My Thoughts On Editing Of F4 Girls As Of Episode 4 & Date Review


Still ever present but not nearly out in front. However, that will change starting next week, at least for 2 weeks, lol. Again if we didn't have SC evidence that she's out at F4 I would think she had huge potential for final one. My thoughts on her personality and presence haven't changed much. She was given more presence this week by giving commentary on girls. First, her comments on Jenni's intentions in this situation. then, her comments on the prospect of Kristy getting the comedy club rose after she got the rose on the sailing date for coming out of her shell. Finally, we see her brief conversation with Brad at the pre-RC party. this encounter is meant to show us 2 things. First, that Sheena is already emotionally invested in Brad and here for the right reasons. Second, to illustrate why she gets kisses from Brad next week and makes it F4. The reason being Brad had only been paying slight attention to her at that point. However, after seeing his brother's encounter with her and Chad's advice that she was a nice girl who paid attention, he realized he needed to pay more attention to her. Hence, her 1-on-1 date next week equipped with stair fall and $15,000 earrings all because she pays attention to the little hair patch next to his ear. I look forward to her edit next week especially since she's got the big end of date kiss. Plus, who can miss out on Brad's face when she falls. She deserves the earrings just for that.


Jenni remains the out front girl. She never gets a break or is even slightly hidden. The only chance she has left to be put on the back burner even a little is next week and, if she's the one getting kissed on the football/slip & slide date, that won't be happenning. Jenni is still the one to watch for the people who want to see the love story out front. However, some of her original negatives come out this week with a bit of a twist along with some new ones. First, there was the negative brought on by her portfolio that she was here to gain exposure for her career. Now a twist on that same theme is that she is on the show just to win or is more in love with the idea of the show than Brad. Jenni's competitive nature, ease and determination at getting guys to like her and obtain what she wants was brought up by two different girls. The idea was given that she was more interested in winning or being the last one chosen as illustrated by her treating getting a rose like a trophy. That she likes the idea of being the frontrunner and getting engaged at the end more for the idea of it than specifically falling in love and getting engaged to Brad. She also got drawn into the drama this week when she omitted telling the girls about her 1st kiss with Brad on the beach date. Then, when the other girls were on the comedy club date she told Jade and Deanna back at the house that she got her 1st kiss on her 1-on-1 when it was really her second (or 3rd or 4th, etc.). She then, got into a mild tiff with Bettina exclaiming that she didn't care about the other girls only her relationship with Brad. All the F4 have made statements similar to this(Bettina: "He likes me. I don't care what the other girls think." Deanna: "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here for Brad."), except Sheena. I give Sheena 'til next week to make a similar statement. The other potential negatives were illustrated in her 1-on-1 date.

Date in review: The fact that TPTB are pinpointing the fact that the other girls are noticing the physical chemistry between Jenni and Brad during the time that they are shown going on their 1-on-1 date, is more of the in your face editing. It's like in every way possible they are trying to hammer into everyone's head, "Brad & Jenni have chemistry". You have two bachelorette's commenting on it (Steffi & Hillary), an illustration of it as they get ready to board the helicopter, and a date to top that. You have a total of 3 occassions that they kiss in this episode. You even have them editing Brad and Jenni's second kiss when she gets the rose to make it look longer than it is. They take the beginning of the kiss after he says, "Come here to me, please", 'til they show Jenni in her PI and they replay the same portion after she says, "I couldn't be happier". You can tell by watching her hand movements with the rose in her right hand and her left hand as it reaches up to grab his right wrist. You watch the end and you will see kiss is exactly the same with identical hand movements.So, the question is are they going to be this blatantly out front, while still holding back SC and just expect to still get ratings from people interested in catfights and not the suspense of who wins? Or is this usual 1st impression rose pattern of too much chemistry too soon that eventually fizzles out? Jenni, could be following the Trista pattern of a lot of chemistry but getting dumped in order to be the next cheerleader bachelorette. There's also potential for the Bevin pattern of a whole lot of chemistry but, nothing else. Brad and Jenni were shown making out but not talking about anything of substance, except their prior makeout. On the beach date Jenni said they talked about everything, yet they didn''t discuss here moving to Austin. That wasn't brought up until the circus date and then it was by her to say she couldn't move anywhere for a year. So, it was shown but, in a way to show doubt. While Brad said in general that he was okay with a long distance relationship for awhile if the connection was there, if he's got two other women with an equal or even half as much of a connection willing to move to Austin now he may turn his attentions to them. Especially, if he has more than just a physical connection with these women.

