Quick Summary of Sunday – Arguably the most bazaar day in the house this season.
Shelly convinced Kalia she was perceived as doing Dani’s bidding.
Shelly convinced Kalia the replacement nominee should be Porsche.
Kalia could remove all targets from her back.
Kali told Dani about the Porsche plan and stuck to her guns. For a couple hours.
Dani talked Kalia out of it, but they decided Lawon would be the replacement.
Lawon agreed to this plan even volunteering to be EVICTED, thinking he would come back. He even may think he will be given the next HOH.
They want it to look like he is a pawn initially and then make a deal with Rachel.
And we are on to Monday…

9:00 AM
Shelly and Adam are up and talking about how stupid it was for Lawon volunteering to go up. Adam jokes about a Three’s Company alliance. He is Jack Tripper. Porsche is Chrissie, and Dani is Janet.

Everyone else is up doing morning routine.

10:00 AM
Kalia talks to herself in the HOH, “I don't want to upset anyone else so Lawon it looks like it's your turn... I hope this plan works, Lord, I just hope this plan works.”

Dani joins her and they discuss the new plan. They are very excited. Kalia says she told Lawon not to act mad. Dani agrees, when it looks like they switch at the last minute, “he can do whatever”.

Meanwhile outside Shelly is filling in Jeff and Jordan about the plan. They are both shocked, "Why would Lawon do that?"
Rachel joins them and they tell her Shelly has been working on a way for Rachel to stay and gives her a heads up that Kalia will be approaching her about a deal.

Feeds are blocked for the Veto ceremony.

11:30 AM
When feeds come back, a seemingly angered Lawon says it was a “bad move. I didn’t volunteer my ass to go up.” But, since everyone knows he did, they are entertained.

Shelly eventually asks him why she heard he volunteered. He has no idea why she would have heard that.

Rachel is in the Have Not room with Jeff and Jordon saying, “Why would Kalia nominate Lawon?” They tell her she owes Shelly a thank you.

Shelly reports to Kalia about Lawon denying he volunteered and acting enraged. Kalia confirms that he volunteered.

Kalia finds Lawon to ask why he is telling everyone that he didn't know. He was supposed to play it like it was a possibility. He says, “OK, I’ll calm things down”.

Kalia and Dani meet in the HOH and note everyone's surprised reactions at the Veto Meeting. They are not happy with Lawon’s act. They need to make sure Rachel realizes Lawon is a pawn. They strategize when they should tell everyone they are keeping Rachel.

2:30 PM
Jeff said Jordon tell Shelly about the Amazing Race. They seem to have genuinely enjoyed the experience.

3:30 PM
Kalia asks Shelly if it will be hard to convince people to vote Lawon out. Shelly says no.
Shelly thinks Lawon stupefied himself to a level in this game she has not seen.

Dani and Porsche talk. They are not happy that Kalia let Shelly know about Lawon volunteering. Kalia joins them and they are all confused why Lawon is still pretending. They need to tell him what to say word for word because he's not doing a good job "acting crazy".

6:00 PM
Daniele tells Kalia to find out where Shelly stands.

From the TMI department, we learn that Porsche’s mom took pictures of her shaving her armpits for the first time.

Later Porsche and Dani express nervousness about the plan.

8:00 PM

Just before the hour, Lawon joins Porsche and Dani about a revelation he had. He thinks Adam is telling people he volunteered to be the replacement and he is adamant, “That would be the dumbest move ever! Why would I do that?" They try to explain to him that everyone knows because Shelly was there when he did. Lawon is completely clueless and leaves. Dani and Porsche break out laughing. (ed. Well worth the Flash Back if you have it).
Porsche and Dani are now wondering if Kalia is playing them.

Later Jeff, Rachel and Porsche are outside wondering why they haven’t announced they made jury.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Newbie Kalia is the current HOH. Despite Jeff and Jordan’s attempt to change Kalia’s mind, she has nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction this week. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly Are the Have Nots for the week and are allowed to eat Catfish and Coconuts in addition to Slop. Kalia assured Jeff that he is not her target and that he is nominated for eviction to make sure he plays in the Veto competition. The next Veto Competition and ceremony will air this Wednesday.

