Starting out with a bang! Or a bump: HOH Miesha to Lamar, one of the “athletes alliance” she’s putting together. She’d already asked Todrick, who’s all over the idea. According to my snooping, he’s an influencer on social media, an actor, and a choreographer. That latter might put him in Athlete Land, but I dunno. He give off athletic vibes to you?

Me neither. Why did Miesha go for him, then? Plenty of the real thing to pick from!

Todrick is a hot property. Who then asks him to form a two?

Chris, founding member of NSYNC. Of course, Todrick says something like “How could I say no? We were in synch, after all.” Remember, a pun is the highest form of humor. 😉

Todrick, still on that hot roll, goes into the bathroom where Teddy and Mirai are in the shower. And guess what? THEY asked him to join their alliance as well. He agreed. And then they formed a six!

Can you say “Alliance Slut?” I knew you could.

Carson came up with the name “Formation.”

Good thing they made all these alliances: come night time, and there be SNORIN up in there. Man, I’d have to sleep in the bathtub.


I feel so badly for Lamar: he misses Khloé like there’s no tomorrow. And she’s hooked up with another dude again! He still has hope, though. From what he said, he cheated on her. That’s the grand total of my knowledge. Or it was… being a writer, I research hell out of everything. So let’s see what I come up with on Lamar and Khloé (mainly because I watched that Kardashian show way back in the day.)

Lamar, Khloé, and the Kardashian curse

Thanks to InStyle, I learned that the couple met at a party, near the end of “09. Three weeks later, he proposed – and nine days after that, they tied the knot! A tidge more than a month and off to the altar they go. Lovestruck and all that good shit.

But then rumors began that Lamar was into bad things. Substance things. Not to mention rumors that he was fucking around in 2012. There was a supposed “split” in 2013. Likely after Lamar was arrested for DUI – he promptly entered rehab but checked out after just one day! By December of that year, Khloé filed for divorce.

It wasn’t an instant process: in 2015 they both signed papers.

According to the Sun, Khloé did flip flop several times but didn’t want to have future kids exposed to drugs. Can’t blame her there.

But then – more drama and a near-death incident put that divorce on hold. Lamar had an accidental OD at the Love Ranch brothel, of all places. Be real, now. First, I’m doing drugs. And I’m doing them whilst getting laid in a whorehouse?

But Khloé didn’t respond as I would have – she postponed the divorce! Only so she could make medical decisions on Lamar’s behalf. That is a pretty stellar way to be.

What did Lamar have to say, once he was able to say anything?

"At the start of the marriage, I was faithful to her. But I could not handle the lethal cocktail of the spotlight, addiction, a diminishing career, and infidelity."

So here he is in Celebrity BB, thinking that perhaps he can get to Khloé this way - regardless of the small fact that she’s hooked up with Tristan, who is – surprise – fooling around on the poor girl! Then again, relationships don’t mean a hell of a lot to this crew. In and out – just like that brothel.

BTW that Kardashian curse? Supposedly anyone who dates a Kardashian pays for it later. (Or whacks off their pecker and grows tits – but that’s another story.)

And on that note – I’m out!