This episode was definitely more interesting than most of the episodes this season. Robert came back with a warning from the doctor to watch his activity level. I'll address Robert a little later...

The challenge was quite original. The women were on their game and picked good ingredients for their dish. I'm not sure what the men were thinking. Fish is a normal ingredient, but figs, apples and tomatoes were interesting choices. Kevin, who is “da man”, came up with a sauce that actually tasted good and included those ingredients. It came down to the battle of the sauces, Kevin's miracle sauce versus Ariel's garlic sauce with way too much garlic.

Both teams started the dinner service with a disadvantage with a lack of sleep. The women had a delivery in the middle of the night. Now really, who delivers food in the middle of the night? I feel sorry for that poor driver who had to go out at that time. The men spent the night in Las Vegas, and no one sleeps in Las Vegas, especially if they are there for one night.

The men were not so good. I had hopes for Van being on the fish section since Hell's Kitchen lists his title as “fish cook.” This gave me something to think about as I had mentioned last week that station assignments were possibly given based on what station the chef is the worst on. He kept leaving plastic on the fish. I can see it as a mistake once, but twice was too much for Ramsay. He also ignored their chef's table. When he did acknowledge them, he did not explain the dishes and even told them that one dish was not very good. Seeing as how these chefs are more than likely hand picked by Ramsay, that was not the best move. Cocky Robert could not cut lamb chops properly and served up raw rabbit. What made Robert's performance interesting was that it was only a couple weeks ago that he was getting on Andy's case for his skill with lamb chops. The combination of Van's performance on fish and Robert's performance on meat caused Ramsay to close down their kitchen early.

The women redeemed themselves by finishing a service when the men couldn't. When the women are good, they are very good, when they are bad, they are very bad. There was some focus during the episode on Suzanne and how she is controlling and talks too much. I am assuming that this is for some future event, because talking too much will not get you eliminated, unless you are talking back to Ramsay.

Danny was chosen as the best of the worst. I may be a little late in noticing this, but does Danny show emotion at all? He was so monotone and devoid of all emotion. I have to give him credit though, he is kicking butt with only one arm. After Danny tells his two picks, Ramsay again picks one from the back line. I don't see the point in nominating two people if Ramsay is going to nominate his own. Once in awhile is fine, but two weeks in a row is a bit much. Not that it mattered anyway, the person who went home was the other guy. Van and Robert were nominated based on their performance during the dinner service. Andy's poor performances week after week speak for themselves. We learned a little bit more about the Robert that we don't see, one who “conserves his energy.” He was entertaining when he attacked Andy, but alas, it was his time to go. Goodbye Robert. You were too cocky after being in the final four last time and it affected your skills this time around.