**Contains spoilers about Episodes 8 and the preview for Episode 9, but no spoilers or rumors about who wins future challenges, gets voted out or lasts long in the game**

general.jpgWell, my real life got in the way of Survivor this week (I wish I could say it was fun, but, nope). I finally got the chance to rewatch the episode today and gather my thoughts. I did like the episode a lot – I enjoy the team immunity/reward challenge and two tribal councils. I was surprised that we didn’t get to see more fallout from the tribal council last week. However, reading the Mike Bloom interviews with Missy and Aaron brought a different perspective. I do think what we are seeing with the whole picture is very different from the perspectives of the players in the game. At this point, I think even Janet feels as if she was played and it was all game. However, we won’t know that for sure until we get to hear from her (hopefully not until finale night!).

The episode started with Janet letting us know how difficult the tribal council was for her. She talked to her tribemates and told them she was a free agent and didn’t know what to do moving forward. They reassured her that things are always shifting. 🤞

karishma.jpgThe weather was miserable! The were all covered in sand, wet and uncomfortable. In the morning, Noura led a gripe session about Karishma – she was complaining all night, not helping around camp, etc. Noura asked Karishma to go and gather some coconuts. Karishma should be grateful to Noura, because during this excursion she found an immunity idol! 👏

Karishma returned to camp just as Tommy, Lauren and Noura were confirming that Karishma was the next target. Karishma pretended to be sick so they didn’t wonder if she had found an idol and why she only had two coconuts. They wanted to call a doctor, but Karishma refused.

The immunity/reward challenge was great! They had to balance on a beam while spinning a ball in a ring (a Redneck Game according to Elaine 🤣). They randomly drew for teams. One person from each team would win individual immunity and each team would go separately to tribal council. The last person standing would win PB&J for their team and go to tribal council 2nd. The teams were:

Orange – Missy, Tommy, Elaine, Elizabeth and Karishma

Purple – Dean, Dan, Lauren, Aaron, Noura and Janet

Karishma dropped her ball first, followed by Elizabeth, Tommy, Aaron, Dan, Lauren, Janet, and Dean. Noura won for purple, but she got excited and celebrated, dropping her ball. 🤣Missy dropped next and Elaine won immunity and PB&J for orange. Yay, Elaine! 👏

ic-purple-group.jpgThe purple group was sent to the old Lairo camp. Noura and Aaron talked about targeting Janet. But, Noura then confessed to us that Aaron is a bigger target and they shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get him out. She then talked to Janet, Dean and Dan about targeting Aaron. Lauren and Dan individually confirmed with Janet that she was safe, but should act as if she thought she was going. Dean was worried he would be the next target if Aaron goes and talked to Dan about targeting Janet because she’s a bigger threat to win in the end. Dan confessed to us that he was 50/50 on which decision was better for his game. The purple group thought the orange group would vote out Karishma.

ic-orange-group.jpgThe orange group went back to the Lumuwaku camp. We didn’t get to see them eating PB&J, but I’m sure there was plenty of moaning and happiness. Missy wanted to target Tommy to split Lauren up from him and pull her to their side. Then we got a nice long segment of Missy vs. Karishma. Based on everything shown, as well as Missy’s social media and interview comments, it’s clear that Missy had a poor perception of how she was coming across. She was 100% in game mode at all times with the end goal pictured. She didn’t realize that she came across as a steamroller. After telling Karishma the others wanted her out and the plan to get out Tommy, she then told her not to talk to anyone else about the plan. When Karishma wanted to talk to the others, Missy got upset. Karishma got upset in return and walked off. Karishma then talked to Elaine about how Missy treated her and the plan to get out Tommy. Elaine didn’t like either and went straight to Tommy! Even when Missy tried to apologize to Karishma, it came across as blunt and manipulative vs. sincere. Karishma said she would work with Missy if she thought it was best for her game, but it was pretty obvious she didn’t think it was best! The orange group thought the purple group would vote out Janet.

tc1.jpgDuring the 1st tribal council, Aaron pointed out that it was the first post merge tribal council where he wasn't wearing the immunity necklace. Janet was hoping people listened when she approached them with an idea. Dan said he hoped trust leads to loyalty, loyalty leads to alliances and alliances lead to votes. Rob thought Aaron would go. Sandra thought Janet would go. Rob was right! Everyone voted for Aaron except for Aaron (he voted for Janet).

rob-and-sandra.jpgI was proud of Karishma for not playing her idol - I wouldn't have been able to have that restraint! The looks on Janet’s and the jurors faces were priceless! Yay, Janet!tc-janet.jpg




At the 2nd tribal council, the orange group was shocked to see Aaron on the jury. Elizabeth said Aaron was one of her number ones. Missy said it's “not how the jury should be looking”. Elaine told Jeff he was really sneaky for splitting them up. 🤣 Missy brought up her disagreement with Karishma. It seemed that we didn’t get to see all of the disagreement, because Missy referenced some things that weren’t shown. Karishma accused Missy of wanting to escalate things. Sandra observed, "there's not room for both of them." Tommy thought they wouldn't be able to work together because of their differences. Elaine said the only way to squash it is to send someone home.

tc2-jury.jpgThat seemed like the perfect segue to voting, but, before Jeff could say anything, Missy called Jeff out for not mentioning it last week when she and Aaron, two African Americans, both won immunity. Jeff admitted it hadn’t crossed his mind, but if it had, he might have been reluctant to say something that could imply it was unexpected. Then it was time for voting! Tommy made me laugh when he voted and said, "When you bring up my name, you pack your bags." 🤣 He was right though - Karishma, Elaine, and Tommy voted for Missy! Bye, Missy! 👋

missy.jpgMissy took a long time to leave. She hugged Elaine who then admitted she voted for Missy. She hugged Karishma and told her that she would have brought Karishma to the end. (Rob observed that everyone wants to bring Karishma to the end!). Finally, Missy hugged Elizabeth and told her to kill Elaine “slowly and methodically”. 😲




Next Time on Survivor - At the immunity challenge they are given the option to eat or compete. I think it would be stupid for any of them to feel safe after the past tribal councils, but who knows? Lauren says, “bring on the bacon”, which leads me to believe she eats? The preview says, "The Goat Army is assembling" and showed Dean talking to Tommy and Tommy to Lauren. It will be interesting to see who else they consider to be “goats”?

Prediction – I think (hope?) Dan might go next. It seems that Lauren and Tommy feel more comfortable working with old Lairo plus Janet and I don’t think the will target Noura yet. This could be wishful thinking, though! 🙏

Ranking – My ranking is based on who I enjoy the most. This could be because of personality, game play, pure entertainment value or some combination of the those. Those at the top are the ones that I want to stick around. Those at the bottom are those who I wouldn’t mind leaving. The emojis indicate how much I like them (some are tied). However, I do explain for each how safe I think they are in the game and how I think they are playing overall.

janet.jpg1. Janet Carbin (Original Vokai, New Lairo) - 59 years old ❤️❤️❤️

Yay, Janet is safe! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that anyone is super close with her. Lauren, Noura and Tommy definitely seemed ok with letting Janet go after Karishma. On the other hand, they did save her this week and Dan seems to want to work with her. Who is allied with who is very murky now and it will be interesting to see what falls out! Janet is not seen as an immediate threat, but is seen as a final 3 threat. I hope this keeps her safe and gives her time to strengthen her ties to the others!

2. Elaine Stott (Original Lairo, New Vokai) - 41 years old ❤️❤️❤️

elaine.jpgI had to move Elaine back up for saving Tommy and getting Missy out! It was great to see Elaine talk strategy and make a move against her Lairo tribemates. I absolutely love her relationship with Tommy and hope he stays loyal to her and vice versa! I think Elaine is safe for now? Tommy will be grateful and he has Lauren. I really hope Elizabeth doesn’t turn on Elaine!



tommy.jpg3. Tommy Sheehan (Original Vokai, New Vokai) - 26 years old ❤️❤️

I’m a little worried for Tommy, but not much. Yes, he is one of only 3 guys remaining, but Lauren and Elaine don’t want him to go. I really like Tommy’s personality and his relationships with Lauren, Janet and Elaine.


4. Noura Salman (Original Vokai, New Lairo) - 36 years old ❤️❤️

noura.jpgAnother great Noura episode! She didn’t care at all when she lost the reward for her tribe and is as outspoken as ever. In Aaron’s interview with Mike Bloom, he mentioned that Noura gave him a heads up about being a target. Noura seems to want to target people who fall into two categories: (1) lazy people or (2) men. It will be interesting to see if Karishma stays on her radar or if she switches to Dean, Tommy or Dan. I think Noura is safe for now. Why would someone want to get rid of her? She’s the Queen Goat!


lauren.jpg5. Lauren Beck (Original Vokai, New Vokai) - 29 years old ❤️❤️

Lauren is playing the game that Missy says she wanted to play – behind the scenes calling plays, but not on anyone’s radar. Lauren has a great social game and is close with almost everyone left. She seems to be the most loyal to Tommy. Because she’s so far under the radar, I don’t see her going anytime soon.


6. Karishma Patel (Original Lairo, New Lairo) - 37 years old ❤️

karishma2.jpgWhat a great episode for Karishma! I was kind of worried she would go because it seemed like a lot of focus was on her. It was great to see her stand up for herself with Missy and to open up about her new insight into her feelings for her husband. For a private person, that must have been difficult. Sadly, her name keeps coming up and nobody seems close enough to her to consider her anything other than a number or a goat. I hope she’s part of the Goat Army and stays safe. Otherwise, I hope she plays her idol and isn’t the next person to get voted out with one in their pocket (or bra).


dean.jpg7. Dean Kowalski (Original Lairo, New Lairo) - 28 years old 👍

Dean is just along for the ride. He isn’t winning challenges (though he did better this week) and he isn’t strategizing. He seems to be playing the “anyone but me” game. The bad news is that he’s the last Lairo male standing. The good news is he’s a free agent and getting closer to Tommy. I don’t think he’s safe, but the Goat Army might save him.

8. Elizabeth Beisel (Original Lairo, New Vokai) - 26 years old 👎 👎

elizabeth.jpgThis was a rough week for Elizabeth! She lost both of her number ones. I think she’s close to Elaine, but that could change now. I think Elizabeth could be in trouble if they are looking for an easy follow up to last week. It’s going to fall on her social game and her ability to leverage being a free agent. Or, she could win individual immunity!



dan.jpg9. Dan Spilo (Original Vokai, New Vokai) - 48 years old 👎 👎 👎

Ugh. Dan is my prediction to go and he really couldn’t go fast enough. 



Thank you for reading my thoughts and rankings. If you got this far, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!