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Topic #8667600
JustHrt - J/A playing chess, N sleeping, R reading, no S/S 0 Replies #8667600 8:21PM 08/04/2008
8:17- nothing new, James and Adam playing chess, one checks the other
8:19- Nat still sleeping, has dark pink/red eyeshadow on, Ryan in the bedroom reading, grunts loudly as he turns the page
8:20- Adam checks James again
8:21- Adam makes a move and then James counters quickly, Adam says that he made a DUMB move, James wins again
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Topic #8667633
JustHrt - Ryan is up, J/A playing one more game, James wins right away 0 Replies #8667633 8:23PM 08/04/2008
8:22- Ryan gets up from his bed, J/A playing one more game of chess
8:22- James wins within one minute, 3 move check mate
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Topic #8667750
JustHrt - A/J Chess, N sleeps, R moves around house 0 Replies #8667750 8:31PM 08/04/2008
8:23- J/A start a new game of chess, little talking
8:25- Adam says James was on the white square and that wasn't fair, James says no I wasn't
8:26- James checks Adam, Adam is almost out of pawns already, Nat moves around in her bed
8:28- James castles
8:30- Ryan moves from restroom to bedroom says that he is tired
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Topic #8667827
JustHrt - Done playing chess, Ryan reading 0 Replies #8667827 8:36PM 08/04/2008
9:33- Ryan is back in bed reading; A/J chess still, making quick moves
9:35- Adam checking James many times in a row, Adam wins
9:36- James moves to kitchen and is eating

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Topic #8667852
JustHrt - A/R talking about nothing, J in bathroom 0 Replies #8667852 8:38PM 08/04/2008
9:36- James goes to bathroom; A is in room with R/N talking about nothing
9:37- A/R talking about chess games that just happened; earlier said Shelia is up listening to Bon Jovi
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Topic #8667898
JustHrt - Adam/Shelia talking game in HOH 0 Replies #8667898 8:43PM 08/04/2008
9:38- A up to HOH room, Shelia is in there saying that the CD Crossroads is a good one
9:39- Shelia saying she is the only one that can be trusted in the house to Adam up in the HOH, A/S talking about how they are the oldest and all the rest are so young
9:39- A/S saying that Nat is a hustler
9:40- S saying that Nat said she had to go after Adam b/c he's the biggest threat
Shelia: N is going after Sharon first, then Baller, if N gets HOH Adam is fine this week b/c Sharon is her target, the following week she can't win anything
9:41- Adam: 3 HOH's left
Shelia: Why would Nat want to be with you in the end, you are the strongest male player in the game, I am okay with $50,000. ARe you okay with 50,000.
Adam: I would be pissed
Shelia: I want to be w/you in the end, I don't want to be with Ryan because that doesn't make a good story
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Topic #8668004
JustHrt - James, Shelia, Adam in HOH room 0 Replies #8668004 8:51PM 08/04/2008
9:44- Shelia: this is the hardest thing I have ever done, leaving my son
9:50- James in HOH with A/Shelia
James: there is nothing I can do
Shelia: I think Sharon is going to win
J: then lets vote her out this week
S: I would love to vote you but you would be the hardest person to get out of this house

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Topic #8668046
JustHrt - J/She/A Talking some game, other stuff in HOH room 0 Replies #8668046 8:55PM 08/04/2008
9:51- J/Sl/A Talking about how the name Hoops came about for Sharon (in HOH)
52- James: You ready for this physical comp tomorrow
Shelia: I am ready, it is sink or swim for me
James: Ryan is hurt, Natalie has gotten a lot larger since the disco ball stuff
Shelia: that bugged her for you to say that
53- HOH room talking about how the sequester house is probably in Hawaii because the HOH room is decorated in Hawaiin theme
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Topic #8668060
raindrop110475 - adam says nat is backdooring us all and then says maybe not and sheila says oh please 0 Replies #8668060 8:56PM 08/04/2008
and adam asks what happened u allw ere close and sheila agains says she knows she cant win but they will have to give her 50k if shes in finaal 2 and james says f yeah but I dont wanna give that hooker any money so hopefullys hes in sequester nextw eek
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Topic #8668066
lakeview - Sheila/Adam in HOH and James joins 0 Replies #8668066 8:57PM 08/04/2008
Sheila: we were in a bad situation. we were on the floor. Everybody wanted us out of here. We skated through on tough times. Been on slop. You've been on slop one time right?

