Big Brother Recap April 26, 2008
Eat, Sleep and Worry

The boys wander out of bed at like 11:20. No wake up call from Big Brother, just when they wake up. Adam must have been dreaming about the finale because his first words to Ryan were that he (Ryan) was going to win 5-2.

The boys lay out in the sun, frolic in the pool, work out and eat and eat and eat. (I think Big Brother told them to finish up all the remaining food, these two are constantly stuffing their faces. . That was pretty much their routine all day. Both boys nap, Adam does consult the bible and Ryan did shave! (Wow riveting stuff here!).

By 2 AM both boys were sleeping. Both anticipating the next day, Ryan wanting out to see Jen and Adam wanting out to party with his friends.

Who will win BB9? Ryan who won crucial competitions, evicted people and played the game straight out. Or Adam who threw competitions, let others do his dirty work and manipulated people into thinking he was doing something? Only the jury knows. Won’t it be fun seeing them squirming at the jury questions. (Personally I am ready for BB 10)