This episode showed much more of Chef Ramsay's softer side than we have seen in previous episodes. He talks to Amanda (or as I like to call her, Lacey #2) and tells her she needs to step it up. He does it in a nice way, showing he does care about the fate of some of the chefs.

Their challenge was to come up with an entire meal from appetizer to dessert under 700 calories. How I wish I could eat there! Gourmet food with good portions and low calories. The men's dishes were made for kids, small portions and a pretty, pink dessert. Andy was responsible for the dessert creation. You may remember his “stellar” performance in previous challenges. His partner Dave, never fought him on it though. It surprises me because Dave seems like a smart guy. Other than his injury, we don't hear too much from him. The women received a point for all of their dishes, giving them the win. When the women were leaving for their reward, Jim had a nasty comment about the women and said “you can put a pig in a prom dress, but you still can't dance with it.”

When the men went shopping for ingredients for the dinner service they had to ride an odd-looking bicycle for eight. The men had a difficult time biking to the store because of some hills and also because of Robert. After the trip Robert was out of breath and was sent to the emergency room. I have to wonder, did the producers give any thought to the fact that Robert has a heart condition when they gave the men a bicycle to ride? Robert's condition was still unknown at the end of the show. Van had a commentary that with the men's team being down one man, this service was not for the faint of heart. That fit in well with Robert being missing most likely due to his heart condition.

Service didn't seem to be any worse than any other service. Andy held up the men's service because he couldn't get a good risotto out. I can't blame him there, it's hard to get the right consistency, but it took him an exorbitant amount of time to get an acceptable one out. The other “mess up” was Jim, who can't seem to cook fish properly. I would love to know who decides which person is on which station. Do they purposely pick people who won't do well on their station? Jim also said he could work better if Ramsay slowed down. For those of us who have worked in the kitchen, slower is not better.

The women were held up by Sabrina. First there was The Great Chicken Mystery. Somehow, a chicken disappeared. I don't think Ramsay believed that it disappeared, but us viewers saw it was sitting on someone's table. Tennille also had a bad service, but it was more because of her nervousness than lack of skill. When Ramsay criticized her cooking, she lost it and started talking back to him. This led to him kicking her out of the kitchen and some heated words in the back room. The past couple times Ramsay has kicked someone out of the kitchen, they were sent home, but Tennille was allowed back in. This season has had several arguments and back-talking to Ramsay. I don't know if Joel's argument with him early in the season has the others thinking they can argue with him too, or if it's just a more volatile cast.

In the end, both teams lost and had to choose someone to go. The women were shown talking about nominating Tennille because she “walked off” and Sabrina because she messed up the meat. Tennille was kicked out of the kitchen, so their arguments were weak. I am convinced that somewhere there is an alliance in the women's team, but I can't quite figure it out. The men were deciding between Andy and Jim. Both of them would have been acceptable to me. In the end Sabrina and Andy were nominated. Sabrina zinged Tennille in her “why I should stay” speech saying she has never walked off the line. Ramsay said he was basing his decision on past services and someone who had shown a lack of passion. Ramsay surprised everyone by saying that Jim was leaving.

Jim deserved to leave. If not just for his pig comment alone. He was edited badly tonight though, so it was obvious who was going to leave. Ramsay said he could teach him to cook, but couldn't give him a heart. The tinman had to leave.

I think the men did worse tonight, so I am glad that someone from their team left. But where's Robert? Fox promises that next week's episode will be “full of surprises.” Can we believe Fox? We've been disappointed before by the promise of surprises, so we will have to wait and see. With ten chefs left, I am still predicting that Kevin will win this season.