Sheila: we went through hell and we're the last target standing. But get this, two couples are still in this house. Just think of it. Ryan is a couple and so is Sharon.

James walks in HOH.

James: what are you guys doing?

Adam offers him food. Sheila said she was listening to Bon Jovi before Adam busted in.

Sheila saying that Nat was supposed to be up there tonight bc James was supposed to do stuff to her tonight.

James: I won't waste my energy.

Adam thinks he's f---ed either way. Sheila: how do you see that?

Sheila: no one's your frickin' friend. You think someone wants to be your frickin' friend right now? [they laugh] James does.

James: what's the worst case scenario? You go back to work.

James saying Nat would put up Sheila and Sharon. "Unless she goes for the boys."

Sheila says no, Sheila/Sharon. James: and if Sharon wins POV. Sheila: I'm done.

James: what are you gonna do?

Sheila: there is nothing you can say. It is what it is. But I think Sharon's going to win.

James: then let's f-in' vote her out this week.

They laugh.

James: ... you owe me one, Ryan wins me one.

Sheila: you'd be hard to get out of the house.

James: whatever, you'd have someone working for you.

Sheila says he's coming back in a week. Sheila saying James would have more votes in sequester. James saying Sharon would be pissed at James if he stayed over her.

James/Adam bringing up Sharon (Hoops) is ghetto as ass.

Adam: she's as black as hell. James: she has boys she rolls with.

James asking Sheila if she's ready for HOH. It's physical.

Sheila's all legs.

Joking about possible HOH competitions.

Adam asking what odds Sharon has tomorrow.

James saying Ryan's neck still hurts and Natalie's gotten a lot larger since the disco ball.

Sheila: that really did bother her [him saying that]


Sheila: oh my god, poor Matty.

James: f--- Matty, he's chilling in sequester.

Now wondering if the sequester house is in Hawaii. The HOH room looks like Hawaii. Sheila: then he's having a good ole time. Adam: f-in the locals... he's a playa. He paid $2000 a hooker.

Sheila's freaked out to no end being there for so long.

James saying when he leaves someone in the airport will yell "crazy James".

Sheila: "yeah, you gave that bitch what she deserved."

Sheila says that Nat's been saying that she doesn't have the votes in sequester. James: I'm not giving that hooker any money.

James would rather have Nat have $0 than $50K.

James hopes Nat's in sequester with him next week.

James: Sharon has to survive in this house too. Making a goofball of myself makes Sharon more of a target so I'm not going to do anything tonight.

James is happy he'll get alcohol and cigarettes soon and they're taking it out of his stipiend.

