8:30AM Houseguests waking up slowly. Dani, still half asleep, goes into kitchen to get a drink. Walks by the memory wall and immediately notices that Dick's picture is black. She stares at it, touches it to try and get the picture to come back on and nothing happens. She goes to Adam in the bathroom and asks if he saw the memory wall, he said he saw it and it freaked him out a little. Both are wondering why Dick's picture would be taken down. Adam goes back over to it and pushes on it and it finanlly comes back on. They laugh and realize it was just an electrical problem, not some crazy plot to drive them crazy.

Kalia and Dani up in HOH discussing their positions in the house. Kalia brings up again how no one cheered for her on the comp. Kalia saying a convo w/Jeff & Brendon, saying Jeff was telling him not to walk around being a bully. Kalia says Brenchel is going to be taking their anger out on her.
Kalia says they really forced her to vote out Dom. She says they are saying she is going to ride Dani's coattails now, she says no. Kalia says playing the game is acting like you are not sure what you are going to do. Kalia keeps complaining again about no one cheering for her on HOH comp. Kalia says Rachel only stayed out there cause she had to turn the key over. Says people are afraid to cheer for someone cause someone else might get mad about it. Kalia says things will not go back to day 1 or 2. She says we will have a bitchy Rachel running around.

Say she wonders what deal they gave to Shelly. Kalia says she is not afraid of the others. Shelly told her that things are done all for game. Kalia says she will make people laugh & have fun but there is only so much of her pride she can eat. Kalia says they know that one of the 2 headed monster has to go even if the veto is used. Kalia says she has decided that she is not even going to be cordial to them she won't even speak to them. Dani says Rachel has never been in the house without Brendon and she will self destruct when he is gone. They say she will be a wreck and they need her to be distracted. Dani talking about how Brenchel said things to Dom just to be hurtful. And that bothered her. Dani saying how she doesn't play that way. Kalia says they are trying to lie to everyone to get them feeling sorry for Rachel when Brendon goes & they will want to play w/her to the end. Kalia says that Rachel says Dani made deals to save herself but not Kalia so Kalia needs to win HOH or she will go home. Dani says true but as long as we don't go on the block together then we can save one another. Kalia thinks she is more understood one on one than in a group. Talk about how Kalia "jokes" about people being racist. Kalia says she has stopped that type of joking for past week and a half. Dani called to DR. Says no one will use Veto as they walk out of HOH room.

Veto Player picked. They are Dani, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Porche and Adam.

10:30AM Everyone getting ready for the veto. Rachel, Brendon, Lawon, Jeff, Jordan and Porche in the kitchen discussing past seasons of BB. Talk about previous twists and outcomes, such as the saboteur. Talk switches to the show Jersey Shore. They all seem to like the show and talk about the upcoming season where apparently the Situation is punched by Ronnie.

12:30 - 3:00 Veto competition underway!

3:00 Brendon has won the veto! Jeff is really annoyed saying he was 2 seconds away from winning. He is really upset with himself for not winning. Rachel and Brendon are of course very happy he won.Rach saying Jeff isn't their friend, talking about Dani putting Jeff up, wondering if Dani will put him up. Rach she doesn't trust anyone but him and doesn't know what she's do if he leaves. Kalia and Dani in HOH taking about the competition. Shelly inturrupts to let Dani know that she has Brendon convinced to use the Veto on himself. Dani does not think he would let Rachel leave. She thinks he will use the veto on Rachel.

5:00PM Kalia, Jeff and Jordan in Candy Room. Kalia whispering to them saying not to worry because Dani is considering putting up someone other than them as a replacement nominee. Jeff and Jordan seem surprised. Kalia says that Dani is unsure about some of the houseguests and how they will vote because she doesn't trust them. Jordan still saying that she will go up and feels
confident taht she will be safe again either Brendon and Rachel. Kalia says but if they put up someone like Porche, Brenchel will definitely go home because they will have Jordan, Jeff, Kalia and Lawon's votes to evict.