Lawon and Adam join folks outside and prepare to play a memory game (Concentration style) using tea bags with Houseguests initials on one side. No one can remember Keith’s last name.

Inside Jeff prepared fish for the Have Nots. Rachel, Shelly, and Jordan join him for the feast.

Up in the HOH, Dani tells Kalia she doesn't want to win HOH next week. She wants to wait until her birthday week. Worried about the twist, they also work on a signal they can use on Thursday’s show to let everyone know to vote out Rachel instead.

10:00 PM
Rachel talks to Brendon, telling him about her day and that she misses him.

Porsche joins Daniele and Kalia. Because there has been no announcement about them making jury, Porsche wonders if somebody else will be coming back. Dani says, “No.” (ed. Now why would Dani not want people to think that is a possibility?)
Porsche also reports Lawon told her, "If they offer me $25,000 to stay out of the game, see ya in jury!"

Dani tells Kalia, “I am bored. We all are.” Meanwhile at that exact moment, everyone else is outside hooping it up and having a great time.

Shelly and Jordan see who can last longer standing on their heads. Shelly won.

Lawon and Rachel have a dance off. Adam busts some moves too.

Daniele says she is going to throw HOH to Porsche or Shelly.

Jeff and Jordon have a long talk in the hammock. Jordan worries she came off looking mean in the Nomination ceremony. Jeff says, “Well nobody ever talks during that. I don't care that you said it, it's good that you said it.” He jokes that everyone was breaking down that day except him and he was the one nominated!

2:00 AM
Jeff, Rachel, Adam and Shelly are still trying to understand Lawon’s denial that he volunteered.

Kalia and Lawon talk about the confusion. Kalia says Rachel is walking around like she is safe. She says he needs to go back to acting like the old Lawon and drop the whole act.

3:00 AM
Lawon, Adam, Dani, Kalia and Porsche play 20 questions in the Candy room.

4:00 AM
Adam excuses himself to go smoke (and give us his version of the Dick at night show). He says the big news is that Lawon is the replacement. If we go back to Sunday afternoon feeds we can see Lawon telling him that he was volunteering to go up. Something is up with Lawon, his behavior and all the backtracking he has done regarding volunteering.

He says there are 2 Big Brother don'ts:
1) Don't use the veto on someone other than yourself or you will go home.
2) Never volunteer to go on the block.

Adam continues talking to the cameras “I know I'm not the best player but I am here another week... my alliance with Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly will be called out”. He says he had wanted to get rid of the vets but now he is passing that up "probably".
He wonders if not sending Rachel home will hurt him in the end. He thinks one good thing is that he could have Rachel's jury vote if he makes Final 2. He thinks that sitting next to Rachel in the F2 maybe a good thing too.

Adam says it may have been better for him to be on the block because he believes he would have stayed in the house over Rachel. He says he would be a good pawn because everyone seems to like him in the house.

Adam mentions that he has thought up a name for his alliance with Jeff, Jordan and Shelly, NBSB, Northern Boys and Southern Belles. He hasn't brought it up to the group yet though. He didn't come on BB to get famous. He came on here for fortune.
He wraps it up with "Thank you very much, goodnight."

Inside Kalia and Dani say they have to talk to Rachel tomorrow early.

Adam, Dani and Porsche continue with light conversation and joking. Adam says that after Dominic’s speech on the live show he turned to Adam and asked. “jellyfish don't have spines do they?”

They eventually go to sleep just after 5:30 AM and the house goes quiet.

Will Kalia ever be able to get Lawon on the right page of the plan. Will Rachel play this off convincingly when Kalia talks to her? Or will the whole plan go awry and Rachel gets evicted Thursday?

Thanks to the Updaters. Don’t know what we’d do without them!