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Topic #8668103
JustHrt - HOH room w/J/A/She talking about how Nat is shady 0 Replies #8668103 9:00PM 08/04/2008
8:55- Shelia: Nat was saying how no one on the jury will give her the half million
James: I would rather her have no money than 50,000
9:56- James: I'm not going to fight with Nat that bad
8:57- Comes back Shelia says we aren't supposed to be talking about that stuff
Adam: Against Shelia I would go home
Shelia: I'm not a threat to anyone, so maybe you would
James: loyalty falls apart at this point in the game
8:58- Adam: vetos are huge right now, if I get past this week I will be alright
James: you will probably see some block time
8:59- Shelia: hopefully I go against you and Sharon, or you and Ry Bread, going against Natalie would be horrible b/c she is physical
James: Just keep feeding her
Shelia: she hasn't been on slop either, how would that effect her?
James: throw food
Shelia: I can't believe you (J) picked slop in the comp
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Topic #8668142
JustHrt - Sharon is up wandering, A/J/She in HOH chit chatting 0 Replies #8668142 9:04PM 08/04/2008
9:01- She: what do you think Ryan is thinking, does he like Nat?
James: I dunno, but if they share the same room together they are probably working together
02- James: he (Ryan) was okay with getting Nat out this week; Sharon is up and walking by kitchen, with a cup, she is going to WC
03- HOH room talking about people's pets
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Topic #8668185
JustHrt - A/J/She in HOH, Sharon out of bathroom, they made Natty give birth to basketball awhile ago, making fun of her acting skills 0 Replies #8668185 9:09PM 08/04/2008
James: Shelia probably does know things about people, she prys
Shelia: I like everybody in this house, there is not one person I didn't like
9:05- Sharon back in bed
James: If Matt made up the BJ thing about Nat that is f'd up
Shelia: I don't think that happened
James: I'll check out the video when it's done
Shelia: I don't believe it
James: If Matt is frontiing like that that is just stupid
She: Why would you even make that up
06- Shelia: wait till she sees all the things he said about her, she has no idea
James: she is dumb, maybe it was a front
She: I dn't think it was a front
07- Shelia: I think him saying to her you'll never make it in show biz was real
Sharon is reading in bed
08- James: were you up here for the pregnancy one, tells a story
We made her pretend like she had a baby, Nat gave birth to Ryan's basketball
James: it was the worst, that was the night she went down and cried
Adam: everyone was up here, it was the worst
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Topic #8668192
BB8On - Balla said Sheila misses things like Nat giving birth cuz she's too busy campaigning. Sheila laughs: "whatever!" NT 0 Replies #8668192 9:10PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668196
raindrop110475 - James and Adam are sayignthat they get alot of questions in dr about how dumb nat is or words she doesnt know NT 0 Replies #8668196 9:10PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668215
raindrop110475 - Adam tells sheila if she wins HOH he will treat her like roman god in a toga NT 0 Replies #8668215 9:12PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668230
raindrop110475 - sheila saying no one has anyones back and no one can trust anyone 0 Replies #8668230 9:13PM 08/04/2008
James says he thinks he did enoug damage to put nat as major target. James confirming in front of adamthat he would neever give nat the money
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Topic #8668244
JustHrt - HOH room (She/A/J) talking crap on Nat 0 Replies #8668244 9:14PM 08/04/2008
9:10- HOH room still talking about how Nat have birth to the basketball (pretended to)
Talking about Sharon saying bebies to the GP's, how annoying it is
Barely mention something about DR
BB says houseguests you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other houseguests
11- Shelia: Nat is the strongest player
James: physically but not mentally
She: who do you trust at this point, no one, cuz they all suck, no one has your back. You don't Adam, I know you are gonna' save your ass, but I gotta try to stay in the game as long as I can
12- Sharon still reading in bed
James: I think you have stirred the pot with Nat enough that everyone has seen her bullsh*t
Shelia: Nat says to take her to the end b/c no one will vote for her in the end
13- James: I want to see Nat in sequester room
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Topic #8668284
raindrop110475 - sheila is tellign James that nat made up cheerleader thing and James says why would u lie about that 0 Replies #8668284 9:16PM 08/04/2008
James making fun of nats job that shes just a coffee barista in a drive thru coffee bar. Sheila says gotta give her credit that shesis great artst. Sheila says she went with it when soemone else brought it up James says why would u lie. James says Matty eyes lit up . Sheila says someone says u know alot about football and she said because Im a cheerleader and people believed her so she went with it and james says your making me hate her even more and sheila says dont say anything
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Topic #8668301
JustHrt - Shelia talking about how Nat is not a cheerleader to A/J in HOH 0 Replies #8668301 9:17PM 08/04/2008
Shelia: Nat made up that she was a cheerleader/dancer, she serves coffee in a bikini
James: I would you make that up
She: she is a good artist
James: all her mer whores look like her
Adam: (talking to She) why are you crapping up the covers
She: She made up the dancing thing, it's fake not real
James: why would she make that up, Matty's eyes lit up when she said that
She: was joking about it and when Matty believed it she went with it, Nat said they think I am a cheerleader but I am really not
James: you are lying, don't do this to me, you are making me hate her more
She: I am not lying, she is not a cheerleader for gods sakes
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Topic #8668325
raindrop110475 - James sayign Nat doesnt have pimples she has meth cracks meanign nat is a meth addict. tellign sheila abotu time line and proves nat was meth addict 0 Replies #8668325 9:18PM 08/04/2008
says she has year gap in her timeline fromstripping to now. and she found her preacher in Vegas.
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Topic #8668339
raindrop110475 - James and adam say u dont find christ for no good reason so is either sex drugs or alchol that makes u find christ NT 0 Replies #8668339 9:19PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8668371
JustHrt - HOH room talking about Nat's past then 0 Replies #8668371 9:21PM 08/04/2008
Adam: she did two years of Hooters in Vegas, there is a year missing (in Nat's story)
Shelia: What are you guys getting at
James: You don't find Christ for no good reason
Adam: you find Christ because of drugs, sex or alcohol
James: When ***** on the rocks you find...
Adam: when you are giving handys out for money or can't find your next fix
Shelia: stop
Adam: I am saying in general, in life people find Christ for drug addictions
She: You think that she was on Meth and that is why her skin is like that
James: She won Miss Hawaii tropics in Vegas when she was 21, that was a long time ago
Wait, that doesn't make sense, though she was Miss Oregon
James: Nat said Chelsia's vagina stunk, Chelsia was crazy sometimes
She: so what, we are lal crazy sometimes

