Episode 10 – New World in My View

After leaving the roof when Godric is “gone”, Sookie slowly walks to Eric’s room where the vampire is obviously grieving for the loss of his maker. Eric’s face and chest are covered in his bloody tears, his head hanging in sorrow. Sookie, in an attempt to offer her condolences, brings Eric’s face up to look at her and proceeds to lightly kiss him on both of his tear stained cheeks. As she pulls away, Eric grabs her hand and pulls her closer to him. He does not appear to want to be alone in his time of need. Sookie realizes that he needs comforting, needs her, and they share a brief kiss on the lips which soon turns sexual. Eric lays Sookie down and looms above her. His fangs come out and she runs her fingers over them. In a show of acquiesce, Sookie turns her head to allow him better access to her neck. Eric is not one to dismiss such an invitation and goes in for the taking. (RELAX people. Sookie is only dreaming, but oh, what a dream it is.)

She wakes with a start to find that she dozed off on her way back to Bon Temps. Jason, who is sitting next her, gives her a knowing look and teases her about what she was dreaming about. A little bit flustered, she replies “Bill” and turns to rub Bill’s casket in a soothing, reassuring way. Jason remarks that every time he leaves Bon Temps and returns, things always seem different than the way he left them. Sookie says that though she’s never been gone from Bon Temps, something has definitely changed while they were away; she can feel it. As they get further into town, they realize they have returned to an “alien world”. Garbage is strewn everywhere, graffiti is written all over the place, and several businesses have been vandalized. They see some Bon Temps citizens banging their heads against posts and people fighting and chasing each other. After accidentally hitting a couple in the street, they get out of the van to investigate. They discover that the people have black eyes and are ranting about finding Sam.

Meanwhile, back at Sookie’s house, Maryann, Carl and Eggs are building some sort of “offering” for the coming god. Maryann wants more “meat” for the offering and tells them to get her some organs, like livers and kidneys. She tells them she has somebody bringing her “fresh meat” for a sacrifice, meaning Sam. At the Motel in Bon Temps, Andy returns from the jail with Sam’s clothes and other belongings. Andy tells him about the state of the town and the townspeople in general. His account is not at all reassuring to Sam. Due to Andy’s drunken state from the night before, Sam has to re-tell Andy what exactly is going on, though he leaves out the fact that Maryann wants him because he’s a shifter. Andy is a little dubious about the fact Maryann is a supernatural creature, but he doesn’t really question Sam’s explanation of things. Sam gets a desperate call from Arlene wanting him to come to Merlotte’s to save her. Despite knowing that Arlene has been under Maryann’s spell before, Sam agrees to come to her rescue.

Sookie and Jason arrive at Bill’s place just as dusk is approaching. When Bill awakens, Sookie attempts to tell him that something is seriously wrong in Bon Temps. They are interrupted by Mrs. Fortenberry, who is in a deranged state. Bill starts to accuse Jessica of doing something to her, but Jessica is quick to say she had nothing to do with it. Hoyt explains that most of the town has been affected by something and that his mother keeps ranting about “offering Sam to god”. When Mrs. Fortenberry lays eyes on Jason, she starts coming on to him. (Jason’s reaction is hilarious, as he gets this disgusted, confused, and frightened look on his face and tries to get away from her sexual advance.) The only way to distract her is with a Wii shoot ‘em up alien type game. She’s very animated while playing, shouting obscenities and thoroughly enjoying herself. While the others consult and compare notes, Mrs. Fortenberry shouts out that they are going to slice open Sam and cut out his heart. Jason decides that he’s going to Merlotte’s to find out what’s been happening on with his turf. The others try to stop him, but he says that this is the war he’s been preparing for. Bill backs him up and says that it is something he needs to do. When Hoyt reveals that Maryann has taken over Sookie’s house, Bill and Sookie head right over there to find Tara.

Over at Lafayette’s place, he and Lettie Mae have their hands full dealing with a demonic Tara. They have Tara tied to a chair and are desperately trying to figure out a way to get their Tara back. Lettie Mae kneels in front of Tara and tries to reach her by prayer, but Tara head butts the woman. Lettie Mae doesn’t let up with her prayer, and she is obviously stunned when Lafayette joins in the prayer, word for word. Lafayette sees the surprised look on her face and says, “Jesus and I agreed to see other people. Doesn’t mean we still don’t talk from time to time.” (Even though Lafayette’s life has traveled a hard road, it’s nice to see that he has retained his spiritual side.) As Tara begins chanting something in another language, Lafayette loses all patience with her and smacks her in the face. Tara just keeps on chanting, much to their dismay.

Sam and Andy go to Merlotte’s, which appears to be deserted. But Sam says he can smell people there. He calls for Arlene and she appears out of the shadows with a knife. Before Sam and Andy realize they’ve made a mistake, the others come crawling out from their hiding places. They get surrounded and Sam is subdued by a couple of Maryann’s minions. Andy fires his gun as a distraction, but it doesn’t work like the last time. Terry fights with Andy for the gun, shooting someone in the process, but not fatally. Andy and Sam are able to fight them off and they retreat into the walk in fridge, locking themselves inside. Terry gets control of the crowd and says that the target has been secured. He tells Jane Bodehouse (the bar drunk) to call Maryann to fetch Sam. Jane goes to do as she is told, but is sidetracked by a “for a good time call” number by the phone and dials it instead. (Quite fortunate for Sam and Andy that Maryann doesn’t find out about their capture.)