7:00PM Kalia and Dani in HOH discussing their alliance and that they need to make sure Lawon is on the same page with them. Dani says that Porche told her that Lawon said he was not going to vote to keep Dom regardless of what the other thought and that really bothers her. Lawon comes in and all three discuss their alliance. Dani telling him that they have got to work together or they will go home. Shelly interrupts(again) and asks to speak to Dani alone. Lawon and Kalia leave. Shelly tells Dani that she is really upset with Kalia because Kalia keeps running around saying that no one cheered for them during the HOH competition. Then during the POV Shelly was cheering for Brenchel and told Kalia to cheer also but Kalia refused. Shelly saying how can Kalia say they were wrong for not cheering for her during HOH when she wouldn't cheer for anyone during POV. Dani says she thinks Kalia thought she would look like she was being fake if she cheered for them. Shelly says she will not come back to HOH because she doesn't want to bother Dani. Dani says its fine she isn't bothered at all.

**House is pretty quiet tonight**

11:00PM Dani goes to Rachel in H/N room. Dani tells her, I want you to know sincerely that I do not hate you. I truly want to be friends outside of the house, and I hope you don't take it personal.Things change in this game week to week, and I don't know what's gonna happen, but I just feel like, at this moment in time, it was the best move for me to make, because of things that have happened, but I just want you to know that I didn't mean that like that. Rachel is acting very somber and says that she knows. Dani says clearly there's nothing I can say, or whatever, to make you feel better about anything. I know that. And I know you're gonna blame me for whatever happens, if one of you leave. There's nothing I can really say to make anything better. I just really hope you don't take anything personal, It's really not. Rachel says It's ok.. I mean.. whatever.. It's a game.. It was stupid to think you could have friends in this game. Dani says I don't agree with that at all. Rachel says It's a game, and I'm sure you think you're making a good game move. I mean, we don't need to talk about it.. I'm sure Brendon will talk to you about what he's gonna do. Brendon and I've already talked about it, so..Dani says it still sucks, and I realize that. But it would suck if it was in the other position, and I didn't win HoH.. That would suck too. And granted, I'm sure part of you would be happy, and part of you wouldn't, because it's not personal.. Dani says with the stuff with Jeff, she wasn't even thinking personal, but now that I see it in retrospect and see how other people could've seen it? Like that sucks.. because I can't even fathom doing something like that. I wasn't thinking that way.. I truly thought of it as a game move to better you and me and Brendon and Dominic.. And clearly things got really messed up along the way. Rachel says Brendon won the veto, and he's gonna use it on himself.. Whatever. I don't wanna talk about that. It doesn't matter. I'll get my questions with Julie now. Dani says sorry again and lets Rachel know if she wants to talk later, they can talk.

Porche come in and asks Rachel about her convo with Dani. Rachel says she thought Dani's comment was messed up, Rachel tells Porsche she wasn't going to say anything without Brendon there. Porsche thinks if Daniele is really mean she will nominate Porsche against Rachel. Rachel then said she's really mean. Porsche tells Rachel you can't keep digging at her if you want her to listen. Rachel said even after all the Jeff BD deal she wouldn't have nominate Daniele, Porchse said be real yes you would.

Up in HOH Dani telling Kalia that she doesn't want her actions to look like it's personal. "I don't think that way!" I would have gone to the end with B & R but they turned on me. Dani says that she doesn't like to hurt people. Kalia says that you're just trying to get someone out of the game that's trying to get you out. Kalia says that Rachel is an emotional person anyway. Dani said that Rachel's going to be so pissed when she sees some of my DR's. Dani tells Kalia that she wants to keep Jeff & Jordan. Dani says that putting someone up was not as easy as she thought it'd be. Dani says "IT'S GAME! It's not about your relationship!" She says it's complicated with couples. Dani said that she was at a disadvantage being paired with her dad when there were two loving couples. Kalia says that in time, Brendon & Rachel will understand more why it happened - that it wasn't personal. Kalia says that she doesn't think that Dani is a cruel heartless person that would try to break up a couple's relationship. Adam starts dancing and making faces into the camera in the kitchen and Kalia & Dani are watching the spy screen and start laughing at Adam's antics. Kalia says that she wishes she could connect with him more. Kalia asks Dani do you think if Brendan stays will the chance at you and me working with J/J be null and void? Porsche is going to be looking for a new person to latch on to. Dani saying the game wasn't how she expected it to be. Talking about how it's her fault that Dom is gone and she feels bad about it and that she needs to talk to J/J. Dani says she can't look out for her, other people's relationships and others. She says in this game sometimes you hurt people. She is feeling bad about people being hurt. Says when she hears stuff she said repeated from other people, she says how bad it sounds and yet that is not what I intended for that to be.

**Talks with Dani tomorrow should be interesting...stay turned.