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Topic #8389188
sunflower721 - feeds back nat and SHeila in KT nat eating breakfast sheila sitting next to her laughing joking around.Ry in bathroom brushing teeth NT 1 Replies #8389188 10:14AM 23/03/2008
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Brendabythebay - Nat/Sheila were talking about how the show does this dramatic recap and Nat did a pretty good impression as in #8389203 10:17AM 23/03/2008
James and Chelsea....(pause) were nominated. Will they (pause) win veto to save themselves? Dramatic music du du DOM.
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Topic #8389198
DanaRose - Nat and Sheila talking about what will be shown on tv tonight... 0 Replies #8389198 10:16AM 23/03/2008
They say its the veto comp, Josh, in his room, overhears this and says Idiots, and goes in KT to tell them tonight is HOH room and nomination ceremony and luxury comp. Tues is pov comp and ceremony.
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Topic #8389206
sunflower721 - sharon getting ready to take shower,josh getting dressed in Bathroom chels is there too fixing her hair still in her robe,sheila going to get her 0 Replies #8389206 10:19AM 23/03/2008
bathing suit on.
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Topic #8389219
Brendabythebay - BB: (in mean voice) James? I SAID it is TIME to get up for the DAY! NT 0 Replies #8389219 10:23AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389235
sunflower721 - chels in Red BR getting clothes out of dressers drawers,james in bed BB in nasty tone "James I Said it's time to get up For the day!" (LOL ed.) 0 Replies #8389235 10:25AM 23/03/2008
sheila out in BY laying out in sun.josh out in BY as well talking to sheila.
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Topic #8389244
Brendabythebay - BB: (again in mean voice) James? I SAID it is TIME TO get UP for the day. 0 Replies #8389244 10:26AM 23/03/2008
Josh says he's the one holding the ceremony.
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Topic #8389262
sunflower721 - BB again, "james I said its time to get up for the day!, james stays in bed. a few minutes later gets out of bed,josh adam and sheila in BY talking 0 Replies #8389262 10:30AM 23/03/2008
about easter,josh all the little kiddies are up hunting for their baskets,eggs,talking about holidays while in the house sheila mentions last season how they had a XMAS tree in one of the comps.sharon still in shower,nat in mirror doing her makeup.
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Topic #8389310
sunflower721 - josh asks chels how many eggs they have (boiled)chels three cartons,josh so 36 right?Yeah james in BY thats all the eggs we have,CHels yeah,they talk 0 Replies #8389310 10:35AM 23/03/2008
about getting dye for the eggs,if not they are going to use nail polish on them,james is upset that they boiled all of the eggs,he tells chels josh he eats eggs like everyday.chels well I'm sorry.
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Topic #8389321
sunflower721 - nat comes out back james good morning natalie james to nat you know we dont have anymore Fng eggs nat says we dont?no they boiled all of them.SHeila 0 Replies #8389321 10:38AM 23/03/2008
saying how she likes boiled eggs on salads and stuff.saying to chels are they are better for you (hard boiled eggs).
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Topic #8389370
Brendabythebay - BB calls Chels to DR, James says its cuz she boiled all their eggs. 0 Replies #8389370 10:48AM 23/03/2008
James says he knows he's cranky in the am but ******* he just wants to eat an egg and they boiled all the (******** eggs, 36 ******* eggs.

Sheila: I know they coulda left us just one carton.