Meanwhile, Bill and Sookie arrive at her home and find the crazy offering in her front yard. The inside of the house is littered with dirt, leaves, and tree branches and decorated (if that’s what you want to call it) with candles and objects found in nature. The statue Maryann is so fond of is prominently displayed in the center of a table. (There also appears to be something actually growing on the walls, looks like moss, mold, or something. Very gross.) As Sookie starts yelling for Tara, she receives a phone call from Lafayette asking for her help with Tara. When he finds out she is at home, he begs her to get out of the house immediately. Sookie grabs Bill and they run to the door, but Maryann is there waiting. She says “What are you doing in my house?” and Sookie replies that it is her house. Maryann, with lightning speed, grabs Sookie by the throat and shoves her up against the wall. Sookie flashes back to the attack in the woods and realizes she was attacked by Maryann. Bill throws Maryann into a chair and tells Sookie to run. As he sinks his fangs into Maryann, she grabs him and says “Ravish me!” Bill withdraws from her embrace and starts foaming at the mouth and vomiting up black blood. Sookie screams “What did you do to him?” and rushes to Bill’s side. Maryann is drawn to Sookie and reaches for her and says “What are you?” (Things get really strange here.) Sookie puts out her hand and places it on Maryann’s face to shove her away while saying, “None of your business.” As she does this, a bluish-white light emanates from her palm and seems to force Maryann back and flow into her skin. (I’m not sure if it’s Maryann’s normal peculiarity or if the strange light has affected her, but she almost seems to get pleasure from Sookie’s touch. Pleasure in a sort of sexual way, I mean.) Her reaction allows Sookie and Bill to escape back to Lafayette’s house. Once there, they are greeted by a worried Lafayette and Lettie Mae. (She is obviously taken aback by Bill’s presence, but nonetheless realizes he may be of some help with her daughter.) Despite Sookie’s efforts to reach Tara through her mind, no trace of her friend can be found. Bill suggests that glamouring her may allow Sookie to do her thing. While they work side by side on Tara, she slowly comes out of her demonic state. She seems to realize that has happened to her and has a heartwarming reunion with her mother and cousin, until she realizes that Eggs needs her help. Lafayette refuses to let her leave and locks the door.

Back at Merlotte’s in the parking lot, Jason is busy arming himself with weapons of the Home Depot variety; specifically, a chainsaw and heavy duty nail gun. Once inside Merlotte’s, Jason revs up the chainsaw but the townspeople don’t even flinch. He then grabs Arlene and threatens to shoot her in the head with the nail gun, but to his surprise, the crowd just eggs him on to do it. Arlene even wants him to do it, saying that she needs a new hairdo. But Terry claims she’s his special woman and agrees to Jason’s demands that everyone leave. Jason locks everyone out and rescues Sam and Andy. But before they can make their getaway, the townspeople are back and they get surrounded. Sam comes to the conclusion that it will never stop and blames himself for everything that is going on. He willingly gives himself up in order that Jason and Andy can be spared. But Jason and Andy come up with a plan to save Sam. Jason pretends to be the god they are waiting for and in their demonic state, believe him. (Andy realizes that the god has horns and sticks a tree branch up behind Jason’s head). Sam sees an opportunity and tells the “god” to smite him. Jason yells “I smite Sam Merlotte” and to the amazement of everyone, Jason and Andy included, Sam disappears, leaving only his clothes behind. (He actually shifted into a fly.) The crowd cheers and Jason tells them to go back home and that they did their duty. Terry yells to everyone to go back to Maryann’s and tell her of their victory. After the crowd leaves, Sam comes out of the bar wearing only an apron. He tells Jason and Andy he’ll explain later.

Meanwhile, Hoyt and Jessica are having a horrible time trying to keep Mrs. Fortenberry under control and in the house. The woman is smacking at Hoyt and spouting insults at him and Jessica, who is trying to keep herself together. Jessica, who hasn’t eaten in two days, finally loses control and pounces on Mrs. Fortenberry with her fangs exposed. Though Hoyt yells NO, it appears that Jessica hasn’t latched onto the crazed woman’s neck. Back at Lafayette’s house, Bill and Sookie discuss the recent events, including the strange thing Sookie did to Maryann. Sookie admits that she doesn’t know what or how it happened and is unsure if she could do it again. Bill tells Sookie that he can’t defeat Maryann but he thinks he knows a vampire that may be able to help. He tells Sookie that she can’t go with him, that her friends need her here. Sookie agrees and Bill runs off with lightning speed. The next time we see Bill, he walking through the gate of a mansion that is guarded by men in black suits. He is greeted by name by one of the guards and told “She’s expecting you.” As Bill enters the mansion, he says “Your Majesty” and bows his head but a look of disbelief or shock crosses his face. We then see a leg with blood running down it.