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Topic #8668391
raindrop110475 - sheila defending chelsea saying that everyoen is crazy sometimes 0 Replies #8668391 9:23PM 08/04/2008
james sortof saying chelsea never made fun of sheilas vagina althoguh she did. James says your source is fed. James says most of those convos when I said things was joking. Sheila says adam should have put nat up when adam tells sheila to vote to save jimmy
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Topic #8668435
lakeview - more Sheila/Adam/James in HOH 0 Replies #8668435 9:25PM 08/04/2008
Sheila: so la ti da da da.

James says Adam/Nat on the block, Nat would go home. Nat/Adam on the block, Adam would go.

Sheila: you're not going up against me.

James: veto is huge.

Adam: veto is huge, gigundo.

James: you're probably going to see some block time. Whether backdoor...

James says only one Sheila needs to win is the last HOH. Sheila's saying that the next two weeks survival is key.

Sheila thinks that Nat in the last 3 would be bad bc she's good at competitions. James saying Nat hasn't worked out in a long time.

Sheila thinks Nat might freak if on slop. James saying that they should then throw food comp so Nat's on slop.

Now talking about the "pick slop or food" competition.

James/Sheila both talking about Nat going to everyone with deals. Sheila saying Nat's not making deals with her bc she doesn't think Sheila will win anything.

James saying Nat's telling everyone not to tell other people what she's saying.

Adam: there's no one in the house to talk to now.

Sheila wonders if Ryan trusts Nat.

James thinks that if people share the same room, they're probably working together.

James said Ryan was ok with getting rid of Nat this week.

Sheila thinks that Adam will win the game. "I'd love to win in the end. No, I'm talking about last HOH."

Adam: the questions will be "houseguests, what's the name of so-and-so's pets."

Sheila says she'd blow everyone away with that quiz. Adam asks specific questions. Sheila knows much but didn't know Parker's iguana. James says it's Kumar. Sheila thinks they're making that up.

Sheila saying she hasn't revealed that she knows peoples favorite foods of everyone, but she's not going to tell everyone.

James: yeah, she does, she pries.

Sheila: damn straight I pry. I just remember what people say. Even Parker.

Adam: peanut butter and jelly time.

Sheila: no... I find something good in everyone I meet. No one's perfect.

James saying that if Matt's lying about the bjs, that's bullsh--.

Sheila thinks that Matt was making that up.

James: why would he do that?