Another thing is the over-the-top cheerleader/acting thing is still going on. The falling back and swooning, the laugh, and now the reaction to the rose. Whenever she gets a rose now she repeats, "with all my heart". Now, this maybe her true personality that's just constantly ON. It's hard to tell with cheerleaders it's kind of like which came first the chicken or the egg. Cheerleaders have to be constantly on and seeking their audiences attention and pleasure. Sometimes that bleeds over into real life and they do it without even realizing it. On the other hand people with that type of personality are often drawn to the sport of cheerleading and entertainment. So, who knows but the constant nature of it with Jenni in this situation makes it appear not genuine. Also if you look at how jenni reacts in the moment that she gets the rose on the date Sheena's point about Jenni being into it for the element of the nature of the show versus Brad as an individual holds some wait. When she got the rose she was focused more on the rose than Brad. After she said, "with all my heart", she was so busy smelling the rose and then staring at it she totally ignored Brad and didn't realize he wanted to kiss her. He had to get her attention by saying "come here" and then she was like "oh ok", lol. Sometimes it seems like she's so busy swooning she's not aware enough of Brad and is almost in her own fantasy world. When she swoons and falls against his shoulder he's not turning to her and enveloping her in his arms so they can get closer. He sitting there his usual uncomfortable, nervous self, but she's oblivious to it. So, is she just in love with the idea of being in love and engaged instead of in love with Brad. I know she's heard in VO saying while crying, "I want a family and I want it with Brad". Perhaps she's saying that if and when she gets cut at F3. Having that giddy, nervous feeling is nice at first. However, you also want to eventually feel comfortable with this person. Especially, if your a shy, quiet guy like Brad and your going to marry the person and make them your lover confidant and friend. Will that ease of being with each other ever come with Jenni? Time will tell.


Bettina, Bettina everything I said about you was true. Unfortunately, the audience wasn't quite ready for the truth. Which is why most can't handle Deanna. The shy Bettina tried to step out of her shell this week. She succeeded enough to get get the comedy club date rose. But, she went one step too far by screaming out she loved Brad. Fortunately, Brad thought she was joking. She wasn't. Like I said last week she's the type to fall in love quick. This of course totally against her admonition to the other girls about being able to fall in love and get engaged to someone in 6 weeks time. Hello, has she watched the Bachelor? That's what it's all about. But, we ge the answer to this question at the pre-RC party when she states she came on the show, not being unsure if she would like the chosen bachelor, but specifically determined not to like him. Unfortunately she's just no match for a Texas boy and she fell for him away. So, much so that she can't stand for "a slut and a liar", namely Jenni to get her hands on him.

Editing-wise she is following two patterns. One, is the girl with the sexual chemistry with Brad who is afraid or unwilling to open up and commit to an engagement, ala' Ian in Merideth's season. If this follows true to form and everyone thinks she won't accept Brad's proposal and she does, there goes your surprise ending. Two, would be the divorced woman who married young and now is wiser than all the other girls in what it takes to be married and therefore best for Brad, ala' Bevin. These are all of course if she makes it F2. SC have her making it at least F3.

Personality-wise she is the same shy girl. She's just become more comfortable with the girls and in love enough with Brad to become a bit more bold in what she says. Like I said before, shy doesn't mean you can't be catty or jealous. Some negative points have been show on her this week. There's the fact that she's fallen in love so soon. There's the idea that she didn't come on the show initially with the right intentions. That has been somewhat neutralized by the fact that she's in love with Brad now. However, there is still the question of whether she would be willing to commit in the end due to her fears from her previous marriage. Then, there are the negative comments she's made about some of the girls, most recently the name calling involving Jenni. These are all negative things in the edit that may call into question her F1 status.

Next week she gets her 1-on-1 date and makeout session with Brad. Now her physical chemistry with Brad will come to the forefront as will she starting next week. But, will she be able to let go of her fears and open up to Brad? And will she keep being in awe of Brad or will she fall in love with the real him. Brad strikes me as someone who doesn't want someone in awe of him but in love with the non-perfect real him. Bettina's obvious awe and wonder at Brad next week seems to make him slightly uncomfortable. Brad also said he didn't want someone shy and reserved. I think he's giving Bettina due to his physical attraction the chance to show she's not as shy and reserved as she seems. Hence, his begging her at the improv to participate when she wanted to quit. But, could she do it long-term and fit in with him and his family?


The edit for DeDe has evened out, believe it or not. Negatives about the other girls have come out. However, Deanna is basically the same place she was but also experiencing physical chemistry with Brad this week. She's honest, straight-foward, and direct. If she has a problem with someone she tells them to their face. She doesn't act like she has nothing to say and smile in someone's face and then talk bad about them behind their back whispering to other girls or in a PI. She has never called anyone names or talked specifically bad about one girl. She's only been honest about her wish to get to know the potential man of her dreams and that the fewer girls the more likely of a chance she has to get a rose.

Date in review: Now the rumble on the rooftop, lol. People say that Deanna is one way with the girls and another way with Brad. This date proved exactly the opposite. People said if she acted all buddy buddy with Jade on the date then they would consider her two-faced. Well she treated Jade the same way she treated at the house during the date. She said she wasn't going to let jade take over the date and she didn't. She said she wasn't intimidated by Jade and she wasn't. Jade, however was intimidated by her. If she had bothered to really get to know Dede in the house she would have seen they had a lot in common, working at a young age, both living in Nashville for a time, etc. Then she wouldn't have thought she could out do Deanna. I just kept thinking of what "fall down the stairs" Michelle said in her interview after the show. She said she was intimidated the first night by Dede's poise and composure and knew she'd be a threat because she saw Brad was attracted to that by the way he looked at her. Jade was intimidated too from jump.

