies #8391300 3:03PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8391406
kandio - S/N chatting woundering how Josh can skate. Nat saying he wont next week 2 Replies #8391406 3:15PM 23/03/2008
when she puts him up. Sheila saying she does not know what she will do. Talking numbers.
Woundering how long they have had this BB house.
Talking themes of the house.
Sheila saying dont let people tell you anything different?
Sheila saying i believe you.
Nat saying something about Matt
Sheila saying she thinks she freaked ED out.
Nat asking A/R why is Josh being a butt hole.
Worried Josh is going to start something. Sheila:i dont know why we never do anything.
Sheila telling him she or Nat will get HOH.
Nat says if Josh goes off she will put him in his place.
Saying the guys wont protect him we would.
Saying Sharon is a blond w/no brain.
Saying they will play their game, we are smarter than them.
Nat says yep we are smarter.
Sheila saying we can trust James. Nat saying yes
Sheila says James will go after Ryan. We dont have to protect them
Sheila said when someone was going after me they guys never stepped in.
Sheila we have to protect each other.
Nat: i hope Matts mother steps in and tells Matt he has a good girl in me. And does not need a high Maintenance girl.
Nat asking god for Hoh
Sheila saying us girls got to stick tog
Nat saying people said not to trust Sheila..Sheila why would i lie to you.
Sheila saying they think your a idiot because of your body like me.
Talking about Josh again

Nat saying she knows she will have HOH
Sheila saying the peeps are ungrateful
for what BB gives them. But they are not.
They are thankful for everything in the house.
Sheila saying there is only 45 Pet of the Year.
Sheilas ex BF who was really rich saying Sheila made a mark on the world, her name will be out there. Somewhere in this world there will be a photo of you.
Nat saying her to. Hooter girl Haw Tropic P

Sheila saying she never thought she changed the world. She wants to. So does Nat.

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erin33520 - At some point Sheila mentioned that there's a reason she has to stand up #8391677 3:57PM 23/03/2008
to guys like Adam and Josh but she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want it used against her. Natalie keeps pushing and Sheila says she told Matt a little and Nat says oh are you the one with the abusive father? and Sheila says not biological, stepfather. She seems uncomfortable, unhappy that Nat knows and doesn't want to talk about it.
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Rubykins - Nat also referred to Matt as her future husband NT #8391642 3:51PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8391484
erin33520 - Josh/Sharon in bed, Sharon has been stroking Josh's hair for a long time, general chit chat 0 Replies #8391484 3:26PM 23/03/2008
Talking about Sharon/Jacob going to pick up Josh and Chelsia and going to visit Ryan (Jabob told Ryan he would come visit him) and Sharon asking about what Josh's favorite thing to do with Chase is (Order take out and watch movies)
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