**Contains spoilers about Episodes 11 and the preview for Episode 12, but no spoilers or rumors about who wins future challenges, gets voted out or lasts long in the game**

general.jpgSo, the week/episode numbering is really confusing! CBS calls this episode 10. However, online everyone is referring to it as episode 11 due to the double episode. So, to be consistent with everyone else online, I am going to call this episode 11, “Bring on the Bacon”.

I absolutely loved this episode! There was just so much good about it and I am really excited to write my thoughts. I am a little late getting started this week due to little things like Thanksgiving and family getting in the way of my reality TV obsession! 🤣

The episode started off following the first tribal council from last week. Lauren was nervous that Tommy would get voted out (for good reason!). They were all surprised (and I think relieved, except for Elizabeth) that Missy went. Karishma was feeling pretty happy (“Don’t tell me what to do!”). Unfortunately for Karishma, I don’t think she’s off the radar yet. Lauren and Tommy want Elizabeth gone, but Dean wants to go after the “goat army” (Karishma and Noura – not sure how that’s an army?). Tommy reminds us that Elizabeth wrote his name down…and, honestly, so far he has followed through and gotten out anyone who wanted him out! Go, Tommy!

ioi.jpgWhen the boat pulled up to bring someone to the Island of Idols (IOI), Lauren didn’t wait very long to volunteer to go. Some people seemed surprised at this based on her prior reluctance to go, but at this point over half the people remaining have gone AND she’s in a pretty good position. I really liked the lesson/challenge that Lauren was given and she played it perfectly! She had to predict who would win the upcoming immunity challenge. When she showed hesitancy, Rob sweetened the deal by letting her pick 2 people. If she’s correct, she wins immunity. If she’s incorrect, she loses her vote. To make it easier on her, the challenge includes breakfast for anyone who doesn’t want to compete. When Lauren returned from IOI, she went straight to Tommy and roped him in. I loved this segment with them convincing others to sit out. “Bacon is not a carb.” 🤣


Detective Dean (more Clouseau than Holmes!) struck again! He used the paint and materials from when they created their flag to create a fake version of his fake legacy advantage. 🤣 I really hope this continues to play out!



ic.jpgI never for a second thought Noura would sit out. I don’t think it’s a matter of feeling safe, I think she’s a true competitor and it wouldn’t cross her mind. I was very surprised that Janet, Elaine and Dean sat out. This says a lot about how safe they feel. Jeff was a bit let down when the players weren’t excited about breakfast. I kind of agree with him. Even though they knew about it, I still expected them to be excited – especially since so many of them sat out and ate it! Only 3 people didn’t sit out – Karishma, Noura and Elizabeth. Nothing against Karishma, but it was clear that Lauren won her immunity idol as soon as the immunity challenge began. There’s no way Karishma could beat the other two at this type of challenge. Noura looked like she could stand there all day and tried to make up for her mistake last week by continuing after Karishma and Elizabeth dropped to let her tribemates eat longer. Kudos to her for that – even though Jeff didn’t let it happen, it didn’t go unnoticed!

Following the challenge, discussions centered around voting out Elizabeth or Karishma. Noura, Elaine and Elizabeth wanted Karishma gone, but Tommy wanted to get Elizabeth out when they have the chance. Noura cracked me up when she took and searched Karishma’s bag. It did seem as if she saw the idol, but didn’t recognize it for what it was. 🤣 They discussed splitting the vote between Elizabeth and Karishma in case one of them had an idol. They also discussed telling Karishma the votes would be split between Janet and Elizabeth. I assume they then told Elizabeth the votes would be split between Janet and Karishma? Watch out, Janet! They are using your name pretty liberally!


Karishma really played this wrong. Immediately after talking to Dan and Lauren about voting out Elizabeth, she walked right over to Elizabeth and told her what they were saying – in front of them! I don’t get the logic behind this blatant display and I think it’s what caused them to all vote for her vs. splitting the votes as they planned.


Karishma did continue to rock tribal council. She really comes into her own with Jeff’s questioning and shows her lawyering gift of gab. This could work for her with the jury, but against her with a tribe that already wants to vote her out! Elaine showed her loyalty (I would work with her!) and said she’s going to “roll with her core, or role the f*ck home”. 🤣

tc.jpgThough they didn’t show us who voted for who in the first vote, I think it’s pretty clear that Karishma voted for Elizabeth, Elizabeth voted for Janet and everyone else voted for Karishma. This is consistent with what we heard. Dean played his counterfeit fake legacy advantage, Karishma played her idol (Woo Hoo!) and Lauren played her idol (smart move!). The revote was between Elizabeth and Janet, but everyone voted for Elizabeth to go. Wake up, Janet! Your name is coming too easy to people’s lips!


Next Time on Survivor – My favorite episode every season – the family visit! I absolutely love to see the interactions between the players and their family members. It is also always insightful when the challenge winner picks one or two other people to get to spend more time with their family members. I would almost want to lose this challenge because you also have to deny everyone else that chance! I will be prepared with my Kleenex and can’t wait to see it!


Prediction – From everything we have seen so far, it would seem that Karishma will go next. However, I have a funny feeling it will be Janet or Elaine. I REALLY want to be wrong about this. I’m hoping something happens to get Dan out next!


Ranking – My ranking is based on who I enjoy the most. This could be because of personality, game play, pure entertainment value or some combination of the those. Those at the top are the ones that I want to stick around. Those at the bottom are those who I wouldn’t mind leaving. The emojis indicate how much I like them (some are tied). However, I do explain for each how safe I think they are in the game and how I think they are playing overall.

1. Elaine Stott (Original Lairo, New Vokai) - 41 years old ❤️❤️❤️

elaine.jpgElaine just keeps getting more and more likable! If you haven’t watched the secret clips on the CBS site, I highly recommend the “Elaine Plays Dressup” clip. It shows how close she and Elizabeth were and it also shows more of how great Elaine is! I would love to think that Elaine is safe, but how can she be? I know they all love her and I know we haven’t heard her name mentioned by anyone remaining, but it would be stupid to keep her around until the end. It scares me that she feels safe enough to sit out of a challenge! I’m really hoping Elaine wins immunity, finds an idol or something to keep her safe until the end. 🤞

janet.jpg2. Janet Carbin (Original Vokai, New Lairo) - 59 years old ❤️❤️❤️

Why does Janet feel safe enough to sit out of a challenge? This definitely freaked me out! I hope she paid attention to the fact that she got a vote at tribal council. They didn’t show us who (hopefully they will???), but it doesn’t matter from her perspective unless she thinks it was Elizabeth. Like Elaine, they would be stupid to keep Janet around until the end. We have heard Lauren, Tommy and Noura all discuss voting her out in the past. I don’t think Janet is safe, but I am really hoping to be wrong about this! 🙏

3. Lauren Beck (Original Vokai, New Vokai) - 29 years old ❤️❤️

lauren.jpgThis was the Lauren episode and she was awesome! From her IOI visit, to her stirring Dan up against Karishma, to her smart idol play at tribal council. I know some people think she shouldn’t have played her idol. I completely disagree! She knew that most people were voting for Karishma, but she had no idea who Karishma was voting for and all it would take is one stray vote to get someone out! Good job, Lauren! The other think that playing an idol does for you after an IOI visit, is remove any speculation that you got an idol!

tommy.jpg4. Tommy Sheehan (Original Vokai, New Vokai) - 26 years old ❤️❤️

I still love my boy, Tommy, but these women are rocking it and I had to move him down to move Lauren up. I know a lot of people think he’s got this game locked down, but we are going to have more women on the jury than men and I could see them voting for one of these strong, smart and competitive women to win over Tommy. I do think Tommy is pretty safe for now. Nobody remaining has mentioned his name that we have seen, he gets along with everyone and he seems to be running the majority alliance with Lauren. He has also shown us that he can put his alliance first (dropping out of the challenge and helping Lauren get the idol) and he has shown us that anyone who does target him gets voted out.

5. Noura Salman (Original Vokai, New Lairo) - 36 years old ❤️❤️

noura.jpgNoura continues to steal the spotlight of every scene she’s in. I love her quirky personality and unpredictable nature. Wouldn’t it be great if someone decided to bring Noura to the end like Rob did with Phillip and then Noura won? I also think Noura’s our best bet for getting Dan voted out, though she seems focused on Karishma for now. I think Noura’s safe, not only because she keeps winning, but also because everyone wants to keep her except for Dean. And who listens to Dean?!?! The preview does show a short clip of Elaine commenting about Noura, with the implication that Noura will be a target, but they often mislead us in the previews.

karishma.jpg6. Karishma Patel (Original Lairo, New Lairo) - 37 years old ❤️

Karishma’s edit just keeps getting more interesting. I loved the scene at the beginning when she was celebrating Missy getting voted out. I felt sorry for her when she dropped so quickly at the challenge. She had to know she wouldn’t win, so kudos to her for trying! 👏 And, her incredible idol play at tribal council was perfect! There are a bunch of people who want Karishma out, so I don’t think she will be safe much longer. But who knows? She could be the next visitor to IOI! Also, the preview does imply that the tide is turning in Karishma’s favor, but (again) they often mislead us.

7. Dean Kowalski (Original Lairo, New Lairo) - 28 years old 👎

dean.jpgReally, Dean? A goat army and a fake, fake legacy advantage? At this point, I don’t see any of the remaining people as “goats”, except maybe Dan and Dean! I realize there are different kinds of “goats”, but, regardless, it’s someone you want to bring to the end because you think you can beat them. Sure, Dean was in the minority and has managed to stick around, but that’s due to others using him for a vote more than anything he has done to save himself. I think Dean will continue to be safe a little longer because Tommy is keeping him around.


dan.jpg8. Dan Spilo (Original Vokai, New Vokai) - 48 years old 👎 👎 👎

I still want Dan to go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar. 😒



Thank you for reading my thoughts and rankings. If you got this far, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!