Deanna knew from the start that she had a limited amount of time to get across what she had to say and make an impression to survive that date. Like she said in a VO, "If I don't get a rose on this date I go home, NO. She told Brad on the horse racing date, "I came here thinking I'm just going to be myself. If you like me, you like me, if you don't I'll go home." So, she proceeded to tell him what she was about and what she was looking for in him, Jade or no Jade. She told him in no uncertain terms she was looking for someone honest, genuine, who believed in God, who wanted to get married, who wanted a family and who wanted happily ever after. If he wanted the same things or couldn't meet the things she wanted in a mate he had the knowledge to let her go or keep her. Interestingly enough what she wanted matched with him. He said at the beginning of the date that he wants that special someone in his life and he made no bones about wanting to find her. He's said he wants someone honest, genuine, and independent. Some people say Brad's head was going back and forth like he was at a tennis match with the one-up man-ship. However, it was only like that when he asked both of them a question at the same time and one would answer then the other. He asked both of them whether they would move to Austin.Jade answered, then Dede answered right after. Jade expanded on her answer offering proof of her ability to move and Dede did the same right after her. Then, there was a cut in the editing and you come in on Deanna answering a question for Brad. Given her answer, the question was what are you looking for? The floor was totally hers at that point and remained hers. She had Brad's total attention as he talked about how independent she was. Jade tried to get herself included in the conversation and turn it over to her by stating when she started working. Deanna then took the conversation back. Like she said, "She find this amazing man that she didn't want to let go". She wasn't going to give up easily. She was going to fight for the man she wanted like a southern girl would.

Those who think she acts one way in front of Brad and another way in front of the girls must be blind. She most definitely treated Jade just the way she would in the house right in front of Brad. People need to remember Brad is the guy she cares about not another catty girl. She is not competing with Brad for someone's affection. So, in that sense their interaction is different. But, she is the same person with same personality and the brutal honesty that matches Brad's honesty. When Deanna said in the PI that she thinks she told Brad what he wanted to here she just meant she let him know on the couch that she wanted to be there to fall in love with him. This conversation was edited down too as we didn't see them come to the couch and start talking. We only saw that with Jade because they wanted to fool the non-sleuthers into thinking Jade would stay. I think Brad asked her the question and wanted to know if she wanted to be there with him. I think the scene was reminiscent of Byron and Mary. Remember when, Mary told Byron, " I hope you find what your looking for". He said, "with you". She said, "we'll see". Later, Byron wanted reassurance from her that she would open up her heart to him because she was guarded after Bob. I think brad was wondering the same thing. So, Deanna let him know that she wanted to stay and fall in love with him. Because at the race track he knew she was guarded because of being cheated on. that's why she said she told him what he needed to hear which was that she was invested in him and open to this process.

The alone part of the date was even more edited out. The entire date including the part with Jade there was under eight minutes. The hot tub kissing scene barely took a few minutes and was interplayed with Jade's exit interview. However, even with that the kiss was better than brad's kisses with Jenni. One reason as previously mentioned is that Jenni's second kiss was edited. Second, with Brad and Deanna's kiss it seemed more like both people were into the kiss. Brad and Jenni's kiss seemed like Brad was into it more than Jenni. Finally Brad and Deanna's kiss was simply a better more intimate kiss. It's hard to really describe why. Brad and Jenni's kiss was very close in facial proximity which led to a both heads vertical kiss with slight open-mouthed grasping kisses. However, it lacked the intensity that, that type of close facial proximity kiss has. there was also very little head movement. However, with Deanna's kiss Brad gave a wider, open-mouthed, grasping kiss that moved into him running his tongue in a circle round her mouth causing his head to move in the same way. They were both into the kiss all the way up 'til the scene cut out. It's also funny that the added smoke/steam to the film at the end. It goes from seeing their faces clearly with a bit of steam waist high to them being covered with yellow-tinged steam as the scene faded to commercial. We have SC evidence of Deanna potentially making it F2. You would think the would want to show as much physical interaction as the could to turn the attention away from the F1. According to Brad's interview there was much more to the alone time of the date than was shown, which is usual. And there was much lead up to the kissing in the hot tub because they basically hopped in the hot tub and started making out right away the way it was edited. However, I will say you see Brad smiling at Deanna before they kiss and her smiling while she's kissing him st the end. So, the question is will the redemption start happening next week or after the girls are out of the house? Will they keep editing down the physical elements of Brad and Dede's scenes? Similar thing happened with Byron and Mary. Remember their hot tub scene at the hotel? Right into the hot tub makeout and cut away. Of course, Mary and Byron were a more sexually intense couple and they had Mary's hang-ups about Bob to help try to hide she was the winner. Although it didn't work.