Frenchie isn’t exactly the first player to go in hot – way too hot. Playing hard, and not hiding the fact, either. I recall a season (at least one) where someone played their ass off from Day 1, and in so doing grew a gigantic target on their back. But do YOU recall who that first hard player was, and the season they played in?

Frenchie also is one of the sneakiest players we’ve seen in years.

Again, remember years ago when a certain lady hid inside – what was it, a giant pot of some sort? Who was that lady and what season was she on?

Back to Frenchie, who has screwed the pooch badly on his social game. Gawd, how many promises has he made that he’s gone back on?

  1. I’ll never put up a girl, you’re all safe
  2. Travis, I got you, X, Big D. None of you will see the block under my HoH.

And who winds up on the block? Alyssa and Travis. This is not how to win friends – or BB’s social game. But Frenchie has more than this up his (non) sleeve. He’s going to make a giant alliance, the Slaughterhouse. That way he’ll have the numbers.

But just to make sure, he starts ANOTHER alliance: all girls (and him, natch.) They name it “French Kiss” (although several of them are ready to kiss his ass up and outta there, in his language.)

Speaking of Frenchie’s Southern accent, and I can – I’m from Nashville – that accent is extremely strong at times, and non-existent at others. It’s fine to put on an accent, but if you do, it’s even finer to keep the damn thing up at all times. Otherwise you might be thought of as fake and a liar. Oops! Shit, that ship already sailed for Frenchie.

If one happens to have watched Big Brother often enough, one is well aware of opening do’s and don’ts. Things you sure as hell don’t do as the game begins. Frenchie is definitely up on these unspoken rules, but he’s doing everything bass-ackwards. Playing hard as hell out of the gate? Check. Making multi-alliances and lying his arse off? Check, check. Getting caught in blatant lies? CHECK!

He’s done everything he can to put an enormous, solid target right on his own back. IMHO, this might be the scene in the next couple of weeks: