***Contains F3 HOH Parts 1 and 2 spoilers***


Well, BB21 is over in a few days.  My two favorite houseguests are in the jury. My two least favorite houseguests are in the F3, and the only person left that I want to see win has a snowballs chance in h*ll of winning. ☹  That being said, I have really enjoyed BB21! There were people who made me laugh, people who made me cry, people I could cheer for and people who I could cheer against. The icing on the cake for me would be a Tommy AFP win!


2019-09-21-17.52.20-cam-41. Nicole: I hope Nicole looks back on this season with pride. For someone who never left home, never flew on a plane, had to learn how to cook and do laundry in the house and was initially struggling to be in the house, she really blossomed and found her voice and competitive spirit. I loved watching Nicole bring out the silly and kind side in many of the HGs throughout the season. I said I loved Tommy and Nicole together and that never changed. Additionally, we saw Kemi, Kat, Cliff, Sis and Jackson at their best and most genuine when they were with Nicole. In my first ranking back in early July, I’ve heard people say that Nicole shouldn’t have been on BB. I disagree. I think having a Nicole, someone who brings out the “real” side of others, in the house every season is necessary.

I do think Nicole will probably win AFP and that should help her realize how much she was liked by fans and should also help her deal with not winning overall.

Nicole is going to be the final juror. I would like to believe she has a chance for one of them picking her, but I just don’t see it. Jackson and Holly have played so closely that they were allied with the same people and voted out the same people. They have discussed the chance of a bitter jury and Nicole is a wildcard that neither can keep. She might have had a chance at F2 if she had not won the DE HOH and the BB Comics veto, but now she has made some moves and neither Holly or Jackson would chance bringing her.

On the EXTREMELY off chance that Holly won F3 and picked Nicole to go to F2 with her, I think Holly would probably win. The biggest problem that the jury has with Holly’s game is that they think she is playing for Jackson. If she sent him to the jury, I think Kat, Christie, Tommy, Jack and Sis would vote for Holly to win over Nicole. I think Nick and Cliff would vote for Nicole. I have no idea who Jess or Jackson would vote for in this bizzaro world case!

On the even MORE off chance that Jackson won F3 and picked Nicole to go to F2 with him, I think Jackson would probably win. This is the move that would confuse the jury (and BB fans) the most (especially Holly) and seems so unlikely that it’s funny to even hypothesize. That being said, I think Christie, Tommy, Jack, Sis and Holly would vote for Jackson to win (Yes, even Holly. I think she’s still holding out hope their showmance works outside the house.). I think Nick, Cliff, Kat and Jess would vote for Nicole.



2. Holly: Well, Holly got what she wanted most – a showmance! As soon as feeds came on, all we saw Holly talk about (when she wasn’t trash talking the other HGs) was how the guys were all paying attention to Sis and Christie and not her. She set her eyes on Jackson and spent a good bit of that week talking to Kat about how she needed to separate herself from Jackson because it made her a target and talking to Jackson about he needed to separate himself from Kat. She got what she wanted and Jackson did something selfish for the first time in his life and broke it off with Kat. Once Holly successfully got the showmance she wanted, she settled back into the comfort of her large alliance and her secret F3 with Jackson and Kat (and F2 with Kat). Holly was never considered a threat by anyone in the house, but she also never had the respect of anyone in the house. Ironically, she lost their respect when she won her first HOH in week 5. During the Poison Ivy competition, Holly wanted to give the competition to Sis and Jackson wouldn’t let her. From that point on, she alienated herself from Sis and she lost the respect of everyone else in the house.

Holly is guaranteed a spot in F2 regardless of if she wins the F3 HOH. She is ecstatic that she and Jackson will be the first BB showmance in the F2 (Is that correct? I’m not sure, but that’s what she said.) Jackson has no reason not to bring her, since he knows he’s carried her through the game and they have upset the same people.

I see no chance of Holly beating Jackson in the F2 (see below).


2019-09-21-23.13.44-cam-23. Jackson: As I have said all season, I don’t respect Jackson’s personal words and actions in the house (or his social game), but I do respect his competition wins and (for the most part) his strategic game. BB21 is now Jackson’s to win (He will be my personal least favorite winner of all times.).

Jackson would beat either Holly or Nicole (see above) in the F2. The only votes Holly would have against Jackson are from Kat and Jess (neither of which would be game play related). The rest of the jury has admitted that, while they don’t respect all of the things Jackson did in the house, they do respect his competition wins and strategic decisions. I think Jack, Sis, Nick, Christie, Tommy, Cliff and Nicole would vote for Jackson to win.


I have really enjoyed writing these articles this season and thank Dreamer (Joker’s Admin) for asking me to share my thoughts with BB fans. Thank you to anyone who has read my thoughts and, even more, to those of you who shared your thoughts with me! If you like Survivor, look for my thoughts on the new Season 39 that starts on Wednesday! 😊 If not, see you next BB season!