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Topic #8659932
BB9Blinded - Nat talking to Ryan and Sheila in the kitchen about James 1 Replies #8659932 2:00PM 08/04/2008
Nat says he's not nice and it doesn't hurt her if he talks about her weight. Ryan mocks James and Sheila tells her not to worry. Nat says James is disgusting and he was going to throw the water on her but she got up in time. Sheila says stay away from him. Ryan asks Nat what she said in her goodbye message Was she harsh? Nat says she was mean and not nice at all. She says James is outside with Sharon and Adam egging him on. Ryan says if he touches you with his penis he will get kicked out today instead of tomorrow. Nat says he's a sore loser and pissed because he got defeated by her and what he is doing is sexual harrassment.
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crazybiotch42069 - nat telling them about James trying to throw water on her...that he had put his penis in..but that she got up in time. NT #8659995 2:03PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8659983
BB9Blinded - Sheila, Nat and Ryan in KT 0 Replies #8659983 2:02PM 08/04/2008
Sheila and Ryan talking about preparing for lunch. Nat still talking about lunch and how she wants to stay in HOH all day because James is disgusting. Ryan kidding with her and Sheila asking them if they find James attractive lookswise. Sheila says he has a package and a good body. Natalie disagrees about his body and says he jacked it up with his stupid tattoos. They discuss his young age. Sheila talks about dating bad boys but not to his degree. Nat is really upset.
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Topic #8660028
BB9Blinded - Natalie, Sheila and Ryan in KT 0 Replies #8660028 2:04PM 08/04/2008
Nat says Sharon is instigating like a mole because her alliance is gone. Ryan asks if Nat would backdoor him and she says of course not, don't question her cause it's not even a thought. Nat says James is just immature.
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Topic #8660125
BB9Blinded - Nat talking to Ryan in KT 0 Replies #8660125 2:09PM 08/04/2008
Nat: He is disgusting, so gross he really is. Luckily I got up in the nick of time and i look at adam and he is smiling. He should be sticking up for us. Tell him to stop his bs he will listen to Adam he is scared of Adam.
Ryan: Mmmhmm. Adam won't do that because he doesn't want to lose a vote.
Nat: Before POV James told me you have hard work ahead of you. Good luck I hope you win
Ryan: He told me he'd never vote for you.
Nat: See?
Ryan: Everyone is such a hypocrite in this house.
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Topic #8660204
BB9Blinded - Adam comes into KT with Ryan and Nat 0 Replies #8660204 2:12PM 08/04/2008
Nat asks Baller what he is saying. Baller says nothing really. She says yeah right I saw his mouth running -what else is he saying. Baller saying nothing new is being said. Nat says he can't wack me with his johnson it's sexual harrassment or asking me to suck it. Ryan says he can't do that to you. Nat says I will talk to the DR - Nat talking to Baller about the water. Ryan and Baller sit down to play chess. Sheila comes in and they tell Sheila that "they" are in the storage room. Sheila says good.
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Topic #8660246
KingMac - DR encourging James to put flour on nat, James says DR says be carfull with the flour on nat you got lucky with shiela NT 0 Replies #8660246 2:13PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8660330
DanaRose - About 10 min ago Nat was saying to Ryan, He's disgusting, he's gross (James), as she was in KT picking her nose. NT 0 Replies #8660330 2:17PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8660465
DanaRose - James sitting completely naked on stool in LR watching A/R play chess. Heard Ryan say Do not touch me with that thing, I'll ... 0 Replies #8660465 2:22PM 08/04/2008
frickin flick your nuts bro and it'll hurt like ***** bro. He wasnt on the feeds, but I heard him and assume it was to James, cuz then he said I just dont like tht ***** swinging in my face!!
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Topic #8660653
BigBrotherLuvR - James to DR NT 0 Replies #8660653 2:30PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8660817
BigBrotherLuvR - Sheila is cutting Sharon's hair. Nat watching, seems unsure about Sheila's methods. (All feeds on them) NT 0 Replies #8660817 2:36PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8661026
augie - About 15 minutes ago N/R were in the KT alone - Ryan says "you wouldn't back door me would you Nat?" and Nat looks surprised and says no adamantly - 0 Replies #8661026 2:43PM 08/04/2008
and asked where did he hear that? He shrugs, and she says
she never would.
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Topic #8661179
BigBrotherLuvR - BB closes the back door, but doesn't tell them anything (no "HG's you're on Lock Down"). Ryan/Adam in SR. 0 Replies #8661179 2:49PM 08/04/2008
Adam says "they" told him 2:45 was "go" time. He thinks they're hookin' it up outside (for a party?) They go back and play another game of chess. All 4 feeds on Ryan/Adam. James is not there anymore. Girls are still trimming hair in bathroom area, can hear faintly through mics.
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Topic #8661302
BigBrotherLuvR - James came out dressed, but has since stripped off all his clothes again. FLAMES. NT 0 Replies #8661302 2:54PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8661324
BigBrotherLuvR - James says Sharon's hair looks like sh!t. NT 0 Replies #8661324 2:55PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8661372
BigBrotherLuvR - Sharon telling James that BB won't let them take any pic, 'cuz James has to be clothed. James says Nah, they'll just put CBS over my C@ck. 0 Replies #8661372 2:58PM 08/04/2008
(ed LOL)
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Topic #8661403
BigBrotherLuvR - Feeds all on James/Ryan playing chess, but you can hear the other HG's carrying on NT 0 Replies #8661403 2:59PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8661425
BigBrotherLuvR - Feeds switch to bathroom. Adam taking pics of Sharon/Nat (took some before of Ryan/James) 0 Replies #8661425 3:00PM 08/04/2008
They are all expecting a party in the BY.
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Topic #8661477
BigBrotherLuvR - Sharon taking pics of Adam watching James/Ryan play chess. NT 0 Replies #8661477 3:03PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8661707
BigBrotherLuvR - Sharon called to DR. Telling Sheila she did a good job cutting Sharon's hair. 0 Replies #8661707 3:12PM 08/04/2008
Feeds switch to Adam/Nat in SR taking pics, talking about how much of a goofball Adam is.

James thinks BB is setting up the HOH comp in the BY, Adam thinks it's his party.
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Topic #8662038
augie - DR said to James he had to respect "personal space" and couldn't rub his penis on anybody or masterbate - he's to 0 Replies #8662038 3:29PM 08/04/2008
do that in private.
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Topic #8662074
augie - James just asked A/Sharon/Shiela/Ryan if they all are working with Nat - they all agree. Sharon giggles. NT 0 Replies #8662074 3:31PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8662160
augie - Ryan grilling with a goofy chefs hat on. Adam & Ryan looking at the pictures they took on the camera. 0 Replies #8662160 3:34PM 08/04/2008
James has all his clothes on and is playing with the golf club. James says he's not going to call Nat out cause everyone already knows. Adam says not to ruin her game plan.

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Topic #8662193
augie - Sheila tells James "why did you tell Nat I was voting for you" - James says she's (Nat) getting paranoid. Nat in DR. Sharon giggles. NT 0 Replies #8662193 3:36PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8662402
augie - Ryan out of DR - burgers done in the BY. All the "fixin's" around the fire pit - all chowing down. NT 0 Replies #8662402 3:45PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8662672
mcoop - FLAMES! NT 0 Replies #8662672 3:58PM 08/04/2008
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