Sheila: she's maybe lying about it bc she doesn't want to be called out on it.

James says he'll know when he sees the videos. Sheila doesn't believe that.

Sheila: wait til she sees all the things he did say about her. It's not nice. She has no idea.

James: she's dumb. Maybe it was all a front.

Sheila thinks that it wasn't a front. Some of it was fake and bad acting. Him saying she'd never make it in show business, that was real.

James: were you up here for the pregnancy one? ... How about you act that you're having a baby.

Adam: she gave birth to Ryan's basketball.

Sheila: you guys are making this sh-- up.

James doing the acting job now. James: that was the night she went down and cried.

Sheila remembers the basketball. "And you guys were laughing at her?"

James: that's why she went down and cried.

Sheila: you should never try to act like you're having a baby without doing research.

James saying that she still sucked at it.

Sheila saying that she's missed a lot. "Gave birth to a frickin' basketball."

Adam/James admitting they got questioned by DR about Nat's acting skills.

Sheila / James making fun of Sharon's "babies" lines.

BB yells at HGs for talking about DR sessions. [ed. a little late]

James; if you guys were straight to Ryan/Nat, you have the numbers to stay every week.

James "hopes not" that Ryan would throw Adam under the bus.

Sheila: you can't trust anyone at this point. Everyone's going to pretend they have your back. They don't. You don't Adam. I know you're going to save your ass. I gotta try to stay in the game. I just have to. You know? I just have to. I just gotta figure it out. If I don't win this week, I have to win at some point.

James thinks he's done enough damage against Nat this week. That Nat's been bragging about winning money. Sheila saying that Nat's speech is that she'd never win in the end bc James crew has votes.

James wants to see Nat walk into sequester next week.

Sheila: would that make your freakin' millennium?

James: I don't know if it'd make my millenium, but

James: I can't believe she's a cheerleader for the seahawks. Not even a cheerleader. Just a dancer.

Sheila says that she made it up.

James: You're lying. Why would she lie?

Sheila: everyone said so so she ran with it. She is a bikini barista.... You have to give her kudos. She's an amazing artist.

Adam yells at Sheila for going under his covers.

Sheila explaining that Nat had gone with it when someone had said she was a seahawks cheerleader. Someone had said it and she joked that she was. When Matty believed it, she kept going with it.

James saying that Sheila's lying to him. Why do you say that?

Sheila: I'm not.

James: it makes me hate her even more.

James: I'm going with ex-meth head.

Sheila: she wouldn't be on this show or be able to talk about it if she was.

Adam/James bringing up the 2 missing years. 5 years in Vegas and then 2 years at Hooters? Then what.

Sheila: what are you guys getting at?

James: you don't find christ for no good reason.

Adam: you find it for sex, drugs or alcohol.

James: when you're on the rocks, you find religion.

Sheila: so you think that's it? so you think she had problems with meth and that's why her skins like that?

James: she won Miss Hawaiian Tropics when she was 21. That was a long time ago. How did she win it in Vegas if she was in Oregon.

Sheila: she definitely has the body for it.

Sheila's saying that Nat told Chelsia that Sheila's vagina is big.

James: this is from the girl that said that Chelsia's crotch smells bad.

Sheila saying Nat told her that Chelsia said a lot of stuff. Brings up "not bringing up psych test"

James laughing.

Sheila: how did anyone pass it at this point? We're all nuts.

James: I can remember some of those conversations, and they were said in a joking matter.

Adam: you're going to win HOH tomorrow.

Sheila: have to. to stay alive.

Adam: you're scared of winning it.

Sheila: I kinda am.

Sheila saying that she wants to win the end HOH.

James betting Sheila $100 that James said that Sheila was the most dangerous player in the house. "Julie was like 'really'"

Sheila: did you say that "she can flip the house like that"

Sheila: you should've come back and teamed up with me.

James: I'm leaving bc I won the most competitions.

Sheila: you should've laid low.

Adam: you shouldn't have come out and said I'm coming after you all.

James thinks Nat would've put up James anyways if she won disco ball.

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