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veedsboo - James and Adam are still at their game of chess... 0 Replies #8669808 11:07PM 08/04/2008
Sheila can now be seen in the BR, she notices Ryan's new hair cut and says it looks good and mentions that Natty is talented.
They game talk.(hard to hear.)
They Ryan and Sheila leave Natty in the BR alone.
Then Natty leaves to turn on the sauna.
Now R/N/She are back in the BR.
They talk of ice cream.
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JustHrt - Adam wins chess NT 0 Replies #8670023 11:25PM 08/04/2008
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JustHrt - All in wash room talking about nair 0 Replies #8670051 11:27PM 08/04/2008
Ryan's neck is ***** up from the nair
A says it looks like it's burning through your skin, ewwwwww
they are all laughing

James goes to kitchen and plays with car
ryan is in shower getting nair off of him
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stewart - Sharon packing, James in shower, Shelia on chair in WC, Nat still clipping brushing hair in WC also.. 0 Replies #8670355 11:51PM 08/04/2008
Adam and Ryan quick chat while walking from LR to KT

Ry says James is just trying to stir up ****, not to believe him,
he is gone tomorrow and he is just trying to stir it up, calls
James an idiot

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