Nat: Ooooh I love scrambled eggs in the mornin, with toast. (Ed. LOL way to rub it in and keep James pissed off lol)
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Topic #8389416
Joy - BB says... they will be getting an Easter treat later today NT 0 Replies #8389416 10:56AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389533
sunflower721 - nat went inside house ry and sheila talking about his granfathers death,sheila is asking how he is he said we was bummed yesterday,sheila says if you 0 Replies #8389533 11:12AM 23/03/2008
need to talk she is there for him,sheila shares a nice story about her granmother supporting her when sheilas mom couldn't how her grandmother helped her with her modeling,she talks about not wanting to go to funeral because she did not want that to be last memory of her grandmother.ry says he would just like to be there with his mom.sheila says how his mom wrote letter and told him not to worry ry I know I know sheila talking about her uncle ,burying him this all happening last december,she wasnt close to him ,her mom was in coma sheila talking about having to come back to take care of her son,He (mick) did not want to come to see sheilas mom or uncle.was to hard for him.(pretty moving stuff ed.)ry says he has to go in out of sun.says hot out there to sheila,now josh talking to james,chels in bedroom.josh talking to james about eggs pissed that they cooked all "his Eggs"Josh asks james if BB is going to give them dye,james no they are giving us FNG chocolates.******Flames*** now james to chels says chels face is puffy today.James maybe its depression.(LOL maybe to much ice cream Ed.)
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Topic #8389539
streetsense - Josh said Ceremony is in 15 minutes NT 0 Replies #8389539 11:12AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389555
streetsense - Josh and Ryan talking about Chelsia's Vegas deal she offered Adam--Josh calls her creative, crafty--and "you go girl" 0 Replies #8389555 11:15AM 23/03/2008
Ryan says its tempting and worth thinking about
Josh: she wants to stay but she had to win POV--she came in last 7 drinks, Sheila did more than her, and anybody else but James winning POV and she would have stayed
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Topic #8389582
streetsense - RYan saying if he wins HOH next week SHeila is going up for sure and he doesnt know who else --then mentions Adam a possibility 0 Replies #8389582 11:20AM 23/03/2008
JOsh thinks adam looks a little scared and hell put up Sharon cuz its easy
Ryan:Hes only worried about James putting him up next week

They talking about Sharon laying low and not trying right now--and she let go of disco ball cuz she didnt want it
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Topic #8389585
sunflower721 - josh out in BY with ry talking on couch out there asking ry if he knew about deal chels offered to adam,ry oh yeah I know about that , josh saying how 0 Replies #8389585 11:21AM 23/03/2008
crafty and creative chels is,ry he (adam) is not going to take it..Josh she wants to stay but shes in a little trap. now josh says about the POV and that sheila did more (drinks) than chels.josh, chels feels that if anyone other than james won the POV she would stay,as long as james was up against her.ry telling josh how nat wanted to keep nat,josh says why would she want to do that, to get me out he says,ry yea I think.they talk about their (alliance) keeping each other in the game.josh says if he wins HOH he is putting up adam and sheila.ry saying he is not one a side ,josh says that ry is the Middle man.ry saying he is not sure what he would do if he won HOH said wouldnt be you,several times to josh (meaning he will not put josh on block.

sheila/sharon chit chatting in bathroom.
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Topic #8389612
sunflower721 - james and chels back in bed snuggling .sharon now out in BY with josh/Ry NT 0 Replies #8389612 11:25AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389621
streetsense - JOsh saying Chelisa going 5-0 and James wont even give Chelsia a sympathy vote NT 0 Replies #8389621 11:26AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389639
cindytexas - The women's basketball press conference has started on feed 3, with no sound. lol NT 0 Replies #8389639 11:28AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389658
streetsense - all 4 feeds on Nat Adam Sharon Ryan Chelsia Sheila out on couch-- Josh out there tooNT 0 Replies #8389658 11:31AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389665
sunflower721 - james just called to DR.josh (out bY) says here we go. (nom. ceremony).adam out back talking about sheila being fired up.(thinking she could possibly 0 Replies #8389665 11:31AM 23/03/2008
be going on block.,BB houseguests this is a lockdown please go outside and close the sliding glass door! sharon says cause I know I'm going up, then to josh and its not u babe.
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Topic #8389683
sunflower721 - all Hgs outside except james chels says james is very bitter with me for boiling all the eggs,she says oh well, 0 Replies #8389683 11:34AM 23/03/2008
he's not even getting me a symphany vote.Ry yeah he was pretty mad about it (eggs),nat is talking about coffee again.chels asking her questions about coffee.expresso.
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Topic #8389689
streetsense - Sheila saying she saw ED on live feeds---RYan says "Ithought you never watched BB" Sheila says "no not live feeds, just bits and pieces " NT 0 Replies #8389689 11:35AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8389715
sunflower721 - nat asking about the feeds how they look,chels asks if you can log on with just a password and any computer,josh says yes. 0 Replies #8389715 11:38AM 23/03/2008
sheila talks about seeing ED on the feeds before then not sure if it was the feeds.
Sheila says she saw bits and peices of the show and still doesn't get it. (um i think she has foot notes from past seasons.)she is asking about a girl with long blonde hair (danile maybe) talking about Zach. (she knows the smallest details ed.)
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Topic #8389744
streetsense - Nat talking about her sisters, Sheila asking her about them---everybody else just silent NT 0 Replies #8389744 11:42AM 23/03/2008
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