New House

I hope those celebs brought their long johns, cause this house looks chilly: snow-capped mountains and snowflakes dominate the walls…

and more fake fur than a merkin collection. The bedrooms are in synch with Ski Patrol Bedroom,

complete with blinged-out ski boots. The Cuckoo Clock bedroom has all sorts of cogs on the walls: they won’t be able to go incognito here. (Sorry lol!)

My personal fav is the Chocolate bedroom below. Wonder who’s going to be the first to nibble on fake chocolate? Hey, it gets hungry in that house!

What do you need after a satisfying chomp on a bunch of chocolate? A cigarette, of course. And it looks like BB might be relenting on those smoking rules – there’s a giant ashtray below with artistic butts. (With this group of celebs, these might not be the ONLY artistic butts!)

If anyone is going to give the fake chocolate a chomp, how many do you figure will try to light one of these butts in sheer desperation? Unless, of course, they’re allowed cigs and can light up on the Snowy Patio.

Makes you wonder who said, “I’ll do it – but only if I can smoke!” (And then they created an artistic ashtray to make it look as if cigs were their idea all along.) Things that make you go ‘hmmmmm.’ 

Time we Met the Celebs

Lamar Odom


Married to Khloé Kardashian, Lamar admits he still misses her (in a sneak peek for the Celeb BB Opener.) They were divorced in 2013, supposedly because of his substance abuse issues. If he ever did have hopes of getting back together with his ex, being found unconscious in a Vegas brothel didn’t exactly help his cause. (Supposedly cocaine was found in his system and he suffered several strokes whilst down.)

Gossip has it that Khloe would like to speak to him again, so the boy does have a chance. Maybe if he does well in Celeb BB, and offers many “Mea Culpas” her way?


Chris Kirkpatrick

Founding member of NSYNC, Chris still gets a kick out of an Eminem song where Eminem took a shot at him, calling him out by name. Not by NSYNCH.

Chris was surprised at the use of his name, asking “what do you mean me? He says Chris Kirkpatrick? What the hell rhymes with Chris Kirkpatrick? I heard 'get your ass kicked' and I said 'oh, yeah. That does rhyme."



Teddi Mellencamp

Didn't find a bunch on this lady! If you have dirt, leave a comment :)









Todd Bridges

Finally, a BB HG has come out and said what I’ve thought all along: Jail prepares you for bb! After “Diff’rent Strokes” ended, Bridges got into to crack and methamphetamines. He was dealing to support his habit, and then was charged with murder for allegedly shooting a dealer eight times! What, the first bullet didn’t work?

Here’s one scary bitch: in 2018, Bridges got a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Hill. Knowing his background now, you gotta wonder how bad THIS bitch must be!

He’s been straight since “93.

Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall happens to be a BB Superfan. Were you aware of that? And he’s predicting that “there is going to be a smackdown fight with somebody that gets very, very heated

Mind you, he’ll be in the kitchen sucking down a smoothie. 







Shanna Moakler

This lady is not going to hold back on what she says, that’s for sure.

She was married to Travis Barker. When she learned he was to marry Kourtney Kardashian, she had this to say: “I don’t give a fuck!” She’s going to be fun in the house for sure.






Carson Kressley

Infamous judge of “Drag Race,” Carson is just about guaranteed to let loose on somebody or other! He doesn’t hold back, that’s for sure. I do believe he’s one of my favs before Celeb BB even begins.








Miesha Tate 

Miesha Tate apologize for her OnlyFans statement, said she’s not ‘desperate’ to join the OnlyFans account. OnlyFans connects celebs with fans, but there are rumors it really connects them – via adult content.

Miesha’s fellow UFC fighters didn’t appreciate her comment at all. Julia Avila said, “Yes, women have an OnlyFans and what of it? It’s not our place to judge or to tear down another woman for it. Fix your crown queen before casting stones on another because, honey, NONE of us are without fault.” 

Meisha promptly apologized.

Chris Kattan

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chris came out with one of the stranger statements I’ve heard. Evidently his mom was trying to help him with subjects for the show, and she suggested he mention that “Viagra cures Alzheimer's.”

He didn’t have too much more to say about it – but gee. Let’s think about this for a moment. The brain depends on blood feeding it, right? If you have low BP, your brain shuts down and you faint.

What if, for a while, all your blood is headed somewhere else?

Again, you might just faint. And when you come around, you ask “What happened?”

Well it’s your choice, but if I were a male, I’d have to respond, “I was just testing out a new cure for … what’s the name of that disease?”

Mirai Nagasu

Got to love her! I feel like my stand in figure skating is that I’m the role model that always makes mistakes.





There you have it: first glimpses of HGs and the house itself. I have the distinct feeling that this is going to be a rowdy bunch: it's not a question, "Are they going to get some fights going?"

More, it's WHEN. And that could be on Night 1.

Can't wait!