First, I am truly happy we have an All-Stars season!! I have been waiting for this for a long time. Especially, in what's going on in the world right now we all need a big distraction. Below are just my beginning thoughts on each player. I am sure these thoughts and opinions will change as time goes on.

Cody- The handsome Italian from New Jersey. To be honest, I was expecting his brother, but very happy he is here. Cody has proven himself as a formidable competitor, along with having a fairly good social game. However, I have noticed his social game seems a little off. For example, he has not been welcoming to all the houseguests thus far in his HOH reign. The Cody I remember really was inclusive on his previous season. As we can see he has teamed up with Nicole F. I have yet to decide if this will be a well grounded duo. Especially, since their pairing is so obvious to the rest of the house. I guess time will tell.

Ian- To me Ian is extremely talented at this game, and will be someone if given the right alliance can win again! His honesty related to his autism blew me a way. Ian is a kind soul and a fierce competitor. Thus far his social game is on point, and I can see his mind working ten steps ahead of everyone else. With that said, he does need a strong player to run with. Whom that player will be is still up in the air. I am impressed how he is taking his time, and laying low. Definitely the one to watch.

Kaysar- To me Kaysar is a very strong player, and has an extremely superb read on the game and other house guests. He needs to use his mental strength to create a strong alliance around him. However, his social game has appeared slightly weak thus far. I knew from the jump he would pair with Janelle, yet is this his best choice? They do have a serious bond of trust between, yet both together creates a huge target so early in the game. Will they both be able to wrangle a strong alliance?? Guess we will wait and see.

Bayleigh- This house guest is one to watch in competitions. I say this because after her BB season she was player on the show the Challenge where she did well physically and socially. I would not be surprised to see her towards the end, but this depends on who she aligns with. One of her downfalls is the amount of talking she does, and tends to have a short fuse, so we shall see what happens....

Da'Vonne- So far, she seems to be fully aware of her surroundings, and what is going on in secret. It is most obvious that she does not trust Nicole F. Rightly so, because Nicole is not someone to be trusted. Neither is Da'Vonne though. Da'Vonne, can look you right in the face and lie. This can be really good or it can be very detrimental to ones game. She is in excellent shape, and does have the drive to do well in endurance competitions. However, I do not feel she has the strongest social game. I do see her growing a relationship with Ian, but I do not know if Ian would align with her.

Keesha- To be frank, I do not think Keesha has began playing Big Brother yet. At least right now she appears to be just a number, which is sad because she was a much different player in season 10. Not sure if she will be evicted this week or not, but if she stays she will need a wake up call!

Janelle- I must be honest, I have not always been a huge fan of hers, but I do think she is a good player. I only wish the BB Gods would have brought someone else back instead. I say this because Janelle has been on so many seasons, that other players should have been given a chance. I am not surprised that she is aligned with Kaysar, but will she have his back to the end? Will she be the competition beast she once was?? Guess we shall see in the end.

Enzo- The meow meow!! He was one player that always made me laugh. He seems very present in this game, but not on solid footing yet. He has approached Cody with an alliance deal, but sadly it was not well received. Cody has bonded with Nicole F. I realize he is in an alliance with both of them but he is low man on the totem pole again, just like his previous season.

Dani- This player is doing extremely well with her social game thus far. Definitely one to watch. She knows this game in and out! I can see her going very far if she plays smart.

Nicole A- Nicole is a very intriguing player, and does peak my curiosity. She is a huge superfan and knows this game inside out. Along with being extremely smart. However, she at this point is not using her social game to her advantage. In my opinion, she needs to become a listener, and not a talker. Sadly, she is talking game with everyone, and not realizing that many alliances have begun to form. For example, yesterday she was talking game upstairs with Dani, then immediately walked down and talked a little game with Bayleigh. Way to obvious, and not wise. Moreover, she is running around trying to figure out votes etc.. Nicole you are putting yourself in the limelight, and this is not necessary for your game. Instead, lay low, and pay attention. I think if Nicole continues on this same path her days are numbered in the BB house, or will be used as a pawn down the road. Being a pawn is not a bad thing in some cases, but pawns need to be quiet, and in control of emotions. I do not see her doing either one. Guess time will tell.

Memphis- He was a solid player in season 10, but he had an extremely strong partner. Sadly it appears he does not have that this season. He does have a strong social game, however he can be very volatile when he is nominated. I see him butting heads with Cody or maybe even Ian. If he teams up with Janelle, this could be an interesting duo, however does Janelle have the competition strength she once had??

David- I was really surprised that they brought him back, because in my opinion he did not earn the title of All-Star. However, it is quite possible they gave him a chance to actually play the game since his first go was cut extremely short. David is genuinely a very kind man, and his positivity is refreshing. However, he is a complete BB newbie, and this could really hurt him. So far, he has been doing a great job socializing, and seems to be listening. My advice to him is continue to lay low, and work on getting close to Ian. This way he can gather some valuable BB knowledge.

Christmas- I think her strength and stamina will make her a competitive player. However, in my opinion her social game is somewhat weak. At times, she tends to rub people the wrong way, and has a temper. Other houseguests see that she will be a threat because of her body strength. This may or may not work in her favor. I was never a big fan of hers, but I am trying not to bring in my previous seasons judgment of her. Christmas claims she can read people fairly well, but thus far I have not seen this side of her yet. Guess we shall see.

That's it for now! I will post part III as soon as I have some free time. Would love to hear